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Episode 29: Happy Holidays...Merry Christmastime...

A mature, green cannabis plant decorated with small Christmas tree ornaments including a wooden angel, a figure on a sled, Santa Claus, and some metallic balls.

In this special holiday episode, Scott and Miranda discuss their Naughty and Nice List for 2022 and give some suggestions for holiday gifts that you can actually treat yourself to through the entire year!

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[INTRO MUSIC: "Back Door Santa" by Clarence Carter]

Miranda 0:20

Hello, and welcome to this holiday episode of The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:28

It's the most wonderful time it's the HAP happiest time. It's something.

Miranda 0:39

It's something, it's been it's cold outside.

Scott 0:44

Wintry if nothing else, it definitely rolling our way.

Miranda 0:49

Towards the end of the year.

Scott 0:50

Yeah, the end of the year into winter. We've been pretty lucky here. It hasn't been too cold too much.

Miranda 0:58

It's just been wet.

Scott 0:59

There has been damp, a lot of precipitation, for sure. But it has yet to turn into a wintry mix.

Miranda 1:10

which I'm excited for. I love it. I love snow.

Scott 1:14

Snow is different than a wintry mix though.

Miranda 1:17

That's true.

Scott 1:17

That's Balmer we live on the Mason Dixon Line. But we also live

Miranda 1:26

between mountains and water.

Scott 1:29

And just just in that right spot where you never quite know is it going to be rain? Is it going to be snow is going to be sleet.

Miranda 1:37

Is it going to be three feet of snow freezing rain?

Scott 1:40

Yeah. So that's, that's where the catchall wintry mix came about.

Miranda 1:47

Yes, yeah.

Scott 1:47

I feel like they started using the wintry mix in like the mid 90s. Because they realized they were just going to keep getting criticized.

Miranda 1:55

They didn't know what the fuck was coming.

Scott 1:56


Miranda 1:58

As it mostly is here in Baltimore, when you get into the weather side of things nobody ever knows.

Scott 2:04

It's a guess.

Miranda 2:05


Scott 2:06

But yeah, anyway.

Miranda 2:07


Scott 2:08

It's cold. There's holidays. Tradition, I think of looking back, you know, and looking forward. Both.

Miranda 2:18

Absolutely. I think we're both looking forward to next year.

Scott 2:22

It's time to reflect and and look back at things that either happened or that you're excited about. And that's what we're going to do is talk about some of the things in cannabis, a naughty or nice list, if you will, for different things, news items that you probably heard about, but maybe you missed.

Miranda 2:44

Or forgot. Yeah. There's certainly been a lot of movement this year. On both sides, all the good and the bad.

Scott 2:53

Right. Most recently in the news, very controversial. For certain segments of the population, I don't know how someone being imprisoned for a totally ridiculous, you know, circumstance can be viewed as not a positive by anyone.

Miranda 3:17

But Brittney Griner is home.

Scott 3:19

Yep, amen and huzzah, you know, I don't really give a shit. Whether you think she should have had a vape cart in her bag or not. I don't really care. What your opinion of you know, that life decision was. If you're listening to this program, you know that we wholeheartedly believe that no one should be in prison for cannabis.

Miranda 3:46


Scott 3:46

Period, amen not for growing it not for selling it not for smoking it.

Miranda 3:51

Not for having it on ya.

Scott 3:52

Right. And the reality is, I don't know, as much as I should about Brittany, I guess. But she probably lives in California?

Miranda 4:02


Scott 4:03

Or Florida, or somewhere warm, where rich people like to live where they pursue their sport year round by going outside and practicing it.

Miranda 4:15

It was absurd. It didn't need to happen.

Scott 4:17

So she probably lives in a place where it's legal.

Miranda 4:19


Scott 4:19

You know it to some degree or another whether she's got a prescription for it or whether it's recreationally. You know, the fact of the matter is--

Miranda 4:29

Nobody should be in prison for weed.

Scott 4:31

Sometimes you just don't know what you throw in your bag. Sometimes you forgot to take something out.

Miranda 4:35

Let me tell you it's all ridiculous. I went to that party last I went to the Leaf party last weekend. Had a great time. But in the process, I pulled out a coat that I hadn't worn in a year because it was cold as balls outside. And when I got there, I stuck my hand in that pocket and I found the oldest grassroots vape that anyone has ever seen in their life. So yep, didn't know was in my pocket and a dead Pax pod.

Scott 5:03

I just recently had a disposable vape show itself in the corner of the couch cushion. And I was like, well, there's no way And sure, right up and vapor filled my lungs. And I had a good time for a few days until that battery wore out. I don't really hit the vape pens anymore, so when I do it is kinda like that hatch. Hi. I don't really use concentrates at all anyway. Honestly, just pure flower every now and then some kief or maybe some Bubble Hash. But yeah.

Miranda 5:39

It was hysterical. I looked at my friend. I was like, oh my god, this is ancient and she still works for a dispensary. And she's like, let me see that. And she's like, this is like one of the first grassroots disposables. And sure enough, put into my mouth hit it. And pure vapor came right on.

Scott 5:58

Ding! ding!

Miranda 6:00

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Scott 6:01

But yeah, anyway, nobody should be imprisoned for cannabis. Welcome home. Brittany, we're happy that you're here. Yeah. Speaking of people going home, or people being released, getting justice. President Biden finally--

Miranda 6:21

made a point to say something made something--

Scott 6:25

Headway. You know, we were we were made certain not promises, per se, on cannabis by the Biden administration during their their run into office.

Miranda 6:37

But things that were said that he should have, you probably moved on.

Scott 6:43

us think that, especially now with the changing of the guard. We're gonna have more of a split government in our the things that the Senate passes are not necessarily going to be reciprocated and passed by the House at this point. So really a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to cannabis reform. But the one thing that we did do, or President Biden did do is exonerate 6500 ish. Prisoners between the federal system and in Washington DC as well, because they were included in that.

Miranda 7:24

Thank God because no taxation without representation.

Scott 7:29

If you're not familiar, that's the whole situation with DC. And it's a big deal. If you live in DC. Senator, you don't have people that represent you in the house. So anyway, it's kind of a weird black area that are gray area that exist in laws. But yes, obviously, kudos to President Biden for doing that. Additionally, at the same time, they did announce a new study to take a look at the classification of cannabis as well sure that appointed a new group, you know why we need another study, to tell us that cannabis is not the same as heroin. And I shouldn't be categorized as such a little silly at this point, but that's the way DC works. And at least, you know, there's potential that we could see some movement on, you know, the reclassification of cannabis, before Biden gets out of office.

Miranda 8:26

Which would be just delightful. it needs to be reclassified at this point.

Scott 8:33

They on the naughty side of things they recently lost to the cannabis banking reform, out of that legislative package that they were working on. So it looks like we're not necessarily likely to see any significant change in that world. What's that mean for you, you probably still can't use your credit card or your debit card and most dispensary right for the foreseeable future. Because that's what that all has to do with until at the federal level. The federal government signifies to banks and financial institutions that they swear to deities, that they're not going to go after cannabis money, then you're going to continue to see cannabis companies refuse to deal with digital transactions. Yeah, they're going to continue to operate as a cash business because it's the best way for them to continue to protect their assets with a potentially rogue federal government that can arbitrarily you know decide where and when to come and seize. I know if you

Miranda 9:45

I mean at this point like I feel like there are more dispensaries out there who are taking cards than not.

Scott 9:54

I don't know you go to more dispensaries. Okay. For sure. Yeah, I

Miranda 9:59

feel like Like the amount of dispensaries that I've been in over the past, I'll say three months. Every single one of them has taken a debit card.

Scott 10:11

I know I walked into some place the other day that had a sign that said cash only on the door.

Miranda 10:17

Right on.

Scott 10:18

And I don't remember where that was.

Miranda 10:20

And I'm not I'm not knocking the whole cash only situation.

Scott 10:24

It's just an unsafe situation for people.

Miranda 10:26

For sure. You know, I mean, we've clearly seen that where, you know, people have gotten robbed outside of their dispensaries, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Scott 10:35

People have been killed. You know, it hasn't happened here in Maryland, again, think the dieties. But it has happened in California. You've had shoot outs on the highway of people, you know, hijacking cash trucks and route from the dispensary to it wherever. It's, it's absolutely insane. Yeah. And it's all because of this, you know, we've talked about it a million times.

Miranda 11:05


Scott 11:08

And the classification, you know, the the classification of cannabis as a schedule one drug is what, you know, Ken continues to keep it at a level where the federal government can can pick and choose where to come in and enforce law. Right. You know, this is the for folks who don't follow random, random civil liberties kind of stuff. This was the first year ever that more goods and assets were seized by various government institutions in the United States than were stolen by actual criminals. So

Miranda 11:53

I'm sorry, you all didn't hear that I roll that just happened over here.

Scott 11:58

So between, you know, we're talking about sheriff's offices, we're talking about police forces, all these various institutions throughout the United States that have the legal authority to do asset forfeiture, in the case of federal crimes, took in a larger total amount of value than criminals stole from individuals throughout the year. And this is the first time ever that that's been the case. And, you know, some some cynical people, such as myself.

Miranda 12:31

And myself.

Scott 12:34

Believe that that's a large reason of why we haven't seen federal prohibition come to an end yet.

Miranda 12:39


Scott 12:40

Because a lot of these little Podunk departments rely on the money that they steal from people unjustly. You know, in the pursuit of the the war on drugs.

Miranda 12:54

Oh, what was that program that was on this program? I'm 80 years old. The program,

Scott 13:00

Grab the TV Guide so I can see what programs are on tonight.

Miranda 13:04

There was a Baltimore based cop drama that was on HBO.

Scott 13:14

The Wire?

Miranda 13:15

No, it was new this year. Oh, and it was very, very much focused on the stealing of assets before they get to

Scott 13:28

What was vaguely based on the gun? Trace Task Force,

Miranda 13:31

Right. Yep. Yep. Yeah. Yeah, I just cannot for the life of me remember the name of it right now.

Scott 13:38

"I Got a Monster" is the book that it was based on.

Miranda 13:41

It was such a good series.

Scott 13:42

And that book was written by I want to say Brandon Soderbergh, the former City Paper author.

Miranda 13:52

That makes all the sense.

Scott 13:54

Yeah, I don't know if you, if you like The Wire, you might be interested to know that most of that stuff is based on true stories. David Simon worked at the Baltimore Sun, where he was exposed to a lot of this stuff and got to know a lot of these sources, they would later provide him with the material to hit our create these quote unquote, dramas, right? Which bear a lot of resemblance to the actual happenings even around Baltimore City. In the--

Miranda 14:25

We Own this City.

Scott 14:26

We own this city. Yeah, there you go.

Miranda 14:27

And that really speaks to the sort of way that cops think about the way that they run Baltimore City, that they own it.

Scott 14:36

Well, yeah, like I said, Whenever people would ask me how real The Wire is, I'm like, that's, that's part of it.

Miranda 14:43


Scott 14:44

There's a whole other part of it that they didn't talk about.

Miranda 14:46


Scott 14:47

But yeah, anyway, we digress. The point being we did see movement on the you know, the appointment of the That study to potentially reclassify, but also the clearing of those convictions. nationally. He Biden also did, of course, urge the governors to do the same.

Miranda 14:47

Yes, he did.

Scott 14:54

I don't remember any of the governor's stepping out. I mean, now, some states have already done this too. Right. So

Miranda 15:20

but I don't know who else has jumped in and said, You know what? Yeah, that Biden fellow sure has a good idea.

Scott 15:26

If anybody had did I didn't hear about it.

Miranda 15:29

No, same.

Scott 15:30

But anyway. You know, additionally, as we talked about here in Maryland, more good news as far as the legalization of adult use, and also down in Missouri. You know, all good stuff. We talked about how much better Missouri's growing program is right than ours. They're also getting the ball rolling way friggin quicker than really. So I saw a NORML: National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws article the other day that said that they are expecting their adult use market to be up and running in February.

Miranda 16:11


Scott 16:12

They passed the legislation at the same time that we did. We're being told July.

Miranda 16:18

I just think that that's how I mean, Maryland has always been the slowest rolling state in the nation.

Scott 16:25

So frustrating. I mean, what is going on, man? They;re just trying to make me drive to Jersey. Now, what's the deal? I mean, I still have my medical card and I intend to keep my medical card, even when adult use absolutely legalized. Because, you know, you see in other states how drastic the taxes can be.

Miranda 16:45

The caps...

Scott 16:47

Yeah, the--

Miranda 16:48

The THC caps.

Scott 16:51

But also some strains don't necessarily cross over. That's true recreational market. So yeah, I intend to keep my card, but it's annoying. It's Christmas time.

Miranda 17:05

It's just, Yeah.

Scott 17:06

We're gonna talk about gift giving and a little bit here, but I would like to be able to purchase--

Miranda 17:11


Scott 17:13

Edibles just to give his gifts. I mean, there's so many great products out now. And yeah, it's just, it's ridiculous. Why we're waiting until July,

Miranda 17:25

I mean, the fact that Maryland has put out, and I'm grateful hot chocolate mix, right. And we can't sit here and share a bag of hot chocolate--

Scott 17:38


Miranda 17:38

With our friends. So it's just it's we both have cards, right? We're like, we each have to show up with their own bag of hot chocolate.

Scott 17:47

And of course, I'm sure some of you right now we're saying just do that. But the point is, you know, it shouldn't be illegal for it to happen. It shouldn't be something that any of us have to worry about. And the fact that we've got to wait until July 1. Figure this the fuck out is just bizarre.

Miranda 18:06

I think it's also interesting that there's I don't want to mention names because I don't know 100% For sure, but there are some medical dispensaries that are only going to stay medical.

Scott 18:16

Oh, no, I've definitely heard.

Miranda 18:18


Scott 18:19

Through the Grapevine. I think some people have come out like some dispensaries have straight up said like, we are staying medical only.

Miranda 18:29

Yeah. I don't have a list in front of me. So I just don't want to go say names. Oh, yeah.

Scott 18:34

I mean, I think you'll you'll figure it out. Ya know and I'm sure there will be some dispensaries that are adult use only. Yeah, they don't do medical.

Miranda 18:44

And here's hoping that those those licenses are handed out to black and brown people.

Scott 18:49


Miranda 18:51

Come on Maryland.

Scott 18:52

We'll see.

Miranda 18:54

We're watching you!

Scott 18:55

We shall see. But on the nice list, there has been movement on the equity side in several other markets.

Miranda 19:05

Yep. Connecticut and New York. Illinois, New--

Scott 19:08

Jersey. Yeah. Different parts of California. The weird thing to me in California, California's marijuana, cannabis laws seem to be very regional within California is a giant state. And there are some absolutely huge cities in California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, obviously. But it's just weird to me when I read an article about something in California and it's speaking about, you know, very specific laws regarding cannabis in this one specific spot.

Miranda 19:43


Scott 19:46

But hey, whatever I you know, local focus is better and a lot of different ways anyway, so if that's how the equity stuff takes place around the country, then great I would love to see some sort of federal legislation absolutely requires, you know, some level of inclusion and equity.

Miranda 20:10

I feel like especially if you're going to tax something, there needs to be inclusion and equity in that.

Scott 20:16

And you know, not to be conspiratorial again. But maybe that's another reason it out. Maybe that's another reason for the Fed to stay out of the conversation as long as they can, right? Because they don't want to, you know, this is just conjecture, of course, but because they don't want to be facing these issues and answering these questions and figuring out a groundwork. That makes sense.

Miranda 20:46

Yeah, it just doesn't, it doesn't make sense to me at all that it's left up to the state. But then again, whatever, we know how it goes. Yeah. There's a lot of eye rolling going on for me today.

Scott 20:59

Anytime we talk about federal cannabis policy, there is going to be a fair amount of eye rolling.

Miranda 21:09

It's like dice over here.

Scott 21:12

Yeah, I mean, that's, you know, we can just put that whole conversation on the naughty list, continued federal prohibition.

Miranda 21:23

What else do we have?

Scott 21:26

In the actual industry itself? On the naughty side of things--

Miranda 21:30

Union busting.

Scott 21:31

A lot of different Yeah, lack of compliance in general, too, right. So whether it's sending THC products as CBD products, oh, like, we discussed that on one of the episodes? Oh, yeah, I can't Yeah, you're right. It was a huge, like, they were not small doses of THC products. Just your responsibility. You know, every industry has some level of accountability to the people that they serve, but also the communities that they operate in. And whether it is in regards to working conditions for staff, or, you know, the safety of customers, like we talked about the cash issue, being out at issue for for customers, you know, that armed security at the front door is not just to protect the weed, it's also to protect you, as you walk to and from your car, you know, with your medicine in your bag with your cash in your pocket.

Miranda 22:44

If the security is even indeed armed?

Scott 22:47

Well, yeah, well, and I guess, I'm not trying to make an argument about whether security needs to be armed or not. But the point is, these companies have a responsibility. They have responsibility to treat their people right, and to treat their product with the level of importance that it has, you know, absolutely. It's,

Miranda 23:18

and they need to treat their patients better to some degree. There's a lot of like, dispensaries that don't I mean, let's be honest, that don't give a fuck about their patients. Well, that's either just $1 sign walking through the door.

Scott 23:31

I mean, you've seen me get into internet internet tiffs with people before about you know, somebody said something. Somebody was asking a question and somebody said, just ask the medical staff at the dispensary or something.

Miranda 23:50

Oh, yeah, the medical directors, the mysterious Medical Directors?

Scott 23:53

Oh, they're all required to have well okay, they may very well be required to have them and they may have them but if you think that there is always some medical medically trained, first of all, you tell me what medically trained in cannabis means to you? Right. And I'll get a different answer from the person standing next to you. So the the knowledge that all of these people that are involved with these dispensaries have is all over the place. Yeah. But the the involvement level that they have with the dispensary is certainly all over the place.

Miranda 24:34

For sure. Yeah.

Scott 24:35

I mean, we've talked about in the past our experience at places like Takoma Wellness, other places here in the state that have really good reputations for you know, having very active involved staff on the medical side that are willing to sit down and consult with people and--

Miranda 24:55

Yeah, that used to be I feel like when when the industry was first getting rolling In Maryland, that's something you could have done. And I felt like after the first year, it kind of drifted off some places, I'm sure have kept it. But then there was the mandatory medical director that you needed to have on payroll to keep your compliance. But again, how many of these people are actually in the dispensaries and helping patients every day? I mean, clearly they're not going to be there every day. But they should patients should be able to make appointments with these people. Or is that what your cannabis doctor is for?

Scott 25:36

Great questions. Great questions.

Miranda 25:40

It's it's very confusing to someone who is legitimate. And I'm not saying I'm not trying to de-legitimate good God D legitimate? Nope, not happening.

Scott 25:53


Miranda 25:54

Yes, someone's cannabis and need for cannabis. But how many people are using their medical doctors the way that they should be? Or their cannabis doctors? And how many cannabis doctors are looking to provide any sort of outside recommendation recommendations to their patients?

Scott 26:15

Right? Well, you know, that's always whenever somebody talks to me about getting their card. My question is, what level of service do you need?

Miranda 26:28


Scott 26:28

Now, do you just need somebody to sign your piece of paper that says you can buy cannabis, cool, I can point you in the direction of somebody that can do that probably as cheaply as 50 bucks. But if you need somebody to actually sit there and talk with you about different things, you know, how you can use cannabis? You know, different delivery methods and different usages and dosages. And they Yeah, I mean, first of all, obviously, you can talk to either of us about that. We are available and we've trained ourselves up to the best of our ability, but you know, it I don't think some of the people that charge $100 or $150 to certify folks are unnecessarily ripping people off. If they're providing a level of service where discuss the medication they discuss how it can be used, they discuss you know, individual and specific you know, conditions or you know, reasons for treatment whatever if somebody's really giving you an individualized and informed and educated and thoughtful--

Miranda 27:44

you know, like almost appointment doctor's appointment.

Scott 27:46

Cannabis consultation, then I absolutely think that's worth every penny of versus $100 or $150 because the amount of money they're going to save you by giving you the information is it could be 1000s of dollars I get first year of cannabis use.

Miranda 28:06

Oh, I can speak to all my all, not all of the cancer patients but so many cancer patients that came into the dispensary when I was working as a budtender and how many of them absolutely had no idea where to even begin with medicating and you know how to do an RSO protocol and you know, all those other things and here I was making what $14, $12-$14 dollars an hour explaining a full on health protocol of how to use this medication. And yeah, I'm like come on this is ridiculous. So I'm hoping that the medical directors will be in the dispensaries actually seeing patients and directing them how to use their medicine better once adult use comes into play.

Scott 29:03

Yeah, speaking of eye rolls

Miranda 29:06

I know.

Scott 29:08

I have a feeling we might see it go the opposite way.

Miranda 29:12


Scott 29:12

But I don't know that's that's just based on what I've seen in other states that have had you know adult use slash recreational whatever you want to call it for a number of years now is excuse me it's even less education focused than I think honestly. And we've talked about it before I think honestly here in Maryland we've been a little Hashtag blessed with with our program to have terpene profiles on every label it not necessarily available on the websites.

Miranda 29:51

All that's gotten better.

Scott 29:52

I think all of you dispensaries that still aren't listing your terps exactly on the naughty list. Just see you know. We want to know, man!

Miranda 30:02

Getting spankins!

Scott 30:03

Sometimes you drivein 30 minutes to go--

Miranda 30:03

Oh my god.

Scott 30:05

To go to the dispensary because you know they've got a strain or you want to drive 30 minutes to a dispensary because you know they've got a strain. But--

Miranda 30:14

It only has 0.98% terps which is not what you're looking for or what I'm not looking for at least.

Scott 30:22

Right. So please just put the terps up there. Yeah, if you're embarrassed that they're low then stop by and stuff with low terps I don't know what to tell you.

Miranda 30:31


Scott 30:32

Anywho Yeah, so, positives and negatives on the legal side of things. You know, speaking of Yeah, everything's got some some white and some black and at the the MSOs situation. Yeah. You know, there continues to be more consolidation in the cannabis world. But, you know, does that mean good things too? Does that mean increase in quality? Does that mean more accountability?

Miranda 31:08

Maybe? Who knows? Yeah. It's gonna be hard to say until it's completely up and running and doing its thing. I would just like again, I would just like to see good numbers on weed. Yeah. None of this bullshit. Again, low, low Terps, high THC.

Scott 31:29

I don't know. You know, I try to I try to remind myself that there are different different levels for everybody, right? Like nowadays I try to look at like, a 14%. Like, 0.5% - 0.6% terps strain. It's like training wheels. Yeah, yeah. No. And that's. It's not for me. Right. But that doesn't mean that it's not good. And I'm not like, I'm not challenging what you're saying.

Miranda 31:58

And no, of course not.

Scott 31:59

I'm just saying I don't think everybody needs a 24% with 2.3% terps, either.

Miranda 32:07

You know I'm happy with a 14% with 4.0% terps.

Scott 32:12

I don't think everybody needs 4.0% terps. You know what I mean? I just I think there's, there's like light beer for a reason. Right? There's, there's--

Miranda 32:23

There's Lite Bud.

Scott 32:24

And there's cordials there's, I mean, right? Not everything's 80 proof, right? There's some stuff that's 50 proof. There's some stuff that 30 proof, you know, why is you know, 14% alcohol, so wines, you know, 28 proof, but you don't drink wine, like you drink, you know. So it's the same kind of thing, right? Like, if I'm smoking in the middle of the day, and I need to stay super functional, right? But I've got some shoulder pain, and my brains a little too all over the place. And I need a little bit of quiet inside my mind then that like 12% with 0.7% terps might be the perfect, absolutely. That allows me to like stay super functional.

Miranda 33:14

I don't need to be fucked up all day, right? I mean, there are some days that I'd like to be.

Scott 33:22

But some days I are. Yeah.

Miranda 33:25

But again, I just you know, I need those 12% and man I was on men I was on menus for like two hours one day, trying to find a strain lower than 20%.

Scott 33:37

I believe that.

Miranda 33:38

Just one single strain. Just wanted a little day time something that I didn't have to like lose my mind or smoke like a 0.3 gram.

Scott 33:48

I haven't smoked any of the Lite Bud in a while.

Miranda 33:51

I haven't seen any of the Lite Bud a while.

Scott 33:53

Well, yeah, I don't know. They might not.

Miranda 33:56

I don't know what that situation is.

Scott 33:58

Green Goods would be the place right? That's the brand.

Miranda 34:01

That's Vireo, yeah.

Scott 34:03

But yeah, anyway, additional brands and additional places means some level of consistency at least. You know, we've got Khalifa Kush here available now we've got the Tyson here available now.

Miranda 34:19


Scott 34:21

Garcia is well established in Maryland. Now. I don't know of any other. We don't have--

Miranda 34:30

I mean, we have Cookies.

Scott 34:31

Yeah, well, and of course they are now in two hands. So I guess continue to pay attention to the light source. And that'll tell you whether you're getting your Cookies from Sun Med or whether you're getting it from--

Miranda 34:48


Scott 34:48

Culta, if you care about those things. The Snoop brand is the one that I'm thinking.

Miranda 34:56

Oh, I haven't seen any of that. Yeah.

Scott 34:59

And it's not Not because they launched in Canada first. It doesn't have Snoop's name on it.

Miranda 35:06


Scott 35:07

Buds, Buds by Snoop BBS.? I can't remember.

Miranda 35:13

Leafs by Snoop.

Scott 35:17

Leafs that's. Yeah, so Snoop is the only other big brand. Yeah, that I can think of that we don't have in Maryland now.

Miranda 35:29

And the packaging is gorgeous. And I can't wait to smoke it.

Scott 35:33

out the Snoop stuff?

Miranda 35:34


Scott 35:35

I don't. I've never I've never seen it in any of the markets that I've been in. I'm sure I mean, I'm absolutely positive. It was in California when I was just out there, but I didn't. That place was so over was it like, just giant? Oh, it was huge. I mean, the displays were that I think I told you, you pulled the box away from the the shelf and the screen changed to the strain. That Yeah, it's crazy. Oh, yeah, it was wild, like 12 inch screen there. And when you picked up the bud, they had little nugs from each, you know, strain of flower that they had in a magnifying boxes. And when you picked it up and pulled it away from the shelf, that computer would go oh, White Widow, blah, blah, blah grown by so and so yeah, it's magical. It's phenomenal. Absolutely.

Miranda 36:33

I mean, I would probably last all five minutes in there. But--

Scott 36:36

I could have looked at the end. That's why we just went she was like, Do you want to look at the menu before we go. And I was like, let's just go because I'm sure there's going to be a bajillion things. And if I look at the menu, I'm gonna sit and look at the menu.

Miranda 36:50

For like an hour, right? Yeah, I know how you do. But anyway, but yeah, I'm here for it. I'm here to see what you know. I'm excited. For rec, adult use next year.

Scott 37:04

Yeah, I don't I don't understand. A lot of people are, you know, just wait, the taxes are gonna be rammer. I hadn't like I just don't understand why the negative?

Miranda 37:16

Then keep your med card.

Scott 37:17

Yeah, that's another thing we could put on the nice list. Right. The state of Maryland at least made the process of getting your card easier.

Miranda 37:24


Scott 37:24

They made it cheaper.

Miranda 37:26

Yeah. And they made it longer.

Scott 37:27

And they made it so yeah, right. It sounds like The Daft Punk song, cheaper, faster, fatter, easier? Yeah, so.

Miranda 37:39

But yeah, I think the state of Maryland has kind of gotten their shit together a little bit.

Scott 37:44

I don't understand why anyone, anyone who is pro cannabis to any level would be against adult use additionally, coming into the market, because to me, it's going to mean more licenses, which means more competition and more jobs, which means more jobs, hopefully more competitive wages, and better treatment and better training. These are all things that we would love to see happen for our brothers and sisters in the cannabis community. But yeah, I just I don't see. Plus, we get to grow. Yeah, plus we get home grow. And I don't care. You know, yeah. Okay, two plants now.

Miranda 38:28

Okay. I'll take it.

Scott 38:29

You know, Write, complain that and I don't mean on Facebook, I mean to your legislator

Miranda 38:36

Or your friends, write to the legislators. I already sent my letter in that's for sure.

Scott 38:40

Yeah, I have I have let all that I don't even vote for but who in theory work for me.

Miranda 38:49

And you know what's magical. You can write that email out, you can copy paste it and send it to the next person.

Scott 38:54

That's right. You sure can. You can simply say this is how I feel about cannabis. I feel like it should be reclassified at a federal level. I don't think anybody should be in prison for it.

Miranda 39:05

Increase our Grow status, or the amount that we're allowed to grow. Let's just do this. Stop fucking around just do it.

Scott 39:18

Speaking of doing it.

Miranda 39:21

This is how today's gonna go isn't it.

Scott 39:23

A thing that everybody's doing these days. Is holiday shopping.

Miranda 39:30

That's right.

Scott 39:31

So we thought we would discuss some of the things Yeah, everybody who says I don't know what to get for so and so. I think if your friend is a cannabis aficionado, or if you think that your friend should be a cannabis aficionado, cannabis is an amazing way to make your gift giving so so simple, so simple, because there are a million different things at this point in the world to spend your money on and the world of cannabis. It basically breaks down into five different categories. You've got your consumables, you've got education, equipment, swag. And then travel. Yeah, was one that we thought of as well.

Miranda 40:19

So where are we starting? Consumables?

Scott 40:22

Wherever you want, sure.

Miranda 40:24

Let's see. I don't know I've been loving the OCB papers this year, right?

Scott 40:30

Yeah. So when we say consumables, we mean like anything that you can not have too many of like papers or wraps or actual if you if you're lucky enough to live in a market where you can gift actual THC products. But if you're not the dream, there's still some great CBD products. We don't personally use delta eight. But of course, there's a bajillion different things out there in the world now that have delta eight that are available to you, too. I think all that stuff's legal to order online even.

Miranda 41:11


Scott 41:13

You don't even necessarily have to worry about going out and getting it you can be a lazy consumer and sit on your couch or in your bed and order it from right there and have it delivered to your door. But yeah, those OCB papers are phenomenal. You know, I really liked the Vibes, but I don't love the price, the price point or that just brand, that whole brand thing anyway. So yeah, I was super happy when you turned me on to the OCBs. I've just been using regular ol generic raw tips as my filters because I roll my little Amsterdam style splifs.

Miranda 41:55

Oh, right on.

Scott 41:57

I'm holding my roach in now. That's a great thing. If people do roll their own. And if they do use tips, you can never have too many of those.

Miranda 42:08

True or glass tips.

Scott 42:10

Yeah, though. Yeah, the glass ends, tips, whatever you want to call her. We've talked about those before, give you a little bit more space between the back of the joint and your mouth to let that smoke cooled down a little bit. And they get kind of gross and nasty really quickly so you can get a little handful of them and yeah, stocking stuffers. I love a stocking stuff.

Miranda 42:36

I do too.

Scott 42:37

And maybe it's because I hate wrapping.

Miranda 42:41

Stockings are so much easier. I do love the Natty Organic Goji rolling papers too. They're like blunt wraps same size. I love them.

Scott 42:51

It's been so long. So my old roommate and I used to do a thing every Christmas called the Yule Log, where I would roll up a pretty significant blunt generally somewhere between like two and a half to three and a half grams, you know, and I would generally just be one or two of us occasionally we had a larger crowd, but it was generally just Captain Morgan and I but and I was just thinking that that I wish our legalization was moving at a quicker pace. So I could get back to that yule log tradition, but it's been a long time since I've used to rap so you definitely have that mark.

Miranda 43:37

Oh yeah, I do love and one of our friends turned me on to them. He's like, this is going to be the best wrap you'll ever smoke in your life and I'll be damned. Natty hemp wraps.

Scott 43:48

I'm still on my king palms.

Miranda 43:50

They're amazing. I do love a king palm too. I'm I'm there for that. But it's just the the Goji like sweetness of the wrap is is _lip smaking noises-

Scott 44:03

I'm sold, I believe in a Goji. Speaking of deliciousness, I had an opportunity. If you follow yourcannabiscoach on Instagram, then you would have seen through my other.

Miranda 44:23

Scott used to be a bartender.

Scott 44:27

Being a member of the Baltimore Bartenders Guild, I was lucky enough to be included in a CBD and delta eight beverage training session last Tuesday, so we got to try a bunch of different products. Again, you know, Delta eight not something that Miranda or I participate in but if that is your thing. Wow. There is a shit ton of stuff out there now.

Miranda 44:56

And I wish I liked it. I really do.

Scott 44:57

I've tried, I did and they're sellingthese liquid packs of delta 8, 10 milligrams. And I mean, it's the purchasing price point at the wholesale is like under $2.

Miranda 45:15


Scott 45:15

And yeah, so they're obviously if I was there with the bar guild, so what they're trying to do is get CBD included in cocktails get delta eight included in cocktails. You can't It's federally illegal just like it's federally illegal to mix tobacco and cannabis at this point. It is also federally illegal to mix alcohol and cannabinoids at this point, but it is not illegal for a bar restaurant to mix you a cocktail that contains those things together and serve it to you.

Miranda 45:50

Instead of booze.

Scott 45:52

With as well.

Miranda 45:53

Okay. Oh, okay.

Scott 45:56

Is is how it seems to be now.

Miranda 45:58


Scott 46:01

Whether you think that's cool or not, whether you think that's advisable or not, that seems to be the way the world is moving. Regardless, you can enjoy these beverages just straight up. And that's how I was trying them. that's how I intend to enjoy them. And they were all you know, phenomenal in their own way. But I look forward to talking about some of those more with you in the future. Right now. They are not available in stores here in Maryland, but the Flyers brand and the Backyard brand were two in particular that are available in some other markets. Check it out online. Yeah, they're available online as well. But check your local head shop or maybe even your local dispensary because I think you're gonna start to see more of these. You know, I talked about the cannabis beverage that I had out in California that was made by Papst. So clearly you've got some pretty big movers and shakers you know coming into the beverage market quickly as they can and not just on the THC side also on the CBD and now I guess Delta eight as well. So yeah, I mean those those products Delta eight and CBD gummies you know, would make excellent stocking stuffers if you're in a state like Maryland that does you know only have medical at this point, those products are still available and of course, we've talked about the CBD stuff before absolutely got bath bombs. You've got hot chocolate, you've got--

Miranda 47:39

Gummies you know.

Scott 47:41

Every it's just straight CBD vape cartridges and pens. It pretty much every delivery method that you can imagine for cannabis and CBD flower, or THC cannabis I guess I should say is also available for the CBD and now the Delta eight stuff as well. Yeah, the equipment side of things, man. I mean, you can never have too many bowls.

Miranda 48:12

Or bongs.

Scott 48:12

Well, you're just ridiculous. I don't well. Personally, I'm a well I guess technically I have a two Bong household. Well, what am I going to do? I'm not going to hand Peggy down. I mean, I suppose if I found out that, you know, a friend of mine needed a bong I could gift Peggy but she's been with me since I was 18. But anyway,

Miranda 48:34

it's a long term relationship.

Scott 48:36

Bowls are completely different story. Bowls you can ever have too many.

Miranda 48:40

That's true.

Scott 48:41

It's like socks. Right? The more socks I have, the longer I can go without washing socks. The more bowls I have. That's the longer you go without washing a bowl.

Miranda 48:53

Yeah, that's true. Now I'm bongs, bongs ahoy! GRAV had like an amazing sale going on too.

Scott 49:02

Everybody had Black Friday sales but everybody is still doing sales too. Yeah, so keep shop and head shops are doing sales online head shops are doing sales individual you know distributors of their own brands are doing sales. So yeah. You know, Miranda mentioned earlier the glass tips.

Miranda 49:25

Yeah, I just got an amazing vaporizer tabletop vaporizer for under $100. Oh, yeah. With the you know, installments allowed to be paid if I so wanted to.

Scott 49:39

I think everybody does. I mean, you order GrubHub and it's like, do you want three payments on this burger?

Miranda 49:47

But I was just really impressed and the quality has been really good. I ordered a airriser from Planet of the Vapes Okay, which is actually where I I got my Planet of the Vapes, One vaporizer, which is my portable jobby. And that thing, they're both really great setups, they're easy to use easy to clean. Oh my god, and you get way more blazed when you vape. Or at least I get way more blazed when I vape.

Scott 50:21

I mean, in theory, you are preserving more of the terps when you're doing vaping, right. When you're doing vaping when you're vaping. So, yeah, I mean, makes sense.

Miranda 50:37

Yeah. So I have like, it's funny, if you were to look at, like the pickings of the stems and whatever, I would take off as if I were rolling a joint versus the amount of reclaim or AVB that I get from vaping I am smoking so much less weed now.

Scott 51:01

Make sense.

Miranda 51:02

So a lot of money saving on that one as well. In that respect.

Scott 51:07

Yeah I mean, that's something to consider. I talk about that with people all the time. Dude, I'm spending so much money on weed. How are you using?

Miranda 51:14


Scott 51:15

Oh, you were a blunts? Yeah. I mean, you know, look, I'm not here to judge how anybody uses their medicine. How anybody experiences cannabis. I don't care. I really don't as long as you're not giving it to kids, or animals against their will like, I don't give a shit.

Miranda 51:35


Scott 51:36

But the reality is, if you care about how much money you spend, and getting the biggest bang for your buck without jacking your tolerance to kingdom come.

Miranda 51:48

A vaporizer is the way to go.

Scott 51:50

And blunts are pretty much the worst way to go.

Miranda 51:53


Scott 51:54

I just you know, I don't I like I said, it's got nothing to do with a judgment call. I don't. It's not blunts or ghetto or this or that. I don't give a shit. I have--

Miranda 52:05

So many blunts.

Scott 52:05

So many blunts in my day. They do thing with blunts are you know, first of all, it's a it's gonna have tobacco. Right, which, you know, I don't fucks with the nicotine anymore, personally, but also, I mean, I feel like to be an actual blunt. You're talking about at least a gram and a half.

Miranda 52:05

At least.

Scott 52:11

More likely, three.

More close to two and a half.

I mean, I don't know. I know. Crazy dudes, I guess. But yeah, I used to be like an eighth in the blunt. Yeah, it's just not economical. Yeah, it's not. And you can't tell me that you need that whole blood to get high. You are high. Three or four hits into that.

Miranda 52:54


Scott 52:55

And you are good. And you just keep going. Okay, you are stubborn son of a bitch. That's all it is.

Miranda 53:02

It's true. It's true. So yeah,

Scott 53:04

That's again, I love those little King palm rollies us because it's a half a gram.

Miranda 53:09


Scott 53:10

And it's a way for me to control and also keep track of and know--

Miranda 53:18

how much you're smoking.

Scott 53:19

I don't I don't keep a physical journal anymore. But I do like to keep a general idea of how much weed I'm using, you know, over the course of a week or, you know, just keep myself in check.

Miranda 53:31

Sure, keep yourself happy and lifted--

Scott 53:34

and budgeted and all that good stuff.

Miranda 53:36

Yeah. What else you have anything else for the equipment?

Scott 53:44

Not that I can really think of, I mean, vaporizers, big glass pieces, small glass pieces. I think that's pretty much what we're talking. Yeah, you got your dugouts if you want to get some because you can travel with I saw Pax came out with something new recently, a new version of the Pax three.

Miranda 54:02

Oh, wow.

Scott 54:04

So yeah, I mean, I guess that's, it's funny. I think of vaporizers as the more old school kind of large tabletop, like an old cell phones of volcanoes were bigger than that. And that's true. Original volcano was like, a third of your coffee table.

Miranda 54:25

Yeah. Well, they're still gigantic.

Scott 54:27

They're still large, but they're not as big as they used to be. Yeah, they've got like a small one to I feel like everybody's got a small one now. You know, you said you got yours for under 100 bucks. I feel like there's a fair amount that are right around 100 bucks. But you can spend a stupid amount of money if you want.

Miranda 54:48

for sure. I think volcanoes what were like $500? $600?

Scott 54:51

This one I think is like $300 And that's the mini one. Yeah. But I don't know yes, that's I can.

Miranda 55:01

Yeah, same. So then we go on to education. Yeah. And we're always fans of education.

Scott 55:09

Absafuckinglutely. Whether you want to work in the industry or whether you're just somebody who uses cannabis, if the people selling it to you aren't going to take the time to get educated about it. Usually, you should certainly do so yourself. Yeah, books, classes. I mean, it's up to you how far you want to take it. But there's any number of resources available to you at this point.

Miranda 55:35

And again, there's so many sales on education going on on the internet currently. I know Trichome is running one.

Scott 55:42

Are they doing a sale right now?

Miranda 55:43

Oh, yeah.

Scott 55:43

They did a Black Friday sale. I'm interested. They've got that interpener kit now where they send you the the different scents and everything. The crystals?

Miranda 55:56

Oh, I have one of those!

Scott 55:56

I know you have one. I want to get one for myself. I saw Max on there talking about the crystallized terps.

Miranda 56:05

And it's pretty cool. It's pretty righteous.

Scott 56:07

Yeah. Well, I think I've mentioned before that I've done those with beer classes. Obviously not talking about terps specifically, but now I know that that's what we were experiencing. But yeah, Trichome Institute obviously we are huge fans of their any of any number of books out there in begin to list cooking with cannabis cannabis when it comes to women's health issues. Or concerns.

Miranda 56:43

How to Grow.

Scott 56:45

Yeah, right.

Miranda 56:45

We're talking about we're getting into grow season.

Scott 56:48

Oh, you know, that's, that's one thing that I meant to mention on the equipment side of things.

Miranda 56:52


Scott 56:52

Yeah. Hey, if your hubby or wife or significant other or--

Miranda 57:00

Significant others.

Scott 57:01

Yourself or significant others. If you know that they're intending to grow now this might be a purchase that's large enough that you want to discuss with them first. But yeah, a Grow Tent could be a great idea or a little simple hydroponic setup--

Miranda 57:18

Or seeds!

Scott 57:20

Seeds. That's a great idea.

Miranda 57:22

They're legal to obtain. You just can't put them in the ground just yet.

Scott 57:25

Yeah, that is absolutely true. Lights.

Miranda 57:31

Yeah. Fans.

Scott 57:34

Yeah, I mean, there's--

Miranda 57:35

and there's like a hydroponic kit that's like, $800. It's like a little closet setup.

Scott 57:42

There's stuff cheaper than I mean, the one of the like, herbs, like veggie, I mean, those are those are hydroponic system, little table type situation. Absolutely seen pictures on the internet of people who have used those things to grow cannabis.

Miranda 58:00

That's wild.

Scott 58:01

I've absolutely seen that. It just depends. Just like the education. It depends how far you want to take.

Miranda 58:08


Scott 58:09

But yeah, if you know somebody is going to be getting into, you know, growing their own. Absolutely. Now might be the time to look into getting them some equipment for that. But But yeah, as you were just saying the education side of things, you know, books about growing books about cooking books about you know, the if you just want to learn more about the history of the war on drugs, you know, there's plenty of books and all that stuff. No shortage of cannabis education, either for yourself or to give someone else. I don't know that trichrome has like a--

Miranda 58:52

library situation like a suggested reading list.

Scott 58:56

Yeah, I think they just have the Interpining book.

Miranda 59:01


Scott 59:01

And the the like terp wheel on that kind of stuff.

Miranda 59:06

The loop.

Scott 59:07

Yeah, it's another cool thing.

Miranda 59:08

That's really cool. So you can actually look at your cannabis.

Scott 59:13

Yeah, either a loop, a gem loop, or a jeweler's loupe. We're also those handheld microscopes are pretty wild, too.

Miranda 59:25

Yeah. Especially if you're going to be growing your own too because you want to definitely look for insects.

Scott 59:30

You want to be looking for mold you want to be looking for mildew, mites be looking for Yeah, spiders.

Miranda 59:37

Yeah, you're gonna really have to take a good look at your plants. So having something that's going to magnify those is definitely going to be to your benefit.

Scott 59:43

Moy importante. Si?

Miranda 59:47


Scott 59:49

So yeah, always good idea education. Travel.

Miranda 59:56

So there's actually a website called where you can go and track down a place to stay.

Scott 1:00:04

Yeah, I've been seeing a lot more advertisement and information about spaces all over the US Yeah. And up in Canada as well, whether it be, you know, Airbnbs, or whatever that are, you know, saying their green friendly or putting a picture of a bowl in one of the profile pictures so that people know that they can smoke when they're there. You know, there are enough places, you know, like we said, Missouri was state number 23. And they're saying they're going to be up and rolling in February.

Miranda 1:00:44


Scott 1:00:45

So when Maryland takes their sweet old time to get up and running--

Miranda 1:00:51

You could be in the show me state.

Scott 1:00:54

I mean, at this point, you can you can take a cannabis trip to Vegas, you could take a cannabis trip to California, Colorado, Massachusetts. Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York.

Miranda 1:01:16

The US is kind of your oyster.

Scott 1:01:18

Yeah. It's it's really almost to a point where it's more likely to be illegal where you go. Now, so why not? It Out. People do this all the time when it comes to beer and booze. And now you you hear about people going to tour the wineries and you hear about people going to tour microbrewery

Miranda 1:01:41

wild if you could go and visit a grow on your vacation.

Scott 1:01:45

Yeah, I mean, obviously, the grows are a little more difficult at this point, because, you know, they've got to be careful about like, we were just talking about insects, mold and things like that. So you can't just have any and everybody traipsing through your grow, but I think enough of them offer tours, and you're probably going to start to see more of it. You're also starting to see the lounges now. Yeah, Vegas and California are starting to see the first legal lounges. I know jersey is not wait, I kind of assumed that all the states we kind of do the same thing, right. And I guess, you know, what they say about people who assume and makes an ass out of you and me. Because certain states do seem to be following kind of the same script, medical becomes a thing, very limited medical, some cases, and then expanded medical, and then adult use.

Miranda 1:02:46

And then lounges, right?

Scott 1:02:48

And, you know, just different products, different THC level, you know, the market tends to loosen up and expand right as it goes on. At least that's what we've seen in California and Colorado at this point.

Miranda 1:03:04

I feel like a lot of well, a lot of places are just I feel like a lot of places are just kind of saying fuck it.

Scott 1:03:11

They're broke. They're broke.

Miranda 1:03:13

And they're just going for it.

Scott 1:03:14

This is what I've been saying since COVID started and everybody's economies took a shit. Yeah, I was like now we might see some faster movement because they're all Anglade money. And I don't care. I don't care how it happens. I'm fine with it. But yeah, if you haven't thought about it before now, we're putting this idea in your brain. Because only 23 is the year that you go explore the cannabis scene in Washington state or in Oregon as the reason you know, or one of the reasons right now just go to California to tour wineries but you might tour wineries one or two days while you're there. Yeah, so you might not specifically go to Oregon to go to different dispensaries but why not go to a couple of dispensaries that for sure after you land and pick up some stuff to have some fun.

It's always fascinating to see what other states are doing. Because no state has the same stuff in their dispensaries especially their adult use dispensary.

While I can tell you even when you've got the same brand, you still don't have the same genetics exactly everywhere. Because when I go to Ohio and spend time with Rochelle, I can look at her menu of her dispensary because I'm curious and see that the Rythm products available there. Now you will see some of the same strains because some genetics are just everywhere. But yeah, what GLeaf has in Pennsylvania versus what GLeaf has here what Rythm has in Ohio versus what rhythm has here. What Nature's Heritage has in Massachusetts versus what they have here. Very, very different things. Yeah.

Miranda 1:05:06

So it's really fascinating to explore those.

Scott 1:05:08

You know, here in Maryland, we've seen a real expansion of we talked on the last show the edibles market with the Bubby's Baked. You know, I know you picked up the hot chocolate.

Miranda 1:05:20

Yes, it's too sweet, but it's good.

Scott 1:05:22

I picked up well, People say the same about me. You know, I picked up the snickerdoodle bites. Those were great. I know you picked up some of the new Betty's Eddie's.

Miranda 1:05:35

Those were fantastic.

Scott 1:05:37

So yeah, get out. I definitely feel like the longer a market is established, the more expansion you get. So check it out. Yeah. And so if you're not familiar with all the states that are legal at this point, I'm pretty sure you can go on the normal website. And N O R M L. Not normal.

Miranda 1:06:02

But yeah, check out some checkout Front Row Travel. Yep. Where they do the booking for you. We're not getting kickbacks from any of these people. But go check it out. Go on, go on a canna vacation. And then see what's going to happen in July. Because there's already like festivals being planned for that weekend. So..

Scott 1:06:25

yeah, well, there's already parties happening before.

Miranda 1:06:29

Whatever. I told you, it's everybody's going Fuck it.

Scott 1:06:34

You know, one of the things we didn't talk about I experiences right like Puff'n Paint. Yeah, that's something else. You know, I think most of those places you can either buy a gift admission for somebody or they might have actual gift certificates as well. I saw an ad the other day for a cannabis magic show happening here in Baltimore. Right.

Hey, I'm alright. Whatever your your thing. Pop off!

The the too long read version here is if you say you can't think of a gift to give them and they use cannabis. Think again. There's so many getting harder. We literally just gave you like 30 different ideas. And we're just stoned rambling on about just the season tis the season indeed. We hope everybody has a happy safe, cheerful holiday or year reset whatever it is for you. Yule, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas.

Miranda 1:07:49


Scott 1:07:52

What else? Damn. I don't know when you said that one it made me feel like we're missing more.

Miranda 1:07:59

I'm sure we are. If we are, celebrative it.

Scott 1:08:02

have fun with it. Be good to yourselves and each other. Of course you can find us online as always through all the different things. I'm your cannabis coacc.

Miranda 1:08:15

And I am Our Lady of Maryjane.

Scott 1:08:17

And yeah, this is The Heady Conversations.

Miranda 1:08:20

We'll see you next year.

Scott 1:08:22


[OUTRO MUSIC: "Christmas in Hollis" by Run DMC]

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