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Episode 12 - Getting Saucy with Gwen!

A womman kneeling in a grassy clearing wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, black t-shirt, and faded blue jeans.  She is picking herbs.

In this episode, Scott and Miranda talk shop with Gwen of Saucier Willy's! The trio discuss veterans' affairs, how med to adult use will affect patients in the state of Maryland, and water-soluble THC!

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Miranda 0:14

Hello, and welcome to this special edition of The Heady Conversations with Scott Miranda and Gwen!

Scott 0:22

Yes, a very special edition, indeed. This is a interview episode, obviously. But also this is our first live interview episode. Thanks to COVID most of our you know...

Miranda 0:36


Scott 0:37

Interviews, those things have been via Zoom so far. But yeah, we are happy to have Gwen here live in living room slash studio is the case is.

Miranda 0:47

Yeah. And you may know her from the disABILITY podcast, or from Saucier Willie. Say Hi, Gwen!

Gwen 0:56

Hey, y'all!

Miranda 1:00

So welcome in, how are things going? What's what's what's good?

Gwen 1:04

Well, things are going if you don't know my health pretty much took a turn and went straight to the toilet and 2020. And ever since then, we've been trying to get back to the business stuff, try to do more things. Unfortunately, we're not going to be making products anymore. However, we're still going to be active in the cannabis community giving instructions to patients doing events and things in the future when I get some more energy. And yeah, so I just can't look I'm looking forward to releasing some new podcasts we have a water soluble one coming up so yay, Tune in for that!

Miranda 1:47

I'm super excited. I'm way excited about that.

Gwen 1:50

Be so excited.

Scott 1:51

Yeah, water water soluble for anyone listening who doesn't know, THC generally not water soluble, right. So that's, you know, the way people make things like Bubble Hash is you know, you dunk about a bunch of trim or LARF buds or whatever, into a big old bucket full of ice water and shake it around. And you essentially like push those crystals of THC and everything through those micron filters, right micron and and you know, through the process of different size filters over time, you get a more and more refined product. But yeah, in this case, we're talking about a product that we want to be water soluble. For what purpose, right so that we can--

Gwen 2:41

What purpose, increased bioavailability.

Scott 2:44


Gwen 2:44

Ease of use, it doesn't take long to make.

Miranda 2:48

Also, you said fairly quickly activated.

Gwen 2:52

Oh, yeah. Um, you can start, if you use it for it's also G Tube friendly. If you have a G Tube or PEG tube of any kind you can use, it's not going to clog it. It's awesome. And so if you do it that way, in 15 to 30 minutes, if you do it from an oral ingestion, I'd say around 20 to 45 minutes. It just depends on your own metabolism.

Scott 3:16


Miranda 3:16

Right on. That's super quick.

Gwen 3:18

Yeah, I'm not really like, it's It's medicine, like sometimes it's cool. Like, I just want to chill, but other times I'm like, Alright, gotta get it done. I don't have time for this body hurts.

Scott 3:29

Yeah, I mean, you know, we've talked about that before on the show, right? Different delivery methods and the different advantages or disadvantages. And that's absolutely one that you always have to consider when you're picking, you know, whatever type of medicine it is, is how long is this going to take to kick in, you know, a general edible can take sometimes upwards of an hour, depending on how much you've had to eat?

Miranda 3:52

Or two hours.

Scott 3:53

I mean right, yeah, I mean, just depends on your metabolism. what's already in your system? What, what's in the edible. You know, like you said that magic word bioavailability that I don't feel like we hear about enough in cannabis. People just talk about THC percentages, and things like that. But there's a lot to be learned about how much of those numbers are actually available for your body to process.

Gwen 4:20

Typical edibles, like nothing, right? Like 8%, maybe?

Scott 4:24


Gwen 4:24


Scott 4:25


Gwen 4:26

You know, like super low. It's not high. No, not high at all. And it's one of the things like and then you also have the conversion to delta 11 as well. So that also takes up a little bit of your normal. That's where you get the couch lock. That's where that comes from.

Scott 4:45


Miranda 4:46

Okay. Can you talk a little bit more about delta 11?

Gwen 4:49

Yeah, it only is made in your body. That's it. Okay. That's a whole that's like the end game of metabolism. Um, yeah, if it's not gone through your liver in the traditional sense, then you're not making a lot of delta 11 in a water soluble sense you're not gonna make a lot of it. So the good thing about that is they're like oh, my edibles I don't care what strain it is just has to be THC or the water soluble you're going to feel the effects of the terpenes so--

Miranda 5:19

I love that.

Gwen 5:19

Exactly. I'm like oh so you mean I can finally be like oh this edible will be uplifting I know it'll be uplifting because lemon skunk has these terpenes and whatever blah blah blah. So, yeah.

Miranda 5:29

That's fierce.

Scott 5:30

Do you think that those products that are out there on the market now that are advertised as indica or sativa because they've got additional terps, you don't? You don't necessarily prescribe to the effectiveness of those we've talked about that before.

Gwen 5:45

Added terps it's the same thing I mean, people will mean I don't care, fight me. Tt's the same thing. I mean, if it comes from a rose in it comes from cannabis molecularly exactly the same Yeah, stop crying about it.

Scott 5:59


Gwen 5:59

Um, if it comes from a plant I mean, I'm like not talking about flavors. That's a whole different right minefield like I'm like, No, I would like no flavors thank yeah, no one wants no, yeah, no, they're not doing that in the commercial food industry then why do you think it's okay and cannabis like stop it's like we're not doing it for a reason. Don't want to die.

Scott 6:22


Gwen 6:23

Don't want to die.

Miranda 6:24

Yeah, absolutely.

Gwen 6:26

Don't want to end up on TV on one of those commercials. Call one 800 You have been fucked up by this product. Oh my god, that was me!

Scott 6:35

Yeah, I you know, I do go for those products that intentionally include terp additives and claim to be, you know, indica or sativa. And I never necessarily know whether it's placebo or whether you know, I mean, I don't know I take my sativa during the day I take my indica at night. I tend to sleep through the night when I take my indica what I sleep through the night if I took the sativa I don't know maybe I'm not going to roll those dice.

Gwen 7:04

It depends, it depends. I've had sativas that had 1% mercyne, and I was like, well, somebody messed up in the grow room but this is nice.

Miranda 7:14

I've seen a lot of those lately.

Scott 7:15

I've got one in my you're wearing your Evermore shirt right now. I've got the Santa Cruz Blue Dream in my bag. And that's like, 1.27 or 1.37 maybe even mycene

Gwen 7:30

But isn't it high pinene though?

Scott 7:32

It does have well, not high pinene as far as I'm concerned as far as but the higher pinene I think I think it was like 0.5%, something like that. So not like high pinene for me is above one.

Gwen 7:45


Scott 7:46

I guess above eight really? For pinene? I think I'd consider high. But I'm happy when it's above one or 1.2 if I'm looking for that strain. But anyway. Yeah, no, I read an article this week that was beyond indica and sativa. And I honestly, I only read half of it. I'm not gonna sit here and talk about it. But I think we're getting to a point where we're ready to start having those conversations on a larger scale. Because I feel like there are a lot of us that have been having those conversations now. Right? The fact that, you know, those words don't mean as much as the market wants you to believe they do in order for that to happen.

Gwen 8:26

I mean, that's the reason why they exist in the first place. I don't think it's necessarily that the narrative has to change between the patient population or the rec user population. Um, it's more so the cannabis industry has invested billions of dollars into this fake hierarchy of cannabis.

Miranda 8:51


Gwen 8:51

They're like, Oh, so you're telling me now that I got a completely redo my whole, no, fuck you. 10 years from now. Maybe I'll think about it. From a manufacturer standpoint, it's like how long do we have? How long do we have, we can still use the same labels until sweet, sweet, alright, print as many as you can. Print as many as you can. Because the change is not cheap.

Scott 9:13


Gwen 9:13

Like, we just wanna, you can go as long as your stash is great. Thanks.

Scott 9:18

I mean, one of the ways that I feel like this continued prohibition has hurt the market is we can't talk about effects. Right? We, you know, they're, they're not allowed to, and you start to see some of that stuff. I feel like at least here in Maryland, we've started to see more like, energized and calm and then I don't know how Maryland gets away with it as much because in other states, I know you cannot use words like that.

Miranda 9:46

Right. It's the whole like, like Shopify situation where you can't say that something does a certain thing because right, it may not do that for 5% of people.

Gwen 9:57

There's one way to get around that. Anybody that's smart will like, look at some websites and be like, damn, they did this right. You need to post the scientific study that it comes from. They exist, even if it's an invitro or cell study, it doesn't matter, like just post it.

Scott 10:16


Gwen 10:17

Because if it's based on something tangible, they're not going to be like, Oh, they didn't do their research.

Scott 10:22


Gwen 10:23

Like, even you don't necessarily state, Oh, it does this, it could possibly lead to heightened states of this, right? Um, right, you got to you got to be smart when you word these things, because it is definitely not legal. When I do classes and things with my husband, we have to go and have a big disclaimer. You know, we're not doctors, we're not this. But you know, I read stuff, I smoke sometimes, just saying, right? I know a lot of things, very, very, life's very life life events and experiences. So it's more so giving the knowledge but also saying, look, here's also the resources that come with it. But there's no, there's nothing that there is no one ever give to a patient, that they would exactly No, no, no question that they wouldn't go away with an answered. And if it was to be like, let me take your name down, I will send you an email with all the whatever it is, especially, you know, I don't know everything in my brain.

Miranda 11:28

I think that's where the ball gets dropped a lot. But with patients, because there's a lot that we don't know. And that whole disconnect of hey, let me get back to you is not something that anybody's allowed to do. Yeah. It's like, well, you're here in front of us. But this is as far as I can take your care. So that's mildly disappointing to me.

Gwen 11:52

Yeah, it gets disappointing when you have the cannabis doctors that a--

Miranda 11:56

Quote unquote, doctors.

Gwen 11:58

Yeah, them. And you're like, so the book, you just got off the shelf. I read that already. If you can't give me anything more than that book, then I don't want to be here. I was just not down with this. Like, I gotta have a realistic conversation with a healthcare professional. Not well, you know. So, how's it working? Great. Is your allotment working? Great. Any change your medical history? Great. All right. So I'm going to give you this, sign this. All right. Have a nice day. Five minutes. Yep. That was one of my certifications. I was like, I'm never coming back here!!!

Miranda 12:39

That's exactly how my first certification went. Oh, do you have what do you have? I'm like, Well, I brought my medications. And they're like, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just tell me. And I'm like, Oh, okay. Well, here's a list of my issues.

Gwen 12:54

Why did you make me fill this shit out the shit online. If you need all of this information. You told me to bring my whole Medical Record. Here's my War and Peace. And you don't want this? I don;t know why I'm standing here talking to you right now.

Miranda 13:05

Oh, so true. It's very, very frustrating.

Scott 13:10

It's disappointing.

Miranda 13:12

That too.

Scott 13:12

You know, I mean, it's just if we're, if we're gonna wink wink. It's just I don't know,

Gwen 13:19

I'm winking with two eyes. Okay. Right.

Scott 13:23

Yeah, I we just people, patients deserve better. There's, there's so much that needs to be done with, with research and information at this point. But you know, hopefully, as more states legalize, you know, we, we had the omnibus bill came out this week. I don't know if you saw that. But the CBD they're trying to get the CBD. You know, as we talked to the numbers, Jen and Abby from Hummingbird and Sunny C's about, you know, the limit from state to state varies. Was Kentucky has the 1% rule, but then everybody else in the country is dealing with that 0.3% And then it changed from 0.3% Delta nine THC to 0.3% overall THC.

Miranda 14:15


Scott 14:15

So then it had to be, you know, the overall and that's what, when, honestly, when we had the conversation with Jen, I don't think I understood that point of what was changing and law.

Miranda 14:25

Yeah, and the constant amount of testing that they have to do just to make sure within that certain, you know, threshold.

Scott 14:33

Threshold between the harvest and cure and all that.

Gwen 14:36

I mean, they just made the hemp industry not viable. Right. It was like what so why did you want to have a hemp industry or did you just want to show off? This doesn't make any sense, right?

Scott 14:48

You know, like, like, like you, you were talking about the bioavailability in most of these edibles that are out there. I feel like it's the same thing with the CBD, right? Most of these. Yeah, I've just got CBD that's been kept below these levels. Created by people who don't know about and respect CBD just overall in general, you know, they're just cashing in on a fad. Because that license is cheaper and easier to get than the cannabis right the THC license

Miranda 15:14

It's probably a little less expensive.

Scott 15:15

But yeah, yeah, exactly, easier

Gwen 15:18

More laborsom, though.

Miranda 15:18


Scott 15:20

But but yeah, you know so people were getting mediocre product at best and then writing off a whole category you know whether it's edibles you know because how many people have told you right Oh, edibles don't do shit to me. Well they might not right we--

Gwen 15:35

I'm one of those people right but I have lots of problems that's why I have to like watersoluble is like all I use like what are you doing now? I don't really care about anything else. Everything else it takes too much time. It's not potent enough.

Scott 15:47

Right, so, I mean, yeah, we've talked about the different ways that different metabolisms process cannabinoids to begin with, and that certain people's metabolisms either operate too fast or just operate in such a way that cannabinoids just aren't going to be metabolized into that delta 11 that you were talking about. You know, which is which is the end game right. So--

Miranda 16:12

Buty then is there like, and this is a weird question. And this is something that's been mulling around in my brain for a while is it different because most edibles are made from isolette and that if you make edibles from RSO you're still getting full spectrum...

Gwen 16:27


Miranda 16:28

And that's why most it doesn't interact with most people's or not most people but some people's... my brain

Gwen 16:37

Don't worry

Scott 16:38


Gwen 16:38

I'm one of those people distillate is something I only use if I buy it at all it's because it's for like high pain yeah that's it because of the high THC the way it plummets my mental health it really does I don't even there's no like--

Miranda 16:53


Gwen 16:54

I have to I have to it has to you know the pros have to outweigh the cons

Miranda 16:57


Gwen 16:58

What is more important so sometimes distillate. Okay, fine, but it doesn't really sit well within my body. Same thing like CBD itself. CBD doesn't sit well within my body for my mental health. I use it when I get concussions or when the house decides to fight me back. But that's about it.

Miranda 17:14


Gwen 17:15

You know, right like I other than that, you won't see me use it except topically. It's everybody's endocannabinoid system is different.

Miranda 17:22


Gwen 17:23

So the distillates being primarily used in edibles is for ease of use, honestly, it's what it is.

Miranda 17:30


Gwen 17:30

All it is. It's for ease of use. As for ease of production, has nothing to do with patients and their needs whatsoever.

Miranda 17:37

Yeah, I mean, I have a friend who just you know, if she eats a gummy from the medical market, nothing happens. But if she eats a brownie that she's made from cannabis oil, she's fine.

Gwen 17:49

Full Spectrum is everything.

Miranda 17:50


Gwen 17:50

I always tell people, if you're going to experiment with the isolates, always pair it with something full spectrum. So for one, you're not going to have whatever the negative response might have been. From the cannabinoid like, oh, I would get this probably was a bad batch of Delta eight, or something in the beginning, I don't know where I bought it from, but I don't have those problems now. Like I would get it and it would give me like this wicked migraine like, piercing, straight migraine, like from the middle of my nose, and it just, like flare out and screaming at use. And it's terrible, but it's great for ADHD. It's awesome for focus. Like, [unintelligable]

Miranda 18:31

That's amazing.

Gwen 18:32

I feel productive. Hold on, though, but I can't see. It's not working. So for a while, I didn't use delta eight until one day I was like, I just got it. I gotta use it. Like I got I can't. I can't focus for shit. Like I have things to do. Like the kids keep asking me to do stuff. And I'm like, yeah, yeah, I'll do it. And when they're like Mom You never do it. I can't focus on anything.

Miranda 18:57

Were you smoking in flower? The Delta 8?

Gwen 19:00

No. Um, I would make oil drops with them.

Miranda 19:06

Oh, okay.

Gwen 19:07

And or just vape it but now I just vape it because...

Miranda 19:15

that fast quick.

Gwen 19:16

Well, yeah, because for me, I I don't mind my ADHD it's not I've learned to live with it however when I need to focus I'll take a vape of the Delta eight and then be good for that length of time I need to focus in on like okay, regular coping skills. Awesome.

Miranda 19:34

Right on.

Gwen 19:35


Miranda 19:37

So how do you feel about how the edible industry is? Is is in Maryland because I know we've talked about this some and how you know, we have gummies and now finally chocolates. But that--

Gwen 19:49

What edible industry? I'm still waiting for dry ass cookies. And I haven't gotten them yet. Yeah, we are the dry ass cookie producers? You know that they're in your kitchen right now bring them out put them on a shelf, we need our dry ass cookies.

Miranda 20:05

Like even just like the regular old like Butter Crunch.

Gwen 20:14

Just get that put some medicated cream and freeze it and until like an ice cream sandwich. See? Come on now think smart. Working so hard to make an edible.

Miranda 20:25

I mean, it's not that hard to make a cookie. And there are plenty of people who know how to make a shelf stable cookie.

Gwen 20:31

It's ridiculous.

Miranda 20:32

Get on it.

Gwen 20:32

It's not difficult No, no, however, but that really just tells you that there is a dearth in the market of knowledge on how to bring shelf stability to a cannabis product. And without sacrificing flavor and texture and all that fun stuff.

Miranda 20:51


Gwen 20:52

Because let's be real, nobody really wants to dry ass cookies. But we would like to purchase them.

Scott 20:57

I don't think I've ever actually had a cannabis cookie in the States. I've had them in Amsterdam. But I've never when I went out to Colorado, I got like mints. And I got a chocolate bar. But I don't think I've ever...

Miranda 21:18

I had like little muffin bites when when I was in Massachusetts.

Scott 21:23

I would be all about that life.

Miranda 21:24

They came in like this really like tall tin. And they were like just like these little little quarter sized muffin bites. Just a 5mg.

Scott 21:32

I love a mini muffin.

Miranda 21:35

Chocolate chip.

Gwen 21:35

It was a cute tin, wasn't it?

Miranda 21:37

It was!

Gwen 21:41

Where's the tin now, Miranda?

Miranda 21:45

I think I recycled because I was like I don't need another goddamn thing in this house.

Gwen 21:52

I like tins.

Scott 21:52

So, we were talking about the different types of extract that you can cook with and use as your ingredient. Can you talk a little bit about the decarbing process and and how you get to the point where you're using your medicine in in food and recipes, because I feel like that's one of the scariest things for people is putting their flower inside of an oven regardless of how they're doing it, but I know there's ways to do it safely, whether it's like turkey bags, or mason jars or whatever. I was just wondering, wondering if you could talk to us about the process you use for that?

Gwen 22:34

Yeah, well, I will tell you this. When the program first started, and I was making edibles at home, my husband, Will was always mortified. And put the flower in the oven. He's like, No, it's so beautiful, you can't, don't do it. Like why would a terrible frickin funeral for the plants here? Um, but yeah, it is kind of like that, until you get used to it. And you realize that yeah, I don't really, I mean, it's nice. It's like a bouquet. That's great. I need to get to work at the medicine.

Scott 23:13

Right. Um, that bioavailability

Gwen 23:16


Miranda 23:16


Gwen 23:17

It really depends what you are going for as far as the length of your decarb. Um, we try to make everything as simple as possible, because I believe that everything can be simple. You just have to figure out how to do it. Because I don't like I like to deconstruct the recipes and things like that. And I also believe in you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So our decarb that we recommend is no different than anybody else's. Except for we go through, we go with the mason jar method, okay, period. That's it, and everything else is just waste of time.

Scott 24:00

From what I read. That's that's how you're gonna retain the most terps what you know the good stuff. That's the the full spectrum that we're talking about. Yeah, yeah. Now mason jar seems to be I don't know if it's the combination of the size and the material maybe but--

Gwen 24:17

No, it's all about like when when you you'll weigh out your material, you'll put it in your jar and don't worry about it breaking because they're made for canning and they're meant for high heat, right. So unless you're taking a jar from the freezer and putting it into the oven and just like to watch things explode. I mean,

Scott 24:34

We do not recommend that anyone does that.

Gwen 24:38

That is crazy and you get hurt. And I'm just gonna say that's all you.

Miranda 24:43

I literally feel like every week somebody in a cannabis group is like how do I decarboxylate my weed and I'm like--

Gwen 24:52

Put it in a jar. Save your jam jars. Save 'em!

Miranda 24:57

Save them save your jars.

Gwen 24:58

It's free. Exactly the save everything!

Miranda 25:02


Gwen 25:04

Take your vaped bud because that's literally CBN and some THC. Yeah, I'm just saying,

Scott 25:11

We talked about that on the last episode, or two episodes ago.

Gwen 25:13

You put your cannabis in the jar--

Scott 25:16

The AVB the already vaped bud that you have leftover after you use like, a Volcano or whatever.

Gwen 25:22

You don't really use that much when you vape. It's all still in the flower.

Miranda 25:26

Yeah, it's all very, very available.

Scott 25:29

And like you said, because it's already been, you know, cooked to a certain degree pun intended. It's it's chock full of CBN because it's, yeah.

Gwen 25:40

It's great for topicals.

Scott 25:42

Topicals especially?

Gwen 25:43

Yeah, I don't like to. I don't like to mean people be like, and have like luxurious topicals. Okay, if you use topicals like very lightly on if you use topicals heavily just use vape bud.

Scott 25:55


Gwen 25:55

You will always have cannabis for a topical, there's no point to use anything else. Everything else is just a waste of time.

Scott 26:03

Yeah, that makes sense.

Gwen 26:04

If you vape your bud save it, if you don't vape your bud, vape it, so you can save it and then get more cannabis out of it, it;s great!

Miranda 26:11

Do you find that the CBN is more helpful topically?

Gwen 26:14

Um, it depends what you're using it for. So for like psoriasis or eczema, stuff like that, it's been proven to help. wound healing is also good like the the three cannabinoids that I use in the topical, whether is THC, CBN, and CBG. Because I use a lot of CBG flower.

Miranda 26:42


Gwen 26:42

So those are always in the vape bud jars. So that's always going to be in the topical. And those three cannabinoids are very important for wound healing. So I would use like, I would just put like a drop of oil on something. And then by the end of the day, I'm like, Oh, look at that. It's gone. Or it's like, closed up or healed up or something. Because I hurt myself a lot. I'm a flailer, I flail.

Scott 27:09

Now you said high end CBG What do you consider to be high end CBG?

Gwen 27:14

Um, just a straight up CBG flower period that has at least 11% CBG in it anything lower than that to me is not worth buying.

Miranda 27:23


Scott 27:23

I don't think I've ever seen any flower that high and CBG.

Gwen 27:27

Oh boy, you better get yourself on the internet.

Miranda 27:31

Gwen knows where to find it.

Gwen 27:33

I know all the places. Oregon has really good hemp.

Scott 27:39

Okay. Yeah.

Gwen 27:40

And have really good prices.

Scott 27:42

Uh huh.

Gwen 27:42

And the ship? Yes, Fern Valley Farm.

Scott 27:46

I wonder You know, I don't know.

Gwen 27:48

I got a quarter pound of shake.

Scott 27:50


Gwen 27:51

Fourty dollars.

Scott 27:52


Miranda 27:53


Scott 27:55

I was gonna say I don't know if we want to mention prices. But yeah, I guess it's all legal anyway. Yeah, no.

Gwen 28:04

Yeah. I mean, it's I It's smokeable shake.

Scott 28:10


Gwen 28:10

Not bullshit.

Scott 28:11


Gwen 28:12

It's in here. I didn't even have to grind it.

Miranda 28:15

Right on.

Gwen 28:17

It's awesome.

Scott 28:17

That's dope. Yeah. I just I'm wondering, I've never looked at the Hummingbird flower specifically for that CBG number. I was always looking at the terps and the overall cannabanoids. Do you have one there?

Miranda 28:29

I might have a handy jar.

Scott 28:31

I know one had a higher CBG and Jen even mentioned it when we talked to them. And I don't know. Maybe it was the Abacus that she said specifically had the highest--

Gwen 28:42

I can't remember which one it was?

Miranda 28:44

I think, she. I think Abacus definitely had a higher CBG number. This is the Snow 1 that I have laying around. The CBGa is at 3.54% and the CBG is at 7.72%

Scott 29:01

Okay. Yeah, I mean, I knew I knew the numbers on those were higher but 11% I definitely haven't seen.

Miranda 29:08

Really high.

Gwen 29:09

For me for processing. I'm like look, if it's a CBD or CBG has got to be at least 10% or higher. If it's THC 20% or higher, just because if I'm paying the same price like I'm processing it, it didn't get maximum from my money here. Yeah.

Scott 29:30

Yeah, I mean, realistically, I think anything above high teens is a higher THC level. We you know, we've talked about the numbers here in Maryland and the fact that Maryland growers are allowed to selectively pick and choose which testing numbers they want to use, and ship their product out to multiple testing facilities. So of course, these testing facilities are--

Gwen 29:55

I wish I had the money to just ship stop testing facilities for no reason, right?

Scott 30:00

And every CBD grower that's listening to this right now is saying the same thing.

Gwen 30:05

Just just test my Graham Cracker. Why? Because I can.

Scott 30:09


Gwen 30:09

No real reason.

Scott 30:10

But yeah, that's, that's interesting. Yeah, 11% percent is definitely high. I will have to look into that.

Miranda 30:19

I would like to make some edibles all of that, honestly.

Gwen 30:21

It's good.

Miranda 30:22

And some tinctures

Gwen 30:25

Oh, let's get back to decarb.

Scott 30:27

Yeah. Please.

Miranda 30:29

Bring us back into the conversation.

Gwen 30:32

Okay. Um, yeah, so just make sure your bud is dry, like dry. Like super dry, like crispy. Like this dusty. Yeah, like, smoke bad dry. Right. Um, and if you vape it, it'll just just turn into dust. Oh, look magic. Um, and I use silica packets on, I get them on Amazon. And buy like 50 gram ones, because I'd like to process a bunch of stuff at a time. And I like to dry stuff quick. Like sometimes stuff will be dry within six hours.

Scott 31:09


Gwen 31:09

Yeah, depending on how many shoving the jar. Um, so after everything's dry, take everything out. Shake it off. Brush all your stuff off your little packets there. Close up the jar, you're going to preheat your oven to 240 degrees. Now remember, this jar is not in a cold area. If you're moving it from cold to hot. You need to warm it up first.

Miranda 31:34

I would almost say just leave it on top of the stove. Yeah, just well, it's pre heating.

Gwen 31:38

Because yeah, you just want that. Don't don't want shrapnel.

Miranda 31:41


Scott 31:41

Don't refrigerate your jars people. Don't be silly.

Gwen 31:45

Don't be that one person on the internet isn't gonna go in the comments and I'm gonna be like, Huh? you didn't listen. But, um, so you put it in the oven. Um, I honestly--

Scott 32:02

Lid on, or lid off ?

Gwen 32:03

Lid on tight covered right? 240 degrees for an all honesty between 40 and 60 minutes.

Scott 32:12


Gwen 32:12

The fuller your jar is, the more you're going to not want to have it standing up in the oven, you're going to want to lay it on its side.

Scott 32:20


Gwen 32:21

And rotate it every 15 minutes, one quarter turn.

Scott 32:23


Gwen 32:24

So everything is exposed to the same amount of heat.

Miranda 32:29

That makes perfect sense and easy.

Gwen 32:31

That's it and then when it's done, it should look terrible. And you should look cry a little bit. Put it on the counter. And then that's it. Don't touch it. Let it cool down because you're waiting for all the terps to settle back down into the flower.

Scott 32:47


Miranda 32:47

Now do you believe in? grinding it before you decarb it? Are you just shoving flower in there?

Gwen 32:54


Miranda 32:55

Because everybody's got their own method.

Gwen 32:55

I forgot about that I just handpick it because in all honesty, you don't even need a grinder after you know that's true just it just is just crumbles. It's weird. It feels strange. If you don't like to feel a paper you might not like this. The Keif.

Miranda 32:56

Oh my god, all the keif.

Gwen 33:22

From there I take it put it into I'd make a quick wash tincture with some grain alcohol and then run it in to put it in my source machine to reclaim the alcohol, concentrate tincture. I'll evaporate the rest of the alcohol off because I can't handle it. If you don't have issues with alcohol you don't have to worry about it doesn't matter.

Scott 33:46

I I've had enough alcohol tinctures in my life I think for for my life. I don't I don't think--

Miranda 33:53

Burn the roof of your mouth off.

Gwen 33:55

They don't know what they're doing. Tinctures are 60/40.

Scott 34:00

I mean, I will say some of them were so good. Yeah, like you would feel amazing.

Gwen 34:06

You feel amazing after you burn the crap on your tongue.

Scott 34:09

Oh yeah, you couldn't taste or feel anything with your tongue for good 30-45 minutes but yes, you would feel amazing otherwise. So is that always your base? You always use an alcohol base when you extract?

Gwen 34:23

Yep, pretty much. I have this thing about efficiency.

Scott 34:27


Gwen 34:28

So if it's not the most efficient for the purpose that I'm using it for then it's not going to be used for that. There are certain times where I will maybe want to extract an oil per se or extract in like one time I don't even Brainfart, I don't know what I was gonna say cuz I don't remember what I was talking about. It's a thing that happened at one time.

Scott 34:57

Oil extraction at one time I don't know.

Gwen 35:00

Yeah. And then like sometimes like glycerin is something that I don't really I mean, you can do it, but why? It doesn't it doesn't. It has the lowest solvency of anything so it's not gonna pick up much. Yeah, it's like so what you're saying is, I should just grind up that cannabis and just put it in there with the glycerin and then just heat it up and then like just use it as a syrup but the plant material and all it's because it's the same thing. You go you get more than you would I just extracting the plant. That doesn't waste of time for me. I personally don't want to like, I don't want to strain that. It just seems terrible.

Miranda 35:49

It seems like more work too.

Gwen 35:51

Yeah, I don't like work. So yeah, if there's something specifically that I'm making that requires a different extraction technique, then fine, I'll do it. But I don't like it. I don't I don't like using anything else besides grain because it's just quicker, it's more efficient, you get to 80%. wouldn't necessarily say yield, but on average about 80% of the cannabinoids from material and grain alcohol or ethanol. Versus I'm sorry, I'm breathing.

Scott 36:30

You're allowed to breathe here.

Miranda 36:31

You're totally allowed. Please breathe,

Gwen 36:35

Not used to asthma yet. Oh, I can talk. And I'm like, No, I still can't talk yet. Um, yeah, but then I just take the concentrate that I make whatever it is, whether it be like, then I'll get isolates and like, make my ratios of different things for whatever I'm trying to make it for. Um, it just depends. But once, to be honest with you, once you make once you make the water soluble stuff, you probably won't go back to anything else. Because you can add it to anything. Like anything. It's oil and water soluble. So if you were cooking something and you were like, oh, I want to finish the sauce. Done. You know, like, that's it. Great. I just That's it. He just scored some at the end and you swirl it in. Mix. Great.

Miranda 37:27

Don't have to do it with a you have to start it with the butter.

Gwen 37:31

No. It's done. And then you you label it always label it mine look like they're terrible. Because I already know what's in them. I just keep making the same thing over and over again, just with different strains. But um, yeah, but you can tailor it to the time of day, you'll know exactly like what the dosing is versus what a regular edible is, like all the ones that don't say water soluble or nano or something like or liposomal you're not gonna feel them for like an hour. And then we go, oh, nice price.

Miranda 38:07

That's nice, great.

Gwen 38:09

But if you actually need an edible for some, like serious body pain or something, you don't want to wait an hour for it to kick in. That's just torture. And then sometimes you're like, Okay, well I'll vape or do some kind of inhalation thing. Rub some some salve on and then be good until the edible kicks in. Sometimes it's not sometimes you just need it to be like that.

Scott 38:32


Miranda 38:32

Yeah. That's I'm excited for that video.

Gwen 38:37

Me too. We're gonna finish up the editing today.

Miranda 38:40


Gwen 38:41

I'm excited. Foolishness in the video now.

Miranda 38:49

It's made with love and foolishness.

Gwen 38:51


Scott 38:53

All the best thing is at least a dash a dash of foolishness

Gwen 38:59

A dash here, a dash there. Yes.

Miranda 39:01

So do you think the adult use market will better benefit the patients in the long run?

Gwen 39:06


Miranda 39:08

I'm going back and forth in this in my head and that's why I ask.

Gwen 39:14

I'm conflicted because unless regulators on a national scale not local. Actually talk to people that have sense and listen to them. They're gonna forget that we exist because we're currently not in legislation at all.

Miranda 39:36

That's true.

Gwen 39:39

Here, medical has always been just the stepping stone to recreational legislation.

Miranda 39:45

We've said that before.

Gwen 39:47

They're like we don't really give a shit you dying, that's cute. Buy more weed. It's like alright, fine, but okay, I want to live a little. Alright by more weed. Yes. Bye. So yeah, no, I don't think that as it stands right now that we've stand to benefit anything unless they permit a proper home grow.

Miranda 40:14

Which six plants? Not a proper home grow.

Scott 40:16

is it up to six now?

Miranda 40:18


Scott 40:19


Gwen 40:19

I know something I read that.

Miranda 40:23

You know a lot of things.

Gwen 40:24

Man, when it comes to policy stuff I'm like not up on it as much as I would like to be.

Scott 40:29

I just I've been out of it the last two weeks on this stuff.

Gwen 40:35

Let me tell you I've been out of it for like a year and a half. To get me I was like, what's going on? What's happening?

Scott 40:41

The last I had heard it was still two plants here in Maryland was what they were talking there. So, if we're up to six now that's fantastic. Because--

Gwen 40:48

There's like three Bills or something, and they all have different crap on it. Yeah. Well, I'd rather the first one that came through I think was the two plant one. And everybody was like but why?

Scott 40:56

Right. I mean, what do you know? That's what? Indica one sativa, quote, unquote, I mean, it's just not how cannabis works. It's not and you need, a mother plantm you know.

Gwen 41:07

One of the reasons I was like, I need to go talk to these people, because they don't know how real patients actually use the plant. They just think we're all stoner hippies and delinquents. That's all.

Miranda 41:24

But also, we're older and aging. And all of this bullshit is happening to our bodies.

Gwen 41:31

I don't I didn't wake up like this, like last year. So I need to fix whatever this is.

Miranda 41:35


Gwen 41:37

Even if it's just a temporary fix. No, I think that they will. They will have to listen because I mean, think about it. You have different things. What if I want CBD CBG and THC? God help them if they have another end up having a plant that grows another minor cannabinoids like CBC or something crazy, then I'm gonna gonna want that. Yeah, so you're gonna have to up your level of allowed plants that should be what you're allowed plants should be based on the amount of cannabinoid focused plants available right now there's three, right? So however many for CBG however, meaning you CBD, however many you need for THC, regardless of what you're growing, right? That's the limit that you have. Because everybody uses that stuff anyway. And then the sad part is like they still have no data that says that the medical market destroys the rec market. Look, I'm growing stuff. I'm growing stuff. But I'm still going to the dispensary to get my Evermore flower when they dropped the Orange Drizzle, okay, it was it's good. I'm going to get the stuff that I like when it comes to the dispensary.

Miranda 42:51

It's true.

Gwen 42:51

Stop being stupid. It's just like anything else. I made bread at home. Does that mean I'm not gonna go pickups friggin hamburger rolls? I'm not making that shit. I'll make regular. I don't want to do anything like that.

Scott 43:04

I don't know when I don't know, what Evermore's stance is specifically, but I know there are some growers in the state that aren't anti home grow that have supported homer grow.

Miranda 43:16


Scott 43:18

We know that there are some that have been very notable for being anti home grow. But there have been a few. I mean, I I want to say when we went to Sunmed that he actually talked about the ability of patients.

Miranda 43:33

I think he was very pro home grow. Yeah.

Scott 43:37

He was, he was the when when he spoke about and I don't remember the gentleman's name, but it was the operations manager. I feel like that was taking us around.

Miranda 43:47

Yeah, yeah.

Scott 43:48

Yeah. I mean, he spoke about the adult use market, and specifically about the ability to grow.

Miranda 43:55


Scott 43:55

With that coming in and to me, if that's what it takes to get home grow cool. You know, I'm not really, I mean, I think if people are allowed to buy alcohol, they should be allowed to buy cannabis. You know, the end of the day, regardless of how it affects the medical market. I do think it'll probably make things a little bit cheaper for us because I think that's why we've seen prices, dive down these last six to eight rounds. Yeah, because they're, they know new licenses are going to be coming.

Miranda 44:24

And all of the tax money that they're going to be getting from it too.

Scott 44:27

But I just think that if there's going to be new operators they're already trying to get ahead of the game. You know, companies like Strane with the half ounce bags and--

Gwen 44:35

Look this is from a half ounce bag are so good. Yeah, these are not even small nugs. Seven eight big huge nugs.

Scott 44:45

Yeah, I mean, we we started talking about that a month and a half ago or whatever that prices had started to go down and to me I can only guess that that's because, you know, they see the writing on the wall as far as adult use goes and Yeah trying to get ahead of it you know? But yeah it's interesting stuff for sure.

Miranda 45:05

it's an interesting just to watch the industry change so much so quickly because I even feel like as we record the shows things are changing so fast that it's like yeah time crunch to get in what's going on which will maybe change by the time that it's put out it's it's a lot of like, it's it's just insane how fast it's changing. And the different bills that are being put out so quickly.

Scott 45:36

Nationally and locally.

Miranda 45:37


Scott 45:38

Both it's a lot to keep track of, but yeah, so you mentioned the video that's going to be coming out soon.

Gwen 45:47


Scott 45:48

Tell them tell them how they find you.

Miranda 45:50

Yeah, plug yourself girl.

Gwen 45:52

Hold on requires me to have knowledge of remembrance you can find me personally on Instagram at the underscore saucy mama. You can also find me on Facebook under my name Gwenelle Parks because I'm hanging out there sometimes don't be mad if I don't answer your stuff right away. I'm not that kind of person. I just forget um, you can also jeeze what is it? See this is why Will should be here.

Scott 46:27

The YouTube show?

Gwen 46:28

Scott 46:30


Gwen 46:30

Is also where you'll find pretty much information for everything website is under construction. So pardon our dust. And we also have our YouTube channel is disABILITY podcasts. So it is linked on our Facebook page. It is linked on the Saucier Willy Instagram, Facebook, social media, all that stuff.

Miranda 46:54


Gwen 46:56

Right, and hopefully that video will be coming out this week.

Miranda 46:59

Awesome. I'm super stoked.

Gwen 47:01

I'm stoked because you know what? All the corporate people can you can know all the secrets. I'm gonna figure him out. I'm a figure in my mind. And I'm gonna tell everybody.

Scott 47:11


Gwen 47:12

Because patients need the information.

Miranda 47:13

They do.

Gwen 47:15

This like proprietary crap when it's there's nothing proprietary about it. Everybody's doing the same thing.

Scott 47:20

You're like that magician that goes around showing everybody the box of rabbits backstage. I love it. I'm here for it.

Gwen 47:28

Come here, come here, let me show you.

Scott 47:30

I mean, right that's it's so ridiculous.

Gwen 47:32

It's in my trench coat, I swear.

Miranda 47:35

People should have like, excessive excessive, that knowledge to be accessible to people. And

Gwen 47:41

I agree. And that's why we're doing it because I mean, hell. If it wasn't for the Hopkins stay, I probably wouldn't have made it.

Miranda 47:49


Gwen 47:50

Like, oh, it was like, Oh, you Oh, I don't absorb anything. Oh, you're telling? This was the craziest thing, right? So I had SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth for so long that the bacteria nobody can tell me this. I can't prove it. But the bacteria was literally stealing the cannabis in my body. I would feel nothing. Nothing. But if I went on antibiotics, then I could feel the cannabinoids working in my body cerebrally It was strange. It was so strange. I was like the bacteria are having a party, without me! You know, how much money this cost for your party?

Miranda 48:35

That's what led you to really get like dig deep. Yeah, like how to medicate yourself because you weren't getting what you needed.

Gwen 48:43

Exactly. I know, I've come across plenty of people that have very similar issues, completely different diagnoses, or none at all. Because who likes to go to the bathroom for me go to the bathroom? G ffo to the doctor or gi problems? Nobody?

Miranda 48:57

Facts. Nobody does.

Gwen 48:59

Come here. Let me talk about my poop. Nobody wants to do that. So we all hide in shame. So we should be able to medicate properly at home. So we don't have to worry about this. So by the time we do get to the doctor, it might not be that bad.

Miranda 49:16

And was it was it the the situation at the VA where they actually got you cannabis?

Gwen 49:22

Um, no, it wasn't at the VA.

Miranda 49:24

It wasn't at theVA.

Gwen 49:27

I think was you know, was it at the VA? Or was it Hopkins? It all blurs. It's all the same.

Miranda 49:36

I just remember you texting me.

Gwen 49:37

Oh it was at Hopkins. Okay, because I couldn't have any of the pain medication that they were giving me because I kept throwing up and because I you know, I can't have things NSAIDS.

Miranda 49:49


Gwen 49:49

Opioids. So, um, that was to figure that out. So and I was having issues eating and things like that. So they, I was like, Well, what about Marinol? Can I just have that I know you have it? Give it to me. Right? So they gave me like the lowest dose because of course they thought for one. I was nuts. And two I had CHFM cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. And I'm like, I know what that is. And it's so serious that you really shouldn't just throw that at people, medical professionals stop throwing that at people just because they're cannabis patients. You look like a jackass in the end. Trust me. It's true. I don't have CHF a lot of other intestinal problems and other things like that. Good job, guys. figure that one out. Um, yeah, tangent.

Miranda 50:43

It's cool. No, no, I mean, we talked about it all the time about how medical professionals aren't educated about the use of cannabis.

Gwen 50:53

In my appointments to educate them. That's literally my neurology appointments. And my GI appointments at the VA became me educating doctors on my regimen was and stuff. And I was like, and then I would get off the phone and I'm sitting there, like, did we even address anything? Because, you know, I talked about the cannabis stuff. I'm like, yeah,it's just like, blah, blah, blah.

Scott 51:14

Yeah, you just get test results--

Gwen 51:17

And now I can't talk to them for six months.

Miranda 51:21

That's what we need to do better by our vets with this. Yeah. 110%

Gwen 51:26

You can't talk about it. And if you do talk, I didn't even talk. I didn't let my psychologist know until she was retiring.

Miranda 51:34


Gwen 51:35

Yeah. She's and she's a very holistic minded person. I do not doubt that she would be, you know, she'd have to write in her notes clinically about it. But her personal view is not within the clinical notes are--

Miranda 51:50

Gotcha for sure.

Gwen 51:51

So, you know, it's, it's more so Oh, now I'm like, You told one person, and then you have to continue telling someone? Yes. Then when you go in the ER, it's like alright, crap. I just took 80 milligrams RSO. And I need them to know this. So they don't give me something contra indicating. Right to make me have problems. And then I look like an asshole or, or whatever.

Miranda 52:16

Or you have to be put under.

Gwen 52:18


Miranda 52:19

They know. So they can give you more.

Gwen 52:21

Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. So those are the things that Wow. Wow. Nice. They really are.

Miranda 52:35

It's hard when you have to fight against medical professionals for your own medical care. Yeah. And advocating for yourself.

Gwen 52:43

But at least they finally just admitted I think in the last week or two that they have to overhaul the VA because their model no longer suits the veteran of today. That's the center and of today is no longer 60 years old. And like Yeah, yeah, young people that are legit veterans now amputees and severe health problems and mental health disorders and other stuff and you're still catering to hypertension, diabetes, and geriatric care. Like that blows my mind. They don't know anything else. And then it was funny you to the specialist, and you're like, a specialist is like, I don't know, take an ibuprofen. Oh, no. It's not gonna work. No. So yeah, I got funneled through a lot of doctors a lot just trying to figure out what was wrong with me. And the whole time getting gaslit the whole way are coming to find out and every time I'm like, Oh, I got diagnosed with this today. You said I didn't have this a year ago. Deuces.

Miranda 53:45

Just gotta do better by our vets.

Gwen 53:49

On the way out?

Miranda 53:50


Gwen 53:51

Bitches get stitches.

Scott 53:54

Have you? Have you seen any change any progress when it comes to VA and cannabis? Over the last? Because it's been legal here in Maryland now for what? Five? Five years? Yeah. You would do and hope you would. Fingers crossed.

Gwen 54:11

Oh, the Baltimore VA is a special breed.

Scott 54:14


Gwen 54:14

Oh, yes. Very special breed. Remember, they were one of those on the list. Originally. The bad hospital list.

Miranda 54:21

Oh. Oh, my.

Gwen 54:24

Yeah. Um, I have been involved in a large number of research studies through the VA to better the VA. Like the women's health care program that they have now. I was in the original pilot study, and on a couple offshoots of that as well. And it's funny now because then I get like the calls. Let me tell you what the VA women's healthcare I know, I know. I'm fine bye going Nope. No, I'm good. No, but I was like, No, seriously, I was in a pilot program. Stop calling. Like I literally have had all these services already. Go use the I use that leave me alone. Um, so yeah. So yeah, that so I've done I still will I still will participate even though I hate them and they suck because anything to better another veterans experience is worth doing. Case in point I had neck surgery at the VA, but I also had a three month old at home. So I was breastfeeding. And the VA, whatever reason they were jacking off and I never got a breast pump. So good thing my kid Wow. Frickin I don't know, like he eats a lot. But I have surgery. He's not there. I'm on the whole bunch of drugs, you know, he's not getting the milk. So I'm like, Do you have a breast pump? Right? No, this is the biggest ordeal ever. I had the director of the Women's Health Program, run over to University of Maryland, and work out some makeshift deal with them for breast pumps for patients. She brought me a hand express breast pump. And I was like, That's good because I was like, nobody should ever have to go through that again. I was like, looking at my boobs there square are not naturally like this. How do you not have a breast pump? Like just literally go walk across the bridge and get one.

Scott 56:25

Because patriarchy that's why exact soldier soldier means man. Yeah, that means we don't need to have--

Gwen 56:33

It's just something they've never really ever thought about.

Scott 56:37

Literally just didn't cross anybody's mind know that there might at some point be a nursing woman. Yeah, or a woman nursing child. You know, staying in the facility. That's ridiculous.

Miranda 56:49

Ridiculously ridiculous.

Gwen 56:50

Yeah, agreed. I was livid.

Scott 56:55

But unsurprising.

Miranda 56:56

No, not at all.

Gwen 56:58

But in all honesty. I've had good experiences in mental health. I've had good experiences through the nutrition department. I mean, without my nutritionist, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. Hey, I'd be super dead. So, um, and she's definitely a proponent of the cannabis use for me. I don't have any other method of pain control. This is it. So if I can't control the pain with cannabis I'm just assed out, right? Yeah. And there's a lot of times where, like, I wanted to try a couple of the newer cannabinoids. In my brain was like something was like, Don't do it. I was like, why not? Because I thought I remembered reading something about it. And deemed it safe to try it by brain. Nope, there is no metabolism information on that stuff. So I'm just not going to do it. However, it knocked my nerve pin clean out but made me a demon. That was a mean person for the whole evening with nerve pain freeze.

Miranda 58:02

Was that with?

Gwen 58:03


Miranda 58:05

Okay. Okay.

Gwen 58:07

Yep. No joke. I still have the cart and I look at it like nerve pain? The Hulk?

Miranda 58:13


Gwen 58:13

The Hulk with a cane. So you know, that would look jacked up, though. Get my Rollator and look worse.

Miranda 58:23

That's interesting that you've had all these experience was with these other cannabinoids, like the Delta 8, the THC-O and etc.

Gwen 58:33


Miranda 58:34

How do you feel about them on the whole?

Gwen 58:36

Um, you know, as somebody that likes to tinker, I'm not a chemist, I just play when in my brain. um my mom's a chemist. I just, I marvel at what people figure out how to do.

Miranda 58:53

Mm hmm.

Gwen 58:54

Then they're not supposed to figure out how to do it. And I also marveled at different techniques that are being used, whether they're good or bad.

Miranda 59:03


Gwen 59:06

And just to see how the plant can be manipulated to make different things from just like a base thing. I mean, let's be honest, they're making CBD from hops and citrus fruits, and I can't remember what else now. So, like, let's let's not pretend like this is a some special unique thing. No, it exists just doesn't exist in the way that you think it does. It has to be brought about by the science, right science and AI. But I'm also scared because no one knows what they do. No one knows how they're metabolized right outside of Delta eight. The thing or the things that you legitimately find like CBC, CBT, CBN. Stuff like that. Those things they know how its processed in the body, the other stuff they don't. So we have no idea if it's going to interact with your medication that goes through. Or we have no idea if it's gonna set your asthma off or we have no idea. You know, and since everybody's different, everybody's endocannabinoid is different. We don't know what it will hold, like isn't going to bring another type of vaping crisis crap, right? You know, like, that's what I'm worried about. I'm like so i didn't and say, Well, we found out the molecules too big. So just coats the lungs. Great. Thanks. Nice to know after the fact like how many people died.

Scott 1:00:36

For me, I guess the other thing you know, we talked earlier in regards to terps where if it comes from another plant, cool, it's essentially the same molecularly so I've got no problem with it. But with a lot of these other cannabinoids, at least I've read that a lot of them are being generated in labs, you know, just kind of created not derived from not processed from--

Gwen 1:01:03

Oh, yeah, everything outside of Delta eight and the, the major minor cannabinoids. Um, is 100% synthesized right, and it may start with some kind of a CBD type thing. But it's so far gone.

Scott 1:01:21


Gwen 1:01:22

And you don't know if they have been processed properly because the chemicals that they use to make the reaction right it's been off gas properly if it's been filtered if it's been you know, other chemicals added to get rid of the one chemical then you got to get rid of that chemical like

Scott 1:01:42

To me the further away you get from the plant, the less I'm interested.

Gwen 1:01:45

Yeah. Like anything that makes my brain have to do like loops. I'm like, nope.

Scott 1:01:50

I'm not saying that it's not effective for pain or for this or for that or whatever. I just me personally, the further away it gets from the plant the less interested I am.

Miranda 1:02:00

Yeah, my experience with synthesized medicine is not great. Yeah, so the further away from natural plant use. Yeah, I'm in the same boat Scott is what I'm trying to say.

Gwen 1:02:18

We like plants.

Miranda 1:02:19

Yeah, they're effective. And we know what they're gonna do.

Gwen 1:02:23

Exactly. It doesn't it's not a people hate me because I always use a torch.

Miranda 1:02:33

But whenever it gets it done.

Gwen 1:02:35

I hate the flavor of a lighter it's just so gross.

Scott 1:02:40

Thank you again Gwen for joining us. This has been a very educational and entertaining hour with you. We appreciate you coming on and helping the people out make sure you check Gwen out we will have all those links to both her and Willy's pages videos all that good stuff. You know on the website at Of course you can find me at Your Cannabis Coach and Miranda at--

Miranda 1:03:12

Our Lady of Maryjane. I'm sitting next to The Saucy Mama.

Gwen 1:03:16


Scott 1:03:18

Yeah, and Saucier Willy is her husband and yeah, we can't wait for the video. So make sure you head over to their page after you listen to this. And watch the video so you can make some water soluble medicine.

Gwen 1:03:31

Make some stuff.

Scott 1:03:32

I am excited. watersoluble is a big thing as somebody who bartended for 20 years, being able to make drinks that don't have like an oily film on the top.

Gwen 1:03:41

Let me show you. Yeah, watch.

Miranda 1:03:43

Ooh, demonstration.

Gwen 1:03:46


Scott 1:03:47

Sorry, folks. We don't have video.

Gwen 1:03:49

Yeah. Look, it's nice. It's homogenized.

Scott 1:03:52


Miranda 1:03:53

Pretty, it's pretty.

Gwen 1:03:55

It's a no put it in. I just like to watch the--

Miranda 1:04:00


Gwen 1:04:01

Basically. It's like a lava lamp. But you drink it.

Scott 1:04:05

If you could see this, you know, as opposed to your normal kind of old school THC tincture, they would just kind of glob up and float on top and you'd have to either shake the shit out of it or stir the shit out of it to try to mix it in with something and it still was it wasn't really mixing this beautiful tincture that Gwen's got in front of us just oh, just with a couple quick twists of the wrist is perfectly dissolved into this water.

Miranda 1:04:35

That's amazing.

Scott 1:04:36

And ready to medicate. And you said the effectiveness time you find is?

Gwen 1:04:41

For me through the mouth between 20 and 45 minutes.

Scott 1:04:46

Yeah. As opposed to traditional edibles where you know if you're lucky if you've got a metabolism that metabolizes quickly you're looking at you know at least 45 minutes for most people I want to say but yeah anyway, video coming soon!

Gwen 1:05:00


Scott 1:05:01

Yeah, thanks again!

Gwen 1:05:03

Thanks for having me.

Scott 1:05:04

We'll talk to you soon folks be well to yourselves and each other

Miranda 1:05:09

Peace. How low can you go?

[MUSIC: "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz]

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