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Episode 19 - Grow West Review

Grow West logo depicting a line drawing of a bear wearing a collar with a GW pendant.

This week Scott and Miranda review Fruity Pebbles OG x Sour Dub and Pie Crust from Western Maryland growers Grow West.


[MUSIC: "Today One Love, Tomorrow the World" by Bobby Ramone]

Miranda 0:00

Well, hello and welcome to our review for the lusty month of May. It's Scott and Miranda with The Heady Conversations. How are you guys?

Scott 0:23

Welcome back friends. The lusty month May, here we are. That's a new one on me, but I'm here for it. May is my birthday month so we're coming out of Miranda's and going into mine. Hopefully the weather is warming up and looking nice where you are. It's definitely a beautiful day here in Baltimore today. 70 something and sunny.

Miranda 0:50

And feelin fine.

Scott 0:52

Yeah, little little breeze. Definitely, definitely a beautiful spring day to be out and about and moving. Or, you know, inside talking about Yeah, talking about cannabis and smoking with your friends. That works too. So today as Miranda stated, We are here for our review episode.

Miranda 1:18

Monthly review.

Scott 1:19

Yeah. And this month we're here to talk to you about--

Miranda 1:22

Grow West.

Scott 1:23

Right. AKA as I have been apt to call them over the years "Grow Wild".

Miranda 1:30

That's fair.

Scott 1:31

We are both reviewing untrimmed flower from them today. You know, I think we both feel like we should review stuff kind of from all different realms of the market. So it's not always going to be you know, 30% with 5% terps? No, sometimes it's gonna be something in the high teens with a little over 1% terps. Yeah, as the case is for my, my selection this month.

Miranda 2:00

What do you have today, Scott?

Scott 2:01

So, I have the Fruity Pebbles OG crossed with Sour Dub. And what that is, to be more specific, they define it as a sativa leaning hybrid, which I don't know, from my first pass on this last night. Because I was in the mood to smoke and these buds were looking pretty. So I decided to give myself a little sneak peek. I would definitely say it was more of a middle of the road hybrid. But you know, we'll see, I was definitely kind of more on the tired side, it was towards the end of the night. I definitely felt a lot of relaxation from it. But maybe it'll be different smoking, you know, in the daylight in the daytime, maybe I will find it to be a little bit more of a sativa leaner. You know, oftentimes I feel like what you're doing determines whether--

Miranda 2:58

That's completely fair.

Scott 3:00

Or going to be to a certain, you know, to a certain degree or another. But yeah, the genetics on this one are the Fruity Pebbles OG, comes from Green Ribbon, which I've never heard of cross with Granddaddy Purp which I absolutely love.

Miranda 3:17

Which I think we all have heard of.

Scott 3:18

Crossed with Tahoe OG, again. Another absolute classic, crossed with Alien Kush, which I've had a lot of different Alien strains. I've had a lot of different Kush strains, but I've never had Alien Kush. So yeah, that's just the Fruity Pebbles OG side of things. The Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, Alien Kush. And then the Sour Dub side of the equation is East Coast Sour Diesel crossed with Sour Bubble, which is another one that I've--

Scott 3:30

Never heard of.

Scott 3:49

Never heard of.

Miranda 3:51

Yeah. I'd be curious to see what Sour Bubble does.

Scott 3:54

I mean, I generally like sour strains. You know, I generally like that kind of citrus. Typically, I find those sour strains are a little bit gassy, too. So yeah, you know, I'll keep my eye out for it. For sure. I, you know, that's one of the fun things of knowing the genetics of your strain is, you know, it kind of helps you down the next step of the path.

Miranda 4:20


Scott 4:21

Right. It's like a choose your own adventure where, if you know that you've had two or three of the parent strains that were in something before, you know, maybe that gives you a general idea of the effects that it's going to have.

Miranda 4:34

Sure. Yeah!

Scott 4:36

So, what do you have over there?

Miranda 4:37

I've got some Pie Crust going on over here, which is Sativa dominant hybrid. It's been a minute since I've had Pie Crust. She's sitting at 24% which is a little higher for me.

Scott 4:55

Yeah. The low side of the high range.

Miranda 4:59

Yeah. Yes, yes.

Scott 4:59

Generally speaking, I would say.

Miranda 5:01

Um, and the flower is beautiful and she is Malibu Pie crossed with Grapple Cookies. And what that means is, so Grapple Cookies is Grape Stomper crossed with Mr. Nice Guy. And Malibu Pie is Key Lime Pie and Alien Rift. I've had Key Lime Pie before. I've never heard of Alien Rift.

Scott 5:28

I haven't either.

Miranda 5:30

I've had Grape Stomper before. But I've not had Mr. Nice Guy.

Scott 5:35

I definitely have had Mr. Nice Guy from 1983 here in the state. I've also had it from other places, other markets as well. So that's an interesting cross to me, because I like Grape Stomper a lot. And the way it's good when the terps are there. I like Mr. Nice Guy a lot.

Miranda 5:54

That's the same with Grape Stomper too.

Scott 5:56


Miranda 5:56

I mean, if the terps aren't there, you just get 1% of myrcene. And womp, womp, womp. [mimics sad trombone]

Scott 6:00

If you're lucky, if it's a good batch, something just has a lot of one terp. I'm generally okay with that.

Miranda 6:09


Scott 6:09

Because I'm a utilitarian smoker. I mean, I, I like to have different terpene high strains in my toolkit, so there's nothing wrong. And I do a lot of blending, so that's fine.

Miranda 6:09

Yeah, same.

Scott 6:18

So like, I'll totally take that. High. myrcene strain, take something else that's just high in limonene. And then cross those two together and make my nice hybrid.

Miranda 6:32

A little salad.

Scott 6:32


Miranda 6:33

Yeah. But yeah, she's the dry pull was green gas. Like we talked about, like, before we started recording. We're just like, taking a little dry pulls. Um, but yeah, definitely green gas. Lit, I can definitely taste more of like the Pie situation, which is down into the Girl Scout Cookie.

Scott 7:01


Miranda 7:02

Genetics. But she's tasty.

Scott 7:08

Yeah, we should say, well, we should say, I haven't given any of the numbers on mine yet. But I'll do that here in a second. Neither of the strains is particularly high in THC or terps.

Miranda 7:20


Scott 7:22

I think you said the total...

Miranda 7:24

I did the math before I'm at 0.99% terps.

Scott 7:29

Right. And the terps on this. I think if I added it up, I was a little lazier than you and I did not do that. But 1.3% maybe if we're lucky. So this Fruity Pebbles OG crossed with Sour Dub is coming in at 19.55% on the THC-a, CBG is 0.23%, CBG-a 0.49%. And then the two highest terps are going to be Terpinolene at 0.42% and Myrcene at 0.40%. And then it drops all the way down to 0.30% on the Caryophyllene. And 0.11%. No, sorry, I do have 0.30% Limonene here as well. So yeah, I guess terps on this one are probably a little closer to one and a half. A little bit of everything. Not a ton of anything. Because under 0.60% or 0.70% to me is is not a lot of stuff.

Miranda 8:26

Yeah, agreed. The let's see, she's sitting here at 24.13% THC. The CBD is at 0.33% and the CBGa is at 0.58%.

Scott 8:39

Okay, that's high.

Miranda 8:51

The highest terps on this little lady is going to be Caryo, carry, Caryophyllene.

Scott 8:51

That's why we just call it carry

Miranda 8:53

At 0.40%, followed by limonene at 0.32%.

Scott 9:00

So it sounds like a pretty even hybrid version.

Miranda 9:04


Scott 9:04

Based on the terps.

Miranda 9:04

As opposed to a super hybrid sativa this listed in their Soar category.

Scott 9:10

Right, as is the Fruity Pebbles. And like I said, that was not my experience last night, but it was also the end of the night and I was ready to chill anyway. So and I may have had some edibles to go with it as well.

Miranda 9:25

I actually really liked the Fruity Pebbles OG at in the evening and at night to wind down.

Scott 9:31

Well, I mean, you've talked about terpinolene for you as a sleep aid anyway. So I think that would definitely make sense because terpinolene seems to be the most common terp on this strain more often than not, I mean, like absolutely, yeah, the the nose on this definitely that terpinolene gassiness. I personally didn't get a lot of fruitiness on the nose here but Miranda pointed out to me that she was getting a little bit of pineapple and the minute she said that that kind of resonated with me I think a lot of times if it doesn't have pineapple in the name that's not even a smell or a flavor that I'm thinking of. But yeah there is a little bit of that you know being lower in terps the smell and the flavor are neither one is particularly strong I mean it's got that that gassiness to it that like bright kind of green like fresh scent to it, but otherwise, it's not. It's not putting off a ton.

Miranda 10:37

Yeah, the flush is good, too. Nice white ash. I'm not anymore on this because I just knocked it all off. But yeah, flush was good. I did have to pop mine into a glass jar with a Bovida last night. She was a little dry, not dusty, dry, but just enough where I knew she was going to be super crumbly. If I didn't so yeah.

Scott 11:04


Miranda 11:04

I fluffed her up a little bit last night.

Scott 11:06

And as I mentioned, both of these bags that we got are untrimmed flower from Grow West. You know, I jokingly said at the beginning, I refer to them often as "Grow Wild" and that is why I do because Grow West has probably the most unique approach to trimming or lack thereof of any Maryland. grower. So yeah, they they are a Maryland native. They are out in the mountains.

Miranda 11:42

Yeah, they're Cumberland?

Scott 11:43


Miranda 11:43


Scott 11:44

Cumberland yeah they they are the only dispensary and or sorry not dispensary any operator licensee out in Western Maryland that that I'm aware of. And yeah I've driven past the dispensary before they have their dispensary out there where I understand you can get some really good deals on their flower on a regular basis but I have yet to stop in both times I drove through it was a Sunday night coming back from I go camping out that way rafting out that way and stuff like that. So generally if I'm coming back through that area it's going to be after a day of adventuring and later in the night.

Miranda 12:24

Just want to get home and hit the hit the sheets.

Scott 12:26

Well and it's just the the hours are such I haven't even been open and when I was driving through I keep saying that I'm gonna have to plan to stop there on the way out and maybe I'll do that because I think I'm driving Ohio in the not too distant future but.

Miranda 12:41

I think that's I think that would be a nice day trip honestly.

Scott 12:44

Yeah, it's not that far.

Miranda 12:49

I don't think two hours I think from us I think, maybe.

Scott 12:52

Just under I want to say but I'm not I'm not positive to be honest with you. I've never put their address in to--

Miranda 13:02

I didn't realize they had a dispensary.

Scott 13:04

Oh yeah.

Miranda 13:04

I just thought it was a grow.

Scott 13:06

I heard about their dispensary pretty early on because of people talking about their deals online, on the different you know cannabis groups on Facebook or whatever like I say Yeah, from from what I understand I think I think they do half ounces out there and I don't remember what the price was but it was a significant reduction in price.

Miranda 13:29

RIght on.

Scott 13:32

Another one just like Evermore too where it can be hard to find the better batches of some of their strains unless you go to their dispensary because you know the operation is only so big and obviously I feel like they're given their their you know place first crack.

Miranda 13:51

Right and that makes sense. That makes sense.

Scott 13:55

Because yeah, this is untrimmed but they do have you know their premium flower comes in the little tins they have humidity pack in there with it.

Miranda 14:03

It's beautifully packaged. Yeah, and it's beautiful flower.

Scott 14:06

Yes and typically those are trimmed much better. I mean you'll see the difference in the photos that we took of our flower for this episode. Mine was actually fairly well trimmed.

Miranda 14:20

Yeah, yours was way trimmed.

Scott 14:22

There's the one backside of this the biggest bud that I had in the bag has a decent amount of leaf you know in the one little section but yours looks like calamari.

Miranda 14:33

Yeah. That bud is the size of my thumb.

Scott 14:38

It is it is absolutely the size of my thumb. And I don't have small hands.

Miranda 14:45

I kind of do and that is definitely the size of my thumb.

Scott 14:51

Yeah Now basically, my bag was three big buds in the little Grow West you know prepackaged untrim flower pack. Yeah, really, really pretty. Super super sugar coated. Like I said that gassy smell just popped right out as soon as I opened up the bag. Definitely, definitely happy with and I got this on sale at a dispensary that was doing $25 eighths of Grow West flower. So, reminder your deals are always out there folks. We are not advertising any dispensary or another but there are definitely deals to be had. If you look for them, and this is some really nice flower for that price for sure.

Miranda 15:38

Yeah. When I opened her up last night, the trichomes were popping on her. And I just I took a bunch of pictures and she was really super. She was beautiful. Very, very sugar lady.

Scott 15:51

Yeah, well. Honestly. I think the reason that they don't trim their flower any more than they do is their leaves are sugar leaves.

Miranda 16:03

Yeah, they are sugar leaves.

Scott 16:04

That's That's why they're called sugar leaves, folks is because they're the ones that are closest to the bud that are coming out of the bud themselves. And they develop trichomes on them just like--

Miranda 16:17


Scott 16:18

Flower does. So that's why some companies do less of a trim. Because some of those leaves are containing more cannabinoids. And I, you know, it's funny, I never thought about it until just now. But I wonder if that affects their testing numbers?

Miranda 16:39

Oh, that's a good question.

Scott 16:40

You know, because we just talked about how the, the terp numbers on these and the THC on these is a little bit lower? I wonder if that's because I don't know exactly how they test when they test a plant?

Miranda 16:56

That would be a good, that would be a good question for us to look into an answer.

Scott 17:00

Yeah. I would love to we met that that guy in Virginia that was that had the testing lab. And I want to say Did he give us cards? I don't remember. If he did give us cards that I've still got that card. But if not, I do know the names of the testing facilities here in Maryland and I do have a connection to a testing facility out in California. So if we can't get somebody local, maybe we can just get somebody to explain generally how flower is tested.

Miranda 17:32

That would be really helpful, actually. It would be interesting to know where these numbers come from and how the whole process like cotton swab, do you swab the flower, do you have to put it in a machine to do it? It would just be really interesting to find that out.

Scott 17:48

Yeah, I don't know. They might grind it up. They might put it in a solution.

Miranda 17:56

I don't know.

Scott 17:56

You know some sort of appliance. Yeah. I do not know. We will look into that for you. Hey, the next q&a I guess we know will be.

Miranda 18:09

But yeah, this familiar, the flower was beautiful. Lots of really great purples in this pie crust. Lots of really beautiful orange hairs. And seriously super, super frosty. I'm not mad about it. I will totally use the sugar leaves in cooking, honestly. As opposed to smoking them.

Scott 18:36

I mean that's the the first batch of this that I smoked last night. That's what I did. I just sugar peeled off the sugar leaves. And then there was one like teeny tiny chunk of a nug that was floating around in the bag too. And I would say it was like half nug and half of those sugar leaves. I wasn't coffee, you know, it didn't you know smell or taste funky. Yeah, you know, that's a lot of people talk about what pre rolls are made with and stuff like that. It really just depends on the company. It depends on the batch.

Miranda 19:10

Like if you're getting ground up stems and stuff like that. That's one thing.

Scott 19:14

Oh, absolutely. And hopefully you're smoking with a paper that allows you to see in because you can generally see that kind of thing. If somebody is using a good hemp paper that's thin or a good rice paper that's thin you should be able to generally see inside your joint. Yeah, they've got those glass papers too but those are super weird.

Miranda 19:40

Those are weird.

Scott 19:41

I've got a pack I had to try them. You know the minute I saw somebody smoking because it looks like an invisible joint or invisible like.

Miranda 19:50

It's like Wonder Woman's jet. Right?

Scott 19:52

Exactly. You just see the weed in joint form but you don't see the walls of the joint that are normally there to contain the weed it is. It's a little bit of a mindfuck for sure.

Miranda 20:08

I'm gonna have to get some now I saw them the last time I was at voodoo glass.

Scott 20:12

I can bring a pack. Yeah, I can bring it back and give you a couple of them. Certainly what they feel like they they feel like cellulose they don't feel like a paper. That's weird. It is weird kind of like the minute you start to get it wet it starts to get like gummy you know?

Miranda 20:31

Oh my goodness.

Scott 20:32

Yeah, it's a well it's I was about to say it's similar to the Growf papers but it's not they definitely have more like fiber in them I would say we have more of a like paper feel to them than the glass papers do. And I don't know if that's true for all the brands of those or just the one that I got. I think the ones that I got our called glass with like one S Maybe? I think that's the case.

Miranda 21:04

Interesting. Cool. Very curious to find. Find out what those are like.

Scott 21:09

But yeah, this time around. I'm actually this is like a classic joint setup. I would say this is some some smoking's with some raw tips. So.

Miranda 21:22

I was super impressed watching you roll that joint.

Scott 21:25

Kicking it old school.

Miranda 21:26


Scott 21:27

Well, that's that's how you know. cones were super expensive back in the day they're not cheap now that's definitely the more expensive way to smoke.

Miranda 21:36

Oh, for sure.

Scott 21:38

But yeah, back in the day cones were like stupid expensive

Miranda 21:41

I'm just lazy.

Scott 21:43

I am also for the most part yeah, it's generally cones for me but every now and then.

Miranda 21:49

It's just the you know, every once in a while the the I need this done faster than rolling a joint or a blunt will workout for me.

Scott 21:59


Miranda 21:59

So I packed in a cone is five seconds as opposed to all that finger rolling.

Scott 22:07

Fancy finger rolling, city folk do, well, that's where I learned I learned in Amsterdam.

Miranda 22:15

Oh, nice

Scott 22:16

At Ze Melkweg in Amsterdam. But yeah, Grow West, cool company. Local company, they definitely do things their own way. They are involved in a lot of different community work as well. They've got the Grow West initiative. They also work with a lot of just different charities up in their area and throughout the state, Children's League, Western Maryland Food Bank, etc. As well as you know, focusing their cultivation on sustainability and recycling. And using you know, clean growing techniques, pesticide free all that good stuff clean water, natural nutrients. I believe they grow in soil.

Miranda 23:07

They do.

Scott 23:08

Yeah, they are not airo or hydroponic they are doing it the old way. In some substrate I don't know which substrate they use.

Miranda 23:19

I really like their initiative to advance health, wellness and alleviate those in need to provide community support, promote education, culture and the arts. How lovely is that?

Scott 23:34

I can't argue with any of that.

Miranda 23:37

I just sounds like a really lovely company.

Scott 23:42

Yeah, we will definitely have to go check out or go check out their dispensary. I did not see anything about whether they do or do not offer tours. So we'll have to reach out to them. If anybody from Grow West is listening. Let us know do you do tours?

Miranda 24:00

I think I know somebody at Grow West.

Scott 24:01

Oh, yeah?

Miranda 24:02

Yeah. I just have to make sure I know somebody who works at a grow in Western Maryland.

Scott 24:07


Miranda 24:08

To me that's Grow West.

Scott 24:10

I like I said as far as I know, they're the only ones out there. Everybody else is either kind of in or around the city.

Miranda 24:19

Wherer's GLeaf?

Scott 24:19

Or over... GLeaf is I was about to start naming all the different people and where they are but this is not the old Baltimore house song, [unintelligible singing]. I have no I really don't know.

Miranda 24:41

I think they might be in Frederick.

Scott 24:44

That sounds and I mean that technically is in Western Maryland. Yeah. Baltimore is central. Right, like pretty much dead center Central.

Miranda 24:56

Yeah, they're in Frederick. Their grow is in Frederick. So technically there are two in Western Maryland. So just--

Scott 25:02

There might be more. There could be we don't know. We don't know where everybody is. I think I know where most of them are. But with people getting bought up and consolidating and whatnot, it's kind of hard to keep track.

Miranda 25:14

Facts. It really is.

Scott 25:16


Miranda 25:17

Because you don't know who owns what anymore. And it's yeah, you know how it is.

Scott 25:24

I think I know who owns what as far as all the grows are concerned. I just don't know if people kept both locations in some cases.

Miranda 25:34

That's a good point.

Scott 25:35

I don't know. Because generally speaking, I think people want all of their operations in one central

Miranda 25:47


Scott 25:48

Seems that way.

Miranda 25:51

So, are you feeling?

Scott 25:52

I'm feeling good flavor on this is pretty much like the smell for the most part. It's mainly just gassy and like green and fresh. I hope that makes sense to people. Green light green pepper green like herbs. You know, just like a bright fresh, not earthy, but not all the way quite to herbal just like green grassy there is a little bit more fruitiness I think to the flavor than there is to the smell for me and it's not there right away but it's like after a couple of pulls on it yeah, it's really nice it's it's definitely not as sedated as I felt like it was last night and now that I think about it it was probably more the edibles speaking through me at that point, which is why I was using them I you know, I was using a two to one CBD to THC edible at the end of the night to unwind and you know, get get the kinks out and and ease on into my sleep. But this is definitely more even keel than I felt like it was last night.

Miranda 27:04


Scott 27:04

Which is what I expected.

Miranda 27:06

Yeah. And little miss Pie Crust over here. Definitely has that Gelato flavor to it after smoking half of this joint.

Scott 27:19

I mean, you said it's been a while since you've had Pie Crust, I think Pie Crust--

Miranda 27:22

A couple of years.

Scott 27:24

Oh, really?

Miranda 27:24


Scott 27:25

I was gonna say it's definitely been longer for me. But if it's been that long for you, then it may be longer because Pie Crust is one of the first strains I bought when I got my card. So yeah.

Miranda 27:37

I feel like it hasn't really been around around for a while. And that's how I was like, Ooh, Pie Crust. I'll give this a try.

Scott 27:44

I just don't look at Grow West as often as I do some other growers, I feel like because they don't have a ton of strains. This is one of the last strains for me to try from Grow West. I had had Fruity Pebbles OG crossed with Sour Dub in concentrate form, but never had it in flower form. I think at this point, the only other strains from them for me to try. There was one other that I hadn't seen before. Chem Berry?

Miranda 28:14

I want to say, I think that's new.

Scott 28:17

I can't speak to whether it's new or not. I definitely had never seen it before.

Miranda 28:25

And then have you had their Nurse Jackie?

Scott 28:29

Yes. I've had Nurse Jackie. I've had the Southwest Stomper crossed with Willie Willie's Wonder.

Miranda 28:37

That's a killer strain.

Scott 28:38

Absolutely fantastic.

Miranda 28:39

I looked at it yesterday. And I was like, oh, but we all know I just would have been passed out and drooling.

Scott 28:44

Right. Well, that's--

Miranda 28:44

And Scott would have been like, oh, Miranda, what do you think [mimics snoring].

Scott 28:47

We record during the day, sometimes we record more than one episode at a time. So yeah, definitely don't want to go with something that's too heavy on the myrcene. As we'll be speaking about here shortly, the effects of myrcene are most often going to be sedative, relaxing. You know it she can be a little bit heavy.

Miranda 29:10

And Southwest Stomper Willie's Wonder is one of those strains. It's so heavy on the myrcene that it's just going to knock you out.

Scott 29:18

But that's I mean, that's what she's good for.

Miranda 29:20


Scott 29:20

She's good for that pain relief. is good for that relaxation. But yeah, the other strains from them. I've had the Cambodian Thai.

Miranda 29:31


Scott 29:32

Which is fantastic. I've had the Mandarin Cookies from them.

Miranda 29:39

I've not had the Mandarin Cookies.

Scott 29:40

I thought about picking it up yesterday. I love my orange strains, all of them. I really do, L'Orange. Obviously. You know, I talked about what's kind of my favorite sativa last year I feel like and in large part that has to do with the giant like aroma and flavor that she's got and I feel like a lot of the orange strains they do that.

Miranda 30:01

They do.

Scott 30:01

You know, Sour Tangy, Clementine...

Miranda 30:06

Sour Peel...

Scott 30:06

I think right. Yeah. Mimosa has the orange genetics of Clementine, I think. Yeah, all those strains are really good. So yeah, I thought about it. But I ended up going with the Fruity Pebbles because I hadn't had her before. Yeah, it was interesting. You talked about the purple in yours. The Fruity Pebbles looks very different under different types of light.

Miranda 30:33


Scott 30:33

So right now, I mean, I think if you look at are you see that purple?

Miranda 30:37

I do!

Scott 30:37

But the orange isn't really poppin. But then one of the pictures that I took of her--

Scott 30:38

Oh yeah, I see those orange hairs.

Scott 30:38

Yeah, I mean, I see them. But I feel like in certain pictures that I take.

Miranda 30:51

Oh, whoa!

Scott 30:52

Right. Like that looks like are a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. There were the green and the purple. Like, yeah, the minute you see it like that, and I'll put up the two different types of pictures. And then the other one, she just looks more like sugar coated. And just the different types of light, folks, if you get yourself a loop? Yeah, the better the the loops that are specifically for cannabis have a lot of light, we'll have the different types and the different types of light. Yeah, the black light, you know, UV light, and then just regular light as well to go with your magnification. Because the different types of light are going to showcase different aspects of the tray combs.

Miranda 31:37

Absolutely. And they'll also look for mold. Yes, which sometimes can be an issue with flower, it absolutely can

Scott 31:44

Even flower that you are buying from a dispensary that is being tested for mold can develop mold after it was tested. You know, I mean, as we've talked before, the results of any given test are good for up to 10 pounds of flower, right? So just because there was no mold and the portion they tested, doesn't mean that there is no mold anywhere in that entire batch.

Miranda 32:08

Or there was no mold when they tested before they put it in bags.

Scott 32:13

Sure. Before they put it in bags before it got to the dispensary and then got opened up.

Miranda 32:18

Or didn't get opened up.

Scott 32:20


Miranda 32:21

Or sat on a shelf for a while.

Scott 32:23

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, those bags are in theory, vacuum sealed. So if it's been tested, and it gets into the bag clean. In theory, the only thing that's going to happen to it, the longer it sits on the shelf is it's going to dry out. Now if it's way too wet to begin with.

Miranda 32:47

I've had experience with a bag like that.

Scott 32:50

I mean, it makes sense.

Miranda 32:51

When I was in packing.

Scott 32:52

There's there's bound to be any types of you know, accidents or fuck ups or sure we've we've all gotten Well, maybe you haven't maybe you and if you have you then good for you. But we've all gotten batches of flower that have had seeds in them, you know, early on in the program. That was a huge issue.

Miranda 33:14

Just last year.

Scott 33:17

From one company in particular. Well, a few companies actually.

Miranda 33:21

Yeah it was a big problem throughout the entire state of Maryland last year.

Scott 33:28

But yeah, definitely early on in the program. That was something I heard from everybody in regards to almost every grower. And I knew a lot of people that saved a lot of seeds from the early days in that program that are still waiting on Maryland to change the laws so they can grow those seeds. But anyway, the point is, inspect your flower. Yes, take take the time to look at your flower when you take it home. You know I think we've talked about in the past. You shouldn't be keeping your flower in the bags that it comes in anyway, right? Those plastic bags are good to generally keep the humidity levels where they were and to you know keep any foreign particles from getting into your flower.

Miranda 34:19

But especially if you're like buying flower and you're opening the bag. If you don't open the bag, it's fine, right? But if you're opening the bag, please put it in another container.

Scott 34:29


Miranda 34:30

Yes, because it's just gonna go downhill from there.

Scott 34:33

Yes. Yeah, there there definitely studies that show that plastic degrades terps faster than other materials do. So you want to get yourself some nice little mason jars or like we talked about on the last or last month on one of the episodes. You know save the jars that your flower come in. If you're buying Rythm flower, if you're buying Garcia flower, if you're buying Verano flower, or if you're buying even the the plastic Evermore containers, you know are better than the plastic bags that comes in for sure I would still, you know, recommend glass. But if you've got, you know, whatever, that you've got this going to allow a little bit more room probably give you some room to throw a humidity pack in there, or a humidity stone in there. I did try out that--

Miranda 35:26

How did it work?

Scott 35:27

It's cool. It's cool. And it's funny. So I, I will I don't have the product on me and I don't remember the name of it offhand. But a friend of mine gave me this stone that you soak in water and then you basically use it as a humidity control to perk perk, some flower backup to rehydrate, yeah.

Miranda 35:50


Scott 35:51

Bring back to life, rehydrate your your flower a little bit. And I saw Raul has a similar product as well, that you soak for a few minutes, and then you just kind of pat dry so it's not like dripping wet, because you don't want water falling onto your flower or into your bag of joints. And

Miranda 36:11

where did you end up putting it in relation to your flower?

Scott 36:14

Well, in this case, it was in a jar. So it was kind of the flower was off to the side. And then I had the stone kind of leaning up against the wall.

Miranda 36:24

Like I don't think I would want a wetish stone.

Scott 36:28

Well, the thing the flower, I just patted it dry because the Raw disk or I can't remember what they call their thing. And this is not a Raw we're not we should reach out to him. He's crazy enough he might sponsor us. But yeah, this was basically the same kind of deal. You just you soak in water for a couple of minutes. And then like it, you just pat it dry so that it's not dripping wet, but the stone absorbs because you can see the difference in color, you know, and you can feel the difference in weight and texture. But yeah, you just don't want it. THC is not water soluble. Generally, right. Unless you're you're making Gwen's concoctions but you know, so it's not going to ruin your weed. If you put it in there a little too wet. It just might get a couple of buds, you know, overly wet.

Miranda 37:22

Right. Which I've had Yeah, experienced that. I'm like, oh my god, I can't smoke this.

Scott 37:28


Miranda 37:29

It's wet.

Scott 37:30

No. And in that case, in the rare instance, in the Maryland market or whatever medical market, you're in that you do get flower that's too wet. Just crack the lid. Yeah, you know, or throw it out on a tray or you know.

Miranda 37:46

I like to do the burping method.

Scott 37:48


Miranda 37:49

Where I'll just like pop a jar and then like, take the lid off every few hours, like for five minutes, right? As to not get a whole bunch of stuff in there.

Scott 37:58


Miranda 37:59

So yeah.

Scott 38:00

Yeah, it just depends on how wet it is. Something you get a feel for over time.

Miranda 38:06

You do. I will have to say that this has a really nice rez ring on it. And it's getting to the point where it's starting to drip down.

Scott 38:18

Dat drip doe.

Miranda 38:19

Yeah gotta get dat drip.

Scott 38:19

Yeah, got that motor motor oil ring, as I've heard it described. Yeah, definitely a nice little rez ring on this, especially for something that's only 19 and a half percent. You know, I tend to find the some of the 30 percenters and above, it can get to the point where it causes the joint to burn incorrectly or the blunt to burn incorrectly. Because that super super kief just turns into ooze.

Miranda 38:20

It does. And I've had I've had a situation where a joint has just been wet by the time like the filter part.

Scott 38:58

Oh, wow.

Miranda 38:59

It's just been soaked.

Scott 39:01

Absolutely. And that's typically stuff that hasn't been--

Miranda 39:03

And kind of gross.

Scott 39:04

Yeah. Hasn't been cured well enough.

Miranda 39:06

Yeah. Needs a little bit more love.

Scott 39:10

But yeah, that is our Grow West experience.

Miranda 39:14

I'm not mad.

Scott 39:15

Check them out for sure. Like, like we said, this stuff is untrimmed, you can probably find a dispensary near you that either has their untrim stuff, you know listed as shake or, you know, value or something like that. Or you might see their premium flower again, which comes in the little metal tins that's going to have that little humidity pack in it but...

Miranda 39:40

Either way, we got this for for what, $25 and eighth?

Scott 39:42

Yeah, yeah. So check them out. Definitely some good medicine for sure. Definitely have their own way of doing things. You know, their flower is gonna look very different than you're used to flower looking. Shout out to all my processor buddies that have to deal with Grow West flower on a regular basis, because some of the batches can definitely be pretty wild. Yeah. calamari.

Miranda 40:07

I'm not mad at sugar leaves ever. I wish I could just go and buy a bag of sugar leaves, honestly, you that's not listed as trim and has a whole bunch of stems and shit in it.

Scott 40:17

You are the rare case.

Miranda 40:19

I am.

Scott 40:20

Lots of lots of people will tell you that Grow West flower is just poorly trimmed.

Miranda 40:26


Scott 40:26

I disagree.

Miranda 40:28

I think it's fine.

Scott 40:28

I think it's a different product that they offer. It's different style and way of doing things. And yeah, that's all there is to it. Yeah, I don't I don't think it's. But you know, I think people are generally over overly critical of the Maryland market anyway, especially the Maryland producers in my--

Miranda 40:52

It's very true.

Scott 40:53

In my opinion. And look, there are some Maryland producers that I'm very critical of but in general, I am more critical of their business practices and employment practices than--

Miranda 41:05

As opposed to their grow practices.

Scott 41:06

Yeah, like if you hear me talking trash about Curio, I'm generally not talking trash about Curio's flower. I've had some very good Curio flower for sure. I haven't paid for it. It was back when I was getting Yeah, it was back when I was getting demos from the dispensary. And Curio basically tries to bribe bud tenders to recommend their products by giving them a lot of samples. Hey, I'm not hating on it, because dispensary workers are generally being paid poverty wages. So it's nice for them to be able to get some free smoke, or free cartridges or free whatever. Even if it's just swag. T shirts and hats and whatnot. I think I'm wearing a I'm wearing. I'm wearing a Fracture Fox hat right now. But I was wearing a GRAV hat earlier today. That was definitely some dispensary swag that we got.

Miranda 42:00

Oh, for sure.

Scott 42:01

But yeah, you know, I think that we should be a little bit easier on the local producers because I value the variety of products that we get.

Miranda 42:14

And I feel like they've really stepped up their game in the past year. Like since the situation with all the seeds. Right, I feel like the growers have really sort of taken great strides to make better flower to grow better flower to cure better flower. Because I'm definitely seeing better cures on things.

Scott 42:35

I feel like that is absolutely true. I also feel like we got an influx of some great genetics in Maryland.

Miranda 42:43

Oh, for real.

Scott 42:45

Halfway through last year. And it's it's, you know, interesting to see what that means in the long run. And if that continues, or if that was just a part of different brands trying to find new growers for their, for their labels here in Maryland.

Miranda 43:07

It's possible, but you know what, I'm not on the flower. I swear to God, Sun Med especially has elevated themselves.

Scott 43:18

Sun Med definitely got very good. But also I feel like Garcia got better. I feel like, I feel like Evermore was good. But I feel more got great. You know, later. And more recently, even. Or even. Yeah, everybody's like you said the cure has a lot to do with it. And, and I think the cure has a lot to do with the terps.

Miranda 43:43

And I think the grow facilities have gotten larger as well.

Scott 43:46

They absolutely have.

Miranda 43:47

That's had a huge factor because I feel like before the grows got larger, they were just pushing flower into the market. They were just pushing it out. And it wasn't great. When not only are so few growers in Maryland, was I think the last I checked was 12.

Scott 44:05

I don't know what we're at right now.

Miranda 44:07

I think I last I think it was 12 The last time I checked.

Scott 44:10

That sounds right.

Miranda 44:12

Which isn't a lot.

Scott 44:13


Miranda 44:14

For the for the the market in Maryland.

Scott 44:17

Yes, dollar amount. Yes. I mean, I guess it's based on and we're look we're gonna see more producers when when we get recreational and we're gonna get recreational or adult use as I prefer. Yeah. Yeah, the referendums coming and the market is going to dictate that...

Miranda 44:39

We're going to need more grows.

Scott 44:41

Absolutely. And we should have them and that'll mean better things for again, more genetics. It should mean better things for pricing, because the market will be more competitive. Yeah.

Miranda 44:53

Yeah, it's gonna be great. I'm for it.

Scott 44:56

Looking forward to it, but in the meantime, Um, you guess you got Grow West and and support them. Yeah, check them out.

Miranda 45:04

It's great flower. Um, I wasn't mad that I had to put a Boveda in there. It happens. It happens to Curio flower it happens to like your $65 flower. Sometimes it's just dry. So yeah, she perked up. She's great. I'm feeling energetic. I'm feeling I don't know if I ever really feel focused from sativas. Sometimes they make me feel a little bit more scattered. But yeah, I feel great. not experiencing any pain or discomfort, which today was not a great day for that. So kudos Grow West, keep keep it up!

Scott 45:43

Doing her job. Yeah, send us your thoughts on Grow West, send us your thoughts on who we should review next. Yeah. We've done evermore we've done Sun Med, we've done Grow West, we've done that's it. That's it so far. So if we haven't done your favorite, or if we haven't done somebody, you work for whatever, shoot us a message. We always appreciate the feedback.

Miranda 46:13

And it's I think, people I did get a message the other day about us reviewing concentrates and vapes. I don't vape enough to afford to go buy a vape to review it.

Scott 46:25

I mean, look, I've still got a ton of leftover concentrates from those demo days. And at some point, I may do some reviews of those. But that would be obviously, Miranda and I can't share that medicine. So it's not like she can review that stuff with me. That is my medicine. And I don't know how useful the dude who doesn't dabs reviews of dabs. Maybe it will be super useful to those of you who also don't do a lot of dabbing, or concentrates right?

Miranda 46:56

Just to see how it affects you.

Scott 46:57

Honestly, what I do with a more than not is I roll them into things. Or you know, now that they've been sitting for a while most of them have kind of turned to goo more than sugar or wax or whatever they were supposed to be in the beginning. So it's really easy to just dip a tool in there and rub it along the side of a King Palm, and then dust that was some kief or whatever, you know, sometimes we get creative.

Miranda 47:26

Well, we could definitely do concentrates. Especially if you have some hanging out at home.

Scott 47:31


Miranda 47:40

And that brings us to our terpene of the month. Little Miss Myrcene.

Scott 47:46

Big Miss myrcene if you asked me.

Miranda 47:49

Seriously, the most the most prolific!

Scott 47:53

Yeah, the most prolific, prevalent. Yeah. Most highly sought after. Yeah, I think you could safely say.

Miranda 48:05

I would say in my experience as a budtender I would say that that is the terpene that most people are looking for because of all the magical rumors that they have heard.

Scott 48:18

You know, if you're just tuning in for the first time and you've never heard the word terpene before just a quick refresher. Terps are the aromatic oils that the cannabis flower and lots of different plants secrete.

Miranda 48:38

Yes, and myrcene is mostly found while cannabis. The Ylang ylang plant f mromy aromatherapy days.

Miranda 48:48

The who what?

Miranda 48:49

Ylang ylang. It's a flower.

Scott 48:54

That's an old 50's do wop song.

Miranda 48:55

[sings] Do lang do lang do lang. Ylang ylang ylang ylang.

Scott 48:59

[Sings in falsetto] He's my guy...

Miranda 49:01

[Sings] Ylang ylang ylang

Scott 49:03

[Sings in falsetto] She get's me high...

Miranda 49:08

But Bay, parsley, wild thyme, lemongrass, hops and the lovable mango.

Scott 49:14

The lovable mango. A lot of you have heard the rumor before that mango you know eating mango can affect the influence of or intensity of cannabis. The reality is that the amount of myrcene that is contained in mango, probably you would you would get high from the other vitamins and--

Miranda 49:43

For sure. just eating a mango in general and mangoes.

Scott 49:47

Before you would feel any additional effects from your cannabis but there is myrcene and mango.

Miranda 49:53

Yes. But those are your, your other plants that you're going to find it in it's it's sort of a balsamy, which I don't know if that makes sense to people. Sort of that resiney, sweet, sometimes clove or musky scent.

Scott 50:15


Miranda 50:16

Yeah, she's a little perfumey.

Scott 50:18

I would say. Or at least for me, a lot of the times when I, if something has like a perfume scent to me, there's a good chance that myrcene is going to be the highest.

Miranda 50:31

For sure.

Scott 50:32

Now, I think a lot of times that is myrcene in combination with like limonene or terpinolene.

Miranda 50:37

I think it might be Ocimene too.

Miranda 50:40

Well, okay.

Miranda 50:41

Because I think that one's the floral. Well, anyway.

Scott 50:46

Everybody's body is different. I know. We haven't said it in a while we're not doctors.

Miranda 50:51

No, we're not chemists.

Scott 50:54

And your doctor probably won't have a ton to tell you about terps to be honest with you, unless they've also got some experience in like holistic wellness and things like that. Definitely. Essential oils and aromatherapy and things will more often have information on these things for you. Then your general practitioner will usually.

Miranda 51:19

Yeah. So what is it tastes like? It's spicy, it's earthy. It can be sweet. And fruity. Yeah, she's got a lot going on. I feel like she's, she's very, very prevalent in cannabis. But she's different with her expression in each strain.

Scott 51:47

Right. This is another one, like limonene where I think you're going to find very different effects from very different amounts of myrcene.

Miranda 52:01

Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, if I don't like heavy myrcene, it gives me a headache.

Scott 52:07

I like it for certain things. Yeah. I mean, as those certain things are knocking myself the eff out.

Miranda 52:14

It doesn't work that way for me.

Scott 52:17

Yeah. You know, your, your experience, your mileage may vary. Absolutely. But for me, Ray Charles with 2.4% myrcene is absolutely that strain that I reach for, if I wake up at 2am after, you know, trying to be a responsible adult and going to sleep at nine or 10pm. And I wake up at 2am and I am wide awake. Like I can get up and you know, drink a few sips of water and pack a teeny tiny and I mean, like two or three hits. little bowl into my Gandalf of some Ray Charles, and I will go right back to sleep.

Miranda 53:00

That's awesome.

Scott 53:00

10-15 minutes later, I am back out. And I'm probably out for three, four or five hours, you know, not 30 more minutes and then wake back up.

Miranda 53:10

I feel like myrcene and also enhances the other terpenes.

Scott 53:14

That's what they say. Right? I mean, I think that's what that whole mango rumor is effectively supposed to be about is that myrcene is basically supposed to or people have experienced it to be a boost.

Miranda 53:31


Scott 53:31

An enhancer of other terps and of THC.

Miranda 53:37

Yeah. She's anti inflammatory. So she's gonna be great for any of that like super pain that you have.

Scott 53:47

And that's pretty obvious from the strains that you're going to find her in absolutely in abundance, right because you're gonna find her in you know, I think 40% of the strains that you pick up off the shelf myrcene will be the highest terp of.

Miranda 54:04

Oh, for sure even sativas these days

Scott 54:07


Miranda 54:07

Which quote, unquote sativas. Right.

Scott 54:10

Which is why we tell you you know sativa and indica describe the leaf size and structure of the plant right not the effects that you're gonna get from the plant. The sooner that you realize the words indica and sativa are marketing words. Yes more than they are actual cannabis information.

Miranda 54:35

That's 100% correct.

Scott 54:36

Once you realize that you'll be better off because we've we've talked about sativas that are higher in myrcene than any other terp you know that Burmese Mimosa from Garcia can absolutely fall into that category.

Miranda 54:51

Absolutely. Um Grape Stomper.

Miranda 54:54

Well we talked about Yeah, exactly. The Grow West stuff the Southwest Stomper Willies Wonder. Well, they don't they don't call that a sativa. No, no, I meant Grape Grape Stomper.

Miranda 55:04

Yeah she usually has a lot of myrcene in her.

Scott 55:08

Some other Blue Dream, which is something that you would not necessarily think of as an indica can often have a lot of myrcene in it. And I talked about that that the Evermore Santa Cruz Blue Dream.

Miranda 55:23

Had a lot of myrcene?

Scott 55:24

Had a bunch of myrcene.

Miranda 55:25

Was it over 1%?

Scott 55:26

Yeah, it was 1.2% something 1.28%, 1.3% something like that. Now it also had the, the 0.70% pinene to go with it. But But it had plenty of myrcene. And so yeah, just like I said, just like limonene I feel like what it's in and what amount it's in is going to vary greatly change what it's going to do for me personally.

Miranda 55:51

Absolutely. There are some studies that have been done to show that it's anti tumor. So I think that that probably plays a huge role in I would say RSO consumption.

Scott 56:05

Yeah, Harlequin and Remedy are two strains that you'll find.

Miranda 56:08

Even Ray Charles RSO.

Scott 56:11

That you'll find that are a higher in myrcene.

Miranda 56:15

Yeah, because it's because it has such a high anti inflammatory effect. They contribute the effects to be they essentially kill cancerous tumors. And that was that was 2015 study published by the Korean society for Applied Biological Chemistry.

Scott 56:38


Miranda 56:38

And it actually apparently encourages anti metastatic activity in human breast cancer cells. Okay, which is really fascinating.

Scott 56:52

Yeah, I don't know. It's, it's interesting to note that lemongrass has been used in a lot of these same ways, you know, whether it's sleep aid, whether it's inflammation and that's another thing that's you know, naturally occurring and that's high in myrcene.

Miranda 57:12

You can find any number of teas on the market that are for calming, sleep, etc that have lemongrass in them.

Scott 57:19

And from all different cultures.

Miranda 57:20


Scott 57:21

Yeah, I've I've even heard of lemongrass being used by the Germans in like German folk medicine, people over there, which I thought was super interesting because I think of lemongrass as like an Asian, Thai, Vietnamese is you know, yeah, Southeast Asian, right.

Miranda 57:40

I don't think of it growing in Germany for some reason.

Scott 57:43

Yeah, I mean, obviously you can grow lemongrass anywhere. It's not citrus or you know, whatever, where you have to have super you know, tropical.

Miranda 57:54

Maybe I'll see if I can get a plant to that and put it in the backyard this summer.

Scott 57:57

I definitely know people that have long that have known that have grown lemongrass before.

Miranda 58:02

Thennthey've known it too.

Scott 58:03

They have in the biblical sense.

Miranda 58:08

What you do with your lemongrass is your business not here to kink shame anybody. But yeah, she's sedative. Lots of studies done on that one 2002 Journal of Phyto Medicine says that it has a very sedative effect in mice in very high doses. Lucky mice.

Scott 58:34

Right. Yeah, obviously, as we always say more research needs to be done these things but again, other things that have myrcene and occurring and high amounts have been used for a lot of these purposes for a long time. Generally speaking, the effects of myrcene are the the stereotypical effects of cannabis right you know, that stoney couch lock.

Miranda 59:07

Definitely couch lock I don't feel like it ever makes me feel stoney. But again, this is where we are. We're different people.

Scott 59:13

Right? Well and that could be a semantics thing to like when I say stoney I mean like full body a little bit heavy not necessarily...

Miranda 59:25

See all my stoney thoughts go to cerebral highs. Yeah, okay. Cool.

Scott 59:30

When when I say stoney, I mean more of, more of a body thing than I like I quickly say like, head high or like cerebral if I'm talking.

Miranda 59:40

Got you, got you, but yeah, um, it is really great in helping with, again, I said inflammation, sleep. Again, your mileage may vary with that. It's also apparently anti aging in your skin. It has a high antioxidant level, so therefore, it's been proven to be beneficial in using it topically. I'll have to look more into this. I am an esthetician, retired esthetician. So it'd be very curious to see what that would be making a skin cream or oil with some myrcene in it to see if it would tone down inflammation, right maybe with rosacea, etc. So, yeah.

Scott 1:00:30

Yeah, interesting.

Miranda 1:00:31


Scott 1:00:32

Yeah, we mentioned a few strains that will be high myrcene some others. Your Kush's, OG Kush, Tahoe OG Granddaddy Purple. Oh, yeah, Grape ape.

Miranda 1:00:50

What else what else what else Ray Charles, Grape Stomper, Afghani.

Scott 1:00:54

Afghani all those Afghan Afghani strains are typically going to be really high and myrcene Skywalker OG anything OG, yeah, typically.

Miranda 1:01:06

Yeah. Anything OG is generally going to have a high myrcene content. Yeah.

Scott 1:01:09

Fruit Apple OG, Tahoe OG, San Fernando Valley OG. Yeah

Miranda 1:01:17

Yeah, so, that's that's Little Miss myrcene.

Scott 1:01:20

You probably like myrcene.

Miranda 1:01:23

You do.

Scott 1:01:24

If if you like that full body feel. If you like that sedation, if you're using your cannabis to relax and unwind, and get pain relief and get sleep aid, a combination of myrcene and caryophyllene would be my recommendation and linalool, yeah, if you can find her. If you can find a strain that's got some lovely linalool in there. That's again, you know, the thing that's found in lavender, that's going to be nice and relaxing. Like the linalool strains. If you can find something that's got 0.3% or 0.4% linalool along with like00

Miranda 1:02:01

Oh Sour Peel.

Scott 1:02:02

Or 0.8% - 1.4% myrcene, and you're gonna have a nice chill time. Yeah, yeah, that's some good like movie. Or

Miranda 1:02:11

A movie you're not particularly invested in. Don't listen to that book that you've been really meaning to read.

Scott 1:02:22


Miranda 1:02:22

Or listen to. Yeah, but that's myrcene and she's great.

Scott 1:02:28

That is what most people were asking for.

Miranda 1:02:32

Yeah, keep using her.

Scott 1:02:34

Let us know which terp we should talk about next, folks. Yeah, we've done myrcene, limonene, and my pal pinene. So yeah, we still have plenty to go.

Miranda 1:02:47


Scott 1:02:47

Tell us which one you would like to hear about next, or tell us what myrcene does for you. I know some people say that if myrcene is high enough. It jacks them up.

Miranda 1:02:58

Yeah, I wonder if that's the theory behind Grape Stomper. Right, because that's a sativa. And it's all myrcene.

Scott 1:03:08

I have never had a myrcene strain over 2% that I felt energized by I have definitely had high myrcene sativa has that are in that like 1.2% to 1.4% range that don't drag me down. But I have never had a strain over 2% Whether it was Skywalker, whether it was Afghani whether it was Ray Charles, whether it was Florida Kush. I've never had an indica with over 2% myrcene that I was like, Oh my gosh, I'm just gonna do all the things. No.

Miranda 1:03:50

Wonder what the Yeah, I would really love to know the science behind that. Because--

Scott 1:03:54

That's the same people that you know, I mean, some people take Adderall to calm down and focus and other people take Adderall and it affects them like Coke. Yeah, right, where they're just like bouncing off the walls and like, super hyper and hyper focused. Everybody's body is different. Yeah, that's just the wonderful world of terps and endocannabinoid systems that we need more research to find out about.

Miranda 1:04:24


Scott 1:04:25

And, yeah, luckily, we have some of that research on the way.

Miranda 1:04:29

Yeah. And there's gonna be more.

Scott 1:04:32

Amen. Well, thank you, folks. Again, we always appreciate you all for tuning in. And we especially appreciate all of those of you who like and follow and share please share, tell your friends about us.

Miranda 1:04:48

Yeah, and send us questions. I'm available on Instagram at Our Lady of Maryjane,

Scott 1:04:54

And you can find me at your cannabis coach or you can just message us directly At the Or you can visit us at the website If you're looking for a sticker, all you have to do is shoot us your address. And we will be happy to send you one of those off while supplies last and then you can be lazy you don't even have to type it in you can just scan the QR code. Or maybe you got a sticker from us at the National cannabis festival. Yeah, thank you so much, folks. We greatly appreciate it.

Miranda 1:05:22

Oooh! As you've seen on Instagram, you can now get ten percent off any class or bundle of classes from the Trichome Institute when you use the code GETHEADY. That's GETHEADY like The Heady Conversations! Also, a little sneak peek....stay tuned, there's going to be a giant giveaway coming at you very soon. You're going to have to do a little work for it, but the work will be worth it!

Scott 1:05:56

We will talk to you soon be well to yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:05:59

Yeah, let's go smoke some more.

[MUSIC: "Today One Love, Tomorrow the World" by Bobby Ramone]

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