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Episode 28 - Welcome Back!

A cannabis leaf laying on top of the Maryland state flag.

Welcome back to The Heady Conversations! We missed you!

In this episode, Scott and Miranda discuss the recent election including the passage of recreational use in the Old Line State as well as reviewing a couple new strains that have hit the market recently.

If you are a Maryland resident and would like to comment on the Cannabis Reform law, please contact your local state representative.


[Intro Music: "Welcome Back" by John Sebastian]

Scott 0:12


Miranda 0:14


Scott 0:15

Right, that what it is? Thunder Cats go?

Miranda 0:18

I thought it was.

Scott 0:19

About to say that but then that didn't seem dramatic enough. Thunder Cats was such a goddamn dramatic show.

Miranda 0:26

It was!

Scott 0:26

Mumrah the ever living! Anyway.

Miranda 0:32


Scott 0:34

Howdy yall!

Miranda 0:35

Welcome back to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda. We are back bitches!

Scott 0:40

Yeah. After a few months, doing different things and be in different places and occupying ourselves this way and that we are back to talk to you about some cannabis happenings in Maryland and elsewhere. And yeah, we missed you.

Miranda 0:53

We did.We miss we kind of missed each other too.

Scott 1:06

Yeah, absolutely!

Miranda 1:08

You've been traveling and seeing the world.

Scott 1:11

And you've been restarting the business starting a business, doing Pilates.

Miranda 1:17

Doing Pilates.

Scott 1:19

Things. Yeah, we you know, it was it was a summer it's been a fall. Here we are.

Miranda 1:27

Here we are to bring you the good news.

Scott 1:31

Yes, lots of good news. And some not so great news around the country as well. But but mostly good news.

Miranda 1:38


Scott 1:39

The ball continues to get a little bit bigger and pick up a little more steam with every state that legalizes adult use. And here we are in Maryland.

Miranda 1:39

[singing] Dah Dah DAH!

Scott 1:45

State number 20. And then the morning after--

Miranda 1:56

Missouri was 21. Yep.

Scott 1:59

So I meant to be clear, that is adult use, right? So when we mentioned adult use, or as some people say recreational, what we're talking about is you no longer have to go to a doctor and get certified. And, you know, go through the hoops and the--

Miranda 2:17


Scott 2:17

The rigamarole and yeah, all that other stuff involved with getting yourself a card. And you know, in some places that comes with giving up rights in regards to firearms or--

Miranda 2:17

Like here in Maryland.

Scott 2:35

Right? Or employment restrictions. Some places just say straight up that if you have your medical card, they don't they don't want you to work in there because of insurance reasons or what have you. Because you know, even though your condition may be protected, there's still insurance requirements and things like that, that companies have to follow if you're giving people test rides, for example.

Miranda 3:03

Or just driving heavy machinery, CDL.

Scott 3:08

Anyway, anyway, so yeah, 21 states with the addition of Maryland and Missouri if we're going chronologically or alphabetically three states on the other hand said no, thank you, cannabis, we're not quite ready for that level of freedom and relaxation yet.

Miranda 3:33

And all three of those states have medical cannabis. Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota so--

Scott 3:41

And probably have fucking prescription pain problems too. Pills rather.

Miranda 3:47

I can guarantee that with Arkansas.

Scott 3:49

I know Arkansas I'm we're not obviously laughing at people's addictions are, you know, the use of pharmaceuticals instead, but it's just ridiculous how people continue to vote against their own self interest and allow people like big tobacco and Big Pharma to control the conversation and keep up the fear mongering the Reefer Madness style.

Miranda 4:16

So weird.

Scott 4:17

You know, I saw one quote from one of the I think there were only two people here in Maryland that went on record as opposing the referendum. And one of them said, you know, my family member had never used cannabis in the past, and within six months was using cannabis every day. We're creating addicts. First of all, there's a real good chance that your family member has used cannabis in the past or was regularly using cannabis already.

Miranda 4:17


Scott 4:17

You know, I mean, we know that the usage numbers of people, regardless of whether it's a state that has medicinal or adult use, or neither either is going to say The use number tend to be about the same. You don't see huge spikes in use. When when these things get legalized.

Miranda 5:06

For sure.

Scott 5:07

You obviously see a spike in numbers because people feel more comfortable coming out and admitting their usage, but very rarely are you finding people, we both worked in the industry.

Miranda 5:22


Scott 5:23

We dealt with patients on a regular basis.

Miranda 5:24

All day long.

Scott 5:25

It was pretty rare to get a patient that would come up to you and say--

Miranda 5:29

I've never smoked before.

Scott 5:31

I've never done anything, right. Like I've never eaten an edible, I've never smoked. I've never No, I am unfa-- What's this crazy thing called cannabis?

Miranda 5:41

What is this crazy weed that I'm hearing about?

Scott 5:42

Hey, Jack, y'all sell the reefers? Hip me to what's going down. Yeah, no it's just not a thing. Most people walk in and they tell you like, this ain't my first rodeo. But I don't know about indica and sativa. I don't even know about terpenes. You know, like, my dude had Sour Diesel for three years straight. Like, that's all I knew.

Miranda 6:09

Or the magical. I had an edible once, right. I don't know what the dosage was. Yeah, I was laid out for 4 days.

Scott 6:18

Yeah, I don't mess with edibles because I was at a party. Yeah. Now it's not. Look, they're not for everybody.

Miranda 6:26

They're not. But if your budtender is educated and can educate you on how to properly dose yourself. There shouldn't be too much of a problem. Yeah, yeah. So we won the vote 65% to 35%. Yep, we spank that vote home.

Scott 6:45

That is a mandate for sure. And now it is up to the legislators to do the tough work of molding, the final legislation that will go into law come July or I guess go into law.

Miranda 7:08

And it starts in January, February. But the rest of it follows July 1, right. Like I think the only thing that goes into act in January is the civil fines for over 2.5 ounces of cannabis.

Scott 7:28

Right, so let's get this straight.

Miranda 7:29

Yeah. Okay.

Scott 7:30

A lot of people were reaching out to me the day after the vote saying, what dispensary should I go to? And I'm like, Oh, you got your card. Yeah. And they're like, I don't need my card anymore. And I'm like, bro.

Miranda 7:45

It's the same conversation we've been having for years, essentially.

Scott 7:48

No, I know. No, but I heard and I'm like, yeah, no. referendum passed. But wait, there's more.

Miranda 7:59

Seven months more.

Scott 8:00

Yeah, there's more work to be done. There's the devil is in the details, as they say we still don't know exactly what the legislation is going to look like once it gets, you know, voted into law. The legislature has the directive from the people of Maryland, to make it legal for people above the age of 21.

Miranda 8:26


Scott 8:26

To go purchase cannabis. Without a medicinal license. That is all that got voted on.

Miranda 8:32


Scott 8:33

Basically. You know, there are some more specifics in regards to, you know, the amount that people can have 1.5 to 2.5 ounces, or 12 grams of concentrates. And, you know, amounts over that still do carry criminal penalties. So it's not like, you can just roll around town with an ounce of weed in each pocket and in your glove box and in your trunk and right.

Miranda 9:05

And that's--

Scott 9:06

You know, there's limits.

Miranda 9:07

That's the thing, like, they're not going to be coming to your house checking for two ounces of weed. This is just you carrying it on your person while you're out and about right.

Scott 9:17

Because, you know, they still want to make sure that people are not illegally distributing or transporting, or, you know, whatever else, right?

Miranda 9:28

Those are punishable by up to six months in jail or a fine of $1,000.

Scott 9:33


Miranda 9:35

For now.

Scott 9:35

So, you know, in theory, everything is getting a little bit better. People can begin to petition expungement for their crimes. I know that's one of the things that starts in January versus having to wait to until July for July is just when it is predicted for sales to start in adult use dispensaries, and when the it will be legal to grow.

Miranda 10:09


Scott 10:10

That number on growing is still unfortunately right now at two plants.

Miranda 10:17

But two plants per household.

Scott 10:19

Right. Yeah, we clarified that Miranda was smart enough to have the question. Is it two plants per person or per household? Because obviously, if you live with your partner, if you live with roommates, if you live with multiple partners, exactly, or multiple roommates, the question becomes, you know, can each patient grow their own medicine or each person in general, and unfortunately, the way it looks currently, is that it's per household.

Miranda 10:53

I'm hoping there's gonna be some wiggle room on that, right?

Scott 10:56

Well, we all need to reach out to our legislators, before this thing gets officially, you know, defined and put into process.

Miranda 11:07

So start now!

Scott 11:08

And express how we want this thing to go. I was mentioning to Miranda, you know, the other state that we talked about is Missouri and the grow allotments in Missouri make way more sense to how cannabis is actually grown. You know, we've talked before in the past on this show about why we feel like two plants is not enough. And it's it's simple science, right? Cannabis. If you don't know anything about growing cannabis, for yourself, or in a commercial setting, or what have you. You don't just grow cannabis from seed to bud necessarily every time around, right, and start from scratch and go until you know harvest and curing without some, some help from existing plants, right. So the way growing cannabis usually works is that you've got a mother plant, and you use that plant to produce clones, and then you use those clones to grow your flower, your bud. And then at the end of the growing cycle, you dispose of those plants, but you still keep that original plant that quote unquote mother plant to draw additional clones off of now you might have a clone in particular, and in a certain batch that produces really good butter that looks really good or exhibits, you know, traits or expressions of the phenotype that you haven't seen before, that you really like, and you might decide to make that your new mother plant or you might decide to make that an additional mother plant. There's lots of different ways exactly you can get into and this is how the companies do it too. Right? You see, you know, all of a sudden, this strain that you had, for years that expressed to you in a certain way made you feel a certain way had a certain terpene profile, all of a sudden has this different terpene profile, and is giving you different effects when you smoke it, there's a chance that maybe they lost that mother plant or maybe they just decided to take that strain in a different direction. And you know, found a pheno expression, you know, amongst the plants that they grew that they decided to now make the new clones from this is how growing cannabis works.

Scott 11:08

Yeah, and it's very cyclical. I mean, all all plant growing and harvesting is cyclical. So the idea of having two plants, one might not make it right. Um, your other one might have some troubles. So then what you're kind of stuck with to not so great plants that aren't really thriving or giving you anything and no backup.

Scott 14:08

Yeah, I was stupid enough to get into an internet argument with someone on a Facebook group the other day. And, you know, their comment was, well, you know, don't you know how much you get off the two plants. Okay, lots of people are going to be growing this for the first time for the first time in their lives, right. It's not like using cannabis. Lots of people have used cannabis. Very few people have grown cannabis beyond. You know, a lot of people have grown cannabis in the sense that they got a seed in their bag from their buddy and they throw it in a pot in the planter. And they put it in a windowsill and like two weeks later walked by and went holy shit, I'm growing weed! well, kind of. Yes, technically, there is a cannabis plant growing in your windowsill. But the difference between doing that and growing a plant that you're going to get four to eight ounces from alone pound you know, I literally saw these people say you get pounds off every plant.

Miranda 15:17

If you've got a great plant going right.

Scott 15:20

If you live in Humboldt, California, fucking golden triangle, and you can let your plants get eight foot tall, right and and 12 foot round, then yes, you can absolutely produce pounds from your plants.

Miranda 15:36

Like what are ceilings, and in Baltimore, what maybe nine feet? 10 feet?

Scott 15:40

You might be lucky enough to have some 12 or 14 footers on some different levels. Or if you live in a Charles village brownstone or something. But yeah, for the most part, people are dealing with the size constraints people are going to be dealing with, you know, it's part of a law just like it is in every other place that allows people to grow cannabis and just as it should be, that it's going to have to be out of the view of the public, it's going to have to be well.

Miranda 16:09

Out of out of out of the view of anyone under the age of 21.

Scott 16:14

You know, stuff stuff is basically you're gonna have to be more careful with your cannabis plants than you are with your guns.

Miranda 16:21

Or your or your beer.

Scott 16:22

Or your beer, or your tabacco or your even though it's arguable that cannabis is the least harmful of any of those things. But anyway, the point being, yes, there are going to be rules and regulations, but we are going to be allowed to grow. In Missouri, the way their system is set up is they're allowed to have six flowering plants, six non flowering, and then six plants that are under 14 inches. So basically, what they're saying is you're allowed to have plants that are in vegetation stage, you're allowed to have plants that are in flowering stage, and then you're allowed to have your mother plants. But you can't let your mother plants grow to be the size of of hedges, you have to keep them to a reasonable size, to prove that you're using them as as mother plants that you're not trying to get over on the system.

Miranda 17:22

That's the situation that makes the most sense, because you do have your full growth cycle in front of you.

Scott 17:27

That with all of those that is one of the most reasonable grow allowances I've seen in the United States.

Miranda 17:33

And especially for medical patient.

Scott 17:35

I yeah, I can't think of another state that has a better understanding of how the way cannabis is supposed to be grown in order to give people the variety of medicine and the amount of medicine and and allow for like you said, which is something that, you know, honestly, I hadn't even think a thought of until you said it. But yeah, you have to prepare for pests. You have to prepare for mold, you have to prepare for just making mistakes and over watering or

Miranda 18:07

watering over fertilizing, giving them too much nutrition.

Scott 18:12

Not enough light.

Miranda 18:13

Not enough light, not enough air.

Scott 18:16

We're I mean, we're all going to be making lots of mistakes as we stumble through our first and second and maybe even third and fourth grows.

Miranda 18:26

Absolutely, we are.

Scott 18:27

So yeah, there's going to be a learning curve and allowing people to grow enough plants to account for the losses that will be an inevitable part of that learning curve for some of us is a kind and you know, compassionate way to structure the law.

Miranda 18:47

Yeah, I mean, I grow a lot of my own plants. I'm not saying I don't grow cannabis currently, but I will once I'm legally able to. But I mean, I grow some weird. I'm an orchid freak. Like, I love my tropical poisonous plants. I've got a weird cultivation situation going on in this house. But my poisonous plants are also for medicinal use anyway. But they're very, very needy, and very delicate. And if one thing is off, if you're using tap water as opposed to distilled water, I mean, there are certain things that are so important to fuck up and easy to fuck up. That you don't want to make those mistakes with very expensive seeds and or starter plants.

Scott 19:40

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how plants are handled what the what the law is going to be.

Miranda 19:45

Like are you going to have to register them. Like are they going to have to be scanned?

Scott 19:50

Oh, I doubt that. I just meant whether because some states, you're allowed to trade or sell plants and Some states you now, right, like I know a friend of mine in California said that they added a plant on to their delivery order, the last time because they wanted to go ahead and--

Miranda 20:11

I think Colorado has them for sale. Like little starters.

Scott 20:16

I don't know, I haven't been to one of their dispensaries. I haven't been to Colorado in--

Miranda 20:22

A minute?

Scott 20:22

Yeah, I don't know, five years now, something like that. So the industry has definitely changed since I was there. I didn't see plants on the menu, and I was there. But that doesn't mean they didn't exist it other dispensaries? I didn't go to or Sure. You know, I know what I've heard of a lot happening in states where it's legal is that the grow shops will actually have plant giveaways, right? Because they want people to show up and buy tents and lights and hydroponic systems and whatever have you. So they will arrange for, you know, an organization to come through and actually do a seed or a plant or sometimes both. You know, a lot of times they'll have like 50 plants while those plants go pretty quickly. And it's like seeds after that. But that's what I'm curious to see.

Miranda 21:13

Yeah, I'm curious to see how it's all going to roll out.

Scott 21:16

Because obviously, clones are much easier for people, because clones in theory have already been sexed in so you should already know that it's a female plant. You shouldn't you know, not that female seeds aren't a thing now. But those are, again, more expensive. You pay for the convenience of auto flower, you pay for what they call feminized seeds. And, you know, there's a certain amount of guarantee that comes with the money you're spending for those seeds when you spend the money for auto flower or feminized?

Miranda 21:51

Yeah, it's, um, it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. And what change has happened before we get to the point where we can grow.

Scott 22:02

Right? So yeah, I know, after reading that Missouri legislation, I will absolutely be reaching out to my legislators and telling them, that's what I want. You need to fix I want six, six and six make it happen. Because that's a four, four and four. And I think that I think the science supports it. It does. Well, I mean, shit, I would take two, two and two for a total of six. But you know that because to me, that's kind of the bare minimum.

Miranda 22:31

I agree, especially plants to me, is I think the industry is concerned.

Scott 22:39

I don't give a fuck.

Miranda 22:40

I know. I'm just saying I think the industry is concerned that their profit margins gonna drop once home grow drops in.

Scott 22:47


Miranda 22:48

And to a certain extent, yeah. Because some people, you know, I mean, there are certain strains that I seek out.

Scott 22:56

The amount that they're going to pick up from adult use.

Miranda 23:01

Oh, and taxed adult use because you're looking at probably between 20% to 30% tax on--

Scott 23:07

Well, but that'd mean that goes to the state. Yeah, in theory, the companies are still going to charge the same, if not more wholesale. Well, I mean,

Miranda 23:18

it depends on I don't know, because I know

Scott 23:21

it's gonna things are gonna get more competitive.

Miranda 23:24

Michigan. weed is less expensive than Maryland weed. In their rec situation. I believe. That's what I remember.

Scott 23:39

I don't know. I'll be going to Michigan soon. I was recently in California, and did spend a pretty penny on some cannabis out there. But really, I mean for the amount of product that we got. So I was out there with my lady friend attending a friend's wedding and the place where we were staying. Because the threat of wildfires we weren't allowed to smoke anything, let alone cannabis. So we got a couple of disposables for ourselves and for the the brides because they had forgotten to go to the cannabis store before they headed out to that area but yeah, so we got a couple of disposables I think we got two half grams. One was live resin and the other two were and that was like a point three the other two were half grams. And they were just concentrate. I got to drink. We actually got several drinks. So we got some Papst adult seltzers THC seltzer. Yeah, it was it was--

Miranda 24:50

I love a seltzer. I'm not gonna lie.

Scott 24:52

I don't love most of them. So I was pleasantly surprised that I actually found these to be, I mean, I would have drank them anyway because they were THC, but I actually enjoyed them both I don't mind was blood orange mango. And hers was--

Miranda 25:12

That sounds delicious.

Scott 25:13

Pineapple something or another pineapple passion fruit. Maybe I don't. I definitely liked mine more than hers. I was happy. I'm a slut for blood aren't anything. It's the Italian in me. Forget about it. There's blood orange, I'm gonna get it. And I actually got some there were some special edition Halloween. Live resin. Like Starbursts.

Miranda 25:38

That's pretty wicked.

Scott 25:39

And those were blood orange. They were Yeah, so wicked literally and deliciously the, the label had like good black cat and like, and they were, I mean, you could taste the meds in them.

Miranda 25:53

That's fine.

Scott 25:53

And they well no I love that.

Miranda 25:55

I love that too.

Scott 25:56

That's why whenever somebody asked me if, if an edible tastes good, I'm like, not the right person. Because so many people will be like, Oh, no, you didn't taste like weed. And I'm like, Well, yeah.

Miranda 26:08

That's what's in it.

Scott 26:09

Like, I don't know. But I'm, like I said, I'm the guy who will eat mushrooms straight up too I don't need to put it on make tea or put it in spaghetti sauce or just wasting. You're gonna make fucking spaghetti sauce tastes like nasty. To me, like, why wouldn't you just eat the nasty mushrooms and eat the good tasting spaghetti sauce?

Miranda 26:33

Makes no sense.

Scott 26:34

To get the taste out of your mouth.

Miranda 26:37

But moving back?

Scott 26:40


Miranda 26:41

No, just moving back to what we have to look forward to or have to write about. Yeah. Because you should be writing your legislators at this point. If you are not 100% Happy this.

Scott 26:53

it would be great if those expungements were automatic for people now. It would be great if people didn't have to petition for that. expungement

Miranda 27:00


Scott 27:00

So you can reach out to your legislator and tell them that they you want people's expungements to be automatic for simple possession. You know, this does not mean letting crime lords out of prison. Yeah, this is not cartels, or you know, this is people that are locked up for, you know, ounces or because they were growing plants or you know, whatever dumb shit like that.

Miranda 27:26


Scott 27:28

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops, and go out of your way to beg the court to take that off your record when it's now not an illegal offense anymore. Right? Yeah, people should just automatically get out of prison and not have their shit on their record. Some other things that got voted on throughout the country. In regards to cannabis, were just different counties in different places.

Miranda 27:58

Right, so, Texas had votes.

Scott 27:59

Texas had a bunch of votes, Ohio had a bunch of votes. And these are areas basically where, you know, as I was saying to Miranda, they, you know, you know that your state isn't ready to make the move to make cannabis legal or decriminalized. So you go ahead and do what places like DC and Baltimore and you know, Portland, and you know, long before cannabis was legal in these places. It was decriminalized. So if you were caught with, you know, up to an ounce and a half, it would only be a civil citation. If you were caught walking down the street smoking a joint, it would just be a civil citation. So yeah, so a bunch of towns in Ohio and a bunch of towns in Texas went ahead and said, Yeah, you get caught we have a certain amount of cannabis on your person or in the use of cannabis. It's just a civil ticket rather than a criminal offense.

Miranda 28:59

Right, as it should be, honestly.

Scott 29:00


Miranda 29:02

Nobody should be going to jail for weed anymore.

Scott 29:04


Miranda 29:04


Scott 29:05

Never should have been and definitely should not continue to be.

Miranda 29:09

Yeah. So the expungement process requires the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services to expunge the records by July 2024. Period.

Scott 29:23

So you have a year.

Miranda 29:24


Scott 29:26

Or no, well, no, because that starts in January from what I understand. So yeah, a year and a half. Basically,

Miranda 29:31

individuals charged with the intent to distribute can also petition for expungement after serving three years of their sentence, so pretty much almost anybody in jail right now for cannabis distribution should probably be able to petition for expungement and release. Yeah, period. No questions. I mean, should it be automatic? Absolutely. But it's not. So get on those, get your friends to petition get, you know, paperwork in order, get it pumpin and get it bumpin and let's get you out of jail and those records expunged.

Scott 30:18

Yeah, let's make sure that these additional licenses that get added to, you know, facilitate the increased numbers of customers.

Miranda 30:29

Those are supposed to be going to minorities and women supposed to be.

Scott 30:38

As we said, minority can mean a lot of different things.

Miranda 30:41


Scott 30:42

So let's hope that this round of minority contracts--

Miranda 30:45

Actually goes to black and brown people, right?

Scott 30:49

The people who have historically and currently continue to be that's the important thing to remember here, folks, is, this is not you know, people forget I was I was talking to a lady who lives in Tennessee, and we were talking about cannabis at a at a wedding I was at recently. And she said, You know, I love the way you talk about this stuff, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, yadda yadda? Yadda? Could you send me? No, no, I absolutely cannot. Just because it is legal for me to buy here does not mean it is legal for me to put in the mail and send to you, because it is a is still federally illegal. It is still illegal at your state, right? So no, we can't do that.

Scott 31:38

It cannot be carried across state lines.

Scott 31:42

So it's important to remember, just because it's legal for you or becoming legal for you does not mean it's legal for you to take on a plane with you or to cross state lines with or to drive across state lines to purchase if you live in a state, you know, and I'm not telling you not to do any of these things. Because I would be a hypocrite if I did.

Miranda 32:05

Be aware that it is not legal for you, though, right?

Scott 32:08

You cannot immediately go out and start growing plants in your backyard, you cannot start growing them in your closet, you cannot start growing plants. Yeah, that is not legal yet. So yeah, it's important to pay attention to when all this goes into effect, what it's actually going to mean, when it goes into effect.

Miranda 32:33

It's literally seven short months away. And in those seven months, you can totally educate yourself on how you want your grow to look how you want to outfit it, what you want to outfit it with the type of grow you want to have, and how to grow.

Scott 32:49

That's an excellent point right there all those seven months, podcasts and video series and books available. There's no shortage of information and education available to you in this day and age, about how to properly and productively grow your cannabis. Regardless of the size of space you have anything from, you know, the first book I ever read was The closet cultivators guide, right, and that talks about how to grow with a two and a half foot space. And that's what I did for a little while when I was 15. Once upon a time, but yeah, anyway, as as Miranda said, this gives you time to educate and plan, you know, look into the types of seeds and figure out you know, for the size and for your needs. And for your patience level. What kind of plants are right for you to grow.

Miranda 33:54

Because not every single strain is easy to grow.

Scott 33:57

Right And all of the information that you need will be available on these websites. It'll tell you the flowering time, it'll tell you what type of lights are the best type of lights to grow this strain or that strain. Yeah.

Miranda 34:12

It's actually, I went on a couple of seed websites like last night or whatever. And it was really interesting to me to see the amount of information that is given regarding growing your seed and I think it's really great honestly because most of the time people would just assume that all light etc. is going to be perfect. when really you know sometimes somebody needs a timer other times they don't you know the amount of time.

Scott 34:43

Different types of light for different parts of the soil. If you have oil capability to do all that if you have you know the the ability to use different types of lights, some lights, you can even switch you know their combo light So they have one, what frequency? Spectrum? I've never my mother was the girl light years or not matter my thing, right? A spectrum like ultraviolet versus infrared spectrums, right. So some bulbs will have, like a 200, I'm just making it don't, please don't just be shooting from the hip here. But it'll have like a 400 watt, fucking UV light, you know, 600 watt LED light, right in the same housing. And you can either use them both or use them separately at different times, or what have you. Yeah, it's been a long time since I've. And that's what I'm going to be doing in just, just like you just said, I'm going to be picking the space in the house and figuring out how much space I want to dedicate and what the first few strains are going to be. And yeah, getting it all together.

Miranda 36:11

Yeah because it is it's gonna take some homework to be ready to rock. But I would like to have a successful first grow.

Scott 36:17

Absolutely. I believe that we shall.

Miranda 36:20

I believe that too.

Scott 36:24

Yeah, I wonder if there will be companies and I cannot tell a lie, I have had the thought to potentially get into this business myself, that are going to help people set up grows, you know, to me, that would be well worth the money to pick out a couple 100 bucks, or even depending on what we end up being allowed to grow a couple $1,000 If it's going to be you know, a professional and permanent addition to the home to have a specific area that's properly ventilated properly. dehumidified or re humidified climate controlled, you know, a lot past protected. All that good shit, because yeah, you got to you must have the right conditions for optimal, bud production and preservation. Yeah. In order to, you know, really continue to look, we've all been spoiled, right? Even the companies that people want to talk shit about, generally produce pretty good, bud here in Maryland, there's really not a whole lot of just terrible trash weed.

Miranda 37:44

It's true. You're absolutely correct. Like, I can't think of the last time that I bought something that was, A. more than $35 an eighth and B. trash.

Scott 37:56

Yeah, well, I mean, we're also educated enough to dodge the pitfalls of the and improperly grown bud to me, it's just it's just like wine. It's just like beer. There is a place for that Michelob Ultra there is a place for right? Hamm's. I've been spending time out in Ohio and Hamm's is a thing out there and it makes me very happy to order a Hamm;s in a bar.

Miranda 38:26

Iron City Light.

Scott 38:28

No, thank you. No offense Pittsburghers. You're gonna get me in trouble with my girlfriend. Never been a fan of the Iron City. I'm sorry. The place I has won me over. I'm a fan of Pittsburgh overall. Just not that. Not that beer. I prefer Philly. Just like I know you do.

Miranda 38:50

Oh, for sure.

Scott 38:52

But anyway, we digress. There, there's a time and a place for all of it. And, you know, we talked about how few people are walking in saying I've never smoked weed before. Well, guess what? Those people that do walk in saying I've never smoked weed before. A strain that's 14% THC with less than a percent of terps is a great starter strain.

Miranda 39:19

For sure. And I believe-- are we getting THC caps?

Scott 39:23

I would so--

Miranda 39:25

I would assume--

Scott 39:26

As far as I have seen, and I've read it in various stages.

Miranda 39:30

Yes, same.

Scott 39:31

All the way up to it being passed. I have not seen that that is defined yet.

Miranda 39:37


Scott 39:38

There's a lot of speculation. If you read these Facebook groups where everybody wants to act like they know everything. Lots of people are saying that there's going to be a cap or that there probably will be a cap there probably will be.

Miranda 39:53

Especially on edibles. I'm sure there will be--

Scott 39:55

Look I know California isn't the best example because they've had their program for a long time, but there was no cap on anything I bought. I mean dude immediately because I told him that I was an industry veteran and you know educated cannabis consumer. He immediately grabbed a pack of 30 percenters pre rolls and tries. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, if somebody tells me they'd been a bartender, I might be more likely to mix them spirit forward cocktails you know what I'm saying? So I kind of get where he was going with it but I made it very clear that a I was going to be sharing product with my girlfriend who is half my size literally half my size so obviously we're not looking for the same you know exactly my date my daytime tea. Well, even compared to you, my daytime THC level compared to your daytime THC level is much higher. Yeah, I mean, I don't rock the 30% and above very often, but I will go high 20's pretty consistently.

Miranda 39:59

Whereas I don't like to smoke anything above 24%. Right, generally, right. Which I'm smoking a 29% right now.

Scott 41:13

We should talk about the stuff they were smoking. We decided to do some mini pseudo reviews

Miranda 41:21

Just a little somthing we had laying around.

Scott 41:24

Well, that's a lie because this is the first time I went to the dispensary in a long time. I went once when I realized that my card was expired and renewed it and yeah, I went and got some pre rolls and a bag of some great watermelon something or another Watermelon Sour shake. stuff was stupid good. It was $10 an eighth at at a dispensary.

Miranda 41:54

How did that smell?

Scott 41:55

It smelled exactly like Sour Watermelon. It smelled like like a watermelon warhead.

Miranda 42:04

Wow! That sounds fierce.

Scott 42:05

Is what it smelled like it was fanominal. I saw it on the online menu. And at first I didn't notice the shake. I just saw a $10 eighth. And the former dispensary employee in me was like That's gotta be a mistake. You can't order it.

Miranda 42:21


Scott 42:22

Because you can't be that person. That's like, actually the website said. Because you know we got those people. We got those people that knew it wasn't the right price.

Miranda 42:32

All the live long day.

Scott 42:34

Knew that they were clicking on it like in the second before we caught it and fixed it. And we're determined to get over. Hey, fuck corporate cannabis. Don't get me wrong. Get over on them all day. I don't give a shit.

Miranda 42:47

It just makes a budtenders life that much more difficult.

Scott 42:50

Well, and if you're getting the $10 eighth of some great shit, like toss five bucks to your budtender for if they're the one that hipped you to it you know, I just happened to stumble across it on this website. And I asked the budtender about it. And she was like, it's great. She's like, I love it. She's like, I roll blunts and it's fantastic. How shaky is it? She's like, it's shake. She's like, but it's nice.

Miranda 43:14

It's good.

Scott 43:14

The t were crazy. The Terps were like, I want to say like 2.3% or something. It was It was wild. Good. Was it Nature's Heritage? Maybe?

Miranda 43:25

I've heard they've been putting out some pretty good product.

Scott 43:27

I don't remember. I think it might have been Nature's Heritage, or Liberty. It was a Liberty dispensary. There's Maggie is that. But yeah, anyway.

Miranda 43:39

But yeah, I went and got a little excited about Spritzer the other day.

Scott 43:45

I saw you like the picture on Facebook.

Miranda 43:49

Oh my god.

Scott 43:49

And I saw the picture to the bud looked absolutely gorgeous. So I am not surprised that you went and bought some.

Miranda 43:57

I was out getting a haircut the other day and the dispensary across the street from where I was getting my hair cut. Had it for like $26.00.

Scott 44:05

Nice. The terpene profile looks great, too.

Miranda 44:09

Was it 2.5%? 2.05% total terps?

Scott 44:13

How did the buds look on it?

Miranda 44:15

The buds are gorgeous purple, dark green.

Scott 44:19

That's what struck me was purple and super frosty too.

Miranda 44:22

Very frosty and lots of little orange hairs.

Scott 44:28

Orange on purple in by gets me every time whether it's Forbidden Fruit, whether it's Obeah, Ice Cream Cake or whatever. What's the parentage on it?

Miranda 44:41

Parentage is Runtz, Grape Pie and Miracle Alien Cookies. So she should be a little bit more indica leaning. She makes me feel very chatty. And apparently I'm going through puberty again. My voice has changed. But um yeah, I feel like this should be a total knockout. I feel relaxed, happy, super chill. There's a lot I mean, 0.46% on the lino, on no that's limonene but 0.39% on the linolool.

Scott 45:23

I saw that.

Miranda 45:24

This should be way more of a sleeper than it is right now.

Scott 45:28

But I don't ever think of linalool, as linalool in combination with myrcene that's a knockout is sleepy time for me but just lit a little on its own under 0.60% which normally you're not going to see at about 0.60% anyway unfortunately, is just mellow for me. It's just floaty loosey goosey relaxed.

Miranda 45:54

I feel like I could just hang out at a party with this. And like you know, drink have a little glass of champagne. Or have an Aperol Spritz. It's very fruity. It has that fragrance of it's very sour smelling to me and it has that like overripe fruit like Obeahs and Forbidden Fruits like we talked about. And also that like slight garlicky feet smell.

Miranda 45:54

I didn't get that funkiness from it. Personally, when I put my nose in there I got that fruit. I definitely got like that sour more than funky for me

Miranda 46:42

when I was out when I had her open this morning and I was taking photographs of her she was it was like it was thick funk in the air and not mad about it. I'm totally into it. It's been really really great for daytime relaxation no anxiety you know with the change in daylight that we're back on standard time now.

Scott 47:12

Man, I miss read somewhere that once we sprung forward we were done. But that is not the case the the Senate passed it unanimously. But of course the fucking house which is going to be even more of a fucking house now. Can't agree on it. Yeah, so now we're still stuck dealing with this shit. I thought that in 2023 we were done with it once we spring but now no, we're going to spring we're going to fall back and then we're going to sprung and then we're going to

Miranda 47:54

Whatever but yeah, so now that it's like dark at 330 in the afternoon.

Scott 48:01


Miranda 48:04

A little bit of an uplifting smoke is definitely more appreciated.

Scott 48:09


Miranda 48:10

Keep those winter blues at bay. Yes, and what are you smoking on over there?

Scott 48:16

So, I picked up perhaps surprisingly if you know me personally and you've heard me talk about the Cookies brand before.

Miranda 48:24

I am shocked! Shocked I say, that you actually went and bought some Cookies.

Scott 48:30

Yeah, yeah, I mean well the thing is we you know we don't get we don't like to get too political here on the show but the previous primary grower because I guess they're still growing some of it because the menu at the place where I went and pick this up which shout out to Releaf I got a really good deal on two packages of Cookies and and a couple of edibles. I always pay attention to your deals at all of the dispensaries, folks.

Miranda 49:02

I only shop deals at this point.

Scott 49:04

Well that's exactly what I did here. You know, I decided that I was going to pick up some because we do I do. I shouldn't speak for you but I think it's fair to say that you like Sun Meds generally speaking as well. So yeah, I was excited when the Cookies license switched at least partially over to Sun Meds.

Miranda 49:25

Are they mixed light or indoor?

Scott 49:29

They should both be mixed light.

Miranda 49:31

I think if they're mixed light then they come from Sun Med if they're indoor or outdoor, they come from Culta right that's the sitch.

Scott 49:41

Yeah, which is still just weird to me. But yeah, mixed light and mixed light. Yeah, so.

Miranda 49:50

I think those are both from Sun Med.

Scott 49:51

So, everything that Sun Med does is medicine grown from the sun but they also have lights obviously as well. You know if you're going to have a commercial facility you have to be able to control the you know as we talked about the the flowering cycles when we were talking about growing before you have to be able to control the amount of and type of light that plants are getting. And different companies have different ways of growing now they use different types of light. Anyway, point being Sun Med is now growing some of the Cookies flower as I mentioned, just a moment ago when I got my certification renewed. I had gone to Maggie's and picked up some pre rolls I got the Apples and Bananas because that was the strain and I'd always heard good things about and it was great. That was definitely the high test that I picked up right that trip so I picked up that I picked up some Bernie Hana Butter pre rolls I picked up some Grow West like Neapolitan Space Cowboy or something like that.

Miranda 51:04

I saw that on the menu and was like...

Scott 51:06

I don't know I'm a sucker for names. My family's from Naples. That means Neapolitan. Anyway, the Neaploiton I should say but anyway. So yeah, went to Releaf because they had a deal on a couple of eighths. Gary Payton is the strain that I've always wanted to try but didn't want to try it when it was being grown by the other guys. The only Gary I've ever had is the Snow Gloves from Verano, right supposedly a Gary pheno, supposedly, but I've never had actual Gary, I haven't opened the package yet. I'm gonna go ahead and do that now.

Miranda 51:51

I will say that that Bernie Hana Butter is quite delicious and probably delivered to me when I had it, god, like about a month or so ago, a super super stony stone.

Scott 52:05

So, she actually gave me the wrong either either the website was incorrect or she gave me the wrong batch. I thought I was getting one that had almost 2% terps this is this one is actually just over 1% terps which you know, is generally too low for me.

Miranda 52:27


Scott 52:27

I'm typically looking for like 1.4% at least but generally shooting for like 1.8% upwards of 2, you know, because if I'm going to pay dispensary prices, I feel like I should be getting specific medicine that I'm going to be using for this thing or that thing. This Cookies packages definately childproof.

Miranda 52:54

It's certainly Scott proof.

Scott 52:56

But yeah, the Bernie Hana smells and tastes exactly like the pre roll I had picked up did basically very reminiscent of like Gelato or Ice Cream Cake. I'm sorry, I did not look up the genetics on these guys. So I will have to unless you want to do that.

Miranda 53:16

I can I can do that while you're wrestling with that. Sure. Yeah.

Scott 53:18

Okay finally got it. Oh, Gary smells funky.

Miranda 53:27

Is Gary funky? I had Gary not too long ago. I just don't remember anything about Gary. So I just assumed that he was less than impressive to me.

Scott 53:38

I gotta say the buds in this pack are a little smooshed. Like maybe they packed too many in the box.

Miranda 53:46

So Bernie Hannah, Bernie Hannah. Bernie Hana Butter. Is Jet Fuel Gelato crossed with Guava, crossed with Blue Cookies and Oreoz.

Scott 54:05

Cannabis industry loves their Z's, Zkittles.

Miranda 54:10

Runtz, how's it smelling?

Scott 54:16

You know, it's got kind of like a like a baking spice kinda.

Miranda 54:23

Yeah. I have noticed--

Scott 54:26

Like a little biscuity.

Miranda 54:28

It is a little biscuity.

Scott 54:30

Fluffy buds.

Miranda 54:32

Oh, those are beautiful.

Scott 54:33

Other than being a little bit a little bit squished. They were a little bit squished together.

Miranda 54:37

Most of my buds have been kind of squished lately.

Scott 54:39

Well, not the not the Bernie Hana. The Bernie hana is fluffy as fuck yeah. It was three beautiful big buds and then one tiny little piece. This Gary is more like six little medium sized buds in here. But super crystally super pungent. Was what you always want from Cookies as far as I'm concerned? Like it's like all of the customers they would come in I don't even care I like you've got to take does it taste good? Georgia Pie is gonna taste good, Cereal Milk is gonna taste good.

Miranda 55:15

Pink Runtz.

Scott 55:16

Pink Runtz yeah all the Runtz. I, yeah, you have to have I've yet to Tropical Runtz is one of my girlfriend's favorites. I've yet to have any Runtz strain, Gelato Runtz yeah I had some of that but yeah this Bernie like I said a little bit lower on the terps, 1%. Overall, so not too high on anything. 0.30% on the caryo, 0.25% on the myrcene, 0.16% on the limo, 0.13% on the lina. And then you get down below 0.10% for humulene and pinene.

Miranda 55:52

Oh my Yeah.

Scott 55:55

That's cetera. So not not too much in the way a terps but still smells great. Still tastes great. Yeah, nice. Well Rounded, high good for daytime. At least for me at 22%. So not too strong, but strong enough that you're gonna feel it if you've got a decent tolerance.

Miranda 56:18

Recently, the only Cookies strain that I have had, because I've been getting them super cheap. Deals shop those deals was Blood Moon. And it felt like I was smokindg and some of you out there may like this. It felt like I was smoking. Like a whole bag of nutmeg. It was awful.

Scott 56:40

I haven't seen it yet. Where the Terps were interesting to me. So I haven't been I don't even inspired to try it. But yeah, that one. What's the other I actually the terps were good on. What the hell's that called? It's kind of an obnoxious name, like the Greatest High of All Time or All Time High?

Miranda 57:04

All Time High? That sounds maybe it's an All Time High.

Scott 57:08

I thought it was kind of an obnoxious name for whatever reason. But the terps were really good on that like 2.4%, but it was mini buds. And it was a quarter ounce, which I a quarter ends is like right at my limit. Yeah, something I haven't tried. And I you know, I would probably like it. But yeah, I don't know, on the off chance that it was an experience like that. I don't want to be stuck with seven grams of it. I was not happy with that. Now once we're in an adult use market, then you can turn around and give that to somebody else.

Miranda 57:41

Because gifting will be legal, right? Can't sell it. But you can gift it.

Scott 57:46


Miranda 57:46

I think it's pretty bitchin Yeah, I'm here for it.

Scott 57:49

I just want to be able to pass a joint without feeling like a fucking criminal.

Miranda 57:53


Scott 57:54

Wouldn't it be nice if we could review the same strain and just pass a blunt back and forth or a joint back and forth from pipe or The Empress back and forth?

Miranda 58:02

She's sitting there waiting to be used one of these days, we're gonna play some games and just smoke a bong.

Scott 58:08

It's like, we've come a long way. Like you said, it's seven short months, relatively speaking. Yeah. You know, for for people in some of these other states, where it got shut down. They got a lot longer than seven months to wait until they can try again, unfortunately.

Miranda 58:29

I'm telling you and they were it wasn't like it was majorly shot down. It wasn't by like, you know, 20% Yeah, it was a large margin.

Scott 58:42


Miranda 58:43

And I wonder if it's, you know, we talked about this before we we started recording, was it because there was no expungement on any of those?

Scott 58:51

Right? Yeah, you were smart to point out that there was no, you know, equity aspect. And I look once upon a time I shared that view that if it didn't go far enough, it wasn't necessarily going to get my vote. As a third party supporter, I am no stranger to sitting things out or voting my morals.

Miranda 58:53


Scott 59:19

Knowing that you know, something is unlikely to pass or my not participating in something means that it's not likely to pass. So I get that if that were the case. But in my experience, most people in the cannabis space are of the opinion that if the ball is moving forward in any way, whether it's, you know, getting medical approved, even if it's just THC pills, you know, even if it's just a state like Ohio, where you're not supposed to combust your cannabis, you know, you're supposed to vaporize everything or you're supposed to turn earn it into tinctures or what have you. You're not allowed to buy pre rolls and you're not allowed to talk to your budtender about bongs or, you know, it's not the only state I met somebody recently, from somewhere else where it was the same thing where they said, they're they're not allowed to have pre rolls and they're not allowed to have edibles.

Miranda 1:00:21

IYeah, I feel like with edibles. It's just such a giant part of the market. Anywhere.

Scott 1:00:27

Why would you force people to inhale? Even if it's just vapor? Some people just don't want to burn something, or--

Miranda 1:00:35

I mean, a few. I guess it was over the summer while while you were away. One of my friends was over. She has really bad asthma.

Scott 1:00:42


Miranda 1:00:42

And I was cooking dinner and I was like, Do you mind? And she's like, Yeah, with a joint my hand. And she's like, Well, I would rather you not. And it 110% triggered her asthma. So you know, even with a door open, I'm sure. So I get why, you know, combusting is not great for people and being in the same space, but also I don't know. I just feel like edibles need to be more accessible and more better explained to people because I still feel like there's a giant stigma behind edibles. And oh, it's gonna fuck me up. Oh, it's gonna make me crazy. It's reefer again. Reefer Madness.

Scott 1:01:26

Or people who say Oh, they don't work for me because they tried some fucking brownies they had at a party where somebody didn't know anything about decarbing and just baked a half ounce of fucking shitty brick weed into their brownie mix. You know?

Miranda 1:01:42

I've totally done that.

Scott 1:01:43

We all have and I say we all and I mean people over 40 Because really, you young uns should know better you've had the internet's you've been able to hop on the information superhighway and figure it the fuck out.

Miranda 1:02:01

And holy shit the machines that do it for you!

Scott 1:02:03

Right that too, Levos and Magic Butters, Ardents and all that shit. You got your TChecks so you can measure your THCs.

Miranda 1:02:16

The information is available which is amazing.

Scott 1:02:18

We're gonna have to get get Miranda to do that live on air. Yeah, as Miranda makes a marijuana concentrate infusing some butters and then we check out the the numbers on it.

Miranda 1:02:32

I'm into it. I'm here for it. I'll do it.

Scott 1:02:37

Why the hell not for science, science and for stoneage Yes, speaking of edibles, there are a bunch of new edibles in the market. I picked up some stuff from Kind Industries who are now making edibles for the Maryland market. The aforementioned baked goods that we were talking about.

Miranda 1:03:00

What was it a delicious brownie? Is it a brownie?

Scott 1:03:03

It is not a brownie is a Bubbies BakedSsnicker Doodle bite.

Miranda 1:03:09

Oh, right.

Scott 1:03:11

That I saw them on the menu. I saw that they were on sale again shop your deals. And I asked her if she had any recommendations. I would give her name if I remembered it because her service was excellent.

Miranda 1:03:27

That's awesome.

Scott 1:03:28

The most important part is I did tip her well because everything was on sale. But yeah, she said snicker doodles. Oh my god, they're so good. And she was not lying. I had one earlier because it's raining in Baltimore. Shout out to the Counting Crows. People were driving like idiots, and I needed to chill the fuck out because I wanted to punch people in their faces in their imaginary car faces. And Bubby's Baked helped me work it out. But in addition to that Bubby's Baked, I also took an In House Wild Berry gummy, which I was super stoked to see because they are 5:1. You know, I love my ratio products. And I'm generally a proponent of the 2:1 because I find that they give a great amount of stress and anxiety relief, along with pain relief along with mild intoxication. So a little bit of all the things that I want for my cannabinoids.

Miranda 1:04:36

And their five milligrams?

Scott 1:04:37

No, no yeah they are so they entire package is 500 milligrams of CBD to 100 milligrams of THC, meaning that each individual piece is 50 milligrams of CBD to 10 milligrams of THC.

Miranda 1:04:56

That's bitchin.

Scott 1:04:57

Which for my tolerance is is perfect mwah chef's kiss. You know, because a 2:1 a lot of times I eat two. Yeah. Because I want roughly 40 to 50 milligrams of CBD and ten or five to 20 milligrams of THC. Yeah. So yeah, this little combo of Bernie Hana Butter, Bubby's Baked and In House. Look kids don't try this at home. I'm a trained professional. I've been using cannabinoids for a long, long time. And yeah, you know, 20 milligrams of THC and 50 milligrams of CBD underneath of smoking. Probably a lot for some people. But for me today, it has me feeling great.

Miranda 1:05:49

Also a trained professional here. That is way too much for me.

Scott 1:05:56

Everybody's body is different.

Miranda 1:05:59

Way different. It's so funny because I have been doing dabs more recently. Oh, because my pain levels have just been stupid. My nerve pain is out of control. So and I don't do them, like all day long, but I'll like do a dab morning. Do a dab in the evening.

Scott 1:06:17


Miranda 1:06:18

Let me tell you when I take my gummy, my 10 milligram sleep good. Go Good night, Miranda gummy, I am lit from taking that dab. And taking that gummy. It's insane.

Scott 1:06:33

It's almost as if when there's a entourage of cannabinoids present in your body. Your body enjoys it a great deal and is able to find levels of rest and relaxation and relief that were otherwise unachievable via only one method at a time. Right.

Miranda 1:06:56

Amazing. Yeah.

Scott 1:06:57

That's why all of these states, all of these markets need to lighten the fuck up and loosen the fuck up and allow people to medicate in the way they see fit. And the way that their body reacts most positively to.

Miranda 1:07:14

Absolutely, because even though you know if you're not a medical patient, and you're super looking forward to adult use, all cannabis is medical cannabis period.

Scott 1:07:24

Amen. We've said it before, we will say it again. Whether you know, you're, you know, because a lot of times we don't want to think about having anxiety, you know, as a condition or my buddy, Brendan makes a lovely argument that we shouldn't talk about people having anxiety, we should talk about people experiencing anxious moments, because because it doesn't define you as a person. It's a whole thing. But anyway, the point being if you know, oh, well, I don't use it. medicinally I just use it to chill out.

Miranda 1:08:01

Well, that's using it medicinally.

Scott 1:08:03

But wait a minute, what are you chilling out from? Like? It's cool, folks. Like you don't just because you you use the word medicine doesn't mean there's something wrong, quote unquote, with you, right? Medicine just means that it has, well, I don't fucking know that the dictionary definition of medicine was medicine.

Miranda 1:08:03

I mean booze was medicinal at one point.

Scott 1:08:04

I still would argue that it is. When used correctly, there are definitely different spirits that have different effects. dependent upon the herbs and processes and--

Miranda 1:08:42

I'm one of those people who can't take cough syrup. Okay, because I'm allergic to whatever ingredient in there.

Scott 1:08:47


Miranda 1:08:48

So I drink Jagermeister when I'm sick. Yeah, gets that cough gone.

Scott 1:08:53


Miranda 1:08:54

Breaks it up.

Scott 1:08:55

I I use cannabis as an expectorant. Yeah, not to be gross. Not to be weird.

Miranda 1:09:03

But high pinene, especially.

Scott 1:09:07

There's something else that decongestant as well, pinene will make you cough. Yeah. But I want to say don't quote me, but humulene maybe is a decongestant as well because pinene is a bronchial dilator. Right, right opens up the lungs loosens up that shit makes it more likely that it's going to come up when you cough. Right. I believe it's humulene. Okay, I think it's been a minute and I am going back and retaking a lot of my--

Miranda 1:09:38

I have been too.

Scott 1:09:39

Trichome Academy courses as I consider possibly reentering the corporate cannabis world.

Miranda 1:09:47


Scott 1:09:48

We'll see we'll see what happens. But Anyway, point being is yes, there's another term that specifically opens you up. Sinus wise. Not lung wise. And I want to say it's humulene.

Miranda 1:10:04

That makes sense.

Scott 1:10:04

I want to say, anyway. But yeah, so whether you know it or not, it's medicine. I don't understand. I saw a lot of people that were like I'm voting against. I shouldn't say a lot of people. I saw a few people that said, I'm voting against adult use, because, you know, it's just going to drive up the prices. No, it's not, it shouldn't have any effect. If anything. If the people that are growing your medical cannabis also decide to grow adult use cannabis, which let's face it, most of them will, if they haven't already explicitly said so. We know you know, when we took the tour at Sun Med--

Miranda 1:10:44

They were ready.

Scott 1:10:45

They were Yeah. Get out the vote, they're ready to grow more plants and sell more cannabis. They are excited for it. And I would imagine that most growers feel the same way. I mean, there are of course a few very notable growers who went out of their way to fight. Things like adult use and home grow, but whatever.

Miranda 1:11:07

Especially homegrow.

Scott 1:11:08

That shits in the past and they lost and we won and nanny nanny boo boo.

Miranda 1:11:14

And we're gonna write our legislators.

Scott 1:11:15

Stick your plants in guava doo doo guano.

Miranda 1:11:21

Guava doo doo?

Scott 1:11:23

I mean, there's that's probably guava. The point being we won. We're going to get way more variety of plants. We're going to get because you know, you'll be able to do both. Yeah, you will be able to purchase medicinally and also recreationally.

Miranda 1:11:46

I'm so excited about the beverage market.

Scott 1:11:50

Yeah, like I say, I you know, I don't love corporate cannabis. I don't love Big Brother coming in to monopolize shit. But when I saw that Pabst label, we had to try it. I was a bartender for 20 years, I've gotten to know, I've been waiting for that product for all of my adult life. You know what I'm saying? Well, I get it, I had to try it. I feel like you would have felt the same way.

Miranda 1:12:14

You know, but like, my only issue is like all of the medical drinks that we have are so loaded with sugar. Like they're just straight up syrup, sizzurp.

Scott 1:12:21

These were not these were not syrupy at all. They were not medicinal at all. The flavor of cannabis was not overwhelming. I think part of that was the effervescence of the bubbles to bubbly. And now it was not for me and I and that is a thing that I am sensitive to. Not all times like sometimes I do want something that's like hyper carbonated, but generally not. I don't want something that's aggressively like fucking assaulting my nose while I'm trying to drink it. Like I have to hurry up and take a big swig before the bubbles can get me. No, they were good. They tasted good. They were in fact a little too effective for my girlfriend and I think that's important--

Miranda 1:12:25

Five milligram or 10 mil?

Scott 1:12:41

I wanted they were 10.

Miranda 1:12:50


Scott 1:12:50

I want to say they were 10. And yeah, something to note, which we've mentioned before, when we've talked about the Dixie Elixirs. I also bought another drink when I was out there, I posted a picture of it.

Miranda 1:13:28

I remember seeing that.

Scott 1:13:29

Yeah, it's I don't remember the name of the brand offhand. Maybe I'll do like a California wrap up because I did like take pictures and most of those brands, so I could remember and write about them, you know, in the future if I wanted to. So maybe I'll do that for the for the blog, do a little California experience for a non resident. Yeah, one of the packages you would have loved. It's a cardboard box sustainably packaged.

Miranda 1:13:57

Already on board.

Scott 1:13:58

It's got a package of wooden matches up at the top. So like when you slide it up, it's a magnetic closure that comes down. So you flip that up and then you like slide the box up little wooden matches at the top. And then 10 Little like dog walker, point three fives, I figured perfect for the wedding. You know, you could just light it up, take two or three puffs, pass it to somebody else who takes two or three puffs and it's gone. You know, like perfect for an environment where shit's legal. They were excellent.

Miranda 1:14:32

Also speaking of which, once this does become legal, recreational, recreational adult use cannabis in Maryland, you will still not be able to smoke outside. You're still going to have to keep it in your home.

Miranda 1:14:46

Womp, womp, womp, womp.

Miranda 1:14:49

Again, write your legislators.

Scott 1:14:51

Well, there's nothing we're gonna do. Yeah, you know, and people be respectful. I mean, that's one of the biggest complaints that I see from people that otherwise give zero fucks about whether cannabis is legal or not. They don't have a moral position on it. They are fine with the tax dollars. They don't think it's Reefer Madness, you know going to drive you to worship and Satan. They're chopping off people's heads or your own private parts or whatever. But a lot of people say, You know what, I just think it fucking stinks. I don't like the smell of it. I have friends. I already smell it too much when I'm driving my car, or when I'm walking down the street. And I gotta say, the last time I was in Colorado, it was noticeable that the smell is everywhere in Colorado.

Miranda 1:15:41

The same with the last time I was in DC, which was just a couple of weeks ago, I was like, oh my goodness.

Scott 1:15:46

Really? I've not, I've not noticed that in DC. New York is a place where certain boroughs I've definitely had the experience where every other block somebody who's smoking a blunt and look, I don't give too much of a fuck. But my point is, if I'm noticing it, then people who don't smoke are way more likely to notice it and way more likely to give a fuck yeah, so be respectful people you know, we all want to be able to more freely enjoy this plant and the benefits that we get from it, but at the same time, we you know, I'm not saying that we shouldn't be able to drink a beer in public I'm not saying we shouldn't be able to smoke a joint in public. But if there's a father and his two kids walking down the street, you know or just that father did fuck the kids don't just to be clear, do not fuck your kids do not fuck anyone else's kids we're against pederasty. Whole heartily. The point is be respectful of other people who may or may not enjoy cannabis. Because they may not want to joy your candidate. Where they are in public, it might not have anything to do with how they feel about cannabis. Generally, they might just feel like you're inappropriately using cannabis in public.

Miranda 1:17:12

But oh, to be able to pass a joint again. Yeah.

Scott 1:17:16

That's it's exciting.

Miranda 1:17:18

I'm excited about that.

Scott 1:17:19

That's yeah, it's exciting. So pay attention to how the laws have changed in your area. Pay attention to how the laws are being crafted in between getting voted generally Yes, like they have here. And when they actually go into effect, right the work is not done people contact your local legislature and let them know that you want equity to be involved that you want cottage industry to be allowed the yuan diversity in the ownership and the awarding of licenses. More plant that you want to be able to grow more plants at home. Yes, you want to be able to own guns and use cannabis legally at the same time.

Miranda 1:18:09

Well, not at the same time.

Scott 1:18:16

and use cannabis. That works for me look, if you've got enough land. I don't give a shit what you do.

Miranda 1:18:23

I'm just saying. I think we should be able to own guns. Yeah, I'm not even a gun nut and I'm like, why can't I own a gun?

Scott 1:18:29

It's just ridiculous. All of it's ridiculous. They don't need to be special tests to detect how high so all these laws already exist for driving under the influence. It's it's not a thing. I don't I don't know what they told you down there in the Dakotas up there. Over there over there. I don't worry told you over there in the Dakotas and down there in Arkansas. You guys love your math so much that you're no I know. Like, I've driven through Arkansas a bunch of times on my way to Texas. And you can keep your windows up. I tell you because you don't want to smell when you drive past one of those meth labs. It's a thing.

Miranda 1:18:29

No, it's awful.

Scott 1:18:30

It's a thing.

Miranda 1:18:31

It's it's something to behold.

Scott 1:19:20

Bravo, Maryland. Bravo, Missouri.

Miranda 1:19:23

Missoura. Keep it going. Yeah. Especially Bravo, Missouri.

Scott 1:19:28

Yes, I am. I am jealous. And I am inspired by you grow laws. And I'm going to try to make sure we get the same.

Miranda 1:19:36

You need a fidget spinner over there.

Scott 1:19:42

Same damn thing here in Maryland, because we should we should have more than two plants. That's ridiculous.

Miranda 1:19:47

Yep. More equality. More than two plans. Start right and you don't have to talk to anybody. All you have to do is send an email.

Scott 1:19:58

Sign and find out who you're legit later, is online sign a sternly worded letter. Yeah.

Scott 1:20:06

Yeah. So check out the blog for our thoughts on these lovely strains of cannabis and these new cannabis products that we've tried recently.

Miranda 1:20:16

And your trip to California.

Scott 1:20:17

We'll give you folks some information on that. And yeah, we'll talk to you at some point in the near future.

Miranda 1:20:23

I think we're gonna go once a month now.

Scott 1:20:25

That's that's the general idea. We'll see what we've got to talk about or who we've got to talk to.

Miranda 1:20:34

Formats are going to be a little bit more loosey goosey.

Scott 1:20:36

Yeah, just as we are. But yeah, you know, we're still interested in comments, questions, concerns, for sure. While we certainly still appreciate any and all feedback to those of you who may have gone back and listened to past episodes, or rocked out to our playlist or what have you. Yeah, thanks. We still you know, our viewer appreciate you to hear to educate and converse and to commune with all of our fellow friends in cannabis around the world.

Miranda 1:21:14

I will see whomever at the Maryland Leaf party, which is on December 4, I think at Over Hills Mansion. I'll be there hanging out. So come get a sticker.

Scott 1:21:26

Maybe Yeah, maybe. Maybe I'll come hang out with you. I didn't know that was the thing. But yeah, as far as I know, I'm in town that weekend. Yeah, otherwise, we'll see you on the wild world of the web at Your Cannabis Coach.

Miranda 1:21:48

and Our Lady of Maryjane. We'll see you next time with new surprises.

Scott 1:21:56

On The Heady Conversations. Be well yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:22:02


[MUSIC: "Theme song from Thundercats"]

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