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Episode 26: Catching Up with Scott & Miranda - July's Q&A

Chemical drawings of alpha-pinene

We're back! After a mini break we're back for a little Q&A action for ya! As always thank you so much for sending in your questions, we always look forward to answering them!


[MUSIC: "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry]

Miranda 0:15

Hello and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:20

That is us and you are you and welcome back to the conversation. We are happy to be talking to you again about cannabis.

Miranda 0:32


Scott 0:32

And how you can use it and how it affects you and you know, in this case questions you might have regarding...

Miranda 0:42

And answers that we have for you!

Scott 0:45

We like to call the q&a episode.

Miranda 0:50

I would like to thank you guys for hanging out and listening to our playlists, chillin with us a little bit and it was a lot of fun to make.

Scott 0:59

Two very different offerings both with the same intended goal of getting you to move and groove and enjoy your cannabis actively.

Miranda 1:12


Scott 1:13

And you know, bop along to whatever the summer has going for you right now. We are definitely in the sweaty armpit of the summer.

Miranda 1:24

It's just gotten kind of gross in Maryland. Yeah, sweaty and rain.

Scott 1:28

In Maryland in lots of places. It's a lot hotter in parts of the world than it is here but boy that humidity as they say.

Miranda 1:38

It's like walking into somebody's mouth. It's really gross the

Scott 1:43

it can be a bit a bit sticky, which is desirable in cannabis of course, but not so much when it comes to just sitting on your couch. Trying to enjoy an evening and right yeah. Dripping for no reason. But--

Miranda 2:00

Or if you have a leather couch and you're wearing shorts.

Scott 2:03


Miranda 2:04

Sticking to that couch.

Scott 2:05

Yes, we can have sticky Yeah, I have leather interior and no A/C thanks to the thieves that smashed up my center console so definitely a little warm inside of ze vehicle at the moment. But yeah, anyway, we hope you are enjoying your summer. Whatever holidays you're celebrating or vacations or,...

Miranda 2:30


Scott 2:31

Whatever it is beach trips. What have you just chilling in a park.

Miranda 2:36

Maybe you're just chillin at home because it's too fucking hot to go outside.

Scott 2:41

Or Yeah, right. That's when people go to the theaters and I don't know. I guess people don't hang out malls anymore.

Miranda 2:50

I mean.

Scott 2:51

If you still hang out in malls, please let us know. I don't believe those people still exist.

Miranda 2:58

No, I don't think that's I don't think there is mall culture anymore.

Scott 3:02

I don't know. I don't even know if the seniors are mall walking. That's what the world's come to.

Miranda 3:07

Yeah, I haven't I haven't worked in a mall in a long time. Thank God.

Scott 3:11

I never worked in a mall.

Miranda 3:13

Oh, bless.

Scott 3:17

Now I dodged I just I--

Miranda 3:19

You dodged the mall bullet?

Scott 3:20

I did the food side of service industry. I never got roped into retail or any of that stuff.

Miranda 3:28

Oh, right on.

Scott 3:29

Um, so yeah, and I never worked in a food court because I do know some people that did that side of food service. Shout out to Faye and the Villa Pizza crew. First apartment that was they would come home with stuff from Villa Pizza all the time.

Miranda 3:47

That's fun. But anyway, yeah, moving on to questions and answers that you guys have sent into us. Um, so let's see here. Is there a way to medicate for pain without feeling stoned by Mary Pat in Bethesda? Thank you Mary Pat. So yes.

Scott 4:12


Miranda 4:13

Yes, Asterix dot dot dot. Let's see. So what I generally like to do is find my sweet spot with edibles. That is a big one for me and also suppositories. It's not weird, it's not as weird as you think it is.

Scott 4:39

So different delivery methods, right? If you don't want to be intoxicated, if you don't want to feel quote unquote high, right, then you want to look for different delivery methods that are going to give you your medicine without necessarily giving you that effect right. But I said Asterix to begin with because what type of pain we're talking about, of course makes a huge difference.

Miranda 5:07


Scott 5:10

There are some types of pain or some levels of pain that are not going to be reached by cannabis for you.

Miranda 5:19


Scott 5:21

That's not to say that you can't use cannabis products to help treat that pain in different degrees. But if you're looking for 100%, pain free and you're dealing with like crazy nerve pain or right, you know, yeah, just very serious levels of pain. There might not be a possibility of using cannabinoids and not feeling high, right, that's going to touch that pain.

Miranda 5:54

So there is the medicating to no pain. And then there is medicating to just enough like a base level. I don't think anybody is going to medicate to no pain without prescription medication. And even then, I spent many, many a year on prescription medication and never was at the point where I was feeling no pain. So subjectively the--

Scott 6:24

The type of pain and the level of pain is something that we can't, you know, speak to for for everyone. But different delivery methods can provide relief without providing that intoxication, whether it's transdermal, right, whether it's topical, whether it's the suppositories that Miranda just mentioned that's going to deliver those delivery methods are going to apply medicine to specific areas where you're having trouble and there's not necessarily research that indicates that THC is absorbed through the blood barrier, right in any of these cases, so you shouldn't feel quote unquote high it's just going to provide you know the anti inflammatory and--

Miranda 7:20

It's gonna take it down a notch or or several. I also suggest CBD I know we both use CBD for various reasons.

Scott 7:30

Absolutely. And the you know, we talk about ratio products when we talk about CBD. So the higher the ratio of CBD to THC, the more you're going to get those anti inflammatory--

Miranda 7:47


Scott 7:47

And relaxation level effects without necessarily feeling quote unquote--

Miranda 7:56


Scott 7:56

Yeah, stoned.

Miranda 7:57

Um, yeah, I mean, I would honestly say that if you use a super super high CBD strain with a low THC that THC is just going to pretty much like its gas for CBD. It's just moving that CBD right to where it needs to be and getting you medicated to the way that you need to be medicated.

Scott 8:17

The way your body needs to get the full entourage.

Miranda 8:21


Scott 8:23

Yeah, it's it's interesting. We talk about the entourage effect all the time but then people it's--

Miranda 8:31

It's lost.

Scott 8:32

Yeah. automatically go back to this natural desire, I think to press down on the gas harder. Yeah. And that's not necessarily what your body needs. In order to get a deeper effect of pain relief is not necessarily more THC, it could very well be that you've got plenty of THC but you need some more CBD to go with it right. And those are definitely some of the edibles that I use most often some of the edibles I get the best effect from physically and mentally personally. Because CBD in addition to those anti inflammatory also has the anti anxiety and just kind of real relaxing effects right to go with it. So it's going to give you that overall medicated feel that I always talk about whether flower whether it's with edibles you know you don't just want to feel like your head is where it needs to be or your body is where it needs to be.

Miranda 9:40

You want that full, full experience.

Scott 9:43

Like you said that sweet spot.

Miranda 9:45


Scott 9:46

And that's where I think the the micro dose stuff comes in. As well when you're talking about getting pain relief without feeling intoxicated, yeah, you can look at these 2.5 or even depending on where your tolerance is. A five milligram edible might be a, quote, unquote, micro dose for you. If you're dealing, again with, you know, very serious nerve pain or burn damage or something like that, yeah, serious effects from chemotherapy or so.

Miranda 10:19

For sure. And also like, I mean, I know there's, we stack, when when we, I, The royal we, we stack our medication to give us that sweet spot. So like if you're at 37 milligrams, and like five hours later, you're starting to feel that like twinge well, then you know what our three, you should probably pop that five milligram to like, hype it up a little bit and get you back to that baseline.

Scott 10:49

And again, you know, we always talk about and I think you'll find kind of universally across the industry, people talk about keeping a journal of medicine, and this is another case--

Miranda 11:01


Scott 11:03

Where, you know, reflecting on the information that you've put in that journal can help you identify that sweet spot that you're trying to reach. Right, is it and even the types of products that that are helping you get to that point?

Miranda 11:20


Scott 11:22

We've we've talked about the different types of edibles that are specifically sativa, or indica or hybrid and how you can use those kind of to fine tune what you need throughout the day, or I want from any specific given experience. And those are being in some cases derived specifically from sativa strains and other instances are having sativa, you know, terpene sativa terpene. But either way, you know, I've personally found specific effects from those kinds of edibles and I know other people that have to so just something else to consider, right? So if what you're worried about experiencing is that like, dragged me down kind of sleepy, super stoney effect, then maybe it's not that you need a lower dose edible, but maybe you should look at a sativa specifically edible or a hybrid specific edible.

Miranda 12:27

Speaking from experience with RSO, I know you you do a lot of the edibles, and I use RSO more frequently than not right. Um, I mean, I have g six RSO if I need a daytime RSO. And I'm not sitting here, you know, taking RSO every day, and even if I did, you know, whatever. But when I'm having high pain days, that is my go to, for it. And I can pretty much judge where I can dose myself at this point to not feel stoned. Which I mean, it's taken me a minute, because I've been a patient since the beginning of the program. But I've finely tuned myself and I know my body enough to like figure it out, which I think is also super important is to listen to your body.

Scott 13:17

Yeah, because whatever or regimen you come up with, it's going to vary. Yeah, there are days where you maybe don't want to use cannabis at all, because you're not feeling whatever way you know, you normally use cannabis to not feel, whether it's a pain thing, whether it's an anxiety thing. They're just some days where I find myself not smoking or not using anything more rare than not. I'm here in daily life, but like for instance, when I'm on vacation, even if I do have stuff with me, or access to stuff depending where I am, I still find often that I am relaxed enough and you know.

Miranda 14:02

Don't need as much or if any at all.

Scott 14:04

I haven't been on my feet for 10 hours or 12 hours and yeah, just don't don't need the same level, if any.

Miranda 14:11


Scott 14:12

So yeah, even even once you get it tuned in. There's still that listening to your body to tell you what you need in any given day. Yeah.

Miranda 14:21

So we've got edibles, microdose edibles, RSO. Again, with RSO, you want to be super careful because it's completely concentrated full spectrum cannabis oil, suppositories, which I think if you're experiencing anything from like, chest to knees is a great way to sort of kill and dull your pain. And yeah, so you do have it out there experiment with it on days that you don't have to be at work.

Scott 14:54

Keep track of it.

Miranda 14:55

Keep track of it, journal about it. I mean, I honestly feel like people should journal about regular medications. Because one day a side effect just might pop up and you just don't know what it is. But yeah, that's Do you have anything else to add on that one?

Scott 15:11

No, I don't think so. No. I do think it kind of naturally leads into our other question in regards to edibles this week since we were just so much.

Miranda 15:25

And Jennifer wants to know, why don't I get stoned off a dispensary edibles? So there are a lot of theories and feelings about that.

Scott 15:37

Yep. We've talked about a fair amount of them in the past. But it never hurts to go back over this stuff. Because it is a pretty common question or an issue that comes up a lot where you say something about edibles to somebody and they say, oh, edibles don't work for me. Right?

Miranda 15:58

I hear it a lot.

Scott 15:59

Well, first of all, if that is true, and it 100% can be true.

Miranda 16:07


Scott 16:07

And there are a number of different reasons that it can be true. It doesn't. Just because one type of edible didn't work for you doesn't mean that edibles period. Amen. Do not work.

Miranda 16:22

Full stop.

Scott 16:25

So that's the first thing kind of to consider. Well, what's kind of the first thing to consider is you may not be affected by edibles. The reason that may be true, or the reasons that may be true, your metabolism may be too fast.

Miranda 16:42


Scott 16:43

And God bless you.

Miranda 16:45

Your liver functions.

Scott 16:47

Yeah, I mean, it's so literally your body can process food in in such a way or in such a brief amount of time that the cannabinoids don't have time to be fully absorbed right into your body, right and processed the way that edibles are processed. Right. So we've talked before about the delivery, the different delivery methods where there's different onset time, depending on the different things you do, right, right. It's inhalation, whether it's suppositories, whether it's topicals. transdermal is what have you, everything's got different time that it takes in order for it to be--

Miranda 17:34

Absorbed and activated into your body.

Scott 17:37

Right, optimally. Yeah, so so that. And some of it has to do with your sleep and what you've had to eat.

Scott 17:40

And for sure what you've had to eat. Exactly. What's your your activity level? All of those things.

Scott 17:53

Right. So depending on where you're listening, and what kind of edibles you have available to you. There's a wide range absolutely in the different states. And I would assume that Canada and the different provinces are probably similar. Although I don't know their programs been around for a good while now. Maybe they do have a pretty good amount of coverage. But, you know, you might only have gummies, you might not have gummies, you might have chocolates, you might have baked goods.

Miranda 18:27

Yeah, you might have different like, miniature individually sized baked goods.

Scott 18:33

Right? Like there's a huge difference in the dosages that are available to you. Right, so part of the whole metabolism thing is not necessarily that none of the cannabinoids are absorbed, but right how much of the cannabinoids right we've we've talked before about the bioavailability of different things for sure. And how you can boost the different percentages of bioavailability and this or that or get the most bang for your buck out of the THC numbers that you see. And the same is true of course in edibles, right. So whether you've had any fat to go with threat and what you're eating, and the dosage of what you're using, right so if you've only tried five milligram edibles, maybe it's time for you to go to 10 Yeah, or try at 20 Even you know, just know that those same rules that we always talk about, apply. You want to go slow and low. You know, even when you're increasing, it doesn't mean oh, okay, well now I should you know, I've been looking at those 50 milligram RSO capsules she's a dispensary. The five milligram doesn't do anything. Let me try that No, not necessarily.

Scott 18:33

Go to a 10 first and then to a 20.

Scott 19:11

Sure or a couple of fives ya know, or you know, three fives, whatever. You know, listen, listen again, listen to what your body is telling you.

Miranda 20:07

And also be aware if you are going on this journey about stacking. I can't tell you how many people I have known who have gone to have a great day out. And we're just like, I'm just gonna take another edible. I'm just gonna take another edible, I'm feeling great. I'm just gonna take another edible and then soon they're paralyzed, they're drooling on themselves, and they're throwing up. So, low and slow. Be wary of how you're dosing yourself. Not to scare anybody. It's not scary. It's just a really disappointing and bad time.

Scott 20:47

Uncomfortably high

Miranda 20:48

Uncomfortably high and nobody wants to throw up. No, I mean that's I mean it's intoxication on either side if you're drinking or using edibles or even smoking.

Scott 21:00

Yeah, if you're mixing with alcohol especially be careful of increased dosage. Oh yeah, for sure may affect you.

Miranda 21:08


Scott 21:09

Because you never right so if your body is metabolizing it just barely enough that a five milligram hits you Well, it might not necessarily be that you get that same 20% of the second five milligrams right it's it's a certain like threshold of what your body needs in some cases. So it could just be like those first three milligrams are kind of priming the pump and then all of a sudden Anything over that is is going to be experiential for you for for sure if that makes sense. So

Miranda 21:53

yeah, I mean edibles. I honestly think if edibles from the dispensary aren't working for you, or if you haven't tried a full spectrum cannabis oil edible, like the Disco's that we have in Maryland, right? Well, that's you should probably head on over and pick up a think of those.

Scott 22:09

Yeah, like we said RSO. Like, like Miranda said, the discos is a brand in particular. You want to look for stuff that says FECO? Yes, or stuff that specifies that it's RSO--

Miranda 22:32

and not distilate.

Scott 22:34

Right. Because otherwise, generally, you're going to be dealing with different distillate products. Right now there are different products on the market. Now we mentioned I mentioned

Miranda 22:45

last or the last episode that we did together.

Scott 22:51

The extreme.

Miranda 22:52

Extreme gummies

Scott 22:55

From Select?

Miranda 22:57

They were from Select, right. Yeah.

Scott 22:58

And they so I have now since tried them, and they are delicious. First of all, yes. Always important. I thought they tasted really good. Now, I am not always the best judge of this. Because I don't mind things that taste like weed.

Miranda 23:16

Yeah, I don't care either.

Scott 23:17

I think we've talked about this before.

Miranda 23:17

That's totally fine.

Scott 23:19

I'm also the dude that also, like eats mushrooms. Straight, necessarily, you know, like people are putting in pasta sauce. That's just more stuff for my stomach to digest. The fun stuff. I don't want to do that. But anyway. Yeah. So I don't mind the flavor. Personally, I know some of you do. And if that is the case, be aware that you know, stuff that's made with FECO or stuff that's RSO or some of these more like fast acting products might have less additive to them or--

Miranda 23:58

And they're going to have that earthy sort of green flavor.

Scott 24:02

Right. In the case of the the Extreme Bites the Rainbow Upload from Select with the fancy warning on it.

Miranda 24:14

So we both tried them because I was curious after Scott brought them over here and was like, Look what I bought. So I went out and bought some and yeah, fast acting. Yeah, that was a 10 milligram that acted like a 20 to me, but that's I mean, ten, I'm a baby doser anyway.

Scott 24:34

So, 10 milligrams, not necessarily baby dose, it's, you know--

Miranda 24:39

That's a nonfunctional dose for me. If that makes any more sense.

Scott 24:44

That does change. 10 miligram is kind of a baseline for me to really wake up and take a 10 for breakfast.

Miranda 24:52

Yeah, yeah. I'll be right back in bed in 20 minutes, especially with an extreme upload. Should be an extreme download.

Scott 25:03

It was definitely it was definitely more sedated than uplifting.

Miranda 25:08

Yes, for sure. Yes. I found that I was using them before bed, because I took one one day. And I was like, I'm gonna get a whole bunch of stuff done today. And I was on the couch all day.

Scott 25:21

No, it's it's an after 8pm for me for sure. Yeah, yeah,

Miranda 25:26

Even the budtender who sold them to me were like, these are great for daytime, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, Oh, well, we'll see.

Scott 25:32

Well, that's it. You know, again, if you have a higher tolerance for edibles. I mean, I think I have a moderately high tolerance. Yeah. reeled it back in from the ridiculousness where, you know, 50 milligrams was totally baseline for me. So I can feel a 10 for sure. I don't know that I necessarily feel fives. I wish I felt a 2.5 but I don't. But yeah, these 10s Definitely hit harder than your 10. And we're more fast acting, but yes, for me, I would say it definitely had more of an indica effect. Yeah, your mileage may vary.

Miranda 26:19

Yeah, I would love to hear from like a sativa somebody who was like these are really super uplifting and I got a whole bunch of stuff done. So if you've had that experience, let us know.

Scott 26:29

If you remember I also got those. The sativa Incredibles.

Miranda 26:34

Oh, right!

Scott 26:35

The ones with THCV. Which is supposedly the kind of more sativa active ingredient in sativa. Flower is THCV supposedly.

Miranda 26:48

And those were 50 milligrams of THCV, 10 milligrams?

Scott 26:51

So, they were one milligram of THC.

Miranda 26:55


Scott 26:56

five milligrams of CBD.

Miranda 27:00


Scott 27:00

And 10 milligrams of THCV.

Miranda 27:04

Okay. Tell me about that experience.

Scott 27:07

I definitely did not find them to be sedated. And okay, like I was not overly intoxicated or feeling feeling dragged down at all. Or even like floaty, per se, but I wouldn't necessarily say that I noticed any particular energizing effects either.

Miranda 27:34


Scott 27:36

But yes, so the Incredibles with the THCV. Like I said, They that I did not find them to be sedative or, you know, overly relaxing, right. But I also didn't necessarily find them to be super stimulating, you know, super stimulating, but that's a relatively low dose of THC for me. Sure, or even CBD. For me. So, man, I just need a higher dose of all that stuff. I don't know how THCV works? I don't know.

Miranda 28:11

That's a good question. Because I'm--

Scott 28:12


Miranda 28:13

Right? Yeah, pretty much.

Scott 28:16

Magnets? I'm doing my impersonation of the History Channel guy. But I don't I you know, this my first experience. Yeah. Um, so I don't know if 10 milligrams of thc v is not a particularly high dose of THC for me. So it's a particularly high dose of THCV for me either more than likely.

Miranda 28:41

But, we don't know.

Scott 28:43

Right. So maybe, I need to eat like three. I didn't try that. I was just using like, one at a time to see. Because that's where I would want my dosage to be. It's probably just not the case.

Miranda 28:56

I wonder, honestly, if you took two what would happen because it's still I mean, it's still two milligrams.

Scott 29:02

I think I did take two once.

Miranda 29:03

Okay. And it wasn't--

Scott 29:03

You know, I felt good. But I didn't necessarily feel like I should go do all the things.

Miranda 29:11

Mr. sativa?

Scott 29:12


Miranda 29:15

Okay, that's an interesting, that's I mean, but that's good to know, because these are new products on the market, and I would not have thought to try them.

Scott 29:24

So the answer to your question, why don't store bought edibles work for me is multifaceted. It could be the type of edibles that you have, right. It could be the dosage of edibles that you've used. It could be that you need something that's more full spectrum like FECO or RSO there are lots of different products to try so before you give up you know, I know it's not cheap to work your way through the edible cabinet at any given dispensary, but find out when they are edible day are there you know, some places have like a BOGO deal. Some places have like 25% off.

Miranda 30:06

30% of yeah, whatever.

Scott 30:08

Whatever it is, you can find deals out there. So just go on that day or look for like pop ups because sometimes they'll have X percentage of the product of whatever brand it is when that brand is there or if certainly if they're launching like a new product. A lot of times you can find deals on different edibles that way as well. But yeah, you know, try your tinctures try your Yeah, and go try your you know,

Miranda 30:40

I also can't stress enough that if you are a smoker, to save your trimmings to save your stems to save whatever weed is old and you haven't smoked. Or if it's disgusting and you don't want to smoke it. Save it, decarb it, but your possibilities are endless. And you're gonna get full spectrum cannabis

Scott 31:02


Miranda 31:04

AVB, already already been vaped ABV a BV ABV. So yeah, if you're vaping your flower or if you're smoking your flower, save your trimmings, save your already been vaped material. Yeah, you can make honey, you can make oil, the again, possibilities are endless. And you can make a pretty tasty little rice krispie treat with your oil, instead just using regular old oil, and you probably will get a better effect, honestly, if they're not working for you.

Scott 31:37

And that is a another, you know, check in the box for dry flower vaping Yeah, those two, you know, actually traditional quote unquote, you know, putting fire to flower and combusting your bud is you can extract more. First of all, you know, you're going to get a better terpene experience. But you're also going to have that ABV left over that you can then use right whereas you don't want to use the the ash this leftover one to actually burn through your flower vaping is a different is a different story. And you still have a decent amount of cannabinoids, left left over in that product. Not necessarily enough to create a potent product on its own. But if you're adding it to, and that's you know, the last thing I would touch on in this conversation is if if storebought edibles aren't doing it for you try making them at home. Yeah, you know where you can control the dosing a little bit easier. You know if it is if you are one of those people that needs a significantly higher dose, those 50 or 100 milligram RSO capsules can be very expensive, expensive. It can be significantly cheaper for you, especially if you keep your eye out for an RSO deal or a deal on terp sap. Yeah, if places have like concentrate days where they discount concentrates, you might be able to find some terp sap, which is another product you can use that's already been activated.

Miranda 33:21

It's always activated.

Scott 33:23

You don't have to do anything to decarb it, it's just ready to rock you can just put a little half a gram size on something and eat it if you choose right or you can turn it into some super simple edibles for yourself using a double boiler and melting down some chocolate for sure. You know, turn in some jello into some some gummies or what have you.

Miranda 33:45

But just to double back on that already been vaped material, don't decarb it again. It does not need to be decarbed it already has.

Scott 33:53

And that's the other benefit there. Right? All you have to do is either you know infuse strain or just go ahead and mix it in. Yeah, um, I know plenty of people that just mix it in with butter or whatever they're putting it for sure. But again, those are people like me that don't necessarily mind that vegetal taste of the flower. Yeah, and you can actually with your ABV you might have a little bit of a burnt flavor to it. Definitely

Miranda 34:21

as well. Yeah. And you can also do spice mixes with it. Sure, which is a great way of of getting your meds through your regular old food that you're cooking. So just Yeah, little things, but that could be why your edibles are not working for you and why you should keep trying. Don't give up. It's there for you.

Scott 34:43

Yeah, at a certain point, right. You can probably discerned that you are one of these people that just metabolizes too quickly or doesn't get the same. But I would say you know, try try some different avenues first, you know, try chocolates versus gummies. Try something like RSO or FECO in controlled doses. You know, just be be smart.

Miranda 35:13

Keep your journal low and slow. Yeah, figure it out. Yeah.

Scott 35:16

And good luck.

Miranda 35:21

Um, let's see, where do we want to go? Let's do cannabis and libido from Cat, Deb, Julie, Linda, and a whole bunch of other people.

Scott 35:40

Everybody wants to know.

Miranda 35:43

So, the overwhelming sort of, I guess philosophy on this is lower THC is great for the libido, which because THC gets your blood flowing. Blood flow is always great when you're going in for some sexy time. And high THC can sometimes some, it's not going to decrease the blood flow, but it's going to probably put a blocker in there for you.

Scott 36:15

We've we've talked about before how anxiety issues can arise from cannabis, not only from specific terpenes right, you know, react with your body in that way, whether it's, you know, pining or terpinolene, or what have you, but also from THC level, right, just period, regardless of whether it's an indica, whether it's a sativa. If it's got high THC, it can give you physical, it can give your body physical indications range, stress or anxiety, whether you're you're in a stressful situation, or whether it's got you know, quote unquote, indica terpenes or not, you know, the increased blood flow, like you said, is also going to increase the heart rate. Yep. So yeah, it's like, in most cases, when we're talking about medicinal uses for cannabis, and this is a case where we're talking about a quote unquote, medicinal use for sure. We're talking about using it in a specific instance, to gain a specific effect, right. And anytime we're doing that, regardless of what that instance and what those effects are, I would say that's a medicinal use. Yeah, right, for sure. Or a targeted use. So anytime we're talking about using it medicinally unless we're talking about addressing serious you know, mental and emotional issues or physical pain issues. We're going to be recommending lower THC, absolute probably higher CBD as well.

Miranda 38:09

God dammit.

Miranda 38:11

You didn't want the CBD?

Miranda 38:14

Little Dog.

Scott 38:16

That Chihuahua doesn't want the CBD. In your notebook,

Miranda 38:21

They are not CBD friendly creatures. What is wrong with you today? Hammy relax. They're not here for you. Anyway, so yeah, and slow, lower

Scott 38:40

lower HC is again, what we're going to recommend,

Miranda 38:45

and something with terpenes high in beta caryophyllene and limonene as uplifting and relaxing.

Scott 38:55

I would say right, well, that depends on saying I'm using this for libido doesn't necessarily give me all the information. Right, right, right. Are we talking about you've got a low energy level? Because in that case, I would definitely recommend something with higher limonene for sure if that's going to be you know, not only that mood boost, but may even give you a little bit of that physical uplifting sensation as well. versus something that has little or caryophyllene Yeah, definitely myrcene that's going to make you more relaxed and more sedated and maybe you know,

Miranda 39:39

You're going to fall asleep on your your friends or yourself.

Scott 39:42

Or yourself. Speaking about more information, what kinds of sexy time are we talking about? Right? Are we talking about sexy time with yourself? Because if that's the case, then you might I'll be dealing with wanting to be more relaxed. You know, maybe you're enjoying yourself before naptime or relaxation time. And you do want some linalool and some higher caryophyllene That's going to make you feel loosey goosey and relaxed. Yeah and melty. But yeah, so it just depends, right? What what you're if you're dealing with sexy time issues because of anxiety then yes, yeah. Now linalool, caryophyllene. That would be the way to go. But otherwise, I would say if you're looking for that energy boost--

Miranda 40:40

That euphoria, yeah, yeah.

Scott 40:42

Then then limonene is probably going to be your better friend there.

Miranda 40:48

Yeah. And then there's also I mean, there's also lube, there's THC lube.

Scott 40:53

Right? Again, we whatever the problem we're talking about, we're going to talk about different delivery methods.

Miranda 40:59

For sure.

Scott 41:01

Are going to give you different effects and different experiences. Yeah, so yeah, you might want to use an edible, something that's not going to be as immediate that's going to give you an array and a full bodied feel than say, smoking or doing a DAB or using a vape pen or something like that. Well, you might want to use CBD or THC lubricant which is out there from a number of different sources.

Miranda 41:30

I will say this however if you do use a THC or CBD lubricant, make sure it is what the base is. Why because if it's oil based, you do not want to use that with a condom. Always read the label.

Scott 41:44

Always read the ingredience, always read your instructions with any cannabinoid product yes, there might be something that you're allergic to. There might be something that as Miranda said is going to interact with another toy or--

Miranda 42:02

a condom or--

Scott 42:03

whatever what have you that you're involving in your playtime it might not be edible some of them are definitely not edible so you don't want to use them before types of foreplay that involve going down on your partner Yeah, just read read your instructions know what you're using. Know what its intended uses are to keep yourself on the enjoyable side of exploation.

Miranda 42:34

For sure.

Scott 42:37

But yeah, I cannabinoids can definitely be used.

Miranda 43:10

Also, you might I mean, cannabis, cannabis might not work for your labor, your libido either.

Scott 43:17

It might not. It might be the cannabinoids interact with your body in such a way that just chills you out too much. Yeah. And they're definitely they're definitely different. Like people have reported not being able to achieve orgasm with cannabis.

Miranda 43:36

Right and that's usually with a high THC situation.

Scott 43:40

So again, you know, depending on what your expectations and plans are right orgasm is not always--

Miranda 43:50

the end goal goal or the purpose I don't know about your sex life and I don't need to we are not sex doctors.

Miranda 43:59

Please don't DM us about this.

Scott 44:04

But, yeah, anyway different different CBD and cannabis lotions can be used in different ways to you know, interact in the bedroom, whether it's massages, absolutely different things like that. So, you know, again, there are definitely different products. Oh, I think what we were saying was specific strains. Yeah, and he reports that specific strains have effect on libido in my opinion are just anecdotal.

Miranda 44:42

And I don't know when Golden Strawberry is out at the dispensary it is gone.

Scott 44:47

Well, I I know.

Miranda 44:51

But I don't know how effective it is.

Scott 44:53

I don't personally know anyone that has ever said that for them. You know, when I say personally, patients that I had definitely insinuated that they felt it was effective. But no one that I like know and trust as knowledgeable about cannabis and cannabinoids told me that for them, you know, it was something that they went out of their way to get every time it came in.

Miranda 45:26

There were a couple budtenders that did.

Scott 45:30

I'm not trying to get you to call anybody out.

Miranda 45:32

I'm not I'm not trying to call anybody.

Scott 45:34

I'm just saying I didn't experience that personally. So I don't know.

Miranda 45:40

And maybe it's a woman to woman conversation as opposed to man to woman conversation. But yeah, there were definitely a couple of female budtenders that we worked with that were into it.

Scott 45:52

Well there ya go.

Miranda 45:53

Yeah. And into the lube as well.

Scott 45:55

So yeah, you may find that there are specific products in your market. You know, we've talked about the district cannabis lube down in DC, we we've just talked about, vaguely here, the Golden Strawberry and the O line of products.

Miranda 46:21

Are they still on the market?

Scott 46:23

I don't know they were at one point in time.

Miranda 46:26

I feel like it's been one of those, like back and forth kind of situations.

Scott 46:30

Well, because I think they grow the Golden Strawberry. For those products. Yeah, they grow more of it. Yeah. But yeah, I don't know. So just check. See, there may be specific products in your area. But those are our experiences with the things that are around in our market and just kind of generally information about terps that you would want to look for and avoid. And again, you know, lower THC level, regardless.

Miranda 47:02

And just you know, to backtrack on this, if cannabis doesn't work for you, libido is more than just physical. It's also mental and emotional. So...

Scott 47:15

Well, which is why you know, this is one case where I wouldn't necessarily recommend high CBD low THC, right? Because for me personally, CBD is like superduper, relaxing, chill out like, I don't want to do anything. So I don't know, you know, it all depends on how it works for you. Where your headspace is, with yourself. Yeah, what else is going on in your life?

Miranda 47:43


Scott 47:43

Yeah, there are definitely other things to consider. If if libido is the issue, and cannabis is your cure, yeah, there are plenty of avenues that you can look to, to address those issues.

Miranda 47:59

And talk to your doctor. Talk to your cannabis doctor. Yeah, I mean, they're there to certify you. But they're also your cannabis doctor. You pay them a fee, which means that you can utilize them if you have questions. So bother them.

Scott 48:14

If you don't have a certifying physician that does those things. You should find yourself one.

Miranda 48:19

Yeah, for sure. Yeah. All right. Let's see alpha beta. Alpha versus beta.

Scott 48:28

Yes. And this is not Joe Rogan. We're not talking about cucks and he you know, whatever alpha males we are talking about, in this case, cannabinoids, specifically pinene is the instance where you're going to see this denoted Absolutely, most often, most often. Some other terps do talk about one or the other. Right, so we talked about beta caryophyllene Sure, is the caryophyllene that we talked about most often. There probably is an alpha caryophyllene. But it's as far as I know, I don't think I've ever seen it on...

Miranda 49:09

again, there's 60 some odd cannabinoids right? Yeah,

Scott 49:13

We talked about that, I think at some point.

Miranda 49:16

And we only see like 15 or less on a label.

Scott 49:20

Right? There's some that there's over 100 different chemical compounds right and cannabis, cannabis 60 Some or 70 Some are cannabinoids, right and the labels that we get on our flour only or concentrates whatever we're talking about in the cannabis industry. Generally, we're talking about looking at numbers on out of 1215 different things right? If you're CBD CBG CBN CBN THC-A THC

Miranda 49:56


Scott 49:59


Miranda 50:04

There's any there's a lot of them. But this is and also this is from our darling Frankie, for sending this and so thank you.

Scott 50:13

Thank you Frankie. But yeah, and in this case in the case of pinene the they're both mono terpenes. Right, which all the terpenes are which means they're the same terpenes that are occurring in nature all over in all the different plants, vegetables, fruits, what happened? In the case of pinene? Obviously we're talking about trees and and forests. Yeah, and that's the beta pinene or the sorry,

Miranda 50:50

that's the alpha, that beta would be the earthy,

Scott 50:53

The herbs, rosemary, and I think a lemongrass Yeah. Is also Alpha. Yeah, similar, similar effects. missing a leg as far as as far as how they interact with different different parts of the body. As far as we know. The only chemical difference is the water soluble nature of alpha, right? Alpha is slightly water soluble, whereas beta isn't we've talked before about how THC is not water soluble. We talked about that's the you know, the importance of that tincture that Gwen makes, right? Right saucy mama, shout out to Gwen, past guest on one of our interview episodes. The benefit of watersoluble is you can mix it with anything, you don't have to you know, make it into a sauce, you can just finish anything with it, you can put it on Necco Wafers, you know, rice cakes, you can drip it into your drink. You don't have to worry about it. And it's going to be more quickly and easily. In theory bio available to your IRA as it goes into your system and starts to be you know, processed by your body.

Miranda 52:40

So, quick up. Alpha pinene is going to be your conifers, your spruce trees, your North American pines, eucalyptus and orange peel. And also rosemary. Beta is going to be your lemon grass. Your woody green smells um, so yeah, forests trees. Yeah. I wanted to go back on that real quick. But they're very similar. They're also very different. The key difference is that pine Alpha pinene is slightly water soluble, whereas beta pinene is not. That's the biggest difference.

Scott 53:32

Yes. Other than that, it's going to come down to taste and smell basically. And where one thing occurs. Or another is found. Yeah. Otherwise, they're the same. So yeah, whenever you see alpha or beta on any given terp or cannabinoid, it's just a different typically, when you see that a it's going to be an acid, right? Like if we're talking about THC A or active is another thing that it can mean.

Miranda 54:12


Scott 54:12

Or Yeah, alpha or beta. They're just different chemical structures is what it comes down to like, like she said, without the leg. She started about the molecular leg composition of the, the particle, you know, or the compound itself, is, you know, one has a little like, extra leg coming off of it versus the other one.

Miranda 54:44

A dongle.

Scott 54:45

And yeah, a hanging Chad.

Miranda 54:51

Some of you some of you might have to look down but yeah, that's pretty much it. It's a super We're over a simplified description because it's actually a lot more simpler than we thought. Or than any or that or then any of us were taught. So yeah.

Scott 55:16

Yeah, why we break out alpha pinene and beta pinene. On the reports. I'm unsure. A, like we said there are 60 Plus cannabinoids. We're only looking at a small percentage of those numbers. Maybe at some point in the future, we will be looking at different types of myrcene are different for sure. I mean, I don't know. Yeah, they were not doctors. We are not microbiologist,

Miranda 55:48

We're not chemists.

Scott 55:51

Any of those things. But yeah, as far as the alpha and beta pinene go, that's what she is.

Miranda 55:58


Scott 56:01

Then I think.

Miranda 56:02

What do we want to move on to?

Scott 56:04

We've got the vape question, right. Yeah.

Miranda 56:06

Why don't we talk about vapes?

Scott 56:06

And, you know, we did talk about vaping earlier a little bit when we talked about the dry herbs. vaping. Yeah, and how that is a more, quote, unquote, medical or effective way to get the full resources out of your flower.

Miranda 56:27

I'm gonna be honest with you. I think it's also the more cost effective sure way to get, you know, the bang for your buck. Because I think it takes less cannabis flower to vape than it does for you to smoke a joint.

Scott 56:43

I would agree. I think part of that is just the reality that most of the chambers on those devices tend to be fairly small too.

Miranda 56:52

Yeah, for sure.

Scott 56:53

Yeah. No, you're not putting other than like the volcano. The volcano definitely has a big chamber that you can put a ton offlower into. And there are some others that I've seen for sure over the years, that do have some pretty big bowls on him or chambers on him, but I guess I'm thinking of kind of the little handheld, personal dry. Yeah, or vapes. And I feel like that's what most people are using.

Miranda 57:20

I have one and I use it when I travel around a lot. Because let's be very, very honest, unless it's a super special like, rosin vape that I'm gonna get. I'm not buying a distillate that vape right. I don't think they're worth the money. They don't do it for me. All those sorts of things. Again, cannabis is very personal. And just because a vape isn't rockin my world doesn't mean it's not rockin yours. But I prefer a dry herb vape. And I can usually stretch a half a gram for a couple days and a dry or vape which is crazy. And that's, that's pulling on it a lot.

Scott 58:09

Yeah, it's been too long since I've, I've used to and to be honest with you. I had the PAX, whatever it was

Miranda 58:16

the other three, I think it was a while ago. Sorry. I had that one too. And it died.

Scott 58:21

That everybody had mine didn't die. I just don't enjoy the vaping experience.

Miranda 58:27

That's totally fair.

Scott 58:28

And wish I did. But for me. I've talked about it before, I think maybe as a former smoker. You know, I still especially here in these particular fully stressful times. But I find that I am feeling the desire to be smoking. Something's not

Miranda 58:49

That hand to mouth motion. That's very comforting.

Scott 58:52

Yeah. helps mitigate the anxiety. Yeah, I mean, part of it is I am definitely medicating more right now. Ever since the Roe vs. Wade. decision was overturned. I am definitely and if you are to, you know, shout out to you.

Miranda 59:09

And that's okay.

Scott 59:10

Yeah, know that you're not alone.

Miranda 59:12

You are absolutely not alone. And you know, as long as it's not becoming a total crutch.

Scott 59:19

Yeah, hindering you from operating in the rest of your day to day life or anything like that. Then it do what you got to do to deal with the bullshit that's going on right now. Yeah, certainly what I'm doing right now and I'm trying to be kind to myself, in my practice of doing that, for sure.

Miranda 59:36

I feel like a lot of self care is very important right now. So if you were medicating more than usual, you don't need me to tell you that that's okay. But it's okay.

Scott 59:45

Yeah, but anyway, for me, I feel like the vaping as much as I do enjoy the flavor. Yeah. You know, because you do get a cleaner you know, more pure experience of the two herbes and the different flavors that they present. When you vape. And all that good stuff. My lungs want that feel.

Miranda 1:00:10

I understand that. I do.

Scott 1:00:13

And might be part of the reason why I love the King Palm so much because it is a little bit more substantial than without being the nicotine involves shirt and blunt wrap or tobacco wrap. Right. But anyway,

Miranda 1:00:27

but yeah, I mean, I feel like I started out when I first when I was on my cannabis journey. I vaped a lot because it was convenient. And because it was discreet. And I could take it out--

Miranda 1:00:42

Are we talking about dry herb vape?

Miranda 1:00:43

I'm talking about vape vape regular old oil vape pens. Yeah. I did vape a lot. Because yeah, again, it was portable, it was discreet. I could run outside and take a bunch of hits and go back to doing whatever I was doing and not disturb my day. But I found that I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy smoking. So as we all know, cannabis products are expensive. And for us to buy things that we don't necessarily use or enjoy all that often. is pretty much why we don't review vapes.

Scott 1:01:27

Yeah, I might get flower from a grower that I don't particularly like or politically agree with to review. But I'm definitely not going to go out and buy, like a concentrate that I know that I'm not particularly going to enjoy to do a review of said concentrate, or to you know, get a vape pen or a cartridge, you know.

Miranda 1:01:56

And also mean to speak to that. Also. I do do dabs. I don't do them often. Right. But I do use them when I'm having specifically like bad pain days, etc. But yeah, I mean, I do keep dabs around but for me to buy a vape cartridge is gonna sit until I have to use it. This seems a little silly to me.

Scott 1:02:20

Yeah. So, you know, the other part of the question was, Is it healthier to vape than it is to smoke? Again, if they don't know, what type of vape are we talking about? If we're talking about dry or vaporizing? Absolutely, yes, we do know that that is a healthier, less toxic, less, you know, inhalants,

Miranda 1:02:47

right, because you're not getting the burning paper and all of the carbon etc. That goes along with that.

Scott 1:02:52

Yeah, even if you're smoking out of a glass bowl if you're using a butane lighter, or

Miranda 1:02:59

you're still getting all of that Ash. And anytime anytime anything is combusted. You're getting tar, et cetera, carbon all into your lungs. But if it's being heated into a certain point, it's going to be and not combusted. It's going to be much healthier for your lungs, if that makes any sense.

Scott 1:03:23

Yeah, without actually being exposed to flame. Right and burned up. Right? Yeah. Because I mean, you're, you know, if you've ever used to dry or vape you've seen the difference in the material, this leftover material that you know, the ABV already been vaped material that comes out that you mix in with your butter or what have you that we were talking about before. It looks like for lack of a better term clean ash.

Miranda 1:03:53

It does.

Scott 1:03:54

You know, it's a very smooth consistency.

Miranda 1:03:59

You it's a nice golden brown. Yeah,

Scott 1:04:01

is it? Well, it's sometimes it's even still greenish. Yeah, I think

Miranda 1:04:06

I still have someone over in a jar. The amount of herbs it's in jars for later use.

Scott 1:04:17

There you go.

Miranda 1:04:18

Yeah, but um, yeah, so dry or vapes definitely going to be healthier and easier on your lungs. However, I do find that when I use my dry or vape a lot, I get my throat gets raspy. Okay, a little bit more than if I'm smoking joints. And I don't know what that's about. But there we go.

Scott 1:04:42

Yeah, I don't either. I like I said, I haven't used one in so long. I can't really speak to them. But yeah, whether an oil vape is healthy or not. Both of our opinion is that we don't have enough data to know that That's a fact or not. It might seem logical to think that that is the case. But who knows? Yeah,

Miranda 1:05:08

you know, there just isn't enough account.

Scott 1:05:12

People that hit that vape pen more and more because it is so convenient. They can use it inside or what have you, you know, right? How much of a trade off are you getting? In amount of use for you know, there's not enough information,

Miranda 1:05:30

but a vapes work for you do your thing. There are plenty of people who review vapes, Icy Smokes, on Instagram does a review of vapes that he buys so check them out. Um, but yeah, don't look for it here. Not at The Heady Conversations.

Scott 1:05:55

Yeah, it's just it's just not our jam.

Miranda 1:05:57


Scott 1:05:58

That's, that's pretty much what it comes down to.

Miranda 1:06:01

Yeah. Anything else on the list?

Scott 1:06:05

I don't think that we do.

Miranda 1:06:07

All right.

Scott 1:06:08

You know, as always, we encourage you to send us your questions or your comments. We appreciate any feedback that you've got for us. We would be happy to research those elements for our own knowledge as well as your benefit as well.

Miranda 1:06:28

Absolutely. We're here to answer your questions.

Scott 1:06:31

You know how you can get at us. We can be found through the website of course at You can find me at Your Cannabis Coach on Instagram.

Miranda 1:06:44

And you can find me at Our Lady of Maryjane on Instagram. So yeah, be good guys. Be chill.

Scott 1:06:51

Be well to yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:06:54

And don't be afraid to use that air conditioner because it's hot as balls outside.

Scott 1:07:00

At least a fan. Stay cool.

Miranda 1:07:03

Stay cool.

[MUSIC: "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry]

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