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Episode 10 - A Thin Layer of Kief

Close up of Keith Richards smoking a joint

On this episode, Scott and Miranda field listener questions about dispensary reviews, the negative side of cannabis use, and how cannabis may help with ADHD and migraines.



[MUSIC: "Connections" by the Rolling Stones]

Miranda 0:11

Hello, and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:27

Here we are at episode 10. Yeah, welcome back. We appreciate you coming along and joining the conversation. This is the second episode of our four episode cycle. If you haven't caught on yet, we tend to do the same thing in order each month, quote unquote, it doesn't always fall between the exact, you know, days of any given month. But yeah, basically, we're doing a four, you know, a four episode cycle. And the second one of that is q&a. So here we are,

Miranda 1:02

With questions from our lovely listeners out there. And we've got a lot of we've got a pretty diverse, like group of questions here.

Scott 1:11

Yeah, some of these aren't even necessarily questions that were posed directly to us. Like these first two were questions that were posed by other cannabis graders here in the Maryland market. that I thought were good questions. Absolutely. You know, and we, we felt like, they deserved answers. And we figured why not just go ahead and answer them here. And, yeah, so it's not always going to be user submitted. But we do appreciate those user submitted questions. The second half of our questions this week are definitely from that category. So keep those coming. We greatly appreciate it. But in the meantime, yeah, the first two, for this episode, the first one would be our friend, The Enlightened Voice, Chris, from here in Maryland, he would proudly tell you that he works forevermore in their, in their Grow Room, given these gorgeous plants, their love and connection.

Miranda 2:16

Great job. Yeah.

Scott 2:18

Yeah. No, no. So while we don't do dispensary reviews, we don't necessarily have any problem with talking about most of the growers in any given market.

Miranda 2:29


Scott 2:30

Because when we're talking about growers, we're talking about medicine.

Miranda 2:33


Scott 2:34

So even if it's a grower that we don't necessarily agree with or like, personally, the genes are owned by and grown by whoever they're grown by.

Miranda 2:46


Scott 2:47

And who am I to tell you as a cannabis consumer, that you cannot, as a fellow patient, put your, you know, money towards the best medicine you can find, regardless of who it's grown by.

Miranda 3:03

For you.

Scott 3:04

Yeah, I mean, you know, while we recognize and talk about companies more often that we feel are doing good work in the community. We also recognize that some other companies might grow some strains that just provides you with that right medicine that you need to deal with. Whatever you're absolutely. Yeah. So just keep that in mind. Whenever we may talk about our personal opinions on a grower. It's got nothing to do with you as a patient. Buying things from that grow.

Miranda 3:37


Scott 3:38

But anyway, this question from Chris was specifically about dispensaries actually not a background. And Chris, just basically, you know, he puts up a lot of different videos, reviews, all kinds of different stuff.

Miranda 3:52

I love his stuff, because it's very honest.

Scott 3:54

Yeah, it's just Chris living his life. Basically, again, he is The Enlightened Voice and we'll be linking to this stuff. But he, you know, he'll just share with you some songs that he's rocking out to...

Miranda 4:07

Star Wars.

Scott 4:08

Yeah. He'll talk about strains he's smoking. He'll talk to you about what they got growing in the grow room at Evermore or he'll talk to you about some cannabis that he got from Michigan and when he drove out there or whatever.

Miranda 4:22

I really enjoy him.

Scott 4:23

Yeah, he's a good time. So, The Enlightened Voice, check him out. But he put up a video basically calling us all out.

Miranda 4:31


Scott 4:31

As cannabis creators saying, uh, why doesn't anybody do dispensary reviews? And we certainly can't speak for anybody else. But we can tell you why we don't do reviews.

Miranda 4:43

Right. Pretty much I feel like where you shop is your business.

Scott 4:48

Yeah, not only is where you shop your business, but quite frankly, I don't think we are particularly impressed--

Miranda 4:59


Scott 4:59

With most of the experiences in the Maryland market.

Miranda 5:03


Scott 5:04

That we've had.

Miranda 5:05

I feel like a lot of the experiences across the board are the same.

Scott 5:10

Very generic.

Miranda 5:11

Yeah. And like, if if a dispensary is doing something that is worth wild, if they're giving back to the community, if they're supporting Last Prisoner Project or doing some sort of fundraising event or any sort of community outreach, we are happy to talk about that.

Scott 5:31

Right. And I would cosign on that. 1,000%, I would say we would rather talk about individual projects.

Miranda 5:40


Scott 5:41

Or programs than about, you know, what deals this place does, or that place does. No offense, all due respect that is on you, as a consumer to do that investigation, and that research, and I know there's a ton of dispensaries out there, but there are other people out in the market that are doing these things already.

Miranda 6:06

For sure.

Scott 6:06

Right. So you've got the MJ Connect, you've got I mean, just the the big guys, right, Dutchie and Leafly, and Weedmaps.

Miranda 6:16

All of the deals are on them.

Scott 6:18

And now that we've got different laws changing in the cannabis marketplace as far as what you can and can't do, as far as the FCC is concerned.

Miranda 6:29

For sure.

Scott 6:29

You're starting to see different apps for individual dispensaries and different markets. I know recently, within the past few weeks, even there have been a couple different dispensaries that have come out with their own apps. So you can keep track of what's going on with these people, right by visiting these dispensaries, even in most cases just by going to their Instagram or their Facebook or their website and just sign up for an email newsletter.

Miranda 6:59

Or even just the Instagram in general, "The Instagram", here I am. I'm 800 years old. Methuselah over here talking to you. Even their Instagram will tell you the deals that they're having that day or that week, or any pop ups that are coming down the line.

Scott 7:17

These dispensaries are happy to tell you what deals they've got going on at any given time.

Miranda 7:23

Yeah, right.

Scott 7:24

And most of them will give you a little card that has the deals listed on them or something like that. So you know, do some investigating, and check it out. But yeah, it's not for us, as educators as professionals in the industry, ourselves, right to come out and endorse--

Miranda 7:45

or not endorse.

Scott 7:47

Right? Yeah.

Miranda 7:49

Or tell you shouldn't shop somewhere. That's not our job you're going-- experiences vary across the board.

Scott 7:56

I mean, look, if somebody is doing something crazy if somebody comes out as, you know, treating people in a racist way, or sexist way, or, you know, some sort of having some sort of unsafe environment or something like that, that's a totally different story. And we would not hesitate to tell you.

Miranda 8:17

If it's news, we'll tell you

Scott 8:19

Yeah, well, you know, we'll cover stuff like that. But as far as actually going and say, oh, yeah, this place is great, because they've got 50% off a dabs every, whatever and right, you know, they've got all the, you know, the Sunmed strains every week or month. No, that's fine.

Miranda 8:40

I can I can go find that online.

Scott 8:42

Those companies have big enough budgets to do pop ups and advertise and tell you about those things. Yeah, I mean, if you, yeah, if you have questions about you know, specific dispensaries that are doing specific programs, I can't even think of an instance where I would...

Miranda 9:03

No, I mean, there was, again, we mentioned Mary and Main because they had the Gary Chambers pop up.

Scott 9:10


Miranda 9:11

And we mentioned stuff like that.

Scott 9:12

You know, the the Roll One Up for Justice, right. You know, which a couple different Maryland dispensaries participate in. And we mentioned you know, some

Miranda 9:25

some I yeah, I think that was all that we mentioned.

Scott 9:31

But yeah, so yeah, we have gone through Yes, we have, Chris gone out of our way to avoid talking about specific dispensaries. It's not because we are worried about angering those dispensaries or anything like that. We have no relationship to any of those dispensaries in regards to this show. Or any of the opinions we express on this show or anything like that. that. So we just don't feel like it would be particularly advantageous for us or our listeners who many of which are outside of the Maryland market rights. I mean, it's one thing for us to do strain reviews, where we might be talking about a strain that somebody can't get in their market, because we're probably talking about some genetics that they might have available to them exactly right. Like with the Cherry Limeade. I talked about, you know, Cherry Pie. Cherry Pie is a strain that I think I've seen in every cannabis, market I've been in.

Miranda 10:33


Scott 10:34

So yeah, I mean, even if you can't get the specific strain that we're talking about, maybe we're talking about, you know, a strain in the genetics that you can get, or maybe we're just talking about a terpene or a terpene combination, right? That like entourage effect that a specific strain gave us or had for us, that somebody can look out for. So even if you can't relate to that strain, specifically, you can still kind of relate to what we're saying. Whereas, you know, first of all, we both live in Baltimore, right? So we would only really be--

Miranda 11:07

Reviewing dispensaries in Baltimore.

Scott 11:09

Right? I mean, I'm not trying to drive out to no offense, Grow West. I like your flower. And I do drive past you occasionally when I'm headed like out to West Virginia. But I'm not trying to drive out to like Grow West or like down to the eastern shore to give somebody a review.

Miranda 11:27

Right or even Frederick.

Scott 11:29

Yeah, right. Yeah, some random dispensary that we have no relationship to and no. And this is not to solicit any sort of advertising because we're really just not interested in that, you know, if a grower or if like a specific, like edible brand--

Miranda 11:47


Scott 11:48

That we liked, and used and thought, like, did good things, was interested in sponsoring us.

Miranda 11:55

Hell yeah.

Scott 11:55

I'd have no, no problem with any of that, because that's the medicine and it's part of educating you to tell you about the medicine.

Miranda 12:04

Right. And I think I mean, I don't know, I'm gonna get up on a political soapbox here for a second.

Scott 12:10

Do it!

Miranda 12:10

But I try not to do that.

Scott 12:14

Miranda 2024. Right.

Miranda 12:16

It's no, don't do that. Not while my parents are alive.

Scott 12:20

I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy let alone an actual friend of mine. No, I dabbled in politics a little bit.

Miranda 12:28

No, no. But so in general, dispensaries are capitalists.

Scott 12:34

Well, yeah.

Miranda 12:35

I'm just gonna say I mean, it's true. Sure, no lies. And as someone who leans to the socialist anarchist way of things, giving a shout out to someone who's just making money hand over fist is not my jam.

Scott 12:52


Miranda 12:52

Off of medicine for people.

Scott 12:55

You know, we we have talked about companies that have good programs.

Miranda 13:00


Scott 13:00

We have talked about companies that have products that do specific, you know, percentages of proceeds that help fund specific programs. We are hosting a fundraiser for the Last Prisoner Project ourselves, which you can donate to on Instagram. But yeah, when it comes to a specific business, just for businesses sake, that's generating a profit for X amount of owners, who, let's face it in this industry are more than likely to be white, more than that are likely to be white males, more than that are likely to be straight white males. Yeah. Yeah. You know, we've talked before about how, you know, minority contracts, minority licenses don't always mean people of color, right? Or necessarily black people if they mean people of color, or Hispanic people.

Miranda 14:01

Yeah. That's why we don't do dispensary reviews. The long and the short of it.

Scott 14:06

We're not worried about pissing anybody off. We are more worried about unnecessarily advertising for folks who then you know, aren't necessarily--

Miranda 14:21

Walking the walk

Scott 14:22

Doing enough for the communities that they operate in or the patients that they serve.

Miranda 14:27


Scott 14:28


Miranda 14:29

Good conversation on that one.

Scott 14:30

Yeah, that that just is what it is. If you're looking for deals at your local cannabis dispensary, that information is out there. Okay. Dutchie Weed Maps, Leafly. Again, we're not paid by any of those people. These are just the services that you can find in whatever state you're in. To find flower closest to you whether it's searching by strain, whether it's searching by terpene some of them you can even search by condition that you're trying to treat or that you're looking for relief from. So all that information is out there already. You don't you don't need us to tell you about that stuff.

Miranda 15:11


Scott 15:12

But if you have questions about how you can find that information, you can ask us that. We're happy to do that for you.

Miranda 15:18

For sure. There you go, Chris.

Scott 15:22

There it is.

Miranda 15:23

Very long and the short of it.

Scott 15:24

Don't call us out anymore. Okay, that's that's where we're at, bro. JK, we did not feel called out it's nothing but love. But yeah, the the other question that was recently asked by another local content creator, this time by our friend STRIB'ble District, is what you can find her under on Instagram. She's also got the Cannawomanheal is another profile that she runs that that I think is a really clever name. It's for a very serious issue, right? Like women and minorities involved. She does advocacy work, she does education. She creates delicious treats for people.

Miranda 16:09

Beautiful cakes.

Scott 16:10

Yeah, all kinds of things. But yeah, you can find her on social media. We'll link to her but she put up a great video where she asked and it was it was a little bit of a rhetorical question. In the sense that she went on to well, now she she went on to answer it herself. I'm trying to say, but we wanted to put our take on it too. Because, you know, the minute the video started, my head started nodding up into

Miranda 16:39

Uh huh.

Scott 16:40

Because I'm really into talking about the negative sides of cannabis.

Miranda 16:44


Scott 16:45

And that's that's what she wanted to know. Right? Why is everything all beautiful people take in big, glorious hits of you know, gorgeous concentrates? Yeah. Why don't we talk about the fact that there can be negative aspects and drawbacks to, you know, for some people any use at all--

Miranda 17:10

And even just straight up abuse--

Scott 17:13

Yeah, I mean, certainly abuse. But yeah, again, for some people, it cannabis is not for everyone.

Miranda 17:19


Scott 17:19

We've said it. We haven't said it every episode. Like we say that we're not doctors on every episode. But we've said it before, right? Cannabis is not for everyone, right? We are not the people that are sitting here trying to tell you that there's a strain for everything. You know, there are certain things that or certain bodies that just do not react well to cannabis, or that metabolize cannabinoids so quickly, that you would have to use, you know, just absurd amounts to get any sort of desired effects from--

Miranda 17:55

And in the past three years, I can say my cannabis use skyrocketed because of stress, anxiety, and all of those other things.

Scott 18:07

Sure. And I mean, not to, you know, point the other finger to distract away but the same can be said for a lot of people's alcohol abuse--

Miranda 18:15


Scott 18:16

Their cigarette smoking, you know, I mean, when we're anxious, we tend to do the things that habitually bring us joy, or at the very least distract us from what's going on. You know, I am not suggesting that using cigarettes or alcohol, or too much cannabis are healthy behaviors, everything in moderation, including moderation.

Miranda 18:39


Scott 18:40

You know, I was a cigarette smoker for a long time. Thankfully, I do not smoke cigarettes anymore. But if I trusted myself to use a few cigarettes every now and then, the last time I bummed one from somebody, I felt literally nauseous. And frankly, I was happy to feel that way. Yes, I was like, Cool. That means I won't try to do that for a long time. But yeah, you know, my cannabis use definitely went up as well. I mean, that's something that I try to be honest with, with the people that are closest to me, because it's important to have people that a. just know what's going on with you and your life, but also that help hold you accountable--

Miranda 19:17

For sure.

Scott 19:18

Behavior and what you do, right. You know, being a cannabis industry professional, or being a cannabis educator, does not give you a pass to abuse the medicine under the guise of, ya know. Oh, well, you know, I'm in the industry. So my tolerance is high. Your tolerance isn't high just because you work in the cannabis industry.

Miranda 19:41

Right. So let me go. Let me just piggyback on that for a second. While I was knee deep in the industry, during the last few years and during COVID.

Scott 19:53

Right, I was gonna while we were all knee deep, in COVID.

Miranda 19:56

We were all knee deep and COVID I was smoking about an eighth a day.

Scott 20:00


Miranda 20:00

To get through, just because there was so much going on.

Scott 20:06


Miranda 20:06

And there was so much trauma in the air.

Scott 20:08


Miranda 20:09

And the only thing that I could do at that point was smoke it away.

Scott 20:12

It was a very anxious situation. For anybody who was considered an essential worker, quote, unquote, who probably wasn't receiving anything close to essential pay, aka living wages, right? Yeah. I mean, you know, it was stressful, you had to, you know, listen to crap about masks and mandates, and that none of us had any control over, you know, people

Miranda 20:39

I've had people spit all I've had people spit at me, during this whole situation. I mean, it's the amount of the amount of bullshit that a budtender has had to put up with during code COVID times.

Scott 20:53


Miranda 20:54

Was fucking insane.

Scott 20:55

Or anyone working in--

Miranda 20:57

Or yes, anyone working in full contact with the public.

Scott 20:59

Yes. Or anyone? In the public? With the public period, or? Yeah, in high risk situation.

Miranda 21:04


Scott 21:05

Or, you know, any of that. You know, we were, we were right there with you, I did not work personally.

Miranda 21:12

That's right.

Scott 21:12

As you know, you know, I've got a close your ears mom and elderly mother, who I, you know, live a couple blocks away from, she's a big part of my life, you know, pre COVID, we traveled a ton together, did a lot of things to get you now. So for me personally, as I've discussed on the show, before, formally a bartender for a couple of decades, lots of exposure to the public, you know, people could come in and you know, only had to wear the mask until they got to their seat, which as a bartender, their seat is literally a few feet in front of your face. No. So I stopped working entirely. I mean, you know, before the city even announced that bars and restaurants were closing, I called my manager and I said, we're closing right. I said, I'm not I'm not coming to work. Yeah, you know, I can't justify for the wages that I'm paid, being exposed. When, you know, we're looking at numbers skyrocket in Europe, and you know, people in Italy were being sent home to die and, you know, blah, blah, blah. Not to belittle any of that. Just to make a long story short, I didn't work for a long time.

Miranda 22:25

And at that point, yeah, I was transitioning into work.

Scott 22:30


Miranda 22:30

So it was Yeah, I mean, I completely respect you not working that entire time, because I don't blame you one bit. It was stressful and terrible.

Scott 22:40

So yeah, I mean, overuse happens. It happens frequently, with THC levels as high as they are now

Miranda 22:50


Scott 22:51

In so much of the flower that's out there. Especially here in Maryland, because I look at menus in other places.

Miranda 23:00

Uh huh.

Scott 23:01

You know, I mean, when we were down in DC, you know, we talked about our fantastic experience at Takoma Wellness, and the fact that their menu, there were two or three,

Miranda 23:12

I love the fact that the but the budtender, at one point, looked at me and said, I just want to warn you, this is a really high concentration of THC was 27% which is high is high, but they're like, it can be a little, you know, don't overdo it. And I was I was really appreciative of that little like, cautionary tale.

Scott 23:31

Well, like I said, you know, I keep talking about the Canadian market, but I really find it interesting to listen to different markets around the country and around the world. Right. And the Canadian market to me is super interesting, because Canada has national legalization right, they are the first country that came out and said, adult use now it's still up to the different provinces to you know, craft and allow cannabis in different ways and shapes and forms, which is caused for a lot of frustration and consternation up in Canada. But for instance, you know, national legalization up there means that they can fly domestically with flower. Wow, they don't have to be concerned about taking their meds with them. And interesting fact, I recently heard and I don't even think I remembered to mention this to you before now. But a friend of mine has a friend. So secondhand information, take it for what you will, but I've started to hear murmurs about this through law enforcement throughout the country that with legalization occurring and on the on the horizon here in Maryland, that local jurisdictions and I won't call out the jurisdiction because I don't want my friend to get in trouble for for having his his friend, the captain share this information but this guy is involved with training the canines. Okay, and supposedly, a specific county here in Maryland recently retired all of their former canine officers.

Miranda 25:12


Scott 25:13

Because they no longer want dogs that trigger on cannabis during traffic stops. Because cannabis is no longer going to be cause for a traffic stop to, you know, trigger a search or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Miranda 25:29

Oh, that's impressive news.

Scott 25:32

Big changes, if that's if it's true, you know, and in some places, we know that those things have already happened. But that happening here in Maryland would certainly make me feel a lot more comfortable. I mean, you know, as someone who works with cannabis all day, several days a week, yeah. You know, coming home from work if an officer were to roll down my I mean, you know, I showed up somewhere the other day, and somebody was like, Good God, what did you smoke? Well, I actually hadn't smoked for a few hours. But I was coming directly from work. And that'll that'll do it. I mean, I was probably covered in a thin layer of kief, you know. But anyway, yeah. So, interesting changes. Interesting things to note. But yeah, I mean, generally, there are negative aspects to cannabis, we are happy to discuss them.

Miranda 26:24


Scott 26:25

You know, I mean, when we talked about cannabis and sleep, we talked about the fact that cannabis can help you with certain aspects of sleep--

Miranda 26:31

but also inhibit other one right, you know, so you know.

Scott 26:35

It's all personal. I like to say that it's a lot of fun to experiment. And that's why we encourage you to keep journals and things like that. I also feel like, keeping a journal helps you keep your intake lower, genuinely anyway, because you see the amount that you're ingesting you see the amount that that costs you? Yeah, you know, I feel like when I look at my use on paper, when I take the time to like, measure out flour, but yeah, I mean, we highly encourage people to get loops, so they can inspect their medicine, but also scales, so they can keep track of how much of their medicine that they're using. I mean, I say we Miranda's nodding her head.

Miranda 27:16

I am.

Scott 27:18

Does that mean, does that mean that I measure every joint that I pack? Absolutely not.

Miranda 27:22


Scott 27:23

I've got a pretty good idea.

Miranda 27:25

I know that in a one and a quarter paper or cone is going to give me at least a point five.

Scott 27:31

Right. Yeah, I mean, I know what a one gram King Palm is. I know what a standard cone is. You know, I also Yeah, as somebody who's worked around cannabis and scales for for a while now. You know, I know what it looks like. I know, I know. It looks like Yeah. So be Yeah, we're happy to have those conversations. And we think those conversations are important to have. And we like to amplify other voices that speak about those things as well.

Miranda 28:07

100%. You know, there is that weird thing that I do keep seeing around Baltimore now as the, I don't know, if you've seen them, the giant billboards that are like, is marijuana ruining your life?

Scott 28:20

I have not seen that.

Miranda 28:22

I've seen like three. And they're like, it's like, AA for cannabis. Essentially, which is kind of strange to me.

Scott 28:34

I haven't, you're gonna have to tell me where you've seen these, or I'm going to have to--

Miranda 28:39

I want to say that there was one on Lombard Street for a while. I know, there was definitely one in Hampden.

Scott 28:49

Yeah, I wonder if it's, I would, I would almost wager that it's something that the industry is being forced to pay for.

Miranda 28:58

That's interesting.

Scott 28:59

You know, I know that alcohol and tobacco have to spend a certain amount on education, and you know, yada, yada, yada, right. And I would assume that part of, you know, at least again, I know up in Canada, that a big part of their sales generated go towards like programs to harm reduction, harm reduction programs to educate kids about cannabis programs to help people expunge their records and things like that.

Miranda 29:34

And I think the thing is, is like if we have an open conversation, even with children about responsible use of cannabis, like you would with your child have an open conversation with responsible use of alcohol.

Scott 29:48

Well, like you should, like.

Miranda 29:49

Well, yes.

Scott 29:51

Because most people don't in this country.

Miranda 29:53


Scott 29:53

But again, that's partially because of our laws.

Miranda 29:56


Scott 29:56

You know, over in France, they essentially don't have a drinking age, quote unquote, basically don't act like an asshole and will let you drink. Yeah, no. If you act like an asshole, we're gonna slap you upside the back of the head. Not condoning violence. It's just, you know, we make things so taboo.

Miranda 30:17

Teah, and so people were like, oh, I want to I want to get into this, I want to really, you know, just get deep into it. And it's just, it's not good. Well, and that's where the harm comes.

Scott 30:26

And they have to hide it. Right? They have to hide, they're embarrassed again, and the stigma, exactly increase the research and education. And most of these problems go away.

Miranda 30:38


Scott 30:39

And ya know, it's, you know, cannabis isn't a gateway drug, because it leads to harder drugs. Cannabis is a gateway drug because it tends to be sorry. I don't want anybody out there. What do you call it? Sound biting me to say cannabisis a gateway drug. Cannabis is not a gateway drug. Cannabis is just the first drug that most people get their hands on. Yeah. You know, and for a lot of people, a lot of juveniles turning to cannabis just like they are with alcohol or any other drug. Right. It's to deal with trauma in more circumstances and situations than not.

Miranda 31:24

Or to bond with their friends.

Scott 31:26


Miranda 31:27


Scott 31:27


Miranda 31:28

Because, again, it's the community aspect of it.

Scott 31:30

Absolutely, absolutely. You know, I started using cannabis very young, I do not encourage using cannabis very young. You know, I mean, there's research that talks about 26 is when our brains are fully formed, I don't know that I'm telling anybody that they shouldn't smoke weed before. Personally, I think you can probably handle it before then I'm not entirely sure that the ways in which cannabis can change change your brain are all bad. You know, I think as you're--

Miranda 32:03

But you're also not condoning underage smoking.

Scott 32:06

No, absolutely, absolutely not. Right now, not only from a legal standpoint, but also from a personal and practical standpoint. You know, again, you shouldn't be using drugs or alcohol to deal with trauma, know of any sort, get yourself some counseling, find some healthy coping mechanisms.

Miranda 32:31

But that's, that's also part of the problem is that people don't have resources. They don't have insurance. They don't have affordable therapy, because therapy is fucking expensive.

Scott 32:43

Health resources in general. I mean, not just therapy, physical therapy. Yeah, I mean, lots of us. are, you know, lots of people are using cannabis for pain, right?

Miranda 32:52

For sure.

Scott 32:53

And they're having trouble sleeping, maybe that's how and they would be much better served getting cannabis with test results. And you know, cannabinoids listed and terpenes listed and some education to go with it to absolutely understand what they're using it for so. Yeah, I mean, speaking of medical cannabis, you know, I know you've been talking a lot lately about how--

Miranda 33:20

Oh my God, everything is so strong.

Scott 33:22

I feel like remember, you remember the brother a few years back the rent is too damn high.

Miranda 33:28

Yeah, the THC is too damn high.

Scott 33:31

Yeah, Miranda is screaming at the top of her and so am I, you know.

Miranda 33:36

I mean, I'm fine with smoking like a really high THC before bed, generally, but I feel like lately, it's just the lower stuff is hittin better. And like that the high THC is starting to make me anxious.

Scott 33:55

Yeah, I mean, I can definitely see. I purchase strains above 30% on a very rare basis. I think the last strain that I purchased above 30% was probably that Runtz from Sunmed that you and I reviewed. Yeah, honestly. I cannot think of anything that high that I've purchased since then. Because yeah, I just there's a time and a place for all of it.

Miranda 34:25

For sure.

Scott 34:26

And I mean, you know, we were just talking about the ability to abuse and we've talked about in the past, right? The fact that the THC levels are so high on the oils that are in the pens right, it makes it very easy to very quickly jack your tolerance up to a point where Yeah, regular flower or specifically kind of lower test flower isn't quote unquote, doing anything for you anymore, right? Because you've been smoking something that's 90% THC, and you've had it in your front shirt pocket. So you've been smoking it all day, all day, every day. You know. And on top of that you're taking some 25 milligram edibles.

Miranda 35:12

But if not higher.

Scott 35:13

Right, you know, and on top of that you're smoking some 32%. You know, Ray Charles, or, you know, some pre rolls that you picked up yeah, that you've got in your pocket that you can just reach in and pull out a little point five of some 32% like 4% terp stuff at any given time, like, it all becomes very easy to let your tolerance drift up--

Miranda 35:37


Scott 35:38

And and throw your endocannabinoid system a little out of whack. And like you said, sometimes that can lead to that anxiety. Sometimes it can lead to the inability of the flower to give you the relief that you're looking for.

Miranda 35:54

Absolutely. And again, not someone who vapes a lot. Um, so I buy primarily flower, and edibles and you know, when I can smoke 13% flower and get silly and good off of it. That's what I'm looking to do. But again, that flower has got to be grown right. It's got to be cured correctly, and it has to be good.

Scott 36:21

And we should say right, normally when we say the word vape, we're generally talking about vape pens.

Miranda 36:27


Scott 36:27

When we say that there are lots of people who vape flower. I know quite--

Miranda 36:32

I do

Scott 36:32

A few people that almost exclusively do, shout out to to Captain Morgan. I don't think he does anything but vaporize. And then uses is what do they call it? PVB. Right previously, vapable AVB already converted AVB, right? If you've ever heard that term, AVB, if somebody is telling you to save your AVB to make edibles from that's what they're talking about.

Miranda 37:03

Yeah, that's already perfectly decarbed and ready to go. Yeah.

Scott 37:07

Is there a ton of THC left in that stuff? No, not particularly.

Miranda 37:12

It's got a lot of CBG.

Scott 37:13

And yeah, it's got the CBG it's got a high CBN Yeah, from what I understand. So going to give you some more like relaxation--

Miranda 37:23

Better entourage effects.

Scott 37:24

Yeah. Which is great for edibles anyway. Right. That's, I mean, that's what I look for when I use the edible is more of that full body. Inside Out. I'm waving my hands in some sort of like the sun is coming out. fray.

Miranda 37:41

Yeah I don't know. Yeah.

Scott 37:43

But yeah. So yeah, when we say vape we generally mean a vape pen. But obviously, you can vaporize flower as well. There are handheld vape units. This comes up because we're talking about the medical uses of the flower, and obviously vaporizing a little bit healthier. Definitely, yeah, especially been the joints. But even then a ball or something like that, where you're filtering through water as well. Still vaporizing is going to give you a cleaner, more medically, and lots of people argue that you're getting more of a terpene effect. Absolutely, yeah. Because you can be real specific with a lot of these digital vaporizers. Now, you can use these hand handheld apps on your phone. Yeah, to control the different temperatures and everything. So you can have like a temperature for your concentrates. You can have a temperature for your flower, you can have a temperature for hash or key for whatever.

Miranda 38:43

Mine has a bubbler on it.

Scott 38:45

But yeah, so we definitely hear you and agree with you that there, there tends to be a lack of great high terpene flower at lower THC levels. You know, we've talked before about ratio products, you know, one to one, and this comes up, you know, we've gotten I've gotten and the show has gotten both a lot of the question. How do I medicate during the day without being stoned? Right, like.

Miranda 39:16


Scott 39:17

I've got arthritis, or I've got Crohn's or I've got you know, whatever condition I'm trying to treat, but I also have to get shit done. I've got my nine to five.

Miranda 39:30

And I really feel like that's where micro dosing comes into big play. And I mean again with me and my absolute annoyance with high THC flower. I've gone back to micro dosing, I just have to suck it up, mix it in with some CBD flour and microdose and that means that a joint will last me all day.

Scott 39:53

Yeah, so I find that on my best days I will roll like a point seven to full gram dependent on the strain Yeah, fluffy it is now keify it is all that good stuff. And typically I will smoke on that joint throughout most of the day. And then probably like roll something new or pack something new early evening like going into transitioning in tonight. Yeah, yeah. So typically I'll you know, I additionally generally eat like five to 10 milligrams sativa edible most mornings once I've got some some fat in my system and something in my belly to slow the digestion down on it a little bit. But yeah, then I'll also like roll either a high limonene kind of hybrid or something with lots of pining and limonene that's going to kind of give me that little little boost, little perk, little pep in my step to get the day going. And then yeah, like I said, just take a little puffs of that throughout the day.

Miranda 41:00

Yeah, I mean, I'm my my medication sort of schedule is kind of it's kind of similar. I don't I rarely take an edible during the day. But I usually smoke a point five, I roll a point five in the morning and smoke that throughout the day. And then at night, I'll I'll smoke a roll another point five have a different strain, and smoke that throughout the evening. And by the time I'm ready to take my five or 10 milligram before bedtime. I'm ready to go.

Scott 41:31

So I have found recently I mean, you know I struggle with sleep a lot. I've been using that 10 milligram indica edible, whatever brand it is, you know, and there's lots of them out there that we've talked about already. Some have CBN, some don't have CBN. Some of them are just additive indica. terpenes are made with indica oil. But either way, I've started taking that five to 10 milligram indica edible, and that is the difference between waking up throughout the night or not. It gives me a much more restful, relaxed sleep. So you know, it just depends what you're medicating for. But yeah, there's ratio products. There's one to ones there's micro doses. And at this point, we've got those ratio products available in pretty much everything pretty much yeah, and chocolates in hard candies in little micro dose mints point, or 2.5. A you know ratio, tinctures. So regardless of like what dosage you're at, the addition of that CBD is going to give you a little more clarity, a little more calmness. Generally speaking, less of the intoxication, right and more of the pain relief and anti anxiety. So if you're using it to go out in society and be functional, and maybe, you know, get rid of those aches and pains, like that's when I will use my one to one animal. Yeah, that's when I will, you know, roll up that like, partially CBD joint before engaging because I don't want to necessarily be loopy or, you know, quote, unquote, stoned.

Miranda 43:20

Right. And you I feel like I can always feel myself getting to that tipping point between medicated and stoned very easily. And as soon as I start to feel that sort of getting to that roller coaster peak, I put that joint out.

Scott 43:37

Yeah. Well, sometimes I do.

Miranda 43:40

Well, so if I don't want to be stoned while I'm working, that's what I do. But I always just take it right to that point. And then I put it out.

Scott 43:51

Yeah, I mean, you know, the relief that you get from smoking flower is pretty instantaneous. So yeah, I mean, it really shouldn't take a full one gram joint to treat most things. So if it does, you might need something with a higher terp content or a different terp content. Or some lower THC.

Miranda 44:16


Scott 44:16

To balance out that anxiety or whatever, you know, negative you're experiencing that you don't want to deal with.

Miranda 44:24

For sure.

Scott 44:25

So we did get some user suggested questions this week we wanted to talk about and those came from...

Miranda 44:34

They came from Ben, Ben in Pittsburgh. So hey, Ben!

Scott 44:39

Shout out, Ben. We appreciate the feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so much. We're glad you're listening. We're glad you're learning. And we are happy to answer these questions.

Miranda 44:52

Absolutely! And Ben wanted to know, can cannabis be effectively used for headaches and is there proof of sativa is being a stimulant for ADHD and how does that work? So again, we're not doctors.

Scott 45:08


Miranda 45:08

And there is sadly, very little research aside from personal anecdotal.

Scott 45:17

Yeah, we've got clinical trial evidence coming out now because we've got some states now that have had legalized programs. And countries Canada has been legalized for a few years now, as well. So we do, we are starting to see some actual hard science based study, right? Come out about various things, you know, tumors and diabetes and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But yeah, so most of this is going to be anecdotal, experiencial evidence, but yeah, we are starting to get more fact based, you know, clinical trials based research coming out. So keep your eyes peeled, and, you know, just Google whatever condition it is.

Miranda 46:07

And there's a lot I mean, there's so much information. I mean, especially, I would say, God bless these kids at Reddit. Because they're, they're the real heroes. Um, but there's a lot out there regarding ADHD especially and regarding I don't want to say different terpenes I'm sure Scott can add on to that. But what is commonly being shown is that combination of a one to one THC, CBD is exceptionally helpful for people with ADHD.

Scott 46:50

Alright, so we were just talking about how lower THC levels could be the key to you, you know, medicating throughout the day and how ratio products one to one and here again, we're talking about these ratio products, which kind of inherently mean lower THC level, right? Because you're not going to find something that's 30% THC and the 30% CBD CBD. Generally, you're going to find something that's like, maybe 22% CBD and like 12% THC or sometimes vice versa, where it's like 18% THC, and you know, 14% CBD. But yeah, two I don't think I have seen. I think the and there are a couple of strains. I feel like in every market here in Maryland, absolutely. We've got the Painkiller from GLeaf.

Miranda 47:47

Shark shock.

Scott 47:48

Shark Shock from...

Miranda 47:50


Scott 47:51

And then Sunmeds is Blue Shark.

Miranda 47:55

And I feel like there is a there's Willie's makes a few of them too.

Scott 47:59


Miranda 48:00

Oh, it was Rosaberry.

Scott 48:02

Rosaberry is another one and who is it? Sorry, Mike for the mouth click.

Miranda 48:10

Mango is the Mango is one.

Scott 48:12

Yeah, Mango is one that tends to be a little bit higher THC and CBD but very low on both mango tend to be like 12 to like 16% thc with like eight to 12% CBD. And frankly, for a stream that's quote unquote Mango. I was very disappointed in the flavor. But maybe that was just the batch I got, but typically they don't tend to have super high terpene loads, at least not the ones that I've seen. Frankly, I've gotten more relief from the Hummingbird Botanicals. The Humming Buds were flower than I have from the high CBD strains in the Maryland market.

Miranda 48:53

So honestly, I've smoked the Rosaberry and that's the only TC or C, one to one I've smoked I've been below our

Scott 49:07

So I've had the Rosaberry I've had the Mango. I've had the Painkiller. And I've had Blue Shark I have not had Shark Shock

Miranda 49:19

So I've dabbed Shark Shock ah yeah and that was fantastic.

Scott 49:25

And and I know some other our friend Manya, I know. Mixes in the one to one and the straight CBD high CBD concentrates and with her entourage effect program for her from time to time too. Yeah, so they you know there are some of these things out there. And you know, like Rythm makes the one to one disposable. Somebody else I feel like Grassroots sometimes does that--

Miranda 49:57

Grassroots definitely does.

Scott 49:59

I know. Sometimes does the high CBD disposables? I think I mentioned once before that I got the nature's heritage high CBD RSO.

Miranda 50:11

How was that?

Scott 50:13

I still haven't done anything with it. I've got it.

Miranda 50:15

Curses, Scott!

Scott 50:16

But yeah, and I know Rythms done the terps sap before, so yeah. So these products are out there. Probably just not, you know as many of them as we'd like, but they are, you know, around.

Miranda 50:35

Yeah, I was I'm sorry, I was just looking at study numbers. And it said that there's one here that says that those who took a higher dose of CBD and THC, were less likely to want to maintain their ADHD medications because they just simply it simply worked better.

Scott 50:56


Miranda 50:57

Because I know a lot of the issues with ADHD medication is also sleep, appetite, and all those other things that you're dealing with the side effects the side effects are worse than the medication.

Scott 51:09


Miranda 51:10

So um, yeah, I mean I don't see that there's any reason why you wouldn't add this to your your daily if you can even just CBD in general. Yeah, it's gonna take a load off your your mind.

Scott 51:26

I think everybody knows I'm a huge advocate for mixing CBD flower in and again those one to one edibles and things like that and just, you know, the Sunny C's you know I mean I use those in addition to THC edibles as part of a full I'm waving my arms again. I'm Italian I'm not yelling I'm just speak with my hands. And yeah, no, I mean, you know, it's it's part of a full entourage effect approach to using cannabinoids as part of a complete you know, say health regimen.

Miranda 52:05

Yeah, I mean, I just it doesn't say anything specifically about sativa or indica as being better or worse just THC and CBD.

Scott 52:13

Right, well, I would think you know, ADHD kind of manifests itself for different way in in different ways for different people. Yeah, right. So you know, if you have trouble focusing then maybe something with high pinene would be good for you because pinene is noted for its ability to help with memory recall and focus you know, if you just get depressed because ADHD has your brain running so much that you get to you know...

Miranda 52:45


Scott 52:46

Overwhelmed by the things that are going on in the world. And feeling all the feels. CBD yeah CBD but also you know, something with high limonene that's going to give you some mood boost and and some anti anxiety effects to go with the anti anxiety effects from the CBD. Yeah, totally makes sense.

Miranda 53:06

And CBD is legal in all 50 states.

Scott 53:08


Miranda 53:08

So even if you are not wanting to get a card or you know if you decide that THC is not for you, there's plenty of awesome CBD farms out there. Who if you want to smoke flower if you want to do tinctures even great ways to medicate we can talk about I mean Hummingbird, we can talk about Charlotte's Web, Lazarus is another one that I've used in the past.

Scott 53:38

Just look for you know, good quality necessarily have to be full spectrum. It might not be the you need the full spec right? affects. Just make sure it's coming from good quality flower. It's not necessarily being synthesized in a lab, I'm sure a lot about, well, some of these different cannabinoids that are being produced, you know...

Miranda 54:03

And this is why we haven't talked about the deltas.

Scott 54:06

Right. And we're not really ready to. I'm just saying when you're looking for CBD products, obviously, you know, we're happy to recommend Hummingbird. We're happy to recommend some of the other companies we've talked about before District Hemp, you know, with different teas and you know, there's lots of different good CBD products out there. Just make sure that you're getting good CBD products. Absolutely. If you're smoking good CBD flower, you know, look for something that's lab tested, look for something that's got terpene profiles for you, or at the very least, the cannabinoid numbers to tell you literally you know what percentages you've got, because that's going to help you figure out your dose and what you can do with it. And what to expect, right because it's not. If you live in a state that's only letting them grow like 12% cannabinoids, then it's not necessarily the company's fault. That's that you get in touch with your your legislature, and your legislators and talk to them about changing the laws in regards to cannabis and what people can grow.

Miranda 55:11

And also be honest with your doctor, I know I've struggled with this, you don't struggle with this. But now I have finally gotten a doctor that I can speak openly and freely with. But be honest with your doctor 99% of the time, they have absolutely no idea about the cannabinoids and how they're going to affect your brain. But CBD is essentially unless you have glaucoma, super safe for you to use.

Scott 55:41

Yeah, I've read something else about it can elevate like liver enzyme numbers or something like that.

Miranda 55:48

That makes sense especially if you're eating it.

Scott 55:51

There are a couple different things that that you'll read about. But certainly, you know, yes, talk to your doctor mentioned because it might have some, you know, random interaction with your medication or something like that. It's it's worth having the conversation for sure.

Miranda 56:09

Yeah. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with talking to your doctor. But yeah, that's, I mean, try out CBD. See how it works for you. There's no harm in trying. Good CBD. Yeah, I mean,NOT gas station CBD.

Scott 56:23

And as far as you know, any proof of sativa is being stimulants. You know, there's nothing specifically, you know, first of all, we've talked about the fact that the term sativa and indica will only get you so far.

Miranda 56:34


Scott 56:35

Right like that those names. It's really just an identification system for the plants.

Miranda 56:41

Pretty much.

Scott 56:42

That's all it was. Indica is named after India, because that's where they first found the plants that are kind of shorter and have the wider, you know, rounder leaves and sativa were the species that were found in Europe that tend to be the kind of longer sparser, more pointy leaf. So yeah, you've got to look at the terps and the terps that we've talked about before that are going to give you those more uplifting effects are limonene and pinene both kinds of specifically limonene with the mood boost and pinene with the focus. So yeah, there's that.

Miranda 57:22

And yeah, so that's all I've got to say about ADHD. What about you? Any anything else?

Scott 57:30

No. Just the headaches, right? Yeah, we didn't really.

Miranda 57:35

So and the other question from Ben was about headaches, specifically migraines, and I suffer from those or have suffered from those. I found that in the past couple of years with my cannabis use. I get them rarely now. And I don't know if it's because of the cannabis use because of my stress levels are reduced because of my cannabis use. I don't know.

Scott 58:00

I used to get migraines, but my migraines were very specifically caused by my vision problems. And once I got laser eyes my my migraines went away luckily, because it had to do with like halos that I would see.

Miranda 58:17

Oh, yeah.

Scott 58:18

So yeah, thankfully, I do not experience migraines anymore. But I know that that is a question that comes up pretty often in the cannabis industry is people asking specifically. So what did you find?

Miranda 58:31

So, um, I found that strains, high end, beta caryophyllene, and limonene are going to be your best migraine defense. The beta caryophyllene is great for pain relief. It's a great anti inflammatory, and the limonene also a great pain relief and anti inflammatory. But for whatever reason, those two together in high doses, just knock it right out.

Scott 59:00

And I you know, we have spoken previously about, you know, just strains that have high caryophyllene and limonene. And, you know, usually some some good levels of myrcene in there too. But those are the three most common terps in cannabis, so you shouldn't have this isn't like, you know, you're going to have to search for the Holy Grail to find strains that help you with these things. And those aren't the only anti inflammatory terps either. Caryophyllene is just the terp that you're probably going to have the easiest time finding that helps you there but also HUmulene, Eucalyptol

Miranda 59:41


Scott 59:42

And Bisabolol is yeah, come by Yeah, I don't know. I've never actually heard that one said so I'm not sure how bad that pronunciation is. It looks like you're trolling somebody online with that lol at the end, but those are all terps that are known to have some anti inflammatory effects too, right?

Miranda 1:00:05

Yeah, um, the one thing I did learn is that myrcene makes it worse.

Scott 1:00:10


Miranda 1:00:10

Myrcene ups my nausea, ups my light sensitivity and just makes me overall more miserable when I'm using it to medicate for a migraine, and those are all the things that I don't want it to do. And it makes sense that humulene would be super supportive in that because it would help calm your stomach.

Scott 1:00:34


Miranda 1:00:35

And make you feel a lot less nauseous, right? Or nauseated or whatever. The perfect word for that is. Yeah, sick.

Scott 1:00:44

Less bad, it helps you feel less bad. Yeah. You know, obviously, generally, you would want to avoid the things that are going to be more stimulating. Because generally migraines you want less stimulation in general, right? You want to be kind of in a dark space, a quiet space, or relaxing space. So yeah, I mean, it makes sense that you would want, ya know, mood boost and that you would want yeah, anti inflammatory.

Miranda 1:01:18

And again, CBD added into that, sure, also super effective. My go to strain for migraine is Sour Diesel.

Scott 1:01:26


Miranda 1:01:27

All day long. I have a vape with it. And that's generally the only time I hit that vape is to have a migraine.

Scott 1:01:34

See, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person that has specific strains for specific things. Because to me, that's what becoming educated about cannabis is really, really great for is that you can, you know, effectively target how you spend your money and how you use your product. Exactly the relief that you need, right.

Miranda 1:01:56

Yeah. I mean, I also what White Widow is great for them too, Jack White specifically, again, high limonene, high beta caryophyllene. Those are the three most common strains that I've come across that help with migraines.

Scott 1:02:11

Yeah, so you know, same kind of advice in general, stay away from super high THC levels.

Miranda 1:02:18


Scott 1:02:19

Pay attention to your terps look for limonene and caryophyllene, which are two terps that are generally going to make you feel good anyway. You know, we've talked about how caryophyllene is the only term that we know of that binds with those CB two receptors.

Miranda 1:02:36


Scott 1:02:37

That go throughout your entire body. Right, right. And I think you know, like Jen said, when we were talking to her from Hummingbird cannabis helps you focus past right helps you kind of block out. And I wonder if part of you know when you've got a headache, it's so easy to focus on that pain, nothing but that pain, right? Because just like when you have a toothache, or it's it seems like the higher up your body it is almost worse. The closer to your brain the more on your mind. I don't know is that feels like it should be an old saying that I just created. I don't know how that works. But yeah, I mean, it totally makes sense. And,

Miranda 1:03:21

And I would say to steer clear of things with pinene in them, right, basically because you don't want to have a migraine and be coughing.

Scott 1:03:29

Yeah, so we've talked. Yeah, last episode, I started coughing when I was smoking my Cherry Limeade 1.3% almost pinene. It's a bronchial dilator it's good for people with asthma, it helps them open up their lungs and get oxygen where it needs to be but it can also make you cough in the process of doing that. So yeah, I mean, I would say you also just don't want to be stuck in your head which pinene, pinene it'll give you a real real cerebral high. Not necessarily a whole lot of body and that's what I'm saying that caryophylenne binding to those CB two receptors is probably helping to draw kind of attention away from you know, the pressure, the pain, whatever that's going on in your head to the rest of your body.

Miranda 1:04:21

Exactly. The same with CBD, right?

Scott 1:04:23

Yeah. Yeah, so anti anxiety uplifting definitely ways to treat a headache and of course hydrate is always important too.

Miranda 1:04:34

And know your triggers. Like if you are one of those people who has migraines that are triggered by certain foods, certain circumstance--

Scott 1:04:43

Right, like I said, mine were what do you call photo? I was photo sensitive, right? Or yeah, whatever. Photo, whatever. There's a word that means triggered by light that I can't think of what it is right now but that's what my were caused by. So like driving at night. I'm driving in the rain and things like that, you know, stuff where the light was being naturally refracted before it even hit my eyeball right and then got refracted and Halo again. would absolutely like drive me batty.

Miranda 1:05:13

I can only imagine just terrible, terrible.

Scott 1:05:16

So Ben, thank you again for writing. We we cover those for you. Well, if you have any additional questions, feel free to follow up. If you have other questions about cannabis, that's what we're here for. Yeah, you know, you can send that to us via the Facebook page or group via Instagram at The Heady Conversations via the website, where you can also find, you know, links to a lot of ancillary topics and more specifics on different things. You know, you can reach out to me at Your Cannabis Coach.

Miranda 1:05:51

And you can reach out to me at Our Lady of Maryjane. And yeah, continue to send on those questions. We're excited to answer them we we learn while we're answering them because there is no shortage of knowledge out there in the wonderful world of the wide web. So, yeah!

Scott 1:06:13

There's no such thing as stupid questions only stupid laws about cannabis.

Miranda 1:06:17


Scott 1:06:20

We continue to like subscribe please if you're so inclined, share, review, greatly appreciate all the feedback and support and yeah, we wouldn't keep doing this without you. So thank you again remember to be well to yourself and each other.

Miranda 1:06:39


[MUSIC: "Connections" by the Rolling Stones]

Scott 1:07:04

That old hippie, you got a cough to get off, man. They were just talking about shit that was high in pinene and it makes you cough. That's all.

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