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Episode 16 - Party.

National Cannabis Festival 2022 logo

In this episode, Scott and Miranda discuss their visit to the National Cannabis Festival this past weekend.

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[MUSIC: "It's Time To Party" by Andrew W.K.]

Miranda 0:21

Hello, and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda!

Scott 0:26

Welcome back friends. We hope you had a lovely 420 celebration. However you chose to celebrate whether that was going out and getting in crazy lines and taking advantage of big deals or just enjoying some cannabis in whatever way shape or form and nature and friendship and community.

Miranda 0:51

Or doing some Community Action.

Scott 0:53

Yeah. If you chose to do some of that for sure. So we are here with you on a special episode we went on a field trip to the National Cannabis Festival.

Miranda 1:09

Yeah, and that was hot. So I haven't been anywhere in two years and I had forgotten how. How steamy and and sun beaty DC is.

Scott 1:23

The combination of not really having been to a large, festival like atmosphere in a long time with the like, first real big strong day of spring? As I said to someone who was in attendance with us, it was almost too nice of a day. Yeah, we just needed a couple of clouds in the sky. To get that sun off of us a little bit would have been real nice. For all the things that the National cannabis festival did correctly. And I would say overall for both of us and and our compatriots the people that were with us, it was an overall positive experience for sure.

Miranda 2:04

Great music, there was a lot of great food,

Scott 2:07

there was great music shout out to my friend Jade who played with The Shamans of Sound down in DC there. Yeah, that was that was a cool experience for me to get to see her up there before Ghostface and Wiz got on stage later in the evening. I did not make it late enough for Wiz Khalifa.

We are old.

Ghostface, I heard Ghostface go on. But I we did not stick around for Wiz. We took off or I think we got there a little bit before one and we ended up taking off sometime around seven ish, probably 7:30/8 o'clock, something like that. I don't know.

Miranda 2:45

It was a long day.

Scott 2:47

It was a long day. They we could have used some more hydration stations, or some any hydration stations. We were never able to find the free water that was supposedly there. I did see some other people walking around with some free water that they had gotten.

Miranda 3:05

But yeah, they were it was like a treasure hunt.

Scott 3:08

It was too damn hot folks for y'all to not have water for people and not have water available for people all over the place. But otherwise, like we said positive experience, we got to run into a ton of people that we have spoken with on the show before and also meet a bunch of new people that we intend to speak to in the future.

Miranda 3:33

Yeah, there's a lot of great like individuals out there doing some amazing work. And also some great businesses out there that are that are just, you know, going above and beyond. Let's see we, I mean, I have a personal love of Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. And they were there and I feel like they should be at every festival. That happens.

Scott 4:00

And I think they are at a lot of them. And if that's a cause that's near and dear to your heart, you can certainly reach out to them. And, you know, probably volunteer, if you're not familiar with what they do. It's you know, education and resources to help prevent drug overdoses, prevent and treat drug overdoses to you know, make sure people are educated and safe in the spaces where they are and that they know how to react. If somebody has an adverse reaction or effect from something that they take, whether it's knowingly or unknowingly. You know, I know that you spoke to the people that were there talking about the testing.

Miranda 4:52

Absolutely. The drug testing. Yeah, this is something again near and dear to my heart. If you are going to music festivals And imbibing in whatever drugs that you possibly want to imbibe in. And I'm not saying it's a great idea. But there are kits out there that you can get to test your drugs. So you have safe interactions with them, hopefully. And you want to make sure that you're getting clean drugs. So you don't end up in the hospital. Nobody wants that everybody wants to have a good time at a music festival. And you should absolutely be testing your drugs if you decide to do them.

Scott 5:32

Again, not advocating drug use, especially not hard drug use. But we are also not the type to--

Miranda 5:39

But advocating safe drug use.

Scott 5:41

Correct. Always. And education again, yeah. Which, which these folks do both of. So yeah, Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition. If you're in the area, is how you can reach out to them. If you suspect that you have come upon somebody who has had an overdose, you can use the Maryland Poison Center number at 1-800-222-1222. To report said potential overdose and hopefully get that person some help.

Miranda 6:21

Yeah. But yeah, great, great. Overall. What is this? Not a company company?

Scott 6:32


Miranda 6:33

Organization! Yeah, it's a great organization organization, who is doing the good work to make sure that you are safe and healthy, healthy while you're having fun.

Scott 6:42

And especially, you know, where we are here in Baltimore, opioids are you know, I mean, obviously all over the United States is--

Miranda 6:50

There's a giant fentanyl issue.

Scott 6:51

Yeah. You hear about that? Way too often, unfortunately. But yeah, we also sat and listened to a talk from Gary Chambers and Doug Gansler, for those who don't know or haven't heard us speak about Gary in the past. He is a gentleman running for Senate down in Louisiana who kind of burned his way onto the scene, when he smoked a blunt in his Senatorial Campaign AD, and has made the, you know, ending the war on drugs and, you know, bringing equity into the cannabis industry and expunging people's records and--

Miranda 7:38

At the forefront.

Scott 7:39

Yeah, freeing everybody that's currently serving prison terms for cannabis convictions around the United States. I know he talks about freeing Kevin Allen all the time, say his name. But yeah, we were lucky enough and then Doug Gansler is the--

Miranda 7:54

Is the Gubernatorial candidate for Maryland. So to hear him speak on his platform was fairly interesting.

Scott 8:03

Well, yeah. And you know, as Doug talked about, in their, in their, you know, their openings, he comes to drug legalization from a very interesting perspective.

Miranda 8:13

Yes, police and law enforced.

Scott 8:15

Yeah, I mean, he is a former attorney general, that was not only Attorney General, but also the head of the National Organization for attorneys, generals, I believe is the correct way to say it.

Miranda 8:29

As a prosecutor, I believe.

Scott 8:31

Yeah. And he saw the, you know, as we've talked about in the past, not only is the war on drugs, racist and terrible, from so many different just personal standpoints. It's also just a huge waste of government resources, to prosecute to police to house and incarcerate folks for, you know, such a useful plant that we know has medical benefits. But the scheduling of such would not indicate those. Anyway. So the talk was hosted by...

Miranda 9:12

Toi Hutchinson.

Scott 9:13

Yeah, the CEO and director of Maryland, or the Marijuana Policy Project, who has been so integral and getting nationwide information and conversations going and out there about, you know, legalizing in more places, and again, you know, expunging and freeing these people that are that have been victims of cannabis crimes. Yeah, quote, unquote.

Miranda 9:44

I thought it was a really informative and great panel, honestly. I mean, three of those, those three people getting together and having a conversation was 110%. I think the highlight of my day.

Scott 10:00

It was there and he didn't help there. It didn't hurt that it was under the tent too. And while we were listening to them speak, even though Gary was getting us fired up, but yeah, and Toi comes at it from an interesting perspective herself. She comes from Illinois, where they were actually pretty successful in instituting, you know, because she talked again and again, right, it's not about it happening, it's also about how it happens, right? And making sure that going forward, black and brown people have opportunities that have been, you know, the, the disproportionately affected populations of the war on drugs to be, you know, not only allowed to participate as consumers, but also as creators and business owners, and, you know, whether it's legacy being allowed into legal markets, or whether it's, you know, training programs or yeah, percentages of licenses being awarded, you know, there needs to be real equity, rather than performative ally ship. And, you know, virtue virtue signaling, was one of the questions that was brought up from the audience at the event, you could enter in questions that they would address. One of the questions that they talked about up there was how far away they thought that national legalization was, and it was interesting to hear Gary say that he thought it was closer than people might realize.

Miranda 11:40

Yeah, I was surprised by that.

Scott 11:42

That the analytics, you know, because look, people are always spending money to study this stuff. You know, if you think that the, you know, the beverage industry, or the travel industry, or the insurance, like every industry is spending money to see where people's, you know, as Gary said, taking the temperature where people are at with cannabis legalization in the United States. And it's I mean, you know, depending on how you ask a question, sometimes as high as 90% Toi said, yeah, you know.

Miranda 12:14

It's crazy. So, I mean, hey, we may see it this year.

Scott 12:19

Yeah. Well, well this calendar year? I don't know this legislative session. I who knows? Like I said, we talked about a couple episodes again, the 10. Yeah, I mean, toy talked about that. We, you know, well, Gary talked about it, you know, you need to pay attention to your state house. Because that's where the congressional lines get drawn. That's where the, you know, the voting maps are created.

Miranda 12:48

The President only does but so much and has but so much power, right to look at the Senate. And Congress.

Scott 12:55

Right. Schumer has the bill, they're, you know, they can key as Gary said, you can keep passing stuff out of The House all day, right? If the Senate is not going to pass, it is not going to happen right now.

Miranda 13:06

And the President can veto it, but they can also take it back and rework it. Right. So the President doesn't have as much power as probably most people think he does.

Scott 13:17

Although, hey, Joe, if you're listening, go ahead and reschedule, buddy, whenever you're ready. We're ready for you to just go ahead and reschedule make this all so much easier. At the very least, they did say that we should see the banking side of things potentially go through this year and maybe even this legislative session, because God knows they don't want to slow down the money. Because now it's--

Miranda 13:40

So much money.

Scott 13:41

Well, yeah, you don't you don't think there's cannabis lobbyists now? No, you don't think the company is like True Truelieve?

Miranda 13:47

And for sure there are.

Scott 13:49

I'm not trying to call anybody out. Look, if you're listening.

Miranda 13:51

It's just an example.

Scott 13:52


Miranda 13:54

First Name Scott thought of right.

Scott 13:56

But yeah, I'm sure all these people have lobbyists there now. But yeah, in addition to that talk, we ran into people from--

Miranda 14:05

Last Prisoner Project.

Scott 14:06

Last prisoner project, which, you know, we talk about all the time. I actually got a Last Prisoner Project lighter from or BNoble lighter. From answering a question at one of the stands where we stopped to talk to somebody. But yeah, we talked to the equity brand, Free My Weedman from up in Philadelphia. That was actually the only interview of the day that I did. Pulled my recorder out for.

We totally were prepared to go and record and interview people. But look it just wasn't the vibe.

Yeah, when we tell you that this event was chaotic. There were people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds all over the place. There was product being sold. There were demos being given.

Miranda 14:58

There was wrestling.

Scott 14:59

There was a wrestling ring in the middle of the whole thing. There was obviously the music festival going on with everything from DJs to reggae bands to like we said huge Hip Hop acts like Wiz Khalifa, and Ghostface Killah. But yeah, some DC Gogo in the house with Backyard Band. A ton of great food trucks.

Miranda 15:24

Yeah, I mean, as far as the eye could see.

Scott 15:27

Yeah, everything from ice cream to jerk chicken and tacos and carnival food fried watermelon. Yeah, chicken and waffles.

Miranda 15:38

It was crazy.

Scott 15:40

I didn't really there was some infused stuff there. Well, there was tons of infused stuff there. But there were some some people there that I did not see that I follow and like, Treats by Trey. I saw them post on their Instagram. The day after that they had been there and I wish I had seen their stuff. It looked absolutely Fanta I think they had some vegan ice cream. Oh, no. is what they were doing and I got some ice cream. I totally would have gotten more ice cream. I definitely would have gotten vegan infused ice cream.

Miranda 16:13

For sure, absolutely.

Scott 16:16

But yeah, we saw a ton of people that we've talked about in the past District Hemp, they you've bought products from.

Miranda 16:25

Yeah, Barbara was out there.

Scott 16:27

Yeah, we got to meet the the owner. And that's what was so cool to actually put faces to the brands and see the people that you know pour their sweat and tears and blood into these businesses and cannabis.

Miranda 16:42


Scott 16:43

Yeah Lawann was there with Maryland Norml who she was sharing a little booth with with her treats both infused and not she had some delicious delicious goodies that she was lovely enough to bless Miranda and I with that white chocolate lemon cookie cake. I don't know what you call it ma'am. But that is delicious. And it is good. It is fantastic that you only gave me one because I would have found myself in in too too much heaven. It was yeah, just absolutely fantastic. And it was absolutely fantastic to meet you and see your face in person and after watching all this fantastic content you make with Stribble Treats and with Cann'A Woman Heal and

Miranda 17:40

She's really doing good community work that I mean I just I can't get enough of her content for that reason alone

Scott 17:48

Look, the lady teaches you how to garden, she teaches you how to cook, she talks to you about taking care of yourself and taking time to regenerate and recuperate. Yeah, she's responsible she talks about the negative aspects of cannabis and how she you know abused cannabis in the past before you know finding the right balance of you know what she her medibles.

She's very honest--


Miranda 17:53

About her journey and I'm here for it.

Scott 18:16

Yeah she she you know I think more often than not uses her microdose medicated edibles and you don't have to take our word for it you can go follow the lady We can you know link to her yet again. Because we can't get enough of her as we said be a District Hemp I bought a delicious CBD beverage from them like seltzer water blood orange thing with 15 milligrams of CBD in it. I don't know it was wet and cool. I'll tell you that much. At that point in time that's really all I was going for. If the CBD gave me any additional chill out that was fine. Because I was smoking a fair amount.

Miranda 18:57

Were ya?

Scott 18:58

Oh, yeah.

Miranda 19:00

I didn't even notice.

Scott 19:01

Really? Well I mean.

Miranda 19:02

I mean.

Scott 19:03

There were.

Miranda 19:03


Scott 19:04

There was a lot of stuff in the air. We saw if you've ever seen video online of the dudes or ladies with the leaf blower with the bowl attached to it. We saw one of those take place.

Miranda 19:15


Scott 19:15

Ya know with a homemade version of that pvc piping. This guy was blowing I mean presumably legal hemp flower, non THC. Wink wink into--

Miranda 19:27


Scott 19:27

Yeah, right smoke into the crowd. As I mentioned to Miranda before we started recording this I saw somebody that was sitting in a grow tent that they were hotboxing with some sort of like automatic--

Miranda 19:39


Scott 19:39

Yeah, smoke device. Yeah, it was a good time. There was there was a lot of stuff. There were a lot of different tents where you could sit and listen to talks. I listened to, oh, yeah you were---

Miranda 19:39

I was there.

Scott 19:45

Wasn't that yeah, you came to the Regenitive Grow talk where people were talking about, you know, keeping that Co2 in the soil and how effective hemp is for you know helping to clean up our atmosphere if you grow with the right way and you could learn about like we said the legislation there was the Health and Wellness tent where I saw them leading yoga exercises for people which was cool to see people just laying down on yoga mats in the middle of this super crazy hectic festival. Oh, yeah, there were people. I mean, there was music coming from everywhere food trucks had music come in. One food truck had like a steel drum player.

Miranda 20:37

Oh, he was fantastic.

Scott 20:38

There was a DJ that was playing some great roots reggae stuff. I heard some Sista Nancy. I heard some Bounty Killa I heard all kinds of good stuff.

Miranda 20:49

Did you see the freestyle rap?

Scott 20:51

That was I did see the Cipher stage.

Miranda 20:52

Oh, that's what it was the Cipher stage.

Scott 20:55

The the, look I'm not here to hate on anybody. The gentleman that was up there when I was walking by was not my cup of tea. And he I kept waiting for like the next dude to grab the mic but this dude's was up there for like minutes.

Miranda 21:11

Holding the mic. Rap Rap, pass.

Scott 21:12

And I really didn't like he came out in a crowd he tried to get as high a look like I said I'm not hating on anybody. It was hot out there. It was it was yeah, it was not the easiest crowd maybe at that moment. Myself included because it was hot out there. But I wanted the mic to get passed to some of the other people on stage. The brothers I'm just saying.

Miranda 21:38

Rap rap pass.

Scott 21:39

It was yeah, I thought a Cipher was supposed to go around and a if if it had passed the mic to somebody else. I think I might have stayed longer to check them out.

Miranda 21:48

Yes, I stuck around for a while there were some there's some interesting stuff going on there I'm here I love rap. I unapologetically fucking love rap

Scott 21:57

I mean you know me I some of the some of the first music I own was Easy E's, Easy Does It and and some goofy stuff too like Fat Boyz like I got big into beatboxing really early on because I heard early Fat Boys and Biz Markie.

Miranda 22:13

Oh, we were you know, we came up in Breakin 2, Electric Boogaloo.

Scott 22:17

Yeah. Well, we came up when hip hop was really coming up coming up. Yeah, I mean, early 80s. is I mean, so I I got exposed to stuff that I wasn't necessarily old enough for because I had much older brothers. You listening? Much, much older brothers and sisters. But yeah, so we used to listen to Houdini's radio show out of New York. Yeah, I get it late at night in Baltimore on like the hot summer nights, like those radio waves will bounce around and shit, whatever, anyway. But yeah, there was lots of cool music. Another cool organization that I ran into, that I'm interested in learning more about and actually volunteering with is an organization called Cannabis in Common. And what they do is they provide volunteer educators to go sit at music festivals, like the guy that I talked to you there to, you know, help raise awareness about cannabis legislation and causes, local politicians, et cetera. So I signed up for their email list, and I'm looking forward to getting an email from them and potentially going and experiencing that and talking, you know, about that experience. On the show, yeah, about doing some actual advocacy work myself.

Miranda 23:37

There was a lot there. And then we get into like, I mean, the amount of product

Scott 23:44

Yeah, well.

Miranda 23:45

Papers, cones, different types of cones, new ways to roll blunts, blunt rolling school, joint rolling competitions. Holy shit. Yeah.

Scott 23:55

So some of the brands, I was surprised I didn't see the folks from Growf actually. But I did see on their Instagram that they were at one of the Maryland Cannabis fair, one of the Virginia Cannabis Festivals, maybe.

Miranda 24:11


Scott 24:11

So you know, maybe too few people to go around to get to everything. Plus run their juice bar and all that stuff. Right. But yeah, we ran into the people from the Bouqe's brand, which we've mentioned before, local, black owned. Yeah, we were talking to them while we were getting ready to listen to Doug Gansler and Gary speak. We also ran into the folks from Pearl. And that's an interesting product. I'll link to the video from their website, but it's, it's kind of like a little pouch down at the front of it where you can kind of start storing the weed. And then I guess kind of just it naturally tapers towards the end and you can put your filter her in my girlfriend and her friend actually bought some of the papers. So I'll have to ask them. How--

I would be curious to see how easy they are to pack.

They I mean, he gave us a little demonstration while we were standing there and it looked like like it's an, I roll with tips personally. And if you roll with tips, I find that the tip kind of guides, the cone process guides the shape of the spliff alone. But if you're not used to rolling with tips, or if you're not used to rolling with the type of tip that you roll up, that creates that kind of cone where you can put the end of the paper in.

Miranda 25:39

This makes a little bit more sense.

Scott 25:42

Yeah. Because it's almost like you're you're making a little...

Miranda 25:46


Scott 25:46

Yeah, exactly. I think that's a good way. That's a good way to put it. And that's the front of it kind of does look like a canoe, the way it pinches together and comes up on the side creates a little pouch in the front. I'm interested interested to see how that that front end lights and burns when you light it, because I would assume there's some sort of adhesive even if it's just like a natural gum, right? To keep it bunched up like that. So does that create that, you know, kind of weird burn on one side or another? So I don't know I'm driving out to to hang out with my girlfriend. Next week. So maybe I'll check out the papers and let you know.

Miranda 26:26

Scott's girlfriend is real. She doesn't live in Canada.

Scott 26:30

Oh, that's funny. I wish you lived in Canada that would give me an excuse to go up and visit Canada. But yeah, anyway. But yeah, products galore. The people from Purple Pro, where they're selling their machine that allows you to do home testing of either your home grown weed, or to you know, double check the numbers on the stuff that you bought at the dispensary. Yeah, or you know, at the latest cannabis gifting events, depending on what type of market you're in. But yeah, it was interesting. I stood and watched the demonstration. It was a it has like a little grinder type piece to it, where you kind of grind up the flower and then put it in the apparatus that goes on to the testing plate or testing device. And then it shoots I, I want to say it was about maybe 15-20 seconds. It shot the results from the test supposedly directly to his cell phone. Yeah. And he held up the phone. And it was a guy that had brought his homegrown flower with him. That gave him some flower to sample. And I think he said the THC was at like 8% and that the CBD was at like 2% something percent. And the guy said that it was a medical strain for him that he used for you know, daytime use for anti anxiety blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Miranda 28:07

And those numbers are great for that.

Scott 28:09

Yeah, right. I mean, if look if you can get away with it, for sure. You want to keep your numbers as manageable as possible as long as you can. But yeah, they were they were interesting to see because I've seen the the Tcheck machine before and I think we've mentioned on the podcast once or twice before. The Tcheck device where you can test your homemade oils and concentrates and things like that. And I have seen that device in use before. But I've never seen one that actually tested physical flower.

Miranda 28:43

This one does not do concentrates.

Scott 28:47

No. Yeah, no, it's dry dry herb only. And it does not test for terpenes it doesn't even test for like mold and things like that. It is strictly testing for--

Miranda 29:01

THC and CBD.

Scott 29:02

THC and CBD and then I think maybe CBD or CBG. No I thought there was--

Miranda 29:11

THC and CBD.

Scott 29:12

I thought there was a third number listed when he showed the when he held up his phone to show us the results. But anyway, definitely THC and CBD. So...

Miranda 29:24

And it looks like it's fairly accurate, at least from the literature.

Scott 29:27

I mean, you know, who knows? Who knows, we only saw Yeah, obviously Linus has his doubts. We only saw that one demonstration and we don't know what the percentage is of the flower that the gentleman presented to him were. But yeah, I mean it. It definitely operated very quickly. The guy whose bud was tested, didn't seem offended or, you know disbelieving of the numbers when the gentleman showed him the results. He was like, oh, yeah, well, that's what I grow it for basically so yeah, I guess if you're interested you can check them out Purpl pro, PURPL Pro. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that stuff. LinkedIn at Purpl Scientific, if you want to get more information, obviously we are not paid to promote them. We don't know how accurate their testing device is.

Miranda 30:26

Just a curious little thing.

Scott 30:27

I just thought it was an interesting thing I you know, I've been thinking about getting a Tcheck for years I just don't make enough edibles, ie any edibles. But if I let my card lapse this time around, depending on when it becomes legal for us to grow. We'll see and I might purchase that Tcheck machine eventually. But yeah.

Speaking of you also ran into someone who actually runs a testing facility.

Yes, looking forward to I think we mentioned a few episodes ago, or I think at least I mentioned a few episodes ago that I would love to speak to somebody from a testing laboratory. And lo and behold, I ran into another Brandon. And there's Brandon's all over this industry apparently, because we've got our interview coming up with Brandon from Trichome Institute for you all next week. But anyway, we ran into Brandon Thorpe, who is Dr. Brandon Thorpe PhD, and he is the laboratory director at Sativa Testing Laboratories down in Chesterfield, Virginia. And you can find more information about their company at They do I asked him on the spot if they did testing from outside of the state. Because we are not testers. We are not doctors. We are not growers. We are not what are we adding to the list?

Miranda 32:01


Scott 32:02

Not lawyers, right. We are not legislatures or legislators. Yeah, we're not testers either. But Brandon is and he is the director of the testers in fact, and he said that he would be happy to come on and chat with us about what it exactly is that they do, what they look for how they do it. If you are a home grower in whatever state you're in, whether it is DC, or Virginia, or another state where it's legal for you to grow your own medicine, you can send your flower to them to test and we will talk to them about how you can do that. Or again you can go look them up on the worldwide web and figure out how to do it yourself. But we are looking forward to reaching out to Brandon and setting up that conversation for sure. We ran into several people that we look forward to talking to we saw a travel agency.

Miranda 33:04

Oh yeah.

Scott 33:05

Run by some black women who you know we always love to promote not only...

Miranda 33:13

Women owned--

Scott 33:14

Woman owned businesses, but also minority owned businesses specifically. So we talked to the ladies from Front Row Travels. Their motto is, Be seen. Be felt. Be heard.

Miranda 33:27


Scott 33:28

Which Yeah. They set up trips. Cannabis focused trips around the world, not just in the US but also in places like Canada and other markets in Europe where adult use has been decriminalized or is being decriminalized. But also you know here within the states obviously places like California and Oregon and Colorado where you have actual cannabis lounges and cannabis destination hotels and Airbnbs.

Miranda 34:04

I feel like cannabis destination vacations had become the thing to do now.

Scott 34:09

I mean, I can't wait I was really bummed out that the air b&b That I was staying in was so anti smoke and I get it you know you've you've got to be accessible for everybody and people with asthma issues or people that are even just sensitive to strong odors or you know, it can be burdensome if you're if you've got a quick turnaround time on your place to air it out or what have you but I have started to see and we've mentioned before on the podcast now started to see some Airbnb ease and some places that are you know, specifically targeting cannabis tourism and starting to cater to that market. So we look forward to potentially talking to the ladies from Front Row Travels and and seeing what they can tell us about, you know, what your options are and what kind of packages they put together, because I think it's everything from, you know, kind of curating a whole trip for you to just booking the travel to that destination, ya know?

Miranda 35:16

Cool. Yeah. So that's something I would definitely be into because that's, I'm not taking vacations anymore where I can't smoke weed. I mean, I don't, Europe is excluded at this moment. But you know, I'm not I'm not going anywhere. Where Yeah, where there's not a dispensary.

Scott 35:35

I'm much happier about it. If I'm if I'm able to access cannabis legally, yes, wherever I am. Whether it's a place that does reciprocation on medical licenses, and I can use my you know, Maryland license in a place like, DC or--

Miranda 35:52

to get just adult use someplace like Nevada.

Scott 35:55

Exactly. Either way, good. Good by me. So I'm happy to hopefully talk to the ladies and identify more of those places. And, you know, talk to them about the places where I've been, they've been because I've done, you know, Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam before. And I've gone back to Amsterdam, not during Cannabis Cup, and experienced it a little less touristy. But still a fair amount of coffee shop visitation, of course.

Miranda 36:25

The local customs, exactly.

Scott 36:27

As my mother said, Are you enjoying the local customs? Yeah, yes, Mother, I am enjoying the local customers.

Miranda 36:35

But yeah, I think overall, it was a really, it was an eye opening and interesting experience. Again, neither of us had been many places in two years. So it was, I think, a little bit of a shock to our systems.

Scott 36:53

A little, we've talked in the past before about how DC is a bit of a wild west market.

Miranda 36:59

It is.

Scott 37:00

Because of what ridiculous Andy Harris has done. To stop them from creating the framework for a legal industry to operate openly and to generate more tax revenue and to allow people to access safer, better flower, concentrates, whatever it is. Yeah, there's, there's a whole lot of, you know, this gifting culture where you buy a $50 T shirt, and you get a bag with it, or you buy a $60 bottle of juice, and you get a gram of concentrate with it.

Miranda 37:40


Scott 37:42

We did not expect the amount of that that we were going to see at this festival. I thought that I would see more education more. And it's not necessarily a good or bad thing. It's just not precisely what we expected. When we signed up to go to the National Cannabis Fest.

Miranda 38:02

It wasn't so much shocking as it was. Maybe it was a little shocking. Because I think because of the rules and regulations of the festival.

Scott 38:14

See and and our friends that were with us said the same thing. I kind of expected it to be a free for all as far as the amount of smoking going on.

Miranda 38:27


Scott 38:28

I did not expect it to be as much commerce Yeah, oriented as it were.

Miranda 38:35

Not mad about it.

Scott 38:36


Miranda 38:38

As far as I'm concerned--

Scott 38:40

And I think we--

Miranda 38:41

should be able to happen that way.

Scott 38:44

Absolutely. And we absolutely support cottage industry. And we do not believe that the only people that should be allowed to operate in cannabis should be people that have spent hundreds of 1000s. Do you mind, buddy? If not millions of dollars to bribe their way into Oh, did I say bribe?

Miranda 39:10

Yeah, you sure did.

Scott 39:10

Oh, their way into acquiring, you know, licenses to operate, quote unquote, legally. And yet numerous of these companies end up getting fined for you know, improprieties and illicit behaviors and don't lose their licenses. Yeah. But anyway, soap box aside, the point being, we're certainly not saying that there was anything wrong with anyone who was there selling whatever they were selling yesterday. No, no problem with it whatsoever.

Miranda 39:45

Not at all.

Scott 39:46

Just not what we were per se expecting. Yeah, it was a more hot and humid and chaotic experience. Not an unpleasant one. No no. It was great to see everybody we saw

Miranda 40:00

Oh, it was great to see this sense of community that was happening

Scott 40:03

Absolutely. There are people--

Miranda 40:06

I talk, I can bang, bang on the door about community. But oh my god, I felt elated leaving there, absolutely, I was like, This is how it should be. There should be, you know, a space where people can go and be together and listen to music and experience this plant together.

Scott 40:31

Well, and where it's where it's people from, you know, the medicinal side of things where it's people from the health and you know, herbal wellness side of things where it's people from the advocacy side of things. People were there that make edibles, people were there that blow glass and create art, people were there that create music, you know, you had the tent for veterans and resources for veterans that were there to help veterans get the access that they need to their medicine, you had people that were there talking to people about expungement and clearing people's records, whether again, it was Last Prisoner Project or Free My Weedman, or you know, there are multiple organizations that we will link to and like I said, we'll be lining up interviews with these people in the future to you know, find out more about their organizations and help amplify their voices and shine a spotlight on the good work that they're doing. So it was a great mix of all of that I saw. You know, we saw that that guy there was in like the weed ninja costume.

Miranda 41:45

There was the astronaut.

Scott 41:46

There was the astronaut there was the young lady that had her chest body painted.

Miranda 41:51

I did not see her at all.

Scott 41:52

Oh, she was not wearing a top at all. She had a weed leaves painted over her breasts.

Miranda 41:56

As she should be able to.

Scott 41:58

Absolutely, absolutely.

Miranda 42:01

Free the nipple!

Scott 42:01

You couldn't. You couldn't see anything. I mean, look, I didn't look too hard. She was walking with her man. I didn't want to be a gawker. I appreciated the statement that she made. And I kept my eyes moving. But But ya know, so it was it was a little bit of everything. There were people that had humongous tents set up that were obviously just chillin in their tents for the for the music, and just smoking their tent up all day. Yeah, it was it was cool. It was very cool. The food was great. The vibes were great. I ran into people that I know, just socially from our world, which is always nice to connect with somebody on a new level like Oh, shit. I know you smoke. I didn't know you smoked enough to come to the National Cannabis Festival per se.

But no, it's definitely very cool. I would do it again. Hopefully on a cooler day.

Yeah. Well, you had the umbrella you came prepared at least.

Miranda 43:02

And I still was still HOT.

Scott 43:03

As prepared as you could be. Yeah. I should have been in shorts. I maybe should have had a bucket hat. out it out. But yeah, it was it was a wild time. If you've ever wondered what an event like that is like. That's that's probably you're going to experience some sort of debauchery, some bacchanalian delights.

Miranda 43:31

Next year, I want to maybe what maybe try another one. Because there are a whole bunch of them what were happening this weekend.

Scott 43:37

Absolutely. There were multiple other festivals here in Maryland, also in neighboring states, New Jersey went legal. While we were down at the National Cannabis Festival, so we could have driven up to Jersey and experienced their adult use market. They just transitioned from just medicinal into adult use as well. AKA recreational people always look at me sideways. When I say it, is I keep trying to drill it into you folks. I really don't like recreational I mean, I get it. Sometimes I use cannabis recreationally as well, but it's just a it's just a semantic thing with me. Where I tried to use the word cannabis instead of using the word marijuana or weed. And I try to use the word adult use as opposed to using recreational it's just a stigma thing. So anyway, but yeah, no, I would totally be into that. And I mean, I said to the folks that we were with, I would totally be into trying to come next year with a press pass. Because not gonna lie. Few people looked at me a little strange when I asked them if I could record things and that's part of why I chose to not continue to try to engage people by recording or record any of the speakers because security did act a little funny when they saw the recorder in my bag, but he let me come in with it. But that when the first people we asked to record kind of were like, record it. It was like, okay, you know what, let's just go by memory and talk about the vibe rather than try to get everything word for word. And that gives us more opportunity, again, to follow up with these people and to give you all the links for these people, and to just give you more information on the website, or through Instagram or Facebook, or what have you. So look for more of this content coming up within the next few days and weeks. Also, the next episodes that we have coming up are going to be a treat for you. As we talk with Chef Brandon from Trichome. Institute. Yeah, about their new cooking classes and just cannabis chefs.

Miranda 45:51

Cannabis chefs in general, experiences, right? Yeah, it's it. They're good interviews, you're gonna really love them.

Scott 46:01

We certainly hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed having him we ended up talking to Chef Brandon for over two hours about a number of different topics. We actually break the interview up into a couple chunks for you. Because we covered such a wide variety of topics that we didn't want to cut any of it short, we wanted you to hear it all. So look forward to that within the coming weeks. Again, as always, we appreciate the support so much. You can always find us at our website, the You can find me directly at Your Cannabis Coach on Instagram.

Miranda 46:41

And you can find me at Our Lady of Maryjane on Instagram. So yeah, we'll be seeing you in the next week with Chef Brandon.

Scott 46:50

Take care of yourselves and each other!

Miranda 46:53

And party.

[MUSIC : "It's Time To Party" by Andrew W.K.]

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