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Episode 24 - District Cannabis Review

Frosty green cannabis bud spilling out of a sherry glass laying on its side.

In this episode, Scott and Miranda review two strains from District Cannabis: Sour Diesel and Gelato Cake! They also talk terps featuring linalool.


[MUSIC: "Lavender Hill" by the Kinks]

Miranda 0:09

Hello and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:15

Hello again people we are marching right along into summer at this point well depending on where you live you might be kind of sweaty balls deep in summer already glansing at the temperatures across the country.

Miranda 0:35

We're getting there.

Scott 0:36

A little bit but yeah here in Baltimore we've been spared so far it's been very windy and rainy, crazy tornadoes and such but as of yet, not a ton of the heat and humidity that we will surely be oppressed by any day now.

Miranda 0:53

Any day any day. But now that Artscape has moved right I don't know when the hottest day of Baltimore is.

Scott 1:01

That's true it's not quite virtual again.

Miranda 1:03

They just moved it into September.

Scott 1:06

Oh, he right that's what it is.

Miranda 1:08


Scott 1:08

They moved it more up into Station North right and to to so we're getting real local here for a second, but it is the largest outdoor public arts festival in the world. As as we're told at least. But yeah, Artscape traditionally hellishly hot on whatever weekend of the year it tends to be or torrential crazy downpour.

Miranda 1:34


Scott 1:35

That you know ruins your time anyway, because you just can't go buy art.

Miranda 1:40

We hosted a scooter rally a few years ago that weekend. And let me tell you that nice long ride that we had through Baltimore at noon pretty much killed us for the day. Yeah, everybody needed a nap and a shower and a meal after that because and eight gallons of water.

Scott 2:03

And had burns along their calves and ankles.

Miranda 2:07

And helmet line.

Scott 2:10

All that good stuff.

Miranda 2:11

And it was great. Um, so yeah, looking forward to the rest of summer but not the heat.

Scott 2:17

Yeah, no, I have been pleasantly surprised. And I think the veggies have been loving life. And I know the fig tree is going crazy. And yeah, it's I think it's been good.

Miranda 2:29


Scott 2:29

We've gotten off easy so far. But yeah, we're back to talk to you this week about District Cannabis.

Miranda 2:34

Yeah, it's our review episode. And we're gonna sit here and try out some new and some old favorites.

Scott 2:39

Yeah, I was gonna say, try out is a little bit. What do you what do you call it a bit of the wrong word this time around, because we're both familiar with the strains that we're smoking. We're both familiar with this grower. And as we were discussing, before we got started kind of the the number one word that comes to mind when you think of, or at least when we think of District Cannabis is--

Miranda 3:14


Scott 3:16

Superduper consistent batch in, batch out, you know, they just recently went through a big expansion of facilities. And we are still very much hoping to maybe see those facilities for ourselves one day, if anybody's listening district cannabis, we had had some correspondence going back and forth with them and then just kind of got disconnected it seems so maybe we can re continue that and get us down there so we can check you out. Because we really love this flower.

Miranda 3:49


Scott 3:50

We really like what we know about the company. I'm mistakenly had them confused with District Growers, first got into the industry and was going around telling people that District Cannabis was a black owned business, which they are not. But they do do a lot of social justice work and inclusionary work and are involved with projects that you've heard us talk a lot about, like the Last Prisoner Project.

Miranda 4:23

And they're also very pro keeping cannabis at an affordable price.

Scott 4:28


Miranda 4:28

Which I think is a giant thing for the community.

Scott 4:31

Yeah, that is the other thing that we both absolutely love about them. You know, they said all along that part of their expansion goals were to lower prices. And unlike a lot of businesses--

Miranda 4:44

They did!

Scott 4:43

The minute they were able to you know, put those words into action. They did so and started dropping the costs, which I know some dispensaries actually weren't super thrilled about, right because District stuff is very popular, you know, they're very consistent sellers as well as the flower being consistent. They perform consistently in a dispensary where, because of that consistency and quality, that we love them for people know the name and go for the stuff on a regular basis. So if all of a sudden your you know what you had to sell for $50 an eighth.

Miranda 4:44

Right, it's $40 now.

Scott 4:50

Yeah, I mean, because District went right to the people and said, We're gonna give all our stuff to dispensaries at $25 and eighth.

Miranda 5:28


Scott 5:32

And I think maybe they've even gone lower than that now, from what I understand. But when they started rolling out the increased capacity that this new growth facility enabled them to do, they immediately put that word out there that they were dropping prices.

Miranda 5:54

And I think that just speaks to the quality of the company. I mean, we all know we're anti big business, blah, blah, blah. But the fact that they did it as soon as they could, it wasn't just a talking point for them, right? It wasn't just a Oh, hey, guys, we're gonna do this for you. We promise. And then it goes just unheard and undone.

Scott 6:17

And then the addition of them not only saying it, but being transparent enough to tell us what the price point is. You know, it's not every day that you know, the dude who sells hamburgers to McDonald's tells you, right? Hey, you know, I'm only charging them 50 cents for a quarter pounder. So, you know, figure it out, if they're charging you $6 for it. And that's the part that I think, ticked a lot of other cannabis companies and dispensaries off is that, you know, there's a certain amount of flexibility in pricing that you lose, when other companies start being that transparent with the consumer. Because if you're not able to grow and sell it for that amount, whatever you're doing wrong.

Miranda 7:08


Scott 7:09

So yeah, it's just just a real interesting approach that we both really respect from them. But of course, if the flower was trash, we would still not be that super interested, or entertained or amused and enthused to do these reviews. But that's not the case. The flower is always top notch, too. So, what do ya got?

Miranda 7:34

Yeah, I'm smoking the Sour Diesel today, which is a newer addition to their their repertoire, as it were.

Scott 7:36

To our Maryland market. we should say.

Miranda 7:46

Yes, I think she's been available in DC for a hot minute now. But she's looking good. Coming in at 21% 21.65% THC and 1.99% Terps so overall cannabinoids 22.88%.

Scott 8:05


Miranda 8:06

I'm not mad about it. As we all know, I feel like a sativa shouldn't be super super high in THC. But I'm here for terps and yeah, that's what we've got. The Alpha pinene is at 0.02%, Beta pinene 0.03%, Beta myrcene 0.39%, limonene 0.27, linalool 0.10%, beta caryophyllene 0.68%, High High High humulene at 0.24%, so if you're looking for a strain that is not going to give you the munchies, this is the girl for you and then the beta eudismol as at 0.11%. So fairly terpy.

Scott 8:58

A little bit of everything caryophyllene's the highest.

Miranda 9:01


Miranda 9:02

0.50% something? 0.68%, yeah, so that's going to give you a decent body effects to go with whatever else you're going to feel.

Scott 9:02

Yeah, dry pull is very, very gassy. Which super diesely.

Scott 9:17

I mean.

Miranda 9:18

That's how it should be.

Scott 9:19

Yeah, I mean, that's if if, if your diesel it ain't gassy, then you gotta wonder if it's really a diesel at all.

Miranda 9:27

For sure. And the buds structure on this is pretty cool. She's very, very fluffy.

Scott 9:34


Miranda 9:35

And actually probably the most sativa looking bud that I've seen in a hot minute.

Scott 9:42

Certainly from them. Yeah, you know, I feel like the Cherry Chem and the Gelato Cake which are the other strains that we get up here in the Maryland market are usually fairly dense, tight bud structure.

Miranda 9:54

Super tight colas.

Scott 9:55

Super well trimmed. Yeah, that definitely has Some some--

Scott 10:00

Fluffy, fluffiness.

Scott 10:03

Fluff going on. Yeah, and you know we should mention because I just made note of the strains that are available to us here in Maryland District Cannabis is one of the brands that is available both here and DC right. And they have different products available in DC and different products available here in Maryland. We've talked before about the suppositories they offer.

Miranda 10:31


Scott 10:31

We've mentioned the lubricant that they make that's available down in DC. I think maybe I've mentioned the the Peach Flambe is a strain that I've had of theirs before from down there. And I know that you had gotten the Sour Diesel when we were down in DC.

Miranda 10:47


Scott 10:48

To check out before so yes, yeah, it's you know, if you're listening to to us from the DC market, it might sound weird to talk about Sour Diesel as a new strain. But it is a newer offering here in the Maryland market from them.

Miranda 11:03

For sure. Yeah. And what do you have over there?

Scott 11:06

I have one of my best friends Gelato Cake. Ever since the first time I tried this strain I absolutely loved it. numbers on this batch in particular are looking pretty fantastic. Total cannabinoids at 28.22%.

Miranda 11:24


Scott 11:24

Total terps at 2.87%. And that is predominantly going to be made up of the limonene which is at 1.15%. Then that is followed up with beta caryophyllene at 0.50%, linalool, which we'll be talking about later in our terpene profile, highlight this this month, is at 0.33%, alpha pinene 0.29%, beta pinene 0.17% and then we've got little occimene0.15%, little humulene at 0.15% as well. And then kind of negligible amounts of myrcene, terpinolene, etc. But yeah, little bit of everything and THC at 26.5%. So, good amount of THC. The CBG is a little bit lower than I like to see at 0.18%, but it feels perfectly cured. It's a little bit sticky.

Miranda 12:33

Yeah, this was super sticky.

Scott 12:35

Yeah. So to me that represents a good cure. I'm not sure why that CBG number is so low, but yeah, I don't know.

Miranda 12:43

Yeah, I've got no CBG, CBD or CBN in this.

Scott 12:47

The interesting thing about this batch to me appearance wise was I there's like next to no purple in it whatsoever.

Miranda 12:54

Which which is unusual for them.

Scott 12:56

Yeah, I'm used to seeing a little bit more purple in the Gelato Cake. It's normally got kind of a like a purple ribboning to it almost. Where you know, none of the buds are like superduper purple, but all of them have a decent amount of it. You mentioned the dry pull on yours. The dry pull on this is exactly how it smells too. It's that Gelato creaminess that like cakey sugary sweetness of like an icing. Yeah, that's you know, it's always got a great smell a great flavor and great effects. So...

Miranda 12:56

I love it.

Scott 12:58

Yeah, here we go.

Miranda 13:03

Cheers! And we are both smoking these out of King Palms today.

Scott 13:48

I was gonna roll a joint for a change, but Miranda offered up a King Palm and I have a hard time saying no. So yeah, I joined in as well.

Miranda 14:04

How's it going over there?

Scott 14:06

Gelato Cake, it's the same every time I'm never mad at it. Always happy by the end of it. So the parents on Gelato Cake are Gelato 33 I believe I'm sorry. Let me find these notes real quick. Just so I don't misspeak on anything. But yeah, so it's Wedding Cake and Gelato 33.

Miranda 14:39


Scott 14:39

Just wanted to make sure they describe it as being a layered mosaic of crushed grapes, sweet kerosene gas and aged cognac.

Miranda 14:52

I think that's fair.

Scott 14:53

Cognac, I could definitely see you know--

Miranda 14:56

The age grapes even.

Scott 14:57

There is definitely a little bit of gassiness to it to me, it's a little more on the citrus side with all that limonene but yeah it definitely you know has a little bit of that kind of fuminess, you know super sugar coated as usual you'll see when I put the pictures up it's got a good amount of hairs on it, you know, little kind of brown and golden leaning towards orange a little bit but not like superduper orangey as far as the hairs go, I'd say more like milk chocolatey. But yeah, really, really pretty bud even with the lack of that purple that, you know, I like to see. But yeah, it's

Miranda 15:46

I thought that was one of the most interesting things that we both noticed was that there was no purple in that batch.

Scott 15:53

Yeah, it's a little odd, but I haven't I haven't had their Gelato Cake in a while maybe. You know, maybe the expression they're working with now that they've moved into the new facility is a different expression. Who knows?

Miranda 16:05

Yeah. And I have got let's see, the parentage on Sour Diesel would be a Super Skunk, which is Skunk #1 and Afghani crossed, and also Chem Dawg. Which is really interesting to me. So a nice hybrid. And then a Sour, Good God, Super Skunk to me is like I don't know. Super Skumk to me is like an out of body experience. Generally when I've had it.

Miranda 16:07

I don't think I've ever had just Super Skunk. I've had some Super Skunk crosses. Definitely in like Blueberry Skunk, I want to say.

Miranda 16:48

Oh, I do love a Blueberry Skunk. That's for sure.

Scott 16:51

I know. I've had more Skunks than that. But I can't they're not coming to mind at the moment.

Miranda 16:51

But yeah, it's like super... Sour Diesel to me is very relaxing, but also very energizing. So great body effects. But also, yeah, I don't feel like I'm pinned down. I can go and do stuff. Great mental clarity. Great focus. Yeah, that's where she is for me. She's tasty.

Scott 17:25

Always tasty for sure. As I continue smoking on this, it's definitely, ya know. Like I said that little hint of sweetness that kind of like icing kind of sugary. Yeah, just pleasant sweetness without being cloyingly sweet in any way. You know. And smooth.

Miranda 17:56

Yes, these are well, I mean, I've smoked Gelato Cake before. And I've never had a moment where I have like coughed my head off from it. And I mean, this Sour Diesel is super smooth. I'm getting over a sinus infections. I'm sorry, my voice is cracking up. But um, yeah. This is I mean, I I would say this is probably one of my favorite Sour Diesels that I've had of just a plain old regular Sour Diesel.

Scott 18:28

Yeah, in the Maryland market. I'm trying to think of the Diesels that I enjoy.

Miranda 18:33

New York City, East Coast. What else do we have?

Scott 18:38

Yeah, we've got the ONYCD from Nature's Heritage, and I've definitely enjoyed that a time or two.

Miranda 18:47

Who was growing East Coast Sour Diesel for the longest time? I feel like that was like around a lot last summer.

Scott 18:57

And I don't I know SunMed does a straight Sour Diesel.

Miranda 19:03

And I haven't had their Sour Diesel either.

Scott 19:05

I haven't had it in a long time. I did definitely try it once. I was not particularly impressed. But I feel like Sour Diesel is one of those strains that if you were involved in the cannabis market before you know we had medicinal cannabis here in Maryland. Sour Diesel is one of those strains that's been around for a long time.

Miranda 19:30

Only since the 90s, really.

Scott 19:32

Um, Well.

Miranda 19:33

I mean, again, it's 10 years ago for me, but for the rest of you.

Scott 19:39

32 years ago was 1990.

Miranda 19:41

what I say when I think of like a long time I think of like back in the 70's.

Scott 19:45

I understand. Yeah, I'm just talking about my personal experience and yeah, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, you know, these are strains that White Widow although So few people grow White Widow now that when I see it, I almost always grab it.

Miranda 20:04

It's so nice.

Scott 20:05

Yeah, I generally think so.

Miranda 20:08

Yeah, it's one of my favorites. I'm really...I need to put this out because I'm getting a little buzzy. Like too buzzy.

Scott 20:16

Nothing wrong with it.

Miranda 20:17

I have to go run around the block.

Scott 20:18

I am absolutely not putting this out, there is absolutely no danger in me getting too buzzy with this. Yeah, I mean, they do describe the Gelato Cake as a indica leaning hybrid. And I, you know, I think we talked about this beforehand, where I don't ever feel particularly sedated by it. But I definitely always feel that it's a total body high. And I think maybe that's what lends people more to think of it as an indica strain, because you are going to feel it mind and body, you know, there's definitely a very deep heavy body high component to it.

Miranda 21:04

Yeah, for sure. But I think it's the high limonene that keeps it from being like completely sinking into the couch, or even like, generally putting you out for the night.

Scott 21:18

Not at all right? That's, I can smoke this strain as late as you know, eight or nine o'clock and not have any sort of, you know, residual jitteriness, or anxiety or anything like that. You know, it'll help you relax if that's what you're looking to do. But if you're looking for something to put you to sleep, I would suggest you want something heavier than Gelato Cake, for sure.

Miranda 21:45

I always use Gelato Cake for my my migraine medication, because Sour Diesel was so hard to find in the Maryland market. And that high limonene is really what knocks it out of the park for me. So if you're looking to medicate with it for something absolutely specific Gelato Cake is great for that. And Sour Diesel too.

Scott 22:12

Yeah, I feel like a lot of the other cakes, the Wedding Cake and the Birthday Cake are a little bit heavier on the myrcene and the caryophyllene. You know, it's not unusual to see like Birthday Cake with caryophyllene up over 1.0%.

Miranda 22:28


Scott 22:28

And I don't think I've ever seen it on the Gelato Cake higher than like 0.60% of 0.70%.

Miranda 22:34

No, it's never super high.

Scott 22:36

So yeah, if you're looking for that pain relief and deep, deep, you know.

Miranda 22:43

Hammer over the head?

Scott 22:43

Yeah, basically, relaxation, like super couch lock indica, maybe go with the parent, you know, and go with some straight Wedding Cake or Birthday Cake. It's cousin or something like that. But the Gelato Cake is definitely I feel like a very middle of the road hybrid for sure.

Miranda 23:05

I agree. I would agree with that. And I really feel like the Sour Diesel is a she's a sativa. Because, yeah, I would very much prefer not to be sitting in the chair right now.

Scott 23:16

So yeah, there's times where it's not necessarily the terps. It's the genetics. Yeah, you know, people report that often with sativa. As I feel like that. Even though the terps aren't there as far as like pinene or limonene or terpinolene There's still, you know, an energizing uplifting effect.

Miranda 23:40

And especially with the parentage, being Chem Dawg, which is fairly relaxing and euphoric. And the Super Skunk with the Afghani in the lineage, I would think that this would be much more relaxing. But totally not.

Scott 23:58

Yeah, Afghani being one of those landrance--

Miranda 24:00

Knock you over the head. Yeah. And Landrace Yeah.

Scott 24:03

Strains that we've talked about. That yeah, pretty much pure, pure indica there. But yeah, so interesting.

Miranda 24:03

I'm loving it!

Scott 24:13

Different strokes and you know, different, different strains. Yeah, definitely. You know, do it for some people and not for others, so.

Miranda 24:23

I definitely feel no pain right now. Which is probably part of the reason I want to get up and move around. Yeah. But yeah, I definitely. There is no pain involved in my life at this point. And I'm here for it. Well, let's get on to linalool.

Scott 24:44

How about that?

Miranda 24:45

Yeah. Do you know about linalool?

Scott 24:48

I sure do. One of my favorite herbs on the planet or flowers on the planet is lavender And we've talked before about my trouble sleeping, my insomnia issues that I've experienced over the course of the last several years and you know, people will come to you with all sorts of natural remedies. And this and that, and one of the few things that consistently did always work for me to some degree or another was lavender. So linalool is something that from the minute, I started learning about terpenes, I was super duper interested in because I know that my body reacts to lavender in a big, big way. So that tells me that it reacts to linalool.

Miranda 24:48

And I love the fact that so it's a non intoxicating terpene. Which I think is very interesting, but it is super psychoactive. Which I think is cool.

Scott 25:52

Right? And we've made that distinction before talking about psychoactive versus intoxicating, there, there is a big difference. You know, psychoactive just means playing with the way your brain experiences, feels, you know? deciphers--

Miranda 26:17

Yeah. And that's, I mean, part of the, the, the part of the reason the psychoactivity is important is because it works on the neuropathic brain signals and inflammatory signals, said that are sent through the body. So again, if you're experiencing pain that linalool is just gonna come in there [boop] and just knock it out.

Scott 26:35

Yeah, unfortunately, not a super common terp.

Miranda 26:39

Right. Or a super high terp that you're gonna find in a lot of strains.

Scott 26:42

Yeah, we've we've discussed this before, where you know, a high amount of little is 0.30%, or 0.40%. You can find it occasionally, as a 0.50%, 0.60%. But that is pretty rare.

Miranda 27:02

I feel like I just had a strain, like recently that was over point five. And I was, I can't remember what it is. And it could have it was either maybe the Pineapple Upside Down Cake I may have had, or it was the Blueberry Headband that I had gotten from. And I don't remember the grower at this point. It's a Maryland grower. I'm sorry. I just can't remember them right now.

Scott 27:34

It's okay.

Miranda 27:35

But in one of those, the linalool was really high. And that was why I bought it.

Scott 27:40

Yeah, part of you know, this Gelato Cake that I'm smoking right now from District Cannabis. Part of the reason that I got so excited when I looked at the terps on this was that 0.30%?

Miranda 27:49


Scott 27:50

0.33% to be exact linalool number that was on there. Because, again, not one that you see super often and when you do see it, it tends to be a little bit lower, you know, 0.08% or 0.10, 0.20%, something like that. It's just not not super abundant. And a little bit goes a long way.

Miranda 28:18

Yeah, she's really just, I mean, she's that great. I'm gonna go to like, again, wrap you on a warm blanket. settle you down for a nice sleep. Just like lavender.

Scott 28:33

Yeah, and I you know, I don't think necessarily that linalool is heavier than myrcene but I find that if there's a good amount of myrcene and a little bit a linalool it's a super super amplified effect.

Miranda 28:51

Oh, yeah. The same with the beta caryophyllene too. If you put those two together it's very very sedating. But without again without feeling like the heaviness that you get with myrcene right. So yeah, that's a little miss linalool she's not super complicated. She just is what she is but she's definitely a terpene that you want to look for when you're when you are seeking a good sound sleep and a comfortable sleep.

Scott 29:24

Sleep, relaxation. Yeah, anti anxiety just depends on what you find her in combination with in the case of this Gelato Cake, she's paired with a bunch of limonene so you know I feel like if anything I'm getting more just of an even keel kind of you know, chill everything out.

Miranda 29:51


Scott 29:52

Put the baseline at at calm versus actually being you know, sleepy or tired...

Miranda 30:00

Or glued to the chair...

Scott 30:02

But like you said totally pain free as well.

Miranda 30:05


Scott 30:06

The combination of the little linalool with that 0.50% beta caryophyllene Definitely got rid of all the aches and pains made me feel a little loosey goosey. You know, like you said wanting to get up and move I definitely feel like I could do that.

Miranda 30:26

Yeah, and to circle back around District Cannabis for just a minute. I feel like they grow flower that is extremely good for pain control. Because the Cherry Chem that I've had, Gelato Cake that I've had, I have a lot of nerve pain. And it takes a really special bag of flower to knock that and even with the Sour Diesel I'm sitting here I have no absolutely no pain. I haven't moved yet. But that's that's another story altogether.

Scott 31:01


Miranda 31:02

We'll see when I go to fill the water up.

Scott 31:06

Other things that you can find linalool and coriander would be the biggest one. Orange flowers. Obviously lavender as we mentioned, that's the place where you'll find it most prevalent. sweet basil. Sage as well. Yeah. And I definitely feel like sage has that. Calming--

Miranda 31:36


Scott 31:37

Chill out effect.

Miranda 31:39


Scott 31:40

Even just the sage leaves with that kind of soft fuzz that they get on top of them. Good stuff.

Miranda 31:48

I feel like lavender flowers are like that to their little bushy, bushy purple flowers. You want to touch them. Same with sage leaves.

Scott 31:56


Miranda 31:57

So very tactile.

Scott 31:59

I had a giant lavender bush at an old house once upon a time and it very much was often the the source of tactile pleasure for people standing in that herb garden.

Miranda 32:14

And interestingly enough, all of those herbs that you just read off are very great, like bee summoners.

Scott 32:22

Interesting. Yeah. I mean, I know that lavender is for sure.

Miranda 32:26

Yeah, sweet basil. Definitely. They love those flowers.

Scott 32:32

Definitely has a little bit of a spiciness to it. To go with that kind of floral. A light citrus flavor to go with that floral as well. It's not it's not as one note as pinene or limonene, which can be you know, depending on what type of pinene, apparently alpha or the beta. But yeah, you can have either those real like sharp pine flavor.

Miranda 33:11

Or you can have the earthy.

Scott 33:13

Yeah. earthier, more spicy even.

Miranda 33:16


Scott 33:17

And I feel like linalool is kind of the same way. Sometimes it's super floral and fragwant.

Miranda 33:23


Scott 33:23

Fwargwant [immitates Jerry Lewis], fragrant.

Miranda 33:25

Mawwage [immitates bishop from The Princess Bride]

Scott 33:28

Like in Lavender Jones.

Miranda 33:30


Scott 33:30

And sometimes it is like, I feel like there is a little bit of spice to this Gelato Cake. And that is probably in part to the caryophyllene as well with--

Miranda 33:42

Absolutely that peppery. Peppery goodness.

Scott 33:46

But I'm sure there's a little bit of that from the linalool too.

Miranda 33:48

Yeah, I would agree. And you can find her in. She's most prevalently found in like Granddaddy Purple, Dosi Does. Again, Lavender Jones like you just said, Kosher Kush, I think is one as well. Yeah.

Scott 34:10

I feel like it's one that has a lot to do with specific, specific or particular was the word I was trying to combine their phenotypes that people are using. I don't know i There haven't been even lavender Jones. Sometimes I pick it up and it's 0.06%. No. And sometimes I pick it up and it's that 0.38%, or 0.42%?

Miranda 34:35


Scott 34:36

So it really I feel like depends, you know...

Miranda 34:41

Again on the phenotypes.

Scott 34:43

Who knows maybe one day we will get our plants dialed into that point where we know what we can, you know, either feed them nutrient wise or different ways to grow them or light cycles to develop different terps you know, I feel like hopefully somebody's starting to look at that stuff.

Miranda 35:01

I hope so. I really hope so.

Scott 35:07


Miranda 35:08

Yeah. Interestingly enough, she's found in high prevalence and Cindy 99. That was one that I was not expecting.

Scott 35:16

I mean, Cindy has one of those kind of full body sativa is yeah, those are the sativa is that I enjoy the most and this sativa is I gravitate to and Cindy is definitely one of them.

Miranda 35:28

Yeah, I thought that was interesting. Because I don't think of linalool being prevalent in any super sativa or what I would consider super sativa Yeah. But yeah, interesting.

Scott 35:42

Cindy is well rounded.

Miranda 35:44

Amnesia Haze too.

Scott 35:46

I've never had that one. So yeah, it's an interestingly named strain in my opinion and my we all know that, you know, cannabis has the reputation for making us forgetful. But I think studies have actually shown that it can increase other parts of memory.

Miranda 36:07

Absolutely. Especially those high pinene strains, right?

Scott 36:11

Which make you super focused and super kind of present in your thoughts.

Miranda 36:17


Scott 36:19

But yeah, that's it's an interesting name.

Miranda 36:22


Scott 36:24

Just one of those, you know, who why, where just tell us what the parents are. I don't mean to be boring. But I would like it to either tell me specifically something about it and I doubt this strains gonna give me amnesia, I don't know. Maybe.

Miranda 36:41

Maybe it will. That's not one that I've heard of.

Scott 36:45

I don't think anybody, I want to say that maybe Tacoma when we went there.

Miranda 36:52

They had I had a bunch of Hazes on the menu.

Scott 36:55

Which is never a bad thing.

Miranda 36:56

No, I know you love a Haze. Amnesia Haze 80% to 20%, sativa to indica ratio. Let's see here. This is all very interesting to me. I want to know who your parents are!

Scott 37:16

Maury. Gonna take a DNA test.

Miranda 37:20

We're gonna do a DNA test right now and find out who your parents are, Amnesia Haze.

Scott 37:29

Halfway through the King Palm.

Miranda 37:31

How are you feeling?

Scott 37:32

I am happy to report, I'm happy to report. You cannot go wrong with District Cannabis Gelato Cake. It still tastes great halfway through. You know, but that's in part due to the King Palm burning so smooth and so perfectly, as they always do as long as you pack them down correctly. But yeah, still taste great. Still feeling great.

Miranda 38:03

All right, if you know what the parents are to Amnesia Haze, is because the internet apparently just doesn't fucking know. Please let us know. Because I'm curious.

Scott 38:12

It might be one of those super secret strains.

Miranda 38:15

[whispers] Super secret strains. Um, yeah, the Sour Diesel is hitting me in the right spot. Because I'm over here just moving around. Like I've never ever gotten up in my life. But yeah, loving this. I've only smoked half of my king palm. Because apparently, even though I haven't had a two and a half THC break, week, two and a half week THC break. 21% is a little high for me.

Scott 38:52

And that is I you know, I mean, I think we we've talked enough about 30 percenters and things like that. And people have seen those enough at the dispensaries that I think you get used to that as what what's high? No, that's really high.

Miranda 39:11

Yeah. Yeah.

Scott 39:13

20% is plenty high. 18% is plenty high. If it's got good terps if it's got somewhere between, you know, 2% and 4%, terps. And it's 18%, 19%. It's probably going to make you feel good and high.

Miranda 39:28

Yeah, I think people are generally surprised when they're smoking a lower testing strain that really hits them. Right in a good spot. And that they shouldn't be surprised. And I'm loving the fact that on the internet, I'm seeing more and more people who are getting more and more interested in terpenes which makes me super happy.

Scott 39:49

Yeah, I definitely feel like it's a more common conversation now. Even than it was when we started doing the show.

Miranda 39:57

Absolutely. I feel like even in the past month It's just been like terps are better than THC. terps are better than THC. And I'm like, finally.

Scott 40:05

Welcome aboard.

Miranda 40:06

Welcome. Welcome to our world. So yeah, I would definitely suggest you go pick up some District Cannabis flower.

Scott 40:14

Yeah, I mean the Cherry Chem that that we've both had the Peach Flambe if you're down in DC.

Miranda 40:22

It's lovely.

Scott 40:23

And that was fun they actually did. They're the only company that I've seen kind of openly do a Phyno hunt.

Miranda 40:30


Scott 40:31

So they put out, oh, I want to say it was like six or eight different versions of the Peach Flambe.

Miranda 40:40

That's cool.

Scott 40:41

And you know, did a little feedback thing online where people could vote for the different ones or what have you. And I guess based on sales and information from budtenders and other people. And that's how they settled on the one that they ended up using for production at this point.

Miranda 40:58


Scott 40:59

Yeah, I haven't seen anybody now that wasn't in the Maryland market that was in the DC market. Because we still don't have the Peach Flambe as far as I know.

Miranda 41:08

But no, we still only have three strains from them.

Scott 41:11

Yeah. Maybe we'll be getting it soon. Who knows.

Miranda 41:15

I would love to see some more new and interesting flower coming into the Maryland market. For sure. I feel like there's a there's been a little bit of better flower that's been rolling through. And I don't know if people are just tuning in their like cure practices a little bit better, or their grow practices. But I'm telling you things have been better, less dry and crumbly, less in need of a Boveda. And really tasty, like good, tasty cures.

Scott 41:51

You would think we're, you know,

Miranda 41:54

going on how many years has Maryland been doing this?

Scott 41:56

three, three and a half years? Something like that. That that they'd be figuring it out. And yeah, it does. I would agree it does appear that way. I've definitely seen more better batches of things lately than I have in the past few years. So big ups to all the growers out yeah,not just District Cannabis. But definitely, if you're looking for a nice, well rounded, hybrid--

Miranda 42:25

Or now a nice sativa to get you rollin on your day. I highly recommend it. And I will we will, of course update you with little round offs on our thoughts on the blog. Regarding our experiences with Sour Diesel and Gelato Cake.

Scott 42:47

We are running out of growers and terps to talk about, but if you have suggestions, which growers or terps we should talk about next, please let us know.

Miranda 43:01

Yeah, you can email us at Or you can reach out through us through the website at

Scott 43:10

Or, you know you can get at us on Instagram. We always appreciate the reposts and the likes and the shares and all that good stuff. It is hard to break through the algorithm and get exposure for cannabis content. As you all know, please like, subscribe, all that good stuff. Tell your friends if you're comfortable talking about cannabis and if you're not talking about cannabis with your friends--

Miranda 43:41

Why aren't you?

Scott 43:42

Yeah, right. What are you doin man? What? What are you doing to help end the stigma? If you talk to your friends about wine and booze and beer--

Scott 43:42

Or cigarettes or vapes. So yeah.

Scott 43:58

Sorry, if you smoke. That's your choice. I understand. I did it for a long time, but you should try to quit.

Miranda 44:05

Talk to us. Talk to your friends. You can find me at Our Lady of Maryjane on Instagram. Slide into those DM's and tell me what you're thinking.

Scott 44:15

About cannabis.

Miranda 44:16

Yes, please. Only about cannabis. Thank you.

Scott 44:21

No problem, I just want to make it clear. No creeps welcome up in the DM's hers or mine.

Miranda 44:29


Scott 44:29

Which you can slide in at Your Cannabis Coach on Instagram. We're on Facebook too, with the group and all that good stuff. So yeah, get at us. Let us know what you want to hear us talk about. Next week we will be answering some questions about cannabis as we do.

Miranda 44:39

Yeah, some great listener questions that have been set in, set set sent in for us to talk about I'm looking forward to yeah, getting that info out to ya! So we'll see you next week guys.

Scott 45:03


[MUSIC: "Lavender Hill" by the Kinks]

Miranda 45:04

Take it easy.

Miranda 45:21

that's gassy.

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