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2022 Maryland Infused Cook Off - presented by: The MJ Connect

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

It was a humid Saturday evening in May when I hit the road with my new friend to check out what delicious and creative delights awaited us!

It was presented at Over Hills Manor in Catonsville, and what a treat for the eyes this venue was. What waited inside was something I always thought was possible but not based in reality, people enjoying cannabis openly and casually, just like having a glass of wine, but better. Even though I would call myself a veteran smoker, it always takes me back quite a bit to see weed, cannabis, what have you being smoked at an event outside of a concert setting. It was glorious, I tell you.

There were vendors of all types, glass cleaner, CBD, new apps, THC journals, and of course the usual group of growers. But in the main room, the main room, was filled with food, infused food. But the night was young so we cruised the tables, talked to some amazing people about amazing progress, and sat down and smoked. Then we ventured into the food hall.

When I tell you these chefs turned it out, I mean it! All of the food was infused with CBD. The list of vendors wasn't gigantic but the offerings were more than plentiful and with a case of the munchies we hit up the all of the tables because we all know food tastes better 110% after you've had a little smoke before hand. There were butter pecan desserts, jerk chicken, tacos, seafood salad, vegan sausage gravy on toast, chicken alfredo, cookies, cakes, salted caramels. The list goes on. Links to all of the chefs' Instagrams are below. I left nothing untasted. It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm on both the participants and guests faces. It was contagious!

I have to say that over all this was the best cannabis event I have been to. A big thank you to Terrell for doing the good work, starting with his app but expanding into community shaping events. You are doing great work and it's appreciated. I cannot wait until the next event!

I slept the blissful sleep of a newborn that night. All of that delicious food, CBD, and laughter is good medicine.

Reminder, you can still get 10% off all classes at Trichome Institute especially their Cooking with Cannabis class with the code "GETHEADY"

Much love and good smoke,


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