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Episode 27: Happenings in the World of Weed

Anthropomorphic newspaper holding a cannabis leaf.

This week Scott and Miranda touch on new things and happenings in the world of cannabis and make a big announcement!

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[MUSIC: "Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful]

Miranda 0:20

Hello, and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:26

Welcome back, folks. We hope your summer is treating you well. If you celebrated Independence Day, hopefully that went well for you if you just celebrated barbecued foods and family and friends, that's cool too.

Miranda 0:45

Or Lack of Independence Day.

Scott 0:46

Right? You know, there's, you can still find things to celebrate even when you don't celebrate what the intentional thing was. So, point being, we hope you're having a good time with yours. In the heat in the summer

Miranda 1:05

In the city, in the summer, in the city, in the summer, in the city, do do (sing song).

Scott 1:15

But, yeah, we are back with you again to talk about the Cannabis News in the world.

Miranda 1:23

What's happening? What's going on? Yeah, what are you doing?

Scott 1:26

And there is always so much going on.

Miranda 1:31

The list we had to pare down.

Scott 1:33

There's no shortage of news stories on any given day in any given week. So to only talk about them with you once a month. There's only so many things that we can talk about for sure. But yeah, so some of the things that we wanted to talk to you about are celebrities in cannabis. Right. The list continues to grow. A lot of new hip hop names in cannabis. Little Kim.

Miranda 2:09


Scott 2:10

With her aphrodisiac.

Miranda 2:13

Aphrodisiac cannabis brand.

Scott 2:15

Rakim has his Higher Frequency, Method, Man is probably the most interesting one for me, because he has specifically been engaging with and partnering with black owned dispensaries. And I want to say black owned grows.

Miranda 2:34

I hope so.

Scott 2:36

But definitely black owned dispensaries. I know it's not a product that you can get in like every dispensary in the markets where it's available. He is only available at certain spots, because he wants to be a part of, you know, social justice and social equity. Yeah, social equity and is putting his money where his mouth is in the world of cannabis and, you know, trying to make sure that the people that he works with are good people and are employing people of color and that money is going to benefit people of color and yeah.

Miranda 3:13

the brands called Tical or Tical, t-i-c-a-l which stands for talking, taking into consideration all lives.

Scott 3:22


Miranda 3:24

TicalYeah. Which is the name of his first solo album.

Scott 3:31

So yeah, Meth, Lil Kim, Rakim. It's hard to keep track. It's I think I've read something and I don't cosign on the whole Metaverse digital universe.

Miranda 3:48

Oh, no.

Scott 3:48


Miranda 3:50

Oh, no.

Scott 3:52

I know Snoop is very active in that stuff. Like there was a whole article about the guy that spent a couple million dollars to buy the digital property next to Snoop Dogg's digital property or whatever, something absolutely insane. A lot of this stuff is over my head. It just makes me feel old. I probably sound old talking about it, but Snoop is trying to brand the first Metaverse cannabis company now to I think.

Miranda 4:27

Okay, look, go on Snoop.

Scott 4:29

God's bless him, right, like more power to you.

Miranda 4:34

It's the hardest working man in show business.

Scott 4:36

Whatever floats your boat, you know, whether it's book deals with Martha Stewart or--

Miranda 4:44

any number of strange things. I've seen him doing ads for

Scott 4:47

Little League football. Kids Snoop is involved in everything. So of course, why wouldn't Snoop be involved with Metaverse weed? Sure. But yeah in the real world it's it's not uncommon these days to find a celebrity brand at your shop or a new celebrity brand. You were just talking about the fact that Iron Mike was in town.

Miranda 5:13

Yeah, promoting his his cannabis line.

Scott 5:18

World Class? What's the name of his?

Miranda 5:21

I don't know.

Scott 5:21

Yeah, I haven't. I haven't picked--

Miranda 5:23

Heavyweight? I don't know is that it's it's some sort of boxing metaphor.

Scott 5:30

Just ask the for Mike Tyson weed. We got the ears to now don't we?

Miranda 5:34

I haven't seen those.

Scott 5:38

I'm pretty sure.

Miranda 5:39

I think they're only at one dispensary.

Scott 5:42

Oh, interesting.

Miranda 5:43

I think don't quote me on that. I've been like going to like, between two dispensaries for the like the last couple of months. So...

Scott 5:50

Okay, fair enough.

Miranda 5:51

Yeah, yeah, no, I haven't been venturing outside of my comfort zone.

Scott 5:55

I don't really get around to many. I am excited. I'm going to be out in Michigan, right on this weekend. And I think Thursday night, there might be a trip to the dispensery.

Miranda 6:07


Scott 6:08

Or before our little journey gets started that me and my friends are on because Michigan is a recreational or adult use.

Miranda 6:17


Scott 6:18

So yeah. Might be talking about some fun Michigan fines in the future. If there's some cool for sure. Come across we will we will let you know. But definitely excited about that. But yeah. Additionally, in the world of cannabis drinks, there's a celebrity endorsed if you know, Diplo, that's another Hip Hop personality as well as Rob Dyrdek. Yeah DC Shoe Company. Rob and Big fame back in the day on MTV have partnered up with the company herbal, HERBL. I'm pretty sure they pronounce herbal herbal. Whatever you prefer. Yeah, anyway, they partnered up and they're introducing their sparkling seltzer THC beverages. Yeah, in California.

Miranda 7:22

Which are interesting. You said that they were 2.5 milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD.

Scott 7:30

I think the ones that they're making are just THC, but I could be wrong. Okay. Because that herbal company is involved in the CBD. CBD market as well. Okay. So maybe?

Miranda 7:46

Okay, okay. No, I was looking at the Leisure Town.

Scott 7:49

Yeah, that is leisure.

Miranda 7:50

Okay. Yeah. To 2.5 milligrams. THC. five milligrams of CBD. Oh, well, that's cool. Yeah.

Scott 7:57

Like literally man. That should be a nice chill experience.

Miranda 8:02


Scott 8:03

I could definitely with my tolerance. I could reasonably drink four to six of those. Without being uncomfortable. Yes. Without especially you know, because they're, if they're like most of the seltzers I've had I find most of them to be overly carbonated.

Miranda 8:24

They are, they're highly carbonated.

Scott 8:26

I don't love those seltzer drinks.

Miranda 8:28


Scott 8:29

I mean, I'm not a big drinker period. But I, you know, being in the bar world for 20 years.

Miranda 8:36

I love a seltzer.

Scott 8:37

Well, I'm curious about all of them, right? Because people go, the kids are crazy about 'em man. They go nutty for these alcoholic bubbly beverages. Now I definitely sound old. But so I try. I try a bunch of them and most of them that I try, I find them to be overly carbonated.

Miranda 9:01


Scott 9:02

So I'm not personally drinking them quickly. Right? I'm like sipping on that. Or I'm even like pouring it into a glass over ice.

Miranda 9:13

And swishing it around.

Scott 9:15

Well. And I might be mixing it right.

Miranda 9:16


Scott 9:17

Like putting some cranberry juice in there or putting some it's summertime right putting some lemonade in there.

Miranda 9:23

For sure.

Scott 9:24

Putting some tea in there. Because I like some of the sparkling tea beverages. Yeah, but again, a lot of those overly carbonated carbonated so I'll take like a big cup and pour some tea in it. Yeah, I'm showing Miranda the big cup I have here then and then--

Miranda 9:43

That has some tea in it.

Scott 9:44

It was funny the squeegee kid the other day fun story. squeegee dude the other day I pull up at the red light. And he hits me up and I'm like, Bro look. So my car was recently broken into they stole my stereo and everything. And I was like, Look, man, I don't even have a stereo right now. I can't even turn my car is blowing hot air at me. And he looks at my cup and goes is that piss? And he just looked at me with the saddest look on his face like, Damn this man. So down trodden, he's so hard up, he's drinking his own urine. It was hilarious. We've talked about the squeegee boys before, here in Baltimore, kids that stand on the corners, or in the medians have come up to your red light and wash your window for change or $1 or whatever. Yeah, it was just it was funny. The look of this stuff, when I mix it is often a like a light yellow.

Miranda 10:50

This one is kind of green. I would be worried about you.

Scott 10:55

But the one that I had that day was like a Rooibos or something. I think it was a, like an orange mango sparkling beverage that I had poured into a giant cup to cut down.

Miranda 11:06

That's funny. Yeah, it was pretty. But yeah, these I mean, I've had a seltzer before. From the state of the great state of Massachusetts.

Scott 11:17

You said because I mistakenly thought that this was the first seltzer that was going to be available in the United States. It is not.

Miranda 11:24


Scott 11:25

And that makes sense. Because I do believe I've actually seen him in Colorado, too, for sure. Yeah.

Miranda 11:30

Yeah. I mean, yeah. When you were said that I was like, that's insane. Yeah. But yeah, that looks like I mean.

Scott 11:37

You said the ones from Massachusetts were five milligram though right?

Miranda 11:40

They are five milligram no CBD and they come in indica, sativa, and hybrid, which I think is a fun sort of, and they do, honestly, the effects are indica. sativa, and hybrid.

Scott 11:52


Miranda 11:53

Yeah. Because the sativa is definitely a party in a can.

Scott 11:56

Okay. Yeah.

Miranda 12:01

Yeah, very excited to find those.

Scott 12:04

Yeah, I mean, you know, we've talked before about how these terpenes are naturally occurring in different fruits and vegetables, right? So it just makes sense that you can have these different drinks with not only what do you call it? Not biometric by terpenes the goddamn--

Miranda 12:30


Scott 12:31

Well, yes. But the terpenes that they get from plants, as opposed to from--

Miranda 12:42


Scott 12:43

Botanical terps, thank you very, you're gonna have botanical botanicals and fruits and vegetables mixed into your cocktail or your drink or your smoothie that go with these different things. So it totally makes sense that you can have indica sativa or hybrid beverages that are used in different T levels that I'm going to be caffeinated some won't be some will have the the THCV that we've talked about. Some will have them like CBN and higher levels of CBD. Yeah, so it's just interesting to see more of these coming to market, especially that have the kind of celebrity connection to and you know, for sure, kind of a built in spokesperson to help get the word out. Because ultimately, if people don't know about the products, then they don't get out there.

Miranda 13:45

And honestly, I'm super, super excited about these. I was super excited when I found them. Just because I'm not a drinker. And there's nothing worse than going to a party and sitting there and being the sad. It's not really a sad non drinker. But you know, I don't know being around drunk people when you are not medicated is not fun.

Scott 14:09

Well, and it's just people can be annoying.

Miranda 14:12

Why aren't you drinking? Why aren't you drinking?

Scott 14:14

Right? So you have a drink in your hand, especially something that looks bubbly, that you can throw a piece of fruit into garnish or what have you. Then people aren't going to ask you. Yeah, and you know, we talk all the time about ending the stigma right and talking with people about your cannabis use for sure. This is one of those opportunities where you can roll up to a party with one of these sparkling beverages if you're in a market that has them available or if you're not if you're here in Maryland, we've got the Dixie Elixirs.

Miranda 14:53

Dixie Elixirs, We've got the Squeeze

Scott 14:57

The Squeeze we use from Select which is another liquid bit. But even you know, tinctures we've talked about this before you can you know, watch yourself a video from Saucy Mama and learn how to make your own water soluble tincture.

Miranda 15:14

or Canna sugar, or Canna sugar, which is so easy to make.

Scott 15:18

Or you can, you know, the isolate that's THC or, man if you're crazy enough or not necessarily crazy enough, but if you're making like a smoothie or a protein shake or something like that, you could totally put RSO in something like that without having it be too overpowering. Sure, depending on what your other ingredients are. So yeah.

Miranda 15:46

That's how I was consuming my RSO when I was undergoing my cancer treatment a few years ago.

Scott 15:51

In shakes?

Miranda 15:51


Scott 15:52


Miranda 15:52


Scott 15:53

With more of are we talking like a chunky shake? Are we, you know what I'm saying?

Miranda 16:01

I know. Yeah. With ice and yeah, like peanut butter. And yeah, because it was sometimes the only way I can really ingest some food for that day. So RSO was a lifesaver in those shakes.

Scott 16:16

And it has been for so many people.

Miranda 16:19

But yeah, it's um, yeah. Try different ways of delivery with your tinctures, etc. If you're at a party, go get some fruit cocktail, frui tcocktail is not a drink, fruit punch. But a couple squirts of tincture in there, swirl it around with some ice until we get these drinks on the market, which probably will happen once we go adult use in Maryland. Get creative. You too can have a pleasurable summer outing.

Scott 16:52

Read your ingredients.

Miranda 16:54


Scott 16:55

As as I know, you noted with the Leisure Town products, there is sugar involved. Great. Whereas you said the ones that you add for Massachusett no sugar.

Miranda 17:05

No sugar, more like a white claw situation.

Scott 17:09

So yeah, just be aware if you are spiking your drinks with the use not only of how much THC or CBD you're putting into your beverage, but also how much sugar you're putting into your beverage as well.

Miranda 17:23

For sure.

Scott 17:25


Miranda 17:27

What else? What else do we have?

Scott 17:28

I know, we also wanted to talk about lounges.

Miranda 17:36


Scott 17:37

Reopening around the world lounges in Amsterdam. Yeah. And other parts of Europe, in Barcelona, I know. And different parts of the US in San Francisco up in British Columbia. And in other places. As COVID numbers have gone down throughout the world, for the most part, you might be living in an area where numbers are bumping back up temporarily here or there. But for the most part, I think numbers going down. Even if infection numbers aren't great than hospitalization, numbers are downs, becoming more of a manageable situation. And I don't say that to make light of any experience you or your family or your loved ones may have had with the disease. But it seems like at this point, we're in a more manageable place. Yeah, smoking lounges are starting to open back up around the world. And if you live in a place that has those things, I am very jealous. I kind of hate you to be honest. But yeah, also in lounge news, the county where Vegas is, and Nevada overall has voted to allow cannabis lounges to open up. Yeah. So I don't think the entire process has been defined yet as to whether or not you're going to be able to also make purchases on premises and things like that. They're still working out all the fine print and details. But that is cool to know, Vegas will have yet another sin for you to go--

Miranda 19:25

And enjoy.

Scott 19:26

Now, we've talked before with our friend Brittany from be baked out in Vegas, or formerly Vegas. I'm not sure Brittany may have moved back recently. But anyway, you know, there were some lounges out in Nevada,

Miranda 19:43

but they were on the DL.

Scott 19:45

Yeah, kinda. Yeah. I think they were private clubs, and they were kind of on the outskirts of town. Yeah, outside of Vegas proper. It wasn't, you know, like a legit. No, this is a thing that you can do in Vegas. Right now it will be a thing you can do in Vegas. Yeah, that's Oh, who knows how quickly they'll get that rolled out or what it will eventually look like. But if it's happening live out in Vegas or travel that way for business or for pleasure, you will have another way to safely and comfortably enjoy cannabis. Yeah. Before about, you know, even these places where adult use and recreational is legal. Your Airbnb probably doesn't allow it, you know, probably doesn't allow it. You're not supposed to do it in parks or out in the general public, right? So, you know, you go to Colorado, you go to the bench and you buy weed and you're like, all this stuff. And where are you supposed to smoke it? Or you go to Vegas and you have the Uber driver take you to a dispensary on your way to the hotel like I do.

Miranda 20:53

Where are you supposed to smoke it? Same with DC kind of like almost most of DC is a state park. If you think about it.

Scott 21:02

Yeah, there are Park Police in lots of parts of DC. Well, yeah, do you see is one of those I read an article years ago how there's DC as one of the most heavily policed spaces and part of it is because it's the capital, but also part of it is like you said--

Miranda 21:23

Because it's federal land.

Scott 21:24

Yeah. There's just all these different agencies that all have different guards involved, et cetera, et cetera.

Miranda 21:32

That's craziness.

Scott 21:33

Yeah, but anyway.

Miranda 21:34

And also, if you're a Maryland, there's all sorts of pop ups for patients now. Like Puff 'n Paints. And there are other things going on. If you go on Instagram, and you dig deep enough, you will find them. And actually, the Puff 'n Paint wasn't even like you didn't even have to dig deep for that.

Scott 21:34

That was gonna say, you don't even have to dig particularly deep there.

Miranda 21:58

Over Hill Mansion.

Scott 21:59

Plenty of people advertising. Yeah, I mean, I've seen the one there. But I've also seen it in different venues actually, in the city. So and then

Miranda 22:10

Luna Garden with their 710 event. Yeah, that in Fells Point.

Scott 22:15

That is, there have definitely been events being advertised.

Miranda 22:19


Scott 22:21

For that location as well. I have not personally attended any of those events. I don't know anyone who has attended or worked any of those events yet. So I don't know anything about them. But yeah, you know, if you're seeking cannabis community, you may live in an area that is, you know, developing these yeses or having these events

Miranda 22:48

And you do know somebody who has been to one of those events. Because I went to one.

Scott 22:53

No, no, specifically Luna Garden.

Miranda 22:56

Oh, no, I haven't been to that one.

Scott 22:57

Yeah, no. Well, I've been to events of the Over Hill Mansion.

Miranda 23:01


Scott 23:02

For the Leafly Party.

Miranda 23:04


Scott 23:04

Or the Leaf party rather, Leaf Maryland. Yeah, no. So there's, there's events happening?

Miranda 23:13


Scott 23:14

Check them out. But specifically lounges in Vegas coming soon, but lounges in places that already had them reopening reopening the community as well. So that was a cool development.

Miranda 23:29

That is awesome. I'm all about them. For sure.

Scott 23:32

I am super jealous. And hopefully, as we kind of grow the program here in Maryland, we may experience these types of spaces for ourselves.

Miranda 23:46

Bring it on? I'm ready for it.

Scott 23:48

So speaking of which, as we kind of go about the world in cannabis legislation. The Maryland referendum is coming up.

Miranda 24:00

It is indeed.

Scott 24:01

We get to vote on that in November. And there was actually talk about that in the legislature within the last few weeks. Yeah, basically, where they started to discuss what a structure around that industry might look like.

Miranda 24:19

Right. And it's an interesting one. Yeah.

Scott 24:23

You know, who and how licenses are going to be given to and you know, what type of equity interests and diversity programs and things like that are going to be involved.

Miranda 24:39

I am going to say that I will be skeptical about diversity and equity until I see it in full swing.

Scott 24:47


Miranda 24:48

Because other states have not shown me otherwise.

Scott 24:54

Yeah, I mean, there have definitely been--

Miranda 24:56

There have been some good things, but there has also been more bad things.

Scott 25:01

There has definitely been more talk than there has been action when it comes to equity in the industry, for sure. So yeah, it is definitely important to be having these conversations. And if your state is a state where referendum is being discussed, or a legalization or adult use is being discussed, you should be getting your word into your representatives about these issues, too.

Miranda 25:31

In fact, you should be mailing your representatives about a lot of issues currently.

Scott 25:37

Well, that is true as well. But for sure, if if canna, cannabis is something that you care about, you know, being representative of people who have paid the price, from the war on drugs, absolutely. Or if cannabis is something where you care about minorities, and women and people of color, and et cetera, being represented, you know, these are things that have to be put in to the legislation right, in order to happen, otherwise, I can guarantee you, and we've talked before, some of these MSOs do have female CEOs or female board members or female directors of this or that and we don't mean to diminish any of the work that any of those people do, or any of the people of color that are are involved in those companies or, you know, the positive work that they do.

Miranda 26:41

But there needs to be more.

Scott 26:42

Yeah, and and even more than just minority representation, local representation. cottage industry, small business is how you get legacy people involved.

Miranda 26:58

It is 100%.

Scott 26:59

And legacy is the, you know, industry term for people that have been involved in the drug industry to to begin with, you know, before legalization takes place. And there's there's nothing wrong with that, because those are again, the people that have been adversely affected by the war on drugs, right. So yeah, Maryland, like we said votes in November. You know, make sure you pay attention to wherever you are. Whatever is going on there. I know Virginia, new laws just went into effect.

Miranda 27:37

Yeah, they did.

Scott 27:38

Where you know, you can now possess greater amounts and this and that and the other. So always be aware of the current cannabis laws in your area, because I know you and I have both seen incorrect statements online before where people have said, Yep, oh, what are you talking about? It's cannabis is legal. No No, no, in a state that was only medicinal or in a state that was only, no.

Miranda 28:03

How many times did you and I, at the dispensary encounter people who are just like, hey, I want to come in and buy some weed. Right? And we're like, we need to see your medical card. It's like well, I just drove here from Kentucky and I'm like, you could have saved a trip if you had just called so yeah, go on down to DC where you can medically self certify now.

Scott 28:29

Well, yeah, hey, well, there you go. There you go. Segway Yeah, I just met the DC is one of the few places in the in the United States that reciprocates everybody but yes, yeah. Also we did want to mention...

Miranda 28:45

So, on July 5, you can self certify yourself as a patient in DC within the emergency what is the Emergency Amendment Act of 2022 B24-0886. So if you live in DC, you can file for your medical card. This also apparently is working against the gifting trend. DC continues to fight itself.

Scott 29:25

As far as I'm concerned, this--

Miranda 29:26

Is like a stop hitting yourself situation.

Scott 29:29

It's so bizarre. We've mentioned before in the past some of the different laws and kind of gray areas in DC and this is yet another one I guess.

Miranda 29:45


Scott 29:47

I guess because they they won't allow DC to fully legalize and go adult use. DC is now saying--

Miranda 29:57

the DC counsel. The DC counsel just a few weeks ago we're like we're not doing anything about this gray area is good gifting is still cool. We don't want to fuck this up and now this goes into effect and it's Yeah, DC is truly the wild west of weed.

Scott 30:15

It's it's very wild. Very weird.

Miranda 30:19

I mean and I get it that they want to give more of the people in DC access to medical cannabis but there are still going to be people who will buy from the gray market no matter what I think.

Scott 30:38

Yeah, it's all just a weird it's so weird around the bush of legalization. And as I think I've noted in the past it's this whack job from Maryland. Yeah, I want to say his name that has this hard on for not having drugs be illegal in the nation's capital and the message that that sends our children, blah blah blah blah, shut the fuck up nobody cares.

Miranda 31:07

And you know what?

Scott 31:08

This is the country supports legalization.

Miranda 31:11

This was actually put into action to work around his rider.

Scott 31:16

Right and that's that's what I'm saying.

Miranda 31:20

Because he's such a pill.

Scott 31:23

He will allow legalization to happen. Yeah, they keep doing all this just ridiculous stuff. That just creates confusion of a gray, green, black, whatever color market you want to call it. situation. Yeah. Instead of just legalizing regulating, taxing, like the medical DC market. Doesn't make sense. I mean, obviously, we're preaching to the choir. I can't imagine anyone who does believe in the war on drugs is listening to podcasts on a regular basis.

Miranda 32:01

If you are, I hope you're enjoying it.

Scott 32:04

I mean, I guess I used to listen to stuff like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly just to hear how the other half thing Yes, sir. And the kind of crazy shit that they say. So maybe there's some like whack job like, quote unquote, conservative anti drug person who's listening to this show, go and listen to these fucking commie pot smokers but yeah, anyway, otherwise, we would believe support, legalization and then end of prohibition, right. Yeah, weird, weird stuff that DC ends up doing because it can't just legalize. And it just, it's just so absolutely absurd and asinine.

Miranda 32:55

They just keep going around in a circle.

Scott 32:58

Yeah, like I, I can't sell it to you, but I can gift it to you. You know, you don't, you don't have to be a patient. But if you do want to be a patient, now you can just self certify. You can literally just say, poof, I'm a patient.

Miranda 33:15

I'm a patient,

Scott 33:16

And look, you know what I am anxious as fuck? And look, we are not arguing that people shouldn't be able to, again, you know, I think we've said, I know we've said if you use cannabis for a specific thing, in a specific instance, that's medicating Yeah, right. Whether it's--

Miranda 33:35

Even if it's going to a party and having a good time, because you're anxious about going to that party and having a good time.

Scott 33:41

Whether it's doctor prescribed or whether you know it to be treating you for a certain thing. That is to me that's why I prefer the term adult use term recreational because I think a lot of quote unquote recreational cannabis use.

Scott 33:57

It is really, really medical. Yeah, yeah. I agree with that.

Scott 34:01

I don't want to think of it as medicine. It's not taste nasty, you know, swallow a pill. Right? You know, but you are, you're using it to treat a thing. You were doing it free specific. Maybe that's my just semantic ass. Talking, are you? But anyway, I think it's medicinal.

Miranda 34:24

Yeah, so, so speaking of medical cannabis, and the way that the federal government is the federal government also wants to put a national database to track how patients use medical cannabis. And they are ready to pay a lot of money to do it too. So the National Institute of Drug Abuse NIDA, which has an office at John Johns Hopkins University and at their hospitals want to do this project to do that. informed research. The information that they want to collect is the patient's experience symptoms, the format strain type, and major cannabinoids in the cannabis products used, whether or not patients are using product recommendations from their physician, the changes in targeted symptoms, and more. There's always and more. So when they, when I first read this, I was, I was a little angry about it, to be honest, because as far as I'm concerned, the federal government should not be in my prescription. Looking at what I'm doing. As far as I'm concerned, I think we can both agree.

Scott 35:44

Especially when it's still federally classified as--

Miranda 35:48

illegal illegal substance.

Miranda 35:48

Yeah, no. A level one drug.

Miranda 35:51

Um, so yeah, I was initially angry when I read this. But honestly, if NIDA which is very focused on research. In fact, my mother used to work for NIDA wants to gather this information to do the research or get the research done. I'm not that mad about it. But I also want the federal government to legalize it before they do it. Which is a big ask, I know it's a big ask. But in order to get the the research done, and go around the research grants that have to be found and funded and blah, blah, blah, NIDA could just literally go and get their information. I don't know. I go back and forth on this. I'm angry but I'm not angry. I have other things to be angry about.

Scott 35:54

I need to know more about it. Yeah, I mean, it's it sounds interesting to me, I you know, we always talk about how much more research we need, how much more research we would like to see for sure. In regards to cannabis, cannabis, cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, how it all works. You know, we've talked about how there's 60-70 different cannabinoids in cannabis. And we all talk about a dozen or so of those, including the terpenes involved. So yeah.

Miranda 37:33

I mean, if it gets that research on the ground and rollin. Cool?

Scott 37:38

But my question is just how are you doing it? I just want to know who's involved. You know.

Miranda 37:45

I, A. want to be able to agree or disagree to give this information to the federal government. And B. I want the federal government to just fuckin legalize it.

Scott 37:55

Right. Well, that's Are these like paid research studies? Or is this?

Miranda 37:59

No, this is just collection of data to put into research? I'm guessing I don't I don't. They didn't lay it out here. It hasn't been fully laid out.

Scott 38:11

Yeah. See, without it being fully laid out. I don't know what to say about any of it to be honest with you.

Miranda 38:17

Yeah. Yeah. That's very fair. Yeah. But yeah, that's, that's just if they are going to do this, that is what I want from the federal government. That's all because, yeah, I don't want my use of medical cannabis to be weaponized against me like my sex and gender have been. So anyway.

Scott 38:40

That's yeah, I mean, whether it's applying for certain jobs, whether it's the ability to possess firearms, they're different insurance implications. There are lots of different things that your cannabis use can affecting your life. So yes, being able to control that and who has it is absolutely important, and something I care about.

Miranda 39:09

Absolutely. So yeah. More work more research would be great. And also I want to know from you guys, how many of you utilize your cannabis doctors in the capacity that they should be utilized? IE, how many of you are asking for specific knowledge on terpenes to treat what you're being treated for? By your cannabis doctor? I want you to email me at or DM me on Instagram at Our Lady Maryjane because that's something that I've been truly curious about. And I would like to hear what you have to say.

Scott 39:54

Internationally speaking, the Mayor of London has a launched a exploratory committee to investigate the possibilities of legalizing cannabis. Just in London since the UK has been dragging their feet on legalization there. We've talked about how Germany has technically voted to legalize.

Miranda 40:22

Right, right.

Scott 40:23

And again, it's so funny I always see the Germany and cannabis in the headlines, and I get all excited. And literally for the last like eight months now, it's been the same story. Yeah, Germany is legalizing still. Like, that's basically how like, no report other than here's the report, we're still working on it, we're still gonna get to it.

Miranda 40:50

Be patient. Yeah.

Scott 40:54

I mean, the rest of the European market is definitely looking at well, there's, there's a lot of there's a lot of things to consider, right. And it's, it's another one of these, you know, is everything available all at once, right, another market that rolls out, flower, and then rolls out, concentrates and controls the edible, edible blah, blah, blah, 2.5 and five milligram or is it in another place where, you know, you're not allowed to burn it right? You know, like this, you can combust. State of Pennsylvania, where you're not supposed to be able to, you know, actually smoke here flower. So strange. It's yeah, so bizarre.

Miranda 41:41

I mean, I get it. I mean, like we talked about in the last episode, I get it.

Scott 41:45

But yeah, the big conversation in Germany has been do we do it through the pharmacies? Where we already do, you know, medical cannabis? Or do we, you know, do it through a different model? And yeah, which products do we allow, which don't we? They've also, because of their concern with skyrocketing energy prices, they've discussed importation interesting, which really, is interesting, because it would mean that they could potentially have to leave the United Nations because of their stipulations, wiring illicit substances, and being able to import and export those substances. Then, of course, the other question would be, where would they get those things from? Would the US allow exportation of cannabis? Would Canada since Canada is nationally legal? That I think it would will surmise? It Yeah, probably be the Canadian market since the Canadians are already nationally legalized. But yeah, that would be one way for the Germans to because they they wonder if they can even keep up with what the demand would be. I was gonna say yes, based on the size of what grows would be let alone the amount of yeah, that they would require. Because you're not talking about a significant outdoor grow season in Germany, and you're talking about a crop that can take months to flower and develop?

Miranda 43:26

Well, I mean, you have to even think of it like, if you look at the way that the market has gone locally, with supply and demand. I mean, there have been shortages, like in the past two years. In Maryland. There was a big shortage two summers ago, in the dispensaries where it was just like we weren't getting what we were looking for.

Scott 43:53

Yeah. I think those issues in Maryland had been mitigated through the growth of the different Maryland growers.

Miranda 44:02

I think so I think so too. But it did take a minute.

Scott 44:05

And that doesn't take into account the coming adult use mark, right, which is going to happen again, because there are a ton of people as we said, they would just walk up to the dispensary trying to come in and and buy cannabis that didn't have a card and didn't know there was a card or people that were in from out of town or what have you. And I don't know of any recreational programs in the United States where you have to be a resident of that state to purchase so it's just another kind of notch for tourism. And I mean, you're talking about some serious competition at this point. I mean, it's something like 18 states that have adult use cannabis.

Miranda 44:51

Yeah, with three more to be on the way.

Scott 44:54

Yeah, and and a bunch more referendums. Yeah, Maryland's that are that are also coming down the pike as well. So if you don't live in a legal state, we've said it before, you probably will soon, or you're probably living next to one. So yeah, yeah,

Miranda 45:10

I mean, I heard that New Jersey's legal. That wasn't thought out very well at all. Their implementation.

Scott 45:18

I don't know anything about it. How so?

Miranda 45:19

Um, they didn't have any product. Okay, so that's, I mean, you know, you got to think of these things before. Yeah, you open a business, you got to stock the shelves before you open the doors.

Scott 45:31

Well, it all depends, you know, like we said, the referendum in Maryland is taking place in November. But the actual activity of the market opening up isn't predicted to be until the following July of 2023. So, you know, you're talking about a significant lead time on implementation. And, as part of the legislation that needs to be put in place is the structure for the program, right. The Maryland legislature has been speaking over the course of the last few weeks about the various different aspects of what legalization means may actually mean or look like and how it actually gets implemented, because you can't just yeah, now I think what Jersey did is they just gave people that were already producing the ability to be right, recreational producers as well. And that's what most places are doing. New York did it the opposite way. New York actually went to existing CBD farmers instead of going to their medical market, and said, Hey, y'all are already growing this plant. Do you want to grow the THC version? Which I'm sure a lot of those people wanted to grow the THC version but just couldn't afford to be involved? Or you know, couldn't get involved in the licensing because of the the control of the numbers.

Miranda 47:12

You want to talk about a wild west a weed right now?

Scott 47:15

What New York? Yeah, well.

Miranda 47:21

Have you seen Times Square lately?

Scott 47:24

Reports of trucks in Times Square madness. . I haven't been up there in a long time. Last place I want to be during a pandemic is--

Miranda 47:34

Oh, no, I haven't been up there either.

Scott 47:36

A couple of million people but I just

Miranda 47:37

I've been reading about it online has been Wow. New Yorkers just really took it upon themselves to do what they wanted to do. And I'm not mad about it. Yeah. I'm the last person who's gonna be mad about it.

Scott 47:55

A certain part of me says in the vacuum. What do you expect?

Miranda 48:00

Yeah. You know, and it really is a vacuum up there.

Scott 48:04

And that's why you see London. Yeah. And people and other even US cities. I think the mayor of Austin. Yeah, it was sort of just like Austin cool, decriminalized. And I'm sure they would love to, yeah, as their own entity. If the state of Texas won't do it. Go ahead and say hey, look, we know this is going on. We would rather legalize you know legitimize test label.

Miranda 48:34

Sure. In tax.

Scott 48:39

Yeah, why not? It's yeah, just doesn't make sense. There's so much money to be made so much. And speaking of money to be made, yeah. New products in the world of cannabis are always popping up, of course. And some of the more interesting ones that we've heard about recently, yeah. So RAW, the company that makes of course, cones, and wraps and papers and all that good stuff. My rolling tray is a RAW rolling tray.

Miranda 49:11

It's a bitching rolling tray too.

Scott 49:13

Yes, I love it. It's wooden, mechanical, magnetic.

Miranda 49:18

It's really cool.

Scott 49:19

She's beautiful. But anyway, they have come out with a Terp spray.

Miranda 49:25

And I'm fascinated by this because there are three of them.

Scott 49:28

I want to get some.

Miranda 49:29

Me too! Let's get let's get some.

Scott 49:31

I am hoping that maybe that's the kind of thing that I'll see in Michigan. Oh, that'd be cool. Cuz I have not seen it yet here in Maryland, but I would assume that at least I know my experience in Vegas when I've gone to adult use. Yeah, dispensaries is it's kinda like, Blair is here.

Miranda 49:51


Scott 49:52

You know, there's like a head shop attached.

Miranda 49:54

Yeah, for sure.

Scott 49:55

Has, everything. Yeah, now so I'm hoping that maybe I'll experience some some terp spray.

Miranda 50:02

Yeah, this looks I mean what Sour Apple, Fernando Valley OG and Orange Soda.

Scott 50:09

Orange Soda! Okay Hon!

Miranda 50:12

The dominant terps of myrcene intensifies and amplifies.

Scott 50:16

Dominant terms of myrcene in all of them.

Miranda 50:18

Well that was just Orange Soda. Okay, um, Sour Apple is caryophyllene and San Fernando Valley OG is limonene.

Scott 50:29


Miranda 50:31

Yeah. That's it sounds great.

Scott 50:36

I'm curious, again, botanical terps. So talking about terps that have been harvested from plants, whatever, from orange peels from lemon peels from pine needles, from whatever vegetable material. Yep. But not cannabis. Terps not coming from cannabis plants. But coming from other places out in the world. Whether those terps have no effect on your high or not remains to be seen.

Miranda 51:08

I'm curious. I'm really I'm super looking forward.

Scott 51:12

At least it should affect the flavor and the smell.

Miranda 51:15


Scott 51:17

You know, you would think.

Miranda 51:20

Yeah, this looks, they come in five milliliter bottles, which is a great, that's a quite a large amount of spray. It's a spray. Yeah.

Scott 51:27

So you would spray, you know, you would twist up or pack up your cone or whatever you prefer, you know, put together your blunt wrap. And then I would think the way we used to do it back is you would take your honey, or your orange juice or your pineapple juice or whatever, and kind of you know, smear it on the paper or the wrap, and then kind of bake it with the lighter a little bit or let it sit on the windowsill in the sun and dry and kind of let those flavors soak in warm and dry so that the the joint or blunt will still burn correctly. So I would assume that you would kind of spray it and then let it sit.

Miranda 52:16

Yep. It says spray a few pumps of terps spray onto your RAW paper, RAW cone or your smoking material to wait six, six minutes. That's very specific. wait six minutes before lighting and enjoy.

Scott 52:33

All right. Yeah, yeah. So directly on to your material. It says interesting. So if you've got some flower that's been sitting in the Oh shit, man, I forgot. And you pull it out and it is crumbly.

Miranda 52:48

Maybe like dusty.

Scott 52:50

Yeah, maybe, uh, sat on it and it got flattened out. So it got you know, the terps got exposed. Yeah, stick and dried a bit. I guess you could spray around herb spray. And yeah, that sounds great. pump up your turp profile. Now do they all only have the one terpene?

Miranda 53:12

I believe so. That's what it looks like.

Scott 53:15

It's very interesting to me to name it after a strain and then only have one terp.

Miranda 53:21


Scott 53:22

Limonene is not the terp that I think of when I think of SFV OG.

Miranda 53:26

No that will be pinene?

Scott 53:26

Even pinene I think of as you think of really more of an indica personally.

Miranda 53:34


Scott 53:35

You know, I guess it depends on like the East Coast versus West Coast.

Miranda 53:42

I don't know, man. Yeah, I've always I've always thought that they were like sativa hybrids.

Scott 53:48

I don't know. OG to me always means more of an indica.

Miranda 53:52

Yeah, I mean, same, but I don't know. I don't know.

Scott 53:58

Anyway. Have you tried the RAW spray? Paper? I mean, we've as I've seen those two and I haven't tried any of those yet.

Miranda 54:07

I mean, we've tried the King Palm terpene. poppers. terpene. Not poppers

Scott 54:18

Got the terp pearl. Yeah, in the filter that you pop, but I don't think that's like a terpene. That's not it's just flavoring. Right? Yeah, yeah. That's just like being drawn past that terp.

Miranda 54:33

Okay. Oh, okay.

Scott 54:38

Oh, my, you know, it's in the filter right beyond the point where you burn it,

Miranda 54:43

Right. I don't know. It'll be interesting to see how these tastes when you burn them, too.

Scott 54:47

I'm curious. Yeah, me too. I'm curious. I wonder how strong they are. Does it say there's like other natural flavors or no like that now? Just says it's the terp And one would imagine, I wonder if the six minutes I would imagine it's alcohol based.

Miranda 55:09

It doesn't say.

Scott 55:10

Unless they're making them water soluble. I would think that it's based and then they're telling you that six minutes because that's--

Miranda 55:18

The rate of evaporation.

Scott 55:21

Allowed the alcohol to burn off, to evaporate the alcohol.

Miranda 55:26

Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I'm curious. I guess. I guess we'll find out.

Scott 55:34

But yeah, you got your spray. Additionally, the rose petals.

Miranda 55:39

Yeah. Which I've been smoking out of one of those today. I'm smoking it out of a King Palm rose cone. But RAW is making rose cones as well. Zig Zag Zig Zag not RAW. We were talking. We were confused earlier. But yeah, it's um, it's nice. The one thing I don't like about any natural, non paper cone is that they start to sort of like, sink in on themselves and get weird that way. And I feel like I have to relate it and relate it relate it. But that's the only issue with them.

Scott 56:19

That's that that we mentioned when we talked about the True Growf.

Miranda 56:25

Yeah, yeah.

Scott 56:27

They're fantastic. But it's definitely you kind of want to smoke it fast. Yeah, you want to smoke. They're better for a session and environment where you can pass and keep it going. Because yeah, they do kind of get funky. And the, the paper will burn at a different consistency, then what you've found side of it, unless you just keep it going. So unfortunately, here in Maryland, Miranda, and I can't share our medicine. So we're not passing back and forth.

Miranda 57:04

So and thus, it's burning really funkilly. Yeah.

Scott 57:11

And it's the same experience I have with the True Growf when I was smoking that by myself, is I just personally don't smoke a joint all in one sitting typically, or fast enough that I was able to get him to burn consistently. All the way then I would try to relight it the you know, the inside would burn a little bit quicker than the outside. And all of a sudden I'd have this weird like, hollow paper on the outside.

Miranda 57:42

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But I liked them. They taste great. They burned smoothly. But I think it would definitely be better in a session. I'll post a picture of it.

Scott 57:55

I can smell it in the air a little bit.

Miranda 57:56

Yeah. There's this little rosiness to it.

Scott 58:00

A hint of rose. A little bit of a floral effect. Does it? What are you smoking in there?

Miranda 58:09

This is some Peach Zeason that I had forgotten about.

Scott 58:13


Miranda 58:15

I found it in the back of the stash box. So yeah, just ground that up today. A little bit of a Hummingbird Farm's Abacus. Yeah, it's lovely.

Scott 58:28

Well that you have something from from all the worlds.

Miranda 58:31

I know.

Scott 58:32

You have the rose wrap and the CBD and the THC.

Miranda 58:37

I feel like if I were a joint this would be me. Yeah,

Scott 58:49

So yeah, I have not tried them yet. That was a cone. Right?

Miranda 58:52

Yeah. There were three to a pack. They were the king size.

Scott 58:57

So 1.25 or 1.5?

Miranda 59:00

I think 1.50 Yeah, that's why it's only halfway smoked.

Scott 59:06

Not even. Yeah. canalicular that big, the big fat cone and has a lot of flower. And yeah, the first hits of those big cones can definitely be...

Miranda 59:22

But she's lovely. I would definitely buy those again. Cool. Looks pretty. Yeah, I see people making them online. I'm just I don't have that kind of patience.

Scott 59:32

I mean, what do you have to do beyond...

Miranda 59:35

I mean, you have to get them to stay. Rose petals are a little fiddly.

Scott 59:39

I mean, I can definitely imagine I haven't lived in a place with roses for a long time. But when we did Yes, and have them, I remember the petals being particularly fragile.

Miranda 59:50

Yes, and slippery.

Scott 59:52

And slippery too.

Miranda 59:53

Yeah. So I would much rather leave it up to the professionals at Zig Zag and And King Palm where I can just go and pick them up and smoke them that way.

Scott 1:00:07

I wonder if they use roses of all colors?

Miranda 1:00:11

I don't know. Actually some of these were pink. Some of these were red. Okay, so yeah, and I have one that was kinda like pink and red.

Scott 1:00:20

Well there Yeah. Yeah, cuz that one kind of looks like and it might sound weird to say it but like a radish.

Miranda 1:00:27

It does.

Scott 1:00:28

Because it's got the purple edges on it. I've been eating a lot of radishes lately from my crop share. So maybe that's why it looks like a radish to me.

Miranda 1:00:37

Right on. Radishes are great.

Scott 1:00:40

They have been delicious. They have absolutely been delicious.

Miranda 1:00:44

Little spicy, peppery little guys.

Scott 1:00:46

Oh my Lord. I threw a few too many radishes in my salad the other night. And as I told my girlfriend, it was the most challenging salad I've ever experienced in my life. I honestly had to fight my way through that salad experience. It was between the garlic scapes.

Miranda 1:01:10

Oh my goodness,.

Scott 1:01:11

And radishes and then raw beets. These are on the sweeter end of raw beets. These are like golden beats. Oh, nice. But I left the skin on So still a little bitter earthiness too. Spinach and I can't remember what the other lettuce that I was using was it wasn't just spinach. But it was tough. It's a good thing I didn't, I thought about putting some red onion in there.

Miranda 1:01:41

And I I'm glad you didn't.

Scott 1:01:42

So glad I didn't. Because red onion I probably would have would have been crying. It would have been like my tongue was buzzing.

Miranda 1:01:50

When I was a child. This is hysterical. I read Rapunzel. And the mother's craving for radishes during her pregnancy led me on a radish like excursion where I was like every time my mother went to the store I was like bring me home radishes. Bring me home radishes. And I like ate radishes all day. Like I would kill like a pound of radishes a week. As a child, so bring you around this spicy. I love that. I love that.

Scott 1:02:24

They've had the CSA they've had like fuchsia and have like dark dark dark purple. The ones I got last time. But they are delicious. They are fantastic. It is radish season for sure. If you don't go to your local farmers market shame on you. You should buy local flour and you should buy local flour and vegetables and fruits as well.

Miranda 1:02:48

Yeah. Oh, cannabis prices are going down.

Scott 1:02:52

They sure are speaking of go into the market. Talk more about how California is going to allow growers to go directly to a cannabis farmers market a few times a year and sell bIack cannabis prices are surely going down.

Miranda 1:03:09

And as they're going down in the medical market to I mean, specifically they are going down in adult use markets. But honestly, I've been tracking the way that Maryland's medical markets gone and prices are going down.

Scott 1:03:21

And you know, I believe I've mentioned it on this show. Before that. I felt like Maryland's prices were starting to go down in response to the oncoming adult use Yeah. And yeah, the writing is on the wall. There it's exclusivity contract is up the referendum is going to happen. They know the referendum is going to pass because we've talked before that, you know, in some cases 80% Or better of people surveyed depending on how you ask the question, support cannabis legalization, whether it's medical, whether it's adult use, et cetera, across the country, but yeah, they see the writing on the wall, they know they're not going to have the monopoly that they've had thus far in these markets. And they realize shit, we better lower the price. Otherwise we're not going to have an excuse and the adult use companies are going to come out and start offering $20 and $25 and $30 eighths.

Miranda 1:04:26

Yeah, and $35, what five grams? Right Stuff like that. Or was it $55 for 5 grams but still depends on where you have $10 A gram.

Scott 1:04:38

In Ohio. The the amount is 2.86 grams or something like that. Is their standard what they call a one day amount.

Miranda 1:04:51

Fascinating. Wow.

Scott 1:04:53

Go online and look at. I'm not going to name drop if you go look at some Ohio dispensaries online, 2.86 And then. And then it's 5.6, whatever and interesting and the way that they kind of take what those amounts are is they list them as daily amounts daily.

Miranda 1:05:17

Oh, that's weird. It's very out. That's very strange. But yeah, cannabis prices are going down. I believe this past week, I saw an eighth for $14 in the Maryland market.

Scott 1:05:30

And you know,

Miranda 1:05:31

I mean, I can't speak to the I don't remember what it was or who grew it. I can't speak to the quality of it. But that was a $14 eighth.

Scott 1:05:38

Yeah. So if you look for your sales if you look for your deals, just like we talked about, you know, when you're exploring with the edibles, find out which day the edibles are on Yeah, find out which day the flower is on sale, I guarantee you there are probably multiple days at your favorite dispensary where you can get flour whether it's what they call quote unquote shake, which may or not, may or may not actually be what we know to be as shake traditionally in the cannabis world. Or you know whether it's pop ups snare or you know, brand specific brands flower will be 20% 25% 40% off whatever it is.

Miranda 1:06:26

I literally got a half an ounce of Cherry Chem by District Cannabis for $100.

Scott 1:06:31


Miranda 1:06:33

And these are gorgeous buds.

Scott 1:06:35

And was it quote unquote, untrimmed?

Miranda 1:06:37

No, it was trimmed.

Scott 1:06:39


Miranda 1:06:40


Scott 1:06:40


Miranda 1:06:42

I was like, excuse me a half an ounce for what? Rock and roll? Yeah, that was crazy to me. Um, especially in this market where like, $300 ounces are not unheard of. Or even $200 ounces. Sure, yeah.

Scott 1:07:00

Yeah. And I mean, you know, it. Look at your bud yeah, if you can smell your buds, smell your bud. I don't want your nose in my bud. But if they let you do it, I don't blame you for wanting to do it. You know, find out what you get. And make sure you look at your terps for sure. If it's $180 now, or $200 an ounce but it's got less than a percent of terps. Well, there's a reason why it's $200 an ounce. Yeah. Personally, I'm not buying anything that's under one and a half percent. Probably terps to be honest with you. THC I'm not as concerned with I probably want it to be over 16% I probably don't want it to be over 28% Right. But yeah, I definitely want the terps to be somewhere between one and a half to 5%.

Miranda 1:08:01

Yeah, please.

Scott 1:08:03

It happens. I found a bag of Cinderella 99% with 5% terps. Well, I knew I had I--

Miranda 1:08:11

Just didn't know where you had it.

Scott 1:08:14

I didn't even really forget where I had it. I just hadn't opened that box in a while. It's where I have like the hash. I just haven't felt the need. I've been smoking a lot of cannabis. So I don't want to be smoking. Super high test. Right. I don't want to be smoking concentrates. I don't want to be adding kief and hash, because it's just driving it up. Yeah. Because all around the THC to be higher as well as the usage. Right. It'd be higher, right. I'm using more because I'm stressed out but I don't need to be using a higher dose right. Right now. Yep. Anyway, but yeah, I found that batch of Cindy and I still haven't even opened it because I didn't need to open it right now. I've been thinking about doing a series called new reviews of old weed just because little like a gram left. This stuff that I've had so you might see on on YouTube or something coming from me at some point soon. Or on the Instagram stories or something. New reviews of old weed but yeah, anyway. Yeah, lower test higher terps. Make sure you're getting your money's worth for sure. Just because it's lower in price doesn't mean you're getting a deal. If you're not getting cannabis that's going to do what you want it to do.

Miranda 1:09:46

I agree. Yeah.

Scott 1:09:48

Speaking of the corporate cannabis stuff, yeah. A couple more cannabis companies going the route of Mainvest. If you listened to our article or our If you listen to our episode with our interview with our buddy Chris from Honeybee Collective out in, Colorado, they raised the capital through crowdsourcing. And that is exactly what Mainvest does a works with companies to set goals kind of like a GoFundMe or what have you, and allows people to become investors at a very approachable level in these different cannabis companies so the two that we read about recently forgive the name but the Eastcoasterdam

Miranda 1:10:41

Eastcoasterdam and Jane West.

Scott 1:10:43

Yeah, no offense Eastcoasterdam, dudes.

Miranda 1:10:46

It's just, it's long.

Scott 1:10:47

I'm all about what y'all are doing. I just think you kind of are beating us over the head with the with the name.

Miranda 1:10:57

With the Erdam. Yeah.

Scott 1:11:00

But I'm into it. It sounds like I wish I wish it told me more. But it sounds like maybe y'all are trying to develop a facility where other people can grow flower too?

Miranda 1:11:13

Yeah, we're, we spent a good amount of time going over what you guys are trying to do. But we don't really understand.

Scott 1:11:22

I understand that you grow flower and the flower looks great. And I understand that you make concentrates and I'm sure they're fantastic. And I hope you raise all the funds that you're trying to raise you if you're listening to us, you should go on and we'll have the links to this stuff on the website on the site and on the social media and everything and highlight these people. But yeah, so check them out. Yeah, see, see what they do see if it's a cause that you want to invest in. It's not just making a donation to a cannabis company. You are investing in their products. Absolutely. With Jane West Jane West, they are a CBD company and yeah, CBD company. But they also make some glass Yes, yeah, glass stuff in there.

Miranda 1:12:14

But you found some coffee. And they also she she also did a collaboration with GRAV.

Scott 1:12:21

Yeah, so as company we've talked about some of their stuff before. We both own a bunch of their pieces, GRAV.

Miranda 1:12:34

Tomato Tomato

Scott 1:12:35

She's got an imprint with them where she's got three different color schemes. Some beautiful little, you know, glass accessories that you can get. And like Miranda said, they sell CBD flower they've got you know, kinda like the Honeybee Collective. They are focused more on like a vibe...

Miranda 1:12:58

Day and night. Yeah.

Scott 1:13:00

You can get their pre mixed, right. So they're not talking about like specific streams. They're talking about, like mixed blends for a time or for daytime.

Miranda 1:13:10

Yeah, this is a really actually this. She's fascinating.

Scott 1:13:14

Yeah, it looks like cool stuff. And they've already raised a ton of money. This is just the latest round of financing that they're raising for a whole new brand of products that I think they're trying to launch. But you can find them in dispensaries. You can find them in headshops. There, they're kind of all over the place. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, and then finally on my list, at least. Shame on you Curaleaf.

Miranda 1:13:45

Yeah, bad doings guys.

Scott 1:13:47

Buds, Goods and Provisions. So Curaleaf out in Illinois. I haven't heard their employees in any of the other states where they operate. I know they do operate here in Maryland. I haven't heard of this being an issue there. But Curaleaf in Illinois and Buds ironically enough up in Massachusetts. Withholding tips.

Miranda 1:14:14

Yeah. Taking their employees tips.

Scott 1:14:16

From employees and creating these ridiculous policies. Where Oh, well. Yeah, you know, we took their tips but we bought them lunch. Or you know, basically it's or we bought them weed we throw them a pizza party. Yeah, we well, yeah. They can't buy them weed. So store credit. Right is what the the people up in Massachusetts were doing.

Miranda 1:14:43

So that's bullshit, guys.

Scott 1:14:46

Yeah, I mean, first of all, if you've listened to the show long enough, you know that we don't even necessarily think that taping should be what's going on in the cannabis industry. I mean, I support--

Scott 1:14:46

I support it until there are better wages in the cannabis industry.

Scott 1:15:04

Of course.You want people in the cannabis industry to be making a living wage, and most are not being paid a living wage by either the growers or the dispensaries or the delivery companies or the whatever. Yeah, the production companies.

Miranda 1:15:24

So yeah, I support tips until

Scott 1:15:28

we support the apps in that we support the money that tips allow people in the cannabis industry to make right. But in the sense that tips are required in order for folks in the cannabis industry to make a living wage.

Miranda 1:15:42

That's bullshit.

Scott 1:15:43

Fuck that. That's a bullshit. We wish that weren't the case. So in order for managers or companies to be withholding tips or taking tips from their employees in any way, shape, or form, fuck that.

Miranda 1:15:59

Yeah. Not good guys. Not a good look. Not a good look.

Scott 1:16:05

Yeah, I am happy to hear that is only the Curaleaf facilities in Illinois, as far as I'm aware. But still get your act together. Now figure it out. Throwing a pizza party buying lunch, you know, and it was kind of arbitrarily being divvied up. It's not like every day, it wasn't being like, right? It wasn't divided evenly by hours and distributed on people's paychecks to like you right at the shop to buy flour or what have you. It was arbitrarily being given as like bonuses, quote, unquote, or whatever not okay.

Miranda 1:16:46

Not okay, totally ridiculous. That is the worst way you could treat. That's just pure disrespect.

Scott 1:16:52

Yeah. I mean, I've I've stopped going to restaurants when I've heard of practices, like, because you will find restaurants you will find shops where? And I'm sure it's not just restaurants. I'm sure there's probably, you know, massage places. Sure. There's probably Yeah, I know. There's strip clubs where you work for tips only yet? Oh, there are lots of places that make your clients parade the wages for the people in the food industry. And that's just generally not cool. We go about things, because it means people's livelihoods are unreliable, and up and down. And this and that. And it's just blah.

Miranda 1:17:37

Yeah. It's not good. Not good business.

Scott 1:17:40

But anyway to to then turn around and steal those dips, or say that oh, we're going to decide how they're utililized.

Miranda 1:17:48

No. No. No. NO. NO No.

Scott 1:17:49

Yeah. So again, you know, we always urge you to pay attention to where your money's going. Yeah, they dispensaries where you're shopping, the growers that you're buying from, you know, even in some circumstances, the individual products might have money that's being donated or sure Mark to go to specific programs or populations. Just you know, be aware of where you're spending your money.

Miranda 1:18:17

Agreed. I don't think either of us disagree on that one. For sure. So get your act together, Curaleaf and Buds. Buds?

Scott 1:18:28

Buds, Goods and Provisions. I keep buds. Hey, it's Massachusetts. I guess it's a quaint little.... You know, I mean, I guess we should applaud a company that's not an MSO. But

Miranda 1:18:42

yeah, do better by your employees.

Scott 1:18:45

Well, they got sued and I think they have to.

Miranda 1:18:47


Scott 1:18:48

um, so yeah. I don't think they had a choice. But yeah, the you know, if you know of a place that does things like that...

Miranda 1:18:55

Don't stop there.

Scott 1:18:56

Yeah, don't shop there. Send a message, you know, literally send a message a sternly worded email. Yeah, where you shake your finger verbally. On on the page at them and say, Hey, pay your people the right way.

Miranda 1:19:12

Yeah. Well, that does it for this week.

Scott 1:19:16

Yeah, that does it for this week. And that does it for the time being.

Miranda 1:19:20

Yeah, we're gonna take a little break because we're traveling. We're doing our thing. And yeah.

Scott 1:19:29

It's summertime. So...

Miranda 1:19:31

We want to have some fun.

Scott 1:19:34

Things going on. But yeah, we will still, of course, be active on social media and all that good stuff. Keep your eye on those spaces. Of course. We'll have some material coming out for these episodes on the website. And occasionally you may see blog blog posts from Miranda or myself as we individually review something or--

Miranda 1:20:02

We just have something on our mind

Scott 1:20:04

Or inspired to talk about something that's going on in the cannabis world. But at the moment, the show is going to take a little pause, you may see some additional playlists. You saw some sativa playlist, maybe you'll see some indica chill lists from us. Yeah, and thank you for the feedback on those. I know, I've seen great feedback on both my list as well. People saying they were really digging the vibes and kind of the nostalgia that some of the songs gave them. So keep the feedback coming in the meantime, you know, And individually, of course, at Your Cannabis Coach for me.

Miranda 1:20:54

And Our Lady of Maryjane for me.

Scott 1:20:56

Yeah, we hope you enjoy your summer folks. Yeah. You know, keep keep the feedback coming. And keep your logs going and keep experimenting. And yeah,

Miranda 1:21:13

And sharing your experiments. Yeah.

Scott 1:21:17

Look for those events in your area. See what, what kind of CBD events what kind of Yeah, cannabis events are happening around you, because they probably are, whether they're actual lounges or not. As long as there are areas where people agree to allow, you know, legal patients, yeah, or in the case of recreational states, just, you know, legal age adults to indulge. It's a thing so.

Miranda 1:21:49

And you might see me at one of them. So come up and say Hi.

Scott 1:21:53

There you go please do if you see us.

Miranda 1:21:55

I'll probably have a sticker on me.

Scott 1:21:57

Yeah, stickers and we are happy to continue to send you those. I know, I've gotten a few requests for those. And I know Miranda has to so hit us up if you want to get a sticker or Yeah, that's it for now.

Miranda 1:22:15

Yeah, we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Scott 1:22:17

Be well to yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:22:21


Scott 1:22:21


[MUSIC: "Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful]

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