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Episode 13 - Evermore Review

A white ceramic bong decorated with a mountain scene in blue.  The foreground shows a small white ceramic ashtray holding a small amount of marijuana leaf and an unlit joint.

In this episode, Scott and Miranda review Patapeak Shortbread and Sour Peel from Evermore Cannabis Company and discuss sustainability while featuring a piece by Mr. Boujee Bong!


[MUSIC: "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind, and Fire]

Miranda 0:10

Hello and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:16

Welcome back friends. We are here in the first week of April. Spring has stalled a little bit.

Miranda 0:27

I was going to say, it certainly hasn't sprung.

Scott 0:28

Yeah, no. It sprung a little bit and then kind of retreated back into. I don't know.

Miranda 0:36

It got nervous.

Scott 0:38

I don't know if it was stage fright or what the deal was, but she definitely was not ready to hang around just yet, apparently. So, I don't know what the weather's been like in your part of the world. But here in Maryland this week, we had hail, we had rain, we had--

Miranda 0:56


Scott 0:57

Yeah. Tadpoles, fire, brimstone. I don't know.

Miranda 1:02


Scott 1:03

Yeah, I feel like we had I feel like we had a little bit of everything. You know, as as the end of spring or at the end of winter, beginning of spring is, is want to do, I suppose.

Miranda 1:15

Especially here.

Scott 1:16

Yeah. The Mid Atlantic. Being on the water having mountains to the one side, we get a lot of interesting weather here in Maryland. If you don't like the weather when you wake up. It'll probably be different. A couple hours later.

Miranda 1:30

Yep. Maybe warmer? Maybe colder.

Scott 1:33


Miranda 1:33

We don't know.

Scott 1:34

Yeah. But anyway, yeah. You know, we are here in April. And that has us looking forward to National Cannabis Festival, which we've mentioned before. Miranda's birthday month--

Miranda 1:49

Which is on 4/20!

Scott 1:53

In a couple ofweeks here. What else? Yeah, just lots of lots of good stuff and warm, being communal. And, of course, we've got Earth Day. Which means we're kind of looking towards issues of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the industry. So you'll be hearing a little bit about those topics from us.

Miranda 2:20


Scott 2:22

Yeha, and some products that we feel kind of represent those values and, and address those issues. So yeah.

Miranda 2:30

And I would like to send a special shout out to all of our listeners, from all of these different countries that we've got. So other than the United States, shout out to our listeners in Sweden, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Mexico and the Czech Republic. How's it going, guys?

Scott 2:49

Yeah. Hello, and ciao. And--

Miranda 2:53

Buenos Dias!

Scott 2:53

Yes, yes. Bienvenidos. Right. Yeah. Welcome to the conversation. I know who some of those people are. But yeah, we you know, regardless of whether we know you personally or not, we always appreciate all the ears that we get wherever they come from. And it's, it's just cool to know that people, you know, around the world are curious about these same topics. And that's absolutely and I one of the great things about cannabis is that it unites people from all different backgrounds.

Miranda 3:12

And it's an immunity.

Scott 3:27


Miranda 3:27


Scott 3:28

It's a very communal experience to pass the plant.

Miranda 3:32


Scott 3:33

Whether it's in a joint or a bowl or a bong. Yeah.

Miranda 3:38

So again, welcome guys!

Scott 3:40

Yeah. Thank you so much for tuning in. If we didn't catch your country, you know, maybe we just missed it in our demographics. shoot us a message and let us know where you're listening from.

Miranda 3:50

And send us some feedback too. Yeah, we'd love to hear how like your market differs from ours. And, you know, if you have any feedback for us, or just want to talk about what it's like to have legal cannabis in Mexico, let us know.

Scott 4:07

Or in Canada or--

Miranda 4:09


Scott 4:09

Or Medical in Germany, you know, Germany has now announced that they're going to be legalizing, nationwide, although I don't think there's been any huge movement on the actual structure of what that's gonna look like. It's on the way so I know, you know, I speak to my German friends about cannabis. I know, Miranda, you speak to, you know, your friends in The Different Collective in Canady.

Miranda 4:35


Scott 4:35

Canady! Canada, our neighbors to the north on a fairly regular basis. So, um I, you know, I know I've mentioned the podcast that I listened to from up there. So yeah, it's just interesting to hear, even from different states here in the United States. Whether it's Ohio or New York.

Miranda 4:56


Scott 4:57

Or yeah, you know, wherever you're listening in Whatever you know cool stuff you know our friend Brittany out in Vegas. Yeah, thanks for checking in thanks for listening we really appreciate it.

Miranda 5:09

Word. So, yeah, we're gonna get into some reviews this week.

Scott 5:13

It is that time of the month.

Miranda 5:15

And as promised in our last cast, we said we were going to review some Evermore flower and I know I put up on my Instagram a little, "What do you want us to smoke" situation and lots of people came back and said they want to reviews of some Sour Peel and some Patapeak Shortbread so we are here to bring you those reviews.

Scott 5:36

Frankly, I would be reviewing Peach Zeason and because that name just sounds it sounds delicious, phenomenal to me. And I just recently had some Peach Flambe from down in DC from District Cannabis. So Peach was already on my mind. I was just too busy this week to get out to The Living Room. So I picked up some Sour Peel instead because I had heard so many great things about it from both you--

Miranda 6:02


Scott 6:03

And also you know other budtender and industry friends of ours. So yeah, I will be reviewing the Sour Peel and Miranda will be handling the Patapeak.

Miranda 6:15

The shortbread.

Scott 6:16


Miranda 6:17

I love some shortbread. That was a Nicolas Cage thing.

Scott 6:20

So, um, any excuse to work in some Nicolas Cage.

Miranda 6:27

Any excuse.

Scott 6:28

So yeah, just a little bit about Evermore. If you're not familiar to our friends outside of the Maryland market, they are a Maryland exclusive company. They are very proud of that. Right on their website. They talk about the fact that they're Baltimore born and raised. You know, their principals, executives and team players are all basically Baltimore and the immediate surrounding areas. They do a lot of community outreach stuff. I know I've seen them at some different local like craft breweries. Stuff helping to get people signed up as patients because yeah, they they are a part of the community. Their operation is right out in Pikesville, that's also where their dispensary that they own and operate is as well.

Miranda 7:21

Called The Living Room.

Scott 7:22

The Living Room. I still have not been that's where I was going to go grab my Peach Zeason. It's a little bit of a haul for me.

Miranda 7:28

Me too.

Scott 7:29

Yeah, but definitely worth it right because Evermore doesn't produce a ton of flower yet they did expand their operation this year. They are still hiring. If you're looking to get into the cannabis industry. They have a lot of jobs listed up on Indeed, both in their edibles, manufacturing, trimming and production even I think recently they posted a receptionist job.

Miranda 7:57

I think they're looking for budtenders too.

Scott 7:59

Yeah at The Living Room, as well. Yeah, they definitely have patient advocates or whatever they call it their everybody it seems like calls budtenders a different thing. But yeah, they they you know they don't produce a ton of product yet, but they are producing more. And their focus really seems to be on quality.

Miranda 8:23

I was gonna say.

Scott 8:24

More than quantity.

Absolutely. Like you may not be able to get the Patapeak Shortbread. I mean, they were out when I went up there, so I had to take a little little trip.

Yeah, the Peach Zeason I didn't see anywhere else.

Miranda 8:40

Yeah, it was only at The Living Room as far as I know.

Scott 8:44

Right? Yeah. So you know, most of the MSOs do this kind of thing too. But obviously the local guys are going to do it as well right? So if you're talking about Grow West, you know you're going to find more varieties of Grow West flower, probably fresher batches of Grow West flower.

Miranda 9:02

Most definitely.

Scott 9:03

Yeah, and not just flower but also concentrates things like pre rolls things like here now you're shatter your wax, your whatever.

Miranda 9:13

And Evermore has just started producing live rosin.

Scott 9:17


Miranda 9:18

Which apparently is sublime.

Scott 9:21

I saw the video that they had put up this week of harvesting. I don't remember exactly what the strain was because it's a strain that they they I've never seen in flower from them. But they said that it was like a special grant. It was the giant vat of flower.

Miranda 9:38

Was it the Cherry Dumplinz?

Scott 9:40

That sounds correct. Dumplinz.

Miranda 9:42


Scott 9:43

Yes, I believe so. The cannabis industry loves their Z's for whatever reason. But yeah, anyway, the the the whole process of making that live rosin is up there in that video. Yeah. Check check out their Instagram and their social media if you're interested in seeing some behind the scenes footage, but yeah, you know again if you go to their website it states their philosophy as, "We believe in the healing and restorative power of this natural medicine, cannabis. We believe in the potential role of medical cannabis as part of healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. The health well being and safety of our patient customers is our number one priority". Right so nothing groundbreaking. They're pretty much--

Miranda 10:30

But, honest.

Scott 10:31

Yeah, most of the medical companies are going to tell you you know, some variation of that. But yeah, I think if you look at the products that eEvermore puts out, whether it's the Discos whether it's--

Miranda 10:44

Which they now have 35 milligrams again.

Scott 10:47


Miranda 10:47

In the chocolates and the gummies.

Scott 10:49

Right. And the chocolates we've talked before they you know, started doing some really interesting things with their chocolates this year. With like candy ginger--

Miranda 10:59

And goji berry.

Scott 11:01

I forgot all about that. But yeah, the Old Bay there Hon, and now they've given us some some local Mid Atlantic, Maryland, Baltimore flavor with the Old Bay dark chocolate. Discos. But yeah, they also do tinctures.

Miranda 11:17

Oh, yeah.

Scott 11:17

They've got cartridges in the form of what was once Dart Pods is now I think Slyde is there like proprietary.

Miranda 11:26

I'm not 100% on that. I believe it's but I know they've started making also 510 thread carts.

Scott 11:32


Miranda 11:32

So you don't have to buy their proprietory [mispronouncing] proprietory [mispronouncing] Good lord. Battery, the battery that belongs to them.

Scott 11:42

Their proprietary technology. Or, yeah, anyway.

Miranda 11:49

We chose them this week. I person personally happened to love their flower and their concentrates, simply because there's they're super terpy. And to me, that's just like, hell yes. Sign me up. Let's get some terps on this.

Scott 12:06

There are a lot of reasons to love Evermore, they do some really interesting strains, they tell you the genetics of the strain right on the label, which is always nice. Their curing is some of the best in Maryland, for sure. You know, they are not a company that puts the the humidity packs in the in the containers. And to be honest, I don't love the plastic container. I prefer glass personally, but it is opaque. Or rather, it is not opaque, which is nice, it keeps the light out. It's got a nice tight fitting lid that's not super hard to take off or anything like that. Yeah. So kind to those customers. And patients that are dealing with, you know, rheumatoid arthritis.

Miranda 12:55

And it's the same with their concentrates, too. It's just a twist off.

Scott 12:59


Miranda 12:59

So you're not having to struggle to open their their concentrates, which I really love.

Scott 13:03

And their concentrates come in full gram now as well, which is a change they made a month ago.

Miranda 13:08


Scott 13:09

Yeah. Which is really nice. Because one of the knocks on them was just that because it was only available on the half gram. There things were a little bit more expensive, just because you're not getting that bulk discount, right. But yeah, it's nice that they're they're now doing some different options. As I said, as their operation expands and grows, you know, they seem to be expanding the the offerings and also coming down in price on some of the things as well.

Miranda 13:37

Yeah, I mean. I think they're at around between $40 and $50.

Scott 13:43

If you go to go to Living Room for sure. Yeah. And then I know they've got the deals where they do--

Miranda 13:48

$20, eighths.

Scott 13:50

Yeah, and things like that at different times of the week. I'm sure they do deals on their concentrates and well but anyway, they're not paying us.

Miranda 13:59

No, we just we just love them.

Scott 14:01

We just like their like their concentrates. In my limited experience dealing with them at industry events and things like that super pleasant people.

Miranda 14:09

Oh my God even at The Living Room.

Scott 14:11


Miranda 14:11

Everybody's super nice.

Scott 14:12

Nice. Nice Yeah, one of these days I will make it out there for sure. Shout out to our buddy Chris in their grow operation as well. Can't miss an opportunity to give give a little praise to The Enlightened Voice. And our man Chris that works hard to help trim up this beautiful flower, get it cured right for the people. So big ups to Mr. Chris as well. So tell us about tell us about your Patapeake

Miranda 14:41

Mmmmmmm shortbread. So dry pull is complete, like cookie flavor. Okay, it's it's super like buttery. MMMmmm little gassy and little limey, like Limonenie.

Scott 15:00


Miranda 15:01

Yeah. Which I expect because it is a Wedding Cake, Kush Mints cross. So I definitely expect something with a high limonene in this but yeah how's that, I can smell that Sour Peel over here.

Scott 15:17

Yeah absolutely beautiful the bud structure on this particular eighth was not that impressive kind of little mini buds and kind of like odds and ends that look like they fell off of you know who either bigger buds or were just kind of lower down on the plant or what have you. But it did have lots of beautiful color to it. Different purples super, super frosty, which I can see that your Patapeak is as well.

Miranda 15:49

Super frosty and very purple as well.

Scott 15:52

But yeah, the dry pull on this. Well, first of all the aroma on this is incredible.

Miranda 15:58

Oh yeah.

Scott 15:58

I mean, we talked about fruity for sure, but definitely more of like a like a fermented fruit or fermenting fruit like an older rotting fruit. If that.

Miranda 16:10

Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Scott 16:12

So we just got some of that like sour funkiness overtop of like berry and kind of tropical fruit notes to it.

Miranda 16:20

It's a slight orange that you left in the back of the fridge. And then you got it and you're like, Oh, this is still good. And you crack it open. And it's that super citrusy orange, but also slightly off.

Scott 16:33

Yeah, it's very zesty. Yeah, it's got like a, like a funky sharpness kind of to it. But yeah, ground up, it's this really, really pretty purple color. And like you said the smell is just filling the room.

Miranda 16:49

I mean, Scott and I don't sit super far away from each other when we do this, but he's at least three, two to three feet away from me and I can I can smell it here. Very clearly.

Scott 17:01

The dry pull on this is fruity as well. There is a little bit of sweetness. There's a little bit of earthiness too, It does have, as a lot of their strains do a lot of myrcene to it, even though this is technically sativa hybrid is what it's listed as the genetics on it our East Coast Sour Diesel crossed with Forbidden Mimosa, and definitely has a similar smell to that Purple Obeah that they do as well.

Miranda 17:36

Super similar.

Scott 17:37

And yeah, that word Forbidden in that Mimosa tag leads me to believe there's probably some similar parentage involving maybe Forbidden Fruit somewhere along the line there. But yeah, definitely some like grapefruit citrusiness overtop of like a berry fruit sweetness with that just kind of zesty funk as well.

Miranda 18:00

And we even did like a before we started recording a side by side because I had some Purple O, hanging out. So we just did some like sniffing and there's definitely a super, super relative scent.

Scott 18:13

There's a lot of familiarity there. Yeah, for sure. What I said was that the Obeah smells more kind of sweet, fresh, fruity, like ripe fruit. Whereas the Sour Peel again has kind of like that fermented fruit kind of funkiness go into it. If you've never picked up Obeah, do yourself a favor. She's not usually the highest testing flower in the world.

Miranda 18:38

But she's amazing.

Scott 18:39

Yeah, but she does have a phenomenal, phenomenal flavor and nose to her. I like to have Obeah around I think I've mentioned on past episodes to mix in with less flavorful--

Miranda 18:52


Scott 18:53

Batches of flower. Yeah, I won't name any by name. But you know, we've all had those strains where you pick it up from the dispensary. You might even feel really great from it. Yeah, but it just doesn't have much of a flavor or a smell to it. So it's, it's, you know, it's harder to get yourself amped up, even if it's giving you good pain relief or relaxation or feel. Sometimes you just want something that smells and tastes good too. So yeah, you know.

Miranda 19:24

And I feel like even a 13%, 14% I mean between Okay, 13% and 17% is what Obeah generally comes in at. She hits really well and again, super terpy So, yeah.

Scott 19:38

Yeah, and in my personal experience, she's more for flavor than she is for effect for me personally.

Miranda 19:46


Scott 19:47

But I know lots of people who feel like you do, that regardless of her numbers, she's great anytime. For me, it's it's its flavor. It's definitely flavor and aroma. aroma. It's hard to beat these smells for sure.

Miranda 20:02

Agreed. So do you want to blaze them up?

Scott 20:04

Yeah, let's do it. Yeah. So Miranda's going a little bit.

Miranda 20:10

Oh, oh no, I'll go off book. It's cool.

Scott 20:18

Usually we both roll up for these, but

Miranda 20:21

I did. But also, um, I would like to talk about someone who I bought a bong from who lives in Canada who repurpose his old vase, liquor bottles, etc.

Scott 20:38

Perfume bottles.

Miranda 20:39

Pretty much anything that's made of glass or ceramic, he can make into a really beautiful bong. And his name is He's Mr. Boujee Bong on Instagram. And his real name is Trevor Ball. He's a gem, and really super fun to work with. And just all around fun dude. Who makes beautiful pieces. So I'm gonna gonna fire this guy up.

Scott 21:02

Yeah, we'll be talking more about Mr. Boujee as we talk about that whole sustainability, and kind of renewability and, you know, just being more conscious of the waste that we create as cannabis patients and users.

Miranda 21:20

[coughs] That was good hit.

Scott 21:25

Yeah, I can tell by the smile on your face.

Miranda 21:28

Yeah, I haven't smoked out of a bong in a minute.

Scott 21:31

Yeah, she's not a big piece. So I would imagine that's a pretty focused hit that you get there.

Miranda 21:36

Yeah, mmmhmmm.

Scott 21:37

So yeah, well, you know, like I said, we'll put up pictures of this piece. But it's this really nice kind of classic China. You know, the blue and white kind of? I don't know, do you know the name of that style?

Miranda 21:52

I don't.

Scott 21:53

I'm not an antiques person.

Miranda 21:56

But it's a really beautiful, like blue painted scene on a white ceramic vase.

Scott 22:01

like a Japanese scene, right? Yeah, so we've got some like, pines.

Miranda 22:06

Some sort of waterfall.

Scott 22:08

A little pagoda kind of deal going on there.

Miranda 22:11

A little dude taking a stroll.

Scott 22:13

And I am smoking this Sour Peel out of a OCB unbleached cone, which Miranda was kind enough to gift me with these came and one of her like cannabis box subscription deals. And I've been looking for a new cone to replace the Vibes, which I liked the way that they burned and everything about them other than the company that they came from. So without getting too much into that I was just looking for a company that I was a little happier with and so far the things that I've read about OCB have all been really good. They are followers of the Good Manufacturing Practice. They're vegan, they're responsibly harvested. Obviously, bamboo is a super renewable resource. So don't have to worry about forest being cut down to, you know, create the cones or the papers that we use. They're slow burning. No flavor to them again. It's the unbleached so there's not a bunch of nasty chemicals being used to turn this paper white.

Miranda 23:26

Love that.

Scott 23:28

Yeah, I do too. So the flavor on this guy, definitely get that sour.

Miranda 23:35

Mm hmm.

Scott 23:36

Definitely get and I know you had the Sour Peel not that long ago yourself.

Miranda 23:40

Yeah, it was really delicious.

Scott 23:42

So yeah, definitely get some like limy kind of like grassiness like earthiness, I feel like that's myrcene coming in there the other terps on this guy, or girl rather. So the Sour Peel that I've got here is 24.75% Total cannabinoids that's 23.3% THC-a 0.13% CBG no CBD detected CBG 0.36%, CBD-a 0.09% And then our Terps are at 2.4% biggest one is Ms. myrcene at 1.0% again and she is the most commonly found terp in cannabis. So no surprise there. Limonene at 0.31%, then we've got linalool at 0.27%, beta caryophyllene at 0.5%, so I'm expecting pretty big body effects with the 1.0% myrcene and the 0.5% caryophyllene and almost 0.3% linalool I'm expecting to start melting here.

Miranda 24:56

I'm curious about how it will affect you because when I smoked it I went outside and did and a metric ton of yard work.

Scott 25:04

Oh, that's right.

Miranda 25:04

I was like, I'm gonna go dig up the backyard.

Scott 25:07

That was your yard day, I remember.

Miranda 25:10

Which never ever happens.

Scott 25:13

Well, I have plenty of stuff to do today after we record. So, I hope I find her to be as productive as you did.

Miranda 25:20

Yeah. I find that um, that sometimes Evermore's flower sneaks up on you in like really weird ways like that. myrcene is there and it'll give you a great body high, but you're also going to feel that like limonene that's, that's tucked back there.

Scott 25:40

I feel like lower THC and higher terps has that effect for me in general.

Miranda 25:46


Scott 25:47

[ coughing] You know, high pinene. I feel like, you know, I can't remember the last 30%'er that crept up on me.

Miranda 26:01


Scott 26:02

Some of them can certainly get more intense as the high goes along.

Miranda 26:07


Scott 26:08

But right. I feel like that's because maybe we hit that joint or that bowl one too many times more than it is the creeping effect. It's just the kind of compounding effect maybe

Miranda 26:19

it's possible. I mean, little Little Miss Patapeak here is sitting at 22.21% thc. CBGa is at 0.91%.

Scott 26:30


Miranda 26:31

So that's really impressive. Terpene content 2.75%. Here for it.

Scott 26:37


Miranda 26:38

Most dominant terpene is going to be limonene at 0.80%.

Scott 26:44

Hey now!

Miranda 26:44

I know Hello. And then Little Miss myrcene. Coming up at 0.51% and then linalool at 0.44%. Definitely some pinene in this at 0.13%. And the beta is 0.18%. So it's I mean, a fairly balanced, well rounded hybrid I feel.

Scott 27:06

And that's what they have it listed as right? Just a straight hybrid.

Miranda 27:10


Scott 27:10

Yeah. And if Yeah, as far as their flower goes, for sure. I find with Evermore. Usually there's a one like, I mean, I guess it's not all that unique to Evermore. Usually there's that 1% Yeah, yeah, no. And then there's a bunch of other things making up the other 2% If you're lucky, maybe even more. But usually on a nice hybrid. You're you're looking at, if you're looking for a middle of the road for me, I want something you know that nothing's above 0.8%. And nothing that I want is below like 0.4%.

Miranda 27:48

Right? I mean, even the beta caryophyllene. And this is at 0.33%.

Scott 27:52


Miranda 27:53

So I mean, that sort of balances the myrcene and I feel and won't like drag you down into the couch.

Scott 28:00

I just feel like that whole profile is screaming balance.

Miranda 28:03

Yeah, it's super balanced. Yeah.

Scott 28:07

And I'm anxious to see what this Sour Peel because, you know, I know I mentioned that Santa Cruz Blue Dream from them before that had the really high myrcene but then did have lots of other things as well. That was my breakfast this morning. I decided to just make it an Evermore day. And I mean, that stuff had 1.3% myrcene. And I was not dragged down at all. I was doing my research for the show. I was doing some errands around the house before I headed this way.

Miranda 28:33

What was the THC on that?

Scott 28:35

Oh, that. I want to say the Santa Cruz was right around where your Patapeak is like--

Miranda 28:41

Okay, like 22%, 23%?

Scott 28:42

Oh, no, I'm sorry. I want to say the Santa Cruz was around 27% or something. Oh, so a little bit higher. But yeah, so it's interesting, Evermore has a lot of these high myrcene, quote unquote, sativa, sativa hybrids? That don't seem to drag me down too much.

Miranda 29:02


Scott 29:03

So you know,

Miranda 29:04

I find that their sativa 's are very comfortable. If that makes sense. Like, I don't feel too buzzy. I don't feel like I have to run a million different things. I don't feel super super focused. But I'm just like, good. I'm happy. I'm able to get up and do things. I'm more mobile, etc. So yeah.

Scott 29:28

I think we've talked before about the fact that I prefer my sativa has to be down around that like, you know, 18% to 25% range.

Miranda 29:38


Scott 29:39

Because yeah, even even if it does have an active creative, uplifting turret profile. If it's coming in at 28% or 29% it still might just have that, you know, overwhelming intoxication. That you're not going to Get those quote unquote sativa, you know, characteristics in your experience that you might be looking for, right? So yeah, now you know, maybe, you know, we say over and over again, right? Everybody's cannabinoid system is different endocannabinoid system is different, you know, your experiences may well vary. But just something to consider. Yeah, if you're looking for something for more daytime or more active use, maybe keep the THC a little bit lower. And maybe don't be as scared of, you know, picking up something that's got some myrcene or caryophyllene to it. As long as that THC is a little bit lower.

Miranda 30:48

Yeah, I find that caryophyllene doesn't couch lock me the way that myrcene does.

Scott 30:52

No, I you know, I think you've heard me say before, and I know, everybody who's budtended with me before, myrcene is the hammer over the back of the head, whereas caryophylene is kind of the cloud underneath your feet.

Miranda 31:07

Yeah, I would agree with that.

Scott 31:10

Caryophylene makes me feel kind of floaty, and light rather than myrcene, which can make me feel sleepy and heavy.

Miranda 31:19


Scott 31:20

And that's not to say all strains, you know, obviously, again, the Sour Peel is 1% myrcene. And no, quote unquote sativa terps are above 0.4% on it. But well, you know, as of, you know, 20 minutes in I'm not feeling sluggish or drowsy.

Miranda 31:45

Right on.

Scott 31:45

You know, just feeling good.

Miranda 31:47

I'm feeling really stupid, happy.

Scott 31:51

In general, that's the experience I get from Evermore I find that their flower is very flavorful. Yeah, I find that it's cured. Well, you know, we've talked before about people that are overly critical of the Maryland market being particularly dry. I like the ever more flower even when it's ground up. Still doesn't really like turn to dust.

Miranda 32:15


Scott 32:16

You know, it is good and keify.

Miranda 32:18


Scott 32:19

So there's a lot of like frosting at the bottom of the grinder. But it's not dusty. Like some of the Maryland flower comes out when you grind it down.

Miranda 32:29

I think it's just that's a funny word to me dusty dusty just because it's like, old, sad and dusty.

Scott 32:34


Miranda 32:35

Well, well. Yeah,

Scott 32:36

Yeah. You go on Facebook and read some of these reviews--

Miranda 32:42


Scott 32:42

There are people that will tell you that 90% of the Maryland market is dusty, old, you know, crusty flower. I tend to think our market is a little bit better than that. I think if you're an informed consumer and are you know particular about what you spend your money on and what you pick up.

Miranda 33:00


Scott 33:01

There's definitely good flower to be had. That's not overly dried and it does still have some life to it. And look, I can't tell you that that's any one particular grower even Evermore I've seen posters. They're like look, this stuff should have been pulled but you know, again, pay attention to where you're picking it up. You know.

Miranda 33:25


Scott 33:25

Like the freshest stuff. Go get it from the source go get it from them directly. Yeah, you're going to get the most variety you're going to get the fresh freshest batches you're going to get the people that are most informed about those products to0 you would think.

Miranda 33:39


Scott 33:40

I mean, you've been there--

Miranda 33:42

A couple of times yeah.

Scott 33:44

You know.

Miranda 33:45

I don't like to make the drive I don't I don't like to drive so. So to get me over there but on the other flip side of that they also deliver and they deliver all the way over here.

Scott 33:57

I totally forgot about that.

Miranda 33:58


Scott 33:59

I totally forgot about that. Yeah, there are not many Maryland delivery dispensaries but there are a few.

Miranda 34:07


Scott 34:09

Goldleaf down in Annapolis, and Gleaf has their delivery service.

Miranda 34:13

NFC? Nature's, Nature's Care Wellness, Nature's Care Wellness.

Scott 34:22

Obviously, they're not sponsors.

Miranda 34:26

I know that that's that's an another one but it's you know, a convenient thing, especially if you're looking for certain strains. And

Scott 34:33

Yeah, now we're kind of coming out of--

Miranda 34:36


Scott 34:37

COVID Hopefully knock on wood. But, yeah, so numbers at the very least are not particularly high so we can be a little more social and out and about but yeah, there for a long time. If you were an immunocompromised patient. Absolutely. Yeah. You did not want to be exposing yourself any more than you had to.

Miranda 35:04


Scott 35:04

Some places were doing drive up, some places were doing curbside.

Miranda 35:10

And then there was delivery, which I used at the very beginning of the pandemic, because I didn't know what the fuck was going on. And it was seamless. Honestly.

Scott 35:23

Still cash?

Miranda 35:24

Still cash. I don't see how they could do a credit. I mean, I yeah, I don't I don't know. Unless it was like a Square situation.

Scott 35:35


Miranda 35:36

Yeah. So yep, still cash. had to fill out paperwork.

Scott 35:42


Miranda 35:43

But other than that, yeah.

Scott 35:45

You mean like a typical attestation form? Sure. So even if they're delivering you're still being treated as if you're at the dispensary, basically, for the purposes of making the purchase.

Miranda 35:57

Which I think is good.

Scott 35:58


Miranda 35:59

You know.

Scott 36:00

So anyway, yeah, yeah, go to to check out the full reviews of both of these flowers and pictures and all that good stuff, but the too long didn't read version is. Go get yourself some Evermore you'll probably be pleasantly, pleasantly surprised and enjoy your evening or afternoon, whatever.

Miranda 36:27

Yeah, I feel fantastic.

Scott 36:30

Yeah, this Sour Peel is continuing to just be a really nice, really nice smoke. It's still taste great. Halfway through it. Got a nice little rez ring formed.

Miranda 36:44

That still smells great, too.

Scott 36:46

Yeah. And that's the you know, that's why I said halfway through and it's still tasting good. That's the sign of some very flavorful flower.

Miranda 36:53

Absolutely. Because sometimes you just get that charred weed taste that we all know and well, we all know it. But yeah, the Sour Peel I felt like stayed super flavorful throughout the entire smoke. I can say that with the Patapeak as well. That now that I'm recovering from the bong hit super flavorful. I'm very cakey, so shortbread is absolutely a way I would describe that.

Scott 37:25

That sweetness. That icing sweetness?

The vanilla sweetness.

Yeah, I always absolutely love that flavor and all those cake strains. This the Sour Peel as it goes along. I'm getting a little bit less of the lime and more just gassiness I think from that Sour Diesel.

Miranda 37:46

The sour Yeah, Sour Diesel.

Scott 37:48

Yeah, for sure. Definitely, definitely has a nice light, kind of citrusy. But But gassy too.

Miranda 38:00

I mean, I can smell the citrus and the gas over here. Still. So awesome, Evermore keep up the fantastic work.

Scott 38:09


Miranda 38:10

Keep it coming. I can't wait to see what that bigger grow is gonna yield?

Scott 38:14

Absolutely, yeah, I you know, it didn't have information on the site about the actual specifics of the facilities, like the size of the operation, or specifically how they grow their flower, or any of that. It talks about all the different products that they have. And it talks about again, like their philosophy. But it doesn't really talk about the facilities much and unfortunately they do not offer tours of their facilities. So we will not going there anytime soon. To let you know. I mean, if we're wrong about that, let us know Evermore. We would love to come take a look, if you're open to that. We promise we can wear scrubs or because that's their, their reasoning on the website. They basically say you know, in order to keep a sterile, clean environment, they know they don't let other people in.

Miranda 39:16

That's fair.

Scott 39:17

I get it. Fair enough. It's medicine. I understand that mold and bugs and bacteria and--

Miranda 39:25


Scott 39:25

Oh my. So now we totally get it do what you got to do to protect your plants and keep the good stuff coming. But if that ever does change or maybe just take us on like a virtual tour, guys.

Miranda 39:38

I would love a virtual tour.

Scott 39:39

Yeah. District Cannabis has a cool one of those.

Miranda 39:42

Oh, nice.

Scott 39:42

So yeah, Evermore get yourself a photographer and show us what you're working with.

Miranda 39:50

But yeah, let's move on to our...

Scott 39:54

Terp of the month. And you know, I'm excited for this one. because we're talking about pinene. Yeah, so pinene gets bad rep. We've talked before about and you know, not necessarily undeserved good, but I tend to believe that a lot of the information about pinene is anecdotal. Absolutely. And well, of course. Most of our supporting evidence for what we talk about with cannabis is anecdotal because there hasn't been a ton of proper research. But just from my own personal experiences, I do not find pinene to be anxiety inducing. I find pinene to be focusing. I find pinene to be uplifting, and creative and kinetic and fun.

Miranda 41:03

Damn. I do not. I mean, a nice mid range. pinene for me is super creative and fun and focused. Generally, when I'm doing transcriptions for the website, that's when I'm smoking a mid range sativa. And getting that done. But it does make me super anxious in high quantities. Like you talk about a 1%. And I'm like, my eyes just get wide and like, a little scared. The brow furrows, and yeah, so. But I'm also super prone to anxiety. So that could just be you know how my endocannabinoid systems wired up.

Scott 41:49

And you are not alone, right? There are plenty of people that have that experience. I am not trying to minimize or negate or, you know, deny that experience in any way, shape, or form. I totally believe that's the thing. For me, personally, I've spoken about on the show in the past, I find high THC to be more anxiety inducing than any particular terpene. There are definitely terps that I do or don't want at different times and for different activities and purposes. But there's no term in particular, that I say, I don't want too much of that. Right. High, super high pinene for me more than anything at times can just make me cough too much. And being a bronchodilator. It helps open up the airwaves. In other words, it's going to make you cough. And that can be unpleasant. It can also, you know, cause other health issues and stress out here.

Miranda 42:58

And there was one study that I read that if it's super high THC, which could also be my problem, um, that pinene is actually anti anxiety. Right in high doses as well. So if you're going to, I guess, maybe find a low THC, but high, super high pinene and that will help with mood stabilization and anti anxiety.

Scott 43:22

Well, so that's Shoki Lime Pop from Curio is a strain that often is down around, you know, 20%, 22% but has pinene up over 0.8%, 0.9%. Right. And so yeah, very much so. Right. Yeah. Because I don't find that usually those high pinene strains are super high THC as well. I have seen a few. And I definitely would not fucks with them. I'm not interested in 30% or with 0.8% pinene, good. Like a total terp count of like 5%.

Miranda 44:03


Scott 44:04

And then it's got a shit ton like 1.4% myrcene. And like 1.2% caryophyllene to balance that shit out. In that case, yeah, you're just gonna be superduper high.

Miranda 44:15


Scott 44:16

Body and Mind and it's probably still going to be a real good time. But no, if the primary term is pinene, and it's a 30% to 34%? No, thank you.

Miranda 44:27

I think that was when I was smoking. It was a Verano strain. And you know how those those guys do with the high THC?

Scott 44:35

Yeah, I mean, we've talked before about how Maryland companies is are allowed to test around and kind of pick and choose who they get their numbers from, and what numbers they attach to plants and things like that. But yeah, if you you are not wrong, you can definitely find lots of Verano strains that are super high THC. and super, super terpy there was a month or two, where everything we saw--

Miranda 45:05

Everything! From, like 3% and over 4%--

Scott 45:09

3% - 5% terps with a 24% to like 36% THC. And okay, yeah, cool. I picked up a few of those things. And some of them were really nice. I talked about the Snow Gloves, which was really good. And you know, some of my Gas Powered Cake and Cherry Gorilla. Yeah, they definitely have lots of great stuff. But yeah, sometimes that can just be too much if it's too out of whack.

Miranda 45:46

Right, especially if that's again, the gas and your terps or your steering wheel, right? So if you're smoking to 36%, or, and it's got 1% pinene. That's gonna steer it into a pretty focused place, right?

Scott 46:02

Yeah, people have talked about their thoughts, being able to hear their thoughts, you know, not being able to get to sleep just because their mind is just bouncing back and forth and going down this rabbit hole in that rabbit hole. It's not even necessarily bad thoughts.

Miranda 46:17

No, it's just thoughts.

Scott 46:18

The inability to--

Miranda 46:20

Shut it down.

Scott 46:21

Quiet your mind where as a lot of people are looking at cannabis for that for the ability to, you know, calm and focus rather than energize and set set off on a journey. So yeah, we talked about the bronchodilator. We talked about anti anxiety for some people. It can also be used for pain relief, can also be used as an anti inflammatory. And there's also that combating short term memory impairment.

Miranda 46:57


Scott 46:58

Which again, you know, probably results from that focus.

Miranda 47:01

Yeah. And it's also sedative, it's going to be a terpene that's going to not put you to sleep. But once you are asleep will keep you asleep.

Scott 47:12

I think we've talked about that before. Also terpinolene in the same?

Miranda 47:16


Scott 47:16

Same way. If I'm not mistaken. So yeah, right. Again, there are different types of sleep. And depending on you know, lots of people are using cannabis to help them sleep. What type of sleep trouble do you have they have trouble getting to sleep, or do you have trouble staying asleep, because that might help steer your cannabis use to be more effective for you and addressing that issue.

Miranda 47:44


Scott 47:44

So it's important to note that while myrcene might, you know, help you relax and feel heavy and sink into that bed or that couch? Maybe she's not going to give you necessarily that like super deep restful sleep. That may be something with a lower THC and the right amount of pinene or terpinolene might help you get that like deeper, more sustained sleep.

Miranda 48:12

I mean, I can speak to smoking a hardcore Okay, Ray Charles joint, but then following up with a dab of Strawberry Cookies from Evermore which has high Terpinolene and high Limonene and just being knocked out. And like I'll check my Fitbit on my sleep and it'll be deep deep deep sleep not just that light waking annoying sleep that I generally have.

Scott 48:50

Yeah, to me it just more than anything. The length of my asleep at this point seems to be determined by whether or not I eat an edible before

Miranda 49:01


Scott 49:02

If you know doesn't necessarily have to be high milligrams but like 2.5 to five milligram edible 35-40 minutes before bed will typically push me into sleep and then keep me asleep for most of the night.

Miranda 49:21

That's great.

Scott 49:22

But yeah. We talked about some strains that have pinene here in the Maryland market some other strains known for having high pining Blue Dream, which I talked about that Santa Cruz Blue, Cruz Blue Dream from Evermore that had 0.7% pinenein it I want to say Cannatonic?

Miranda 49:45

Catatonic, no it is Cannatonic.

Scott 49:48

Yeah, Cannatonic, Grape Ape, Harlequin, which I don't think anybody in Maryland grows Harlequin.

Miranda 49:54

I haven't. I've seen it.

Scott 49:56

I've had it in other markets. I've had it and I want to say Vegas. and maybe Colorado too?

Miranda 50:02

But it's also a high CBD strain. At least what I've seen in Maryland has been.

Scott 50:07

I believe you. I don't know. I don't like I said, I don't think I've seen Harlequin here in Maryland.

Miranda 50:14

I believe I've only seen it in carts.

Scott 50:16


Miranda 50:17

So not the flower just the carts.

Scott 50:19

Yeah. Which who knows that could be the flower or or it could be a terp profile for the flower based on what somebody thinks the flower is supposed to be.

Miranda 50:31

But Shoki Lime Pop, like you mentioned, has a high pinene content, Sour Jack.

Scott 50:38

Yeah, Sour Jack. I think Diesel's, Diesel crosses and children of Cindy 99. Yeah, is one that can have high pinene.

Miranda 50:53

Durbin Poison.

Scott 50:54

Durbin poison can have high pinene for sure. So yeah, there are two different forms of pinene there's Alpha pinene and beta pinene. Alpha pinene is typically the more prevalent in cannabis and the most abundant terpenoid found in nature. Least people are still researching whether pinene can be an effective treatment for Alzheimer's because of that memory treatment.

Miranda 51:26

Well, in my in my experience as an aromatherapist, anytime I would work with an Alzheimer's patient or someone who had dementia, I would always go for rosemary, which has super high pinene. Or even one of like the mints. So like a combination of rosemary and mint. And that would generally it brings people back.



Scott 51:52

Rosemary, Dill, Pines and a lot of different herbs for sure. Obviously, pine needles.

Miranda 52:00


Scott 52:01

And that's Yeah. Pine Nuts contain pinene oil as do lime and orange peel. So again, citrusy and Cherry Limeade from Garcia had a good amount of pinene.

Miranda 52:14

That's right.

Scott 52:15

And again, that was that super super limey smell. Yeah, it's used in a lot of bug repellent.

Miranda 52:28

Yes, nd cleaning agents.

Scott 52:30

Yeah. Right. Obviously, anything that's got that citrus oil. And like we said, pinene is found just like limonene in those same oils. So yeah, and I think we talked about that gassiness before and how sometimes it's kind of like a citrus gassiness.

Miranda 52:48


Scott 52:48

Versus sometimes. Like that petrol. And there's, it can be hard to kind of differentiate between the two sometimes. And that's I think, because there's pinene and limonene a lot of things.

Miranda 53:04

And those are super common terps.

Scott 53:08

Yeah. anti microbial, anti depressant, like I said respiratory because bronchodilator you know, opening up the lungs. It's used to help treat people with asthma.

Miranda 53:23

And epilepsy.

Scott 53:25

I did not know about epilepsy.

Miranda 53:27

Yeah, that's like one of the most common terpenes that they use for epilepsy which is interesting.

Scott 53:36

Strawberry Cough, Island, Sweet Skunk.

Miranda 53:39

Mmmm I love Island Sweet Skunk.

Scott 53:41

There. There are lots of good, yeah, from Gleaf grown here locally. There are lots of strains that have pinene. But again, you're just typically not going to find it too high, right. Typically, a high pinene strain, quote, unquote, is gonna be like 0.3% to 0.5%.

Miranda 54:02

Yeah, that sounds right.

Scott 54:03

You can find it at 0.8% to even over 1% sometimes, but it's pretty rare to grab those. And when I do, I stock up, you know that Cherry Limeade was one of the few strains where I went and got a second eighth and got two packs of the pre rolls. All told I got a half ounce of that stuff. When all was said and done. And I still have a majority of one of those eighths left because I'm using it for a very specific thing.

Miranda 54:34


Scott 54:35

You know, I'm not smoking a high pinene strain before I sit down on the couch to watch a movie. And now I'm either you know, going to be researching and reading and listening to like new music.

Miranda 54:50

I know, a lot of patients that I talked to about high pinene we're always using it to play video games.

Scott 54:56

Well, that's, yeah, that's yeah, that I've talked about before. playing PvP shooters where you feel like you can see through the wall on because you're so super focused on what people are doing in the game and yeah, if I mean if you're not playing video games on cannabis, I don't I don't know what's wrong with you.

Miranda 55:16

It's so much more fun.

Scott 55:18

I know my brother listens to the show. And I know my brother's very much into sobriety generally, but it's always blown my mind how many hours of video games my brother has spent in his life, and none of those hours have been under the influence of cannabis because I'm telling you bro, cannabis and video games it's good times. But yeah, and certain cannabis can I feel actually not only increase your enjoyment of but make you better at certain types of games? Sure, for sure. I would say like even puzzle games.

Miranda 55:56

oh I love a good puzzle game.

Scott 55:59

Tetris or any of that stuff, like I would definitely say, get your hands on a high pinene strain and yeah, have some fun with it.

Miranda 56:08

Or if you're like me, you're just you know, hanging out on your Animal Crossing Island moving furniture around for hours, but really enjoying yourself. So yeah, video games and cannabis 100% plus, plus plus.

Scott 56:27

So yeah, tell us what you think. What does pinene do for you? Do you? Do you love it for specific circumstances? Like I do or do you just generally stay away from it? Like some other people do? Yeah, do you hate pinene because it makes you cough Do you love pinene because it makes you focus, focused and friendly.

Miranda 56:52

Yeah, talk to us. We love the interaction. And I would like to say that I'm feeling completely zooted from these bong hits.

Scott 57:02

I, well yeah. You are brave so we have another episode to record after this. You're You're a brave soul.

Miranda 57:13

I'm good.

Scott 57:14

I break out the bong very rarely. Although the Empress is admittedly much more of a serious piece than this little lady.

Miranda 57:23

She's she's very dainty and very delicate.

Scott 57:25

But you do have the Empress as well right behind right over there from Grav Labs. I think we both bought that right around the same time. She is a pretty lady as well. But she is serious business.

Miranda 57:37

She has more surface area.

Scott 57:39

I am very rarely taken more than two hits out he Emperess.

Miranda 57:42


Scott 57:43


Miranda 57:44

That's my my I'm gonna go on the couch for the night--

Scott 57:48

Oh, see.

Miranda 57:48


Scott 57:49

Oh, I would just get I would smoke too much if I did that. That's part of rolling for me.

Miranda 57:55


Scott 57:55

At least it's controlled. You know, and if it's a gram joint, I might smoke half of it. Like I have with the Sour Peel. And I feel great. I mean, you know, we're 40 minutes into our experience pretty much with the strains and this is my first time with Sour Peel I would definitely say it is a sativa leaning hybrid, even with that big amount of myrcene I do not feel you know weighted or draggy at all and um, I mean, obviously, I've I've stayed engaged and focused and yeah, like I said she still tastes great. I mean, she's out at the moment, but yeah, gassy fruity. Smells great. Looks great. Not the best bud structure, but that was just this eighth. I'm sure there's other batches out there than this and you'll see from the photos she does look gorgeous. So yeah, A+.

Miranda 57:59


Scott 58:06

Evermore is always a winner in my book.

Miranda 58:59

Same. I'm feeling super euphoric. Yeah, super loose. Very chill. Which to me is what a 50/50 hybrid should do. I don't feel locked in my chair. I feel like I could probably get up and like do some stuff. But I could also definitely watch a movie and pet some dogs.

Scott 59:24

Man, if only there were some dogs around.

Miranda 59:28

But yeah, I've home run and I've had the Patapeak Shortbread before and I really liked it then.

Scott 59:34

I haven't. I'm still going to need to check that one out. That is a very attractive terp profile to me that just pure hybrid because that's something that I can smoke first thing when I wake up all the way up until you know 7pm or 8pm the night before I'm you know looking for more heavy indica to turn my lights out. But yeah, this Sour Peel I would definitely say is an all day smoke to yeah, very similar to that Santa Cruz Blue Dream where that myrcene is giving you some earthiness and some depth of flavor and aroma, but isn't given me any you know, heavy weight or--

Miranda 1:00:17

It's not weighing it down.

Scott 1:00:18

No, it's it's just a good body feel. Yeah.

Miranda 1:00:22

Yeah, I definitely feel. I feel like my joints are lubricated. If that makes sense.

Scott 1:00:27

Always important to keep your joints loose. For sure. Whether that's via cannabis, or yoga, or tai chi--

Miranda 1:00:35

Or both?

Scott 1:00:36

Yeah, all of the above. Trust us the get the more you're gonna want to stretch folks.

Miranda 1:00:43

I honestly can say that my my yoga practice is better with cannabis than it is without cannabis.

Scott 1:00:49

I mean, yeah, what would you say? That's not true? I mean, we are totally those people. I mean, look, I will definitely admit that there are things that I'm less likely to do once I smoke a joint because I have less trouble telling bullshit to go get fucked.

Miranda 1:01:08


Scott 1:01:10

But yeah, no for sure. I definitely, if not before then definitely for recovery. I really like the CBD, THC blends.

Miranda 1:01:23


Scott 1:01:24

You know, some nice Hummingbird flower mixed in with and we got a it bears. Noting that we got a message from a listener this week, who sent me a picture of a couple of eighths of Hummingbird flower and a pack of their pre rolls.

Miranda 1:01:38


Scott 1:01:39

And he thanked us for hippin him to the Hummingbird. But he said we told him about them. But they got him to continue making the purchases. So--

Miranda 1:01:49


Scott 1:01:50

Shout out to Jen and Abby and what they do and shout out to listeners who actually try some of the things that we talk about.

Miranda 1:01:58

We're not absolutely insane. Yeah, no, we're not just talking to talk.

Scott 1:02:02

Yeah, we're not we're not giving you a positive review or outlook on anything that we haven't used and found some sort of help. Medicine Absolutely. Benefit from, in some way, shape, or form. And thank you so much for the feedback to let us know that you found those experiences to be the same.

Miranda 1:02:22

Yeah. Yeah, I actually had a friend who, who inboxed me the other night and was like, What can I do to combat the munchies? Oh, and I was like, well, it's probably your brain telling you, you're thirsty. Right? So going get a really giant glass of ice cold water and enjoy. And you know, he messaged me this morning saying, You're right. I'm just thirsty.

Scott 1:02:47

This sounds like a subject that we can dive in more on the next question and answer

Miranda 1:02:52


Scott 1:02:53

Or maybe the one after that. Yeah, so speaking of which, please, folks keep the feedback coming. Whether it's likes, reviews, subscriptions, shares, if you're so inclined to share a link with your friends. You know, even just privately if you are not the type of person that's comfortable sharing a you know, the fact that you listened to a cannabis podcast on your Instagram or Facebook feed, then you can private message somebody that you used to smoke with in college or high school.

Miranda 1:03:23

Hey listen to these old heads talk about weed.

Scott 1:03:27

Listen to these goofballs in Baltimore who are getting high and and telling us about it. Yeah, you know, somebody might have something to gain from something that we talked about. Or maybe it's just nice to expand your cannabis community. beyond your own little sesh or circle of friends that you like to hike or game or whatever and get stoned with. You know, there are smokers all over the world.

Miranda 1:03:57

And we are a large community that are completely disconnected.

Scott 1:04:04

But hey, we're all getting reconnected soon. Again, we'll be at the National Cannabis Festival tickets are still available.

Miranda 1:04:10

Yeah, I'm super looking forward to that.

Scott 1:04:12

Get yourself a ticket and come meet up with us and hang out with us for the day. Give us a shout. We'd be happy to see you down there. We're going to be recording live on site.

Miranda 1:04:23


Scott 1:04:24

You might be a part of this month's you know interview episode which is going to basically you know, feature our experience from the National Cannabis Festival.

Miranda 1:04:33

Come wish me a happy birthday.

Scott 1:04:35

That too!

Miranda 1:04:38

I'm such a birthday whore. It's awful.

Scott 1:04:40

It's just a few days before but yeah, anyway, I am Your Cannabis Coach.

Miranda 1:04:48

And I am Our Lady of Maryjane. I would like to thank Mr. Boujee Bong for getting me totally stoned today and Evermore for helping out too!

Scott 1:04:58

Amen. Be well to yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:05:02


[MUSIC: "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind, and Fire]

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