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Cherry Limeaid Wrap Up

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Bright green, frosty cannabis bud sitting on top of a Garcia Hand Picked Cherry Limeade jar.

This month I reviewed Cherry Limeade grown by Garcia Hand Picked. We already talked plenty about the company on episode 9, so now I'll just go a little more in depth on the flower.

First- let me just start off by saying the Garcia flower is not really a brand I would generally recommend for new cannabis users. While I have seen the Caps Frozen Lemon and the other two hybrids - Chem Chillz and Hi-Fi, test fairly regularly in the lower 20s in THC percentage, the terp profiles are usually between 1.8% - 4% across the board. So even at 20% THC, you're likely to get your socks knocked off by any of these strains if you're a relatively inexperienced cannabis user. With that being said, if you are a more experienced smoker - you're in for a treat!

These buds are always gorgeous. Since their pre-rolls are made with whole flower ingredients, I think we can assume the buds in these jars are so pretty because they're sending the LARF to be turned into these tasty joints! The term LARF refers to immature/under- developed buds found on the lower parts of the cannabis plant. Those buds tend to be a little more sparse or scraggly, and I have never seen anything in any of my Garcia jars other than dense, almost perfectly cured, cola buds.

Speaking of looks, the Cherry Limeade is a gorgeous bright green, but she does get dulled a little bit by the abundance of light brown pistils covering throughout. They almost look like little milk chocolate fingers, and there are so many it almost dulls the appearance of the bud by blending with the green to create a drab camouflage effect.

The scent and dry pull are exactly what you would expect from the name and terp profile - bright acidic/ piney notes combine to layer a light gassy taste over top of some muted sour fruit notes. Underneath that you'll get a slightly grassy, slightly herbaceous base. When burning, the flavor still remains light and bright with those top terps of limonene and pinene shining through front and center, from the tip to tapped out.

While there was just enough caryophyllene and myrcene to give you a touch of body relaxation, the predominant effects for me were focus and creativity. I wouldn't smoke this strain while sitting still unless your brain is going to be occupied. I think I would most recommend Cherry Limeade for activity- whether that's doing chores or taking a hike in nature. I think you'll get the most of this strain if you let your body move while your mind goes on a fun ride with these cerebral effects. But if you are stuck in the house, maybe fire up some video games, break out your coloring books or even a puzzle. I could see this strain inducing some anxiety or paranoid feelings in some users, simply because it's almost entirely a head high. So, if you're inclined to have these experiences, maybe mix in a little cbd flower the first time you smoke Cherry Limeade, until you're comfortable with the feelings it can illicit.

Overall, I would give this first batch of Cherry Limeade a solid 9.5/10. The only deduction I am giving her, if you want to consider it that, is for being a little out of balance, for a strain in the hybrid category. I typically use hybrids between 12-8pm but I could use the effects from this lady dragging into bedtime and keeping my mind going when it's time to unwind and shut down. Otherwise, appearance, effects, flavor and scent are all nearly perfect. I would highly recommend you pick up some of this batch if you are a part time pinene lover, like I am.

Have you tried Cherry Limeade? Drop me a line at and let me know what you thought of it.

Be kind to yourself and others,


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