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Episode 31 - Party at Ground Zero

A bone ornament made of a deer vertebrae and Czech glass.

In this episode Scott and Miranda talk about activities they enjoy while high.


[INTRO MUSIC: Fishbone - "Question of Life"]

Miranda 0:11

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to this edition of the Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:19

I'm Scott. That was Miranda. Hi, friends, it's been a while.

Miranda 0:25

It's been a moment,

Scott 0:26

We are happy to be speaking at you. Again. Today's episode is going to be pretty loosey goosey. This is probably the least programmed program.

Miranda 0:43


Scott 0:44

That we've ever done, honestly. But we wanted to put something out there we've got 420 coming up. There's been lots of happenings in the cannabis world and lots more happenings happening soon.

Miranda 0:59

There's lots of movement, lots of lots of absolute movement going on good movement in a lot of different directions.

Scott 1:09

We'll see. So Maryland just got done, finally finished crafting the bill for adult use legislation literally yesterday. So we all get to dive into that now and see what got slipped in at the last minute or who's getting bent over now, and how long it's going to take to get some real equity applicants and licensing going on. But in the meantime, we just wanted to do something light and bubbly and fun. And talk to you about some fun things that we enjoy doing. With our friend cannabis.

Miranda 1:50

Yes. We just figured we'd do like a quick little like, list of things that we love, not really list conversation about our list. And so you can know a little bit more about Scott and I, because I feel like you really probably don't know much at all other than we're really good about smoking weed and really pro social equity. So here we are.

Scott 2:16

Right. We all like to do different things with cannabis. And yet, we all like to do a fair amount of the same things as well.

Miranda 2:24


Scott 2:25

I mean, when it comes down to it, right, cannabis is just one of those like life enhancers, essentially.

Miranda 2:32

It does kind of make everything better.

Scott 2:34

Yeah. I'm not the biggest Seth Rogen fan in the world. But I definitely reposted the article a few weeks back where Seth Rogen was like, Yeah, this is why I've smoked weed every day for the last decades of my life and why I intend to continue smoking cannabis every day for every you know. Yeah. Whether it's, you know, something that helps you cope, or something that helps you maintain pain on the medicinal side, or just something that makes you giggly and light and, you know, relaxed on the social side. Either way, there's a million different things that are either made less shitty, or more awesome. Via cannabis.

Miranda 3:27

I like the less shitty aspect.

Scott 3:31

I tend to think that I do unfortunately use it to make things less shitty for me more often than I use it to make things more awesome for me. The more awesome is kind of like side effect almost. It's really the less me that I need. And then oh, oh, this is cool, too.

Miranda 3:51

This is way more awesome. When am high? Sorry.

Scott 3:56

Speaking of high, Miranda-

Miranda 3:58

I just got to cough it out.

Scott 4:00

Yeah. Helping herself to a little bit of concentrates over there.

Miranda 4:05

I have a little little pineapple skunk today.

Scott 4:08

Oh, from GLeaf?

Miranda 4:10

GLeaf. Yeah.

Scott 4:12


Miranda 4:12

The only thing they do, right.

Scott 4:14

Is that a Pax? Your?

Miranda 4:16

It's a Puffco!

Scott 4:17

Right? Sorry.

Miranda 4:18


Scott 4:19

I don't I don't do much of the digital stuff. So I get those things confused.

Miranda 4:22


Scott 4:23

I'm like your granddad like give me some papers.

Miranda 4:26

Papers and a filter. A soda can. Did you make anything fun over Easter? Speaking of fun things to do when you're high, like anything fun to smoke out of?

Scott 4:40


Miranda 4:42

No chocolate bunny Bong?

Scott 4:44

Nothing. I did see a video online of something like that. No, peeps, I mean, you could probably do it pretty easily with a Peep.

Miranda 4:53

Yeah! Oh, that would be lovely.

Scott 4:56

I don't Yeah, something something like runts or birthday cake. Huh people. Yeah, I'm speaking of yum, I'm smoking on some White Guava Gelato. Yeah. Which is very tasty as well. Speaking of tasty things, I think one of the things that we both discussed on our list was food.

Miranda 5:16

Yeah we did. I love to cook when I'm high. That's the only time I love to cook.

Scott 5:22

I prefer before I'm high. Personally, yeah, you know, and then sit down and like, take a few hits just before I started the meal is more my jammy jam. I kind of have had a psychological war with the munchies for a long time now right now in order to preserve my not quite so slim figure anymore. A long time ago. I you know, decided like now the munchies are more mental than anything.

Miranda 5:56

Just drink a glass of water.

Scott 5:58

That is an excellent tip. Yeah, like enough people don't do because you should stay hydrated anyway. An extra glass of water in your day is probably never a bad idea. But yeah, definitely to combat those munchies.

Miranda 6:15

For sure.

Scott 6:15

It's a solid plan.

Miranda 6:17

Do you have a favorite food?

Scott 6:18

Or give in. You know, it's up to you. We're not telling you how to live your life. Favorite food? Or I'm high. I mean, my favorite food period pretty much is tacos. Well, no.

Miranda 6:31


Scott 6:32

I mean, yeah, my mom's lasagna is awesome. But I don't really want to eat mom's lasagna on like, a 90 degree summer down. I can always crush a taco. You can always make a taco, lighter and more refreshing, or like hardier on a colder day. So yeah, tacos stoned or not--

Miranda 6:57

Always amazing.

Scott 6:58

And luckily, I can walk to a bunch of different taco joint.

Miranda 7:02

You got like all the taco joints in that area.

Scott 7:04

Yes. They talked about renaming it. Little Mexico at one point, but a lot of those people are--

Miranda 7:12

I was gonna say they're not Mexican.

Scott 7:16

All these people like raise their hands and we're like, Excuse me.

Miranda 7:20

There's a lot of El Salvadorian people.

Scott 7:23

Guatemalan, I am sure Chile in.

Miranda 7:28

Yeah, it's like everybody but Mexico.

Scott 7:30


Miranda 7:33

You're absolutely right.

Scott 7:34

Colombian. Yeah, it's a little bit of everything in Baltimore these days. But you know, I'm only fitting Baltimore's in a melting pot of a huge cultural, little known Baltimore fact, for those of you outside of our region. At one point in time, we were the number two port of entry into the United States for European immigrants.

Miranda 7:59

That's right, I totally forgot about that.

Scott 8:00

And then the Port of Baltimore. And it really wasn't until the Port of New Orleans opened up. That allowed people to get deeper into the country. To where that because, right, obviously, the railroad started on the East Coast. Right. But then after they've been at it for a while, you're not getting the jobs for the railroad on the East Coast anymore, because they need the dudes out in the Midwest to then, you know, exactly. Anyway, I'm getting off on a tangent.

But tacos are delicious.

And lots of amazing people from Central and South America live near me and have awesome stories where I can go get tamales and tacos and soap and tortas and all that good stuff. Yeah, um, what about you? What's your go to, what are you reaching for?

Miranda 8:47

Crunchy foods? I like lots of crunchy foods when I'm high.

Scott 8:51

Are we talking about snack foods?

Miranda 8:52

Not necessarily. But I will crush some nachos in a heartbeat, but like really good nachos, not like 711 like good pulled pork nachos from Nacho Mama's.

Scott 9:09

Fresh jalapeno.

Miranda 9:11

Oh my god. Sour cream on the side. Yeah, guacamole.

Scott 9:16

You don't want to do there's no reason to expedite the soggy nature. The minute the nachos hit the table.

Miranda 9:25

Oh, the minute the minute they're out of the oven.

Scott 9:27

They're assembled. Right?

Miranda 9:28

Yeah, correct.

Scott 9:30

The protein. I don't care how much you strain it.

Miranda 9:33

No, no, no matter how much you strain it and soggy. Yep. Right. It's happening. It's a race. Yeah, I do love a good Nacho dish.

Scott 9:43

n appreciate that. Chinese food is another always good. You know, I mean, Chinese food is one of those like, I want a little bit of everything anyway, and I feel like stoned grazing suits the nature of, like especially a Chinese buffet.

Miranda 10:02

Oh yeah.

Scott 10:04

I haven't been to a buffet and--

Miranda 10:05

I haven't been to a Chinese buffet in a really long time. Well I know you've ever been to a Chinese buffet.

Scott 10:12

Oh my god.

Miranda 10:14

Because of the lack of good Chinese food in Baltimore, Maryland.

Scott 10:18

Well that is true.

Miranda 10:19

It is heartbreaking.

Scott 10:20

It is true. And I am not I will eat you know even a bad taco is still pretty decent to smother some salsa on it or cover it up with some sour cream or some guac because those are things right we do not put on traditional tacos but yeah, I feel like bad Chinese food it's just so greasy.

Miranda 10:20

So greasy and heavy.

Scott 10:21

Yeah. Not what you want when you're stoned. Not what I want.

Not what I want no.

You know shout out to the veggies in the crowd. Some some good raw vegetables when your stoned.

Miranda 10:57

That crunchy factor too.

Scott 10:59

You're right tied in with that.

Miranda 11:01

Yeah, I love a veggie and hummus situation.

Scott 11:05

I Yeah. With a veggie and hummus situation of it. You know, they're dippers.

Miranda 11:11

Yeah. Crazy. It's grazing.

Scott 11:13

Yeah, again, stone and grazing, I think we're sensing a pattern. We want crunchy things. We want a variety, if you could lay them out in a row so we can see them all. And that would be awesome. Because there's going to be a visual aspect as well.

Miranda 11:32

And I also don't tend for sweet things when I'm high. I tend to go for salty.

Scott 11:37

I don't have a particular Sweet Tooth anyway.

Miranda 11:39

Yeah, me too.

Scott 11:40

I'm like, we're just not those people.

Miranda 11:43

Yeah. Every once in a while, like I smoked a joint the other day and I was like the one thing I could possibly want in this world right now. Is an egg custard snowball. With marshmallow.

Scott 11:54

It is that season.

Miranda 11:55

It is and I think it was because it was hot.

Scott 11:57

I've noticed the lines. I passed. Snow Kings, I think in in the daulk in Oh, yeah. in Dundalk yesterday and there was a lot of action in that parking lot. And a lot of kids coming out with marshmallows smeared all over their faces. If you don't know what a snowball is, I'm sorry.

Miranda 12:20

And how long have you lived here? If you don't know.

Scott 12:22

We've got a lot of people that listen to us that--

Miranda 12:24

Oh, that's true. Yeah, that is a local thing.

Scott 12:27

Snowballs are a very regional thing. Although I guess some of you know like New Orleans apparently has their own. Yeah, there's that place in fed Hill.

Miranda 12:39

Polish water in Philly.

Scott 12:41


Miranda 12:43

Or Italian water as well.

Scott 12:44

Italian ice. Not the same thing though. No, not the same thing.

Miranda 12:44

I had this argument last summer with somebody.

Scott 12:51

Also not the same thing as a snow cone.

Miranda 12:54

No. All three of those things are very different.

Scott 12:58

They're all different situations. Just like gelato is not the same thing as ice cream.

Miranda 13:05


Scott 13:06

Italian ice. Well, I don't know about Italian ice and polish ice because I've never had Polish ice.

Miranda 13:11

They seem very similar to me.

Scott 13:13


Miranda 13:13

They can be bought in a cart on the streets of Philadelphia.

Scott 13:17


Miranda 13:19

Or at a storefront or at one of the many stadiums like those sports ball places!

Scott 13:27

The places where they sports! Where the jawns go to yell about birds and shit.

Miranda 13:37

Like what is that thing Yeah, stadiums they always have them there.

Scott 13:41

I forgot soft serve.

Miranda 13:45

Also be mixed with a snowball.

Scott 13:47

I don't. Yes, I've never I've never been into that thing.

Miranda 13:51

That's my dad really digs those.

Scott 13:52

Yeah, honestly, like I grew out of snowballs a long time ago till.

Miranda 13:57

I have like one a year.

Scott 13:58

I don't even it's just so fucking sweet. That syrup is Oh my god.

Miranda 14:04

And messy.

Scott 14:04

I'm like anally obnoxious about how I eat everything. So I don't get messy when I eat anything.

Miranda 14:04

Oh my god.

Scott 14:05

But it's just the that syrup is just gonna swim. It's like a It's just sugar. Sugar in every snowball. It's so good. So yeah, Snowball shaved ice. Exceptionally sweet syrup's. There's classic flavors like Sky Blue and Egg Custard and Chocolate but then there's also like wild crazy flavors.

Miranda 14:38

Like unicorn horn.

Scott 14:40

Oh, I don't even know.

Miranda 14:41

I've seen some weird shit at a snow ball stand.

Scott 14:44

Okay, so snow balls are like cannabis at this point, they're just making shit up. They're just adding different names on the same old syrup is probably mixing syrup's back and forth.

Miranda 14:56

But yeah, I

Scott 14:59

don't know. What else do I mean? Pizza,

Miranda 15:01

Right pizza. Always good. Yeah, yeah. We have some good pizza here too.

Scott 15:06

We do have lots of good pizza. Lots of different types of pizza. I'm not here for your haters. You know. There's bad thin crust pizza. There's bad deep dish. For sure. It's pizza. There's good thin crust pizza. I don't want to hear

Miranda 15:25

Yep, we've got it in spades. We got pizza. What else? (barking) All right.

Scott 15:38

Hot dogs. Barbecuing when high. Totally a thing saying thank you for this suggestion, Linus. Yeah, I'm all about that.

Miranda 15:54

I love to cook. I love to like, smoke a joint and like, put ingredients together. It's just like the whole like, it just feels very soothing to me. Yeah, I'm

Scott 16:05

I'm too frenetic when I'm actually in the act of--

Miranda 16:08

Oh, really?

Scott 16:09

I yeah.

Miranda 16:10

I have everything's in place. I mean, the kitchen is tiny.

Scott 16:14

Mis en Place.

Miranda 16:15

Mis en Place.

Scott 16:16

Everything in its place at the ready. Now I'm not that that's why I enjoy small kitchens like this because I've got long arms. And in a small everything. Reach. I don't have to worry about where it is. I can just reach it. But yeah, food food is good food is fresh fruit. That's my jammy jam for sure. Go to in the morning some patisserie some some nice fresh buttery croissant or bread and some some fresh fruit some some shark coochie first thing in the morning. Right? I love the European. It's funny that we call a continental breakfast. This weird fucking thing in the hotel where you can grab like, a really shitty like 800 Calorie Danish or, you know, like make a waffle yourself. Because fuck you. Paid $80 to sleep in our bug ridden room.

Miranda 17:18

You can make your own fucking breakfast.

Scott 17:20

Make your own breakfast, you savage. We don't give a shit. Have some bruised apples while you're at it. I don't know why we call it a continental breakfast. Because when I've been on that continent.

Miranda 17:32

That is never the breakfast that you get.

Scott 17:33

All of the hotels I've stayed in have had these amazing spreads of fresh fruit and like, yeah, artisanal cheeses, absolutely. And cured salumi and--

Miranda 17:45

delicious coffee.

Scott 17:46

Oh my god. Oh my god. I drink more coffee in one or two weeks in Europe than I do the entire rest of the year. Pretty much the the only time I drink coffee here in the States is my Bocci tournaments.

Miranda 18:03

Uh huh.

Scott 18:03

The people that organized the tournaments, Fran and Julian who do not listen to this podcast, but they always bring espresso and a bottle of anisette. Because we're Italian from Italy. And that's how you do you pour a little, little espresso and anisette liquor inyour cup and then you put a shot of espresso on top of it. And that's, that's your wake up in the morning? Yeah. And that's pretty much really like, I don't know, my girlfriend drinks iced coffee and I'll get coffee for her. I'll get an orange juice or an apple juice. I just don't.

Miranda 18:40

I'm definitely a coffee drinker.

Scott 18:42

I'm just tea guy.

Miranda 18:44


Scott 18:44

Moreso than a coffee guy.

Miranda 18:46

There's something to be said for a cup of tea and a joint.

Scott 18:50

Yeah, I feel like we could have done a whole different thing just on beverages too.

Miranda 18:56


Scott 18:58

There's, yeah. You know, again, you're talking about enhancement. You're talking about opening up your senses and helping create new neurons that create new different associations with different things. So yeah, if you haven't played around with different foods and cannabis, what's the matter you?

Miranda 19:21

What's the matter you?

Scott 19:24

What's in your fridge? Grab some pickles and some--

Miranda 19:27

Oh, pickles.

Scott 19:28

Hey, you know what.

Miranda 19:30

I love a pickle.

Scott 19:32

You know, I got into pickling myself last year and I'm very much looking forward to pickling new and different things this year as well. Beets again for sure. Definitely. string beans are amazing. Aren't they? The pickled beets for bagging if I do say so myself and I never even got to use the juice. I didn't get the jars back. Oh, because I wanted to do pickled eggs.

Miranda 19:56

Right on.

Scott 19:56

I've never been I've never found them appitising when I've seen like a pickled eggs, I've never had one by getting into this whole, like processing my own food thing and like, you know, preserving and, you know.

Miranda 20:11

You gotta nail down those Apocalypse skills now.

Scott 20:14

It's true. I mean, yes or no, you know, it's just part of like getting back to being connected with the foods or slowly being aware of the things that you eat and where they come from and how to do them yourself. And yeah, you know, taking ownership of what what you put in your body, right? Because it's all about a holistic approach when we're dealing with all this stuff. But yeah, I didn't I didn't get the jars of juice back from any of the people that I gave the pickled beets to. So this year, I gotta keep some jars myself. You gotta keep some juice and play with the inside the juice. It's a beautiful color. I could have. I could have dyed some eggs.

Miranda 21:03

You could have.

Scott 21:05

I did not.

Miranda 21:05

But yeah, that jar of pickled eggs that's behind every bar or used to be behind every bar. Oh, yeah. No. pickled eggs.

Scott 21:13

Pickled sausages.

Miranda 21:16

Pig's feet.

Scott 21:17

Yeah. Oh, yeah. The pigs feet. My grandfather loved those.

Miranda 21:20

My grandfather too.

Scott 21:23

Not what I mean, when I'm high or so were personally but you do you? Yeah.

Miranda 21:28

Everybody's got their yum.

Scott 21:30

From, from the oink to the tail. Right? Isn't everything but the oink? Is what they say country folk. Use every part of the pig. Nothing goes to waste. Besides food?

Miranda 21:48

Yeah, I like to go out and walk around in nature.

Scott 21:54

I mean, honestly, that's not the worst segue because gardening, right?

Miranda 22:01

Oh, for sure.

Scott 22:02

Being in nature is And speaking of being reconnected to your food source and all that kind of stuff. And you know, we've been talking about gardening when it comes to cannabis, but also growing your own food. You know, regenerative gardening, has to do with using your land to grow a bunch of different things, whether they be for pollinators, whether they be for food, for shade, or whatever, or for aesthetics. You want to be growing stuff together, if it is beneficial to each other, and that'll bring bugs that will be beneficial to those other plants.

Miranda 22:45

Bugs that will eat the other bugs.

Scott 22:46


Miranda 22:47

The bad bugs.

Scott 22:48

Which you call beneficial bugs.

Miranda 22:51


Scott 22:52

There's a different word for it.

Miranda 22:53

I'm sure, but yeah, being outside and actually getting your hands in the dirt is the most natural, like, antidepressant you could possibly imagine.

Scott 23:06

Your feet in the dirt too. Yeah. It sounds like some weirdo hippie shit.

Miranda 23:11

It sure does. But it's not. There's science.

Scott 23:14

There's some very, very convincing science when it comes to grounding. And recently, I found out that people believe that grounding has to do with jetlag too.

Miranda 23:29


Scott 23:30

So I'm not trying to get all woowoo on you. I'm not suggesting this is fact or anything like that. Just something interesting that I heard about that I'm going to share. That part of jetlag has to do with, right, we all know the Earth has a magnetic field, right? At least I think we all know that. You never know these days with some people believe but the Earth has a magnetic field. So it's not the same in all places. Right? Right. Because that's the way a field works, right? It's, it's not going to be perfectly uniform, it's not going to be the same like intensity in all directions. It's not. So I guess this theory that that I was listening to this person talk about and I don't even remember the guy's name, honestly, it was part of a program I was watching on Netflix. And he said that your body gets thrown out of whack so much because you're in like a different magnetic field basically, okay, that you know, the part of the earth that you're now in when you and it's not obviously like if you travel an hour, like that's not going to be as significant but we're talking about like a 12 hour flight across the Atlantic ocean or the Pacific Ocean or something like that.

Miranda 24:56

So I am heavily affected by any timezone, right? Like if I go to the next timezone over either way, I'm fucked. Like I used to go to Memphis all the time, and it would take me days to sync up to that clock.

Scott 25:09

Some people are more circadian than others, I guess.

Miranda 25:14

I'm also one of those people who has like, pristine sleep hygiene.

Scott 25:18


So like, if anything is slightly askew? Yeah, I'm fucked. wrecked. Absolutely.

I wish I could say as much for me. But yeah, anyway, the theory here being that if you take off your shoes and socks, and walk on some dirt, get your feet on some grass, and ground yourself, when you go to a new location like that. It helps you get acclimated acclimated to the different. No, that's why I have the magnetic sphere that you're in now. And kind of sink you with, with the area where you now are.

Miranda 26:03

And give it a try next time, right?

Scott 26:05

I don't know, I never really suffered too much. Honestly, I think my sleep gets more fucked up when I'm away from my cannabis that it does.

Miranda 26:15

That's fair.

Scott 26:16

You know. I'm not necessarily advocating for anyone to travel with cannabis. But I don't travel with cannabis internationally generally speak right? So if I'm taking a trip overseas, you know, all those dreams that get suppressed by skipping out on that REM sleep come flooding back pretty quickly by day to fool you know, having access to my flour and my edibles. And yeah, that's one of many reasons. Yeah, I'm anxious for Germany. And now it sucks. They actually seem to be walking back some of them.

Miranda 26:58

Oh no, really?

Scott 26:59

Because the European Union.

Miranda 27:01

Oh, right.

Scott 27:02

Yeah, we're not trying to get to heavier political on this episode. But if things you know happen to come up recently, NATO warned the United States.

Miranda 27:13

I remember seeing that, yeah.

Scott 27:15

Because at this point, we have more states in the US that are adult use or trending that way than not, and believe it or not, there is international drug law as well. Most of it was inspired by and what do you call it promoted by the United States in the first place? But now we kind of find ourselves where NATO is saying now wait a minute. You still consider this schedule one drug store saying that people you know have the right to use it recreationally and you're also obviously saying that it has medicinal value right if you've got X amount of states that now have medical programs what the fucks us like, we know you're hypocrites but so yeah, pretty interesting stuff to see going on.

Miranda 28:18

Absolutely. So nature getting back to nature

Scott 28:21

Getting back to nature, hikes.

Miranda 28:23

Hikes are great.

Scott 28:24


Miranda 28:26

I love having my feet in the water.

Scott 28:28

Although these days the ocean makes me super fucking paranoid.

Miranda 28:34

It's also kind of gross.

Scott 28:36

Well, the ocean definitely has some grossness to it. But also like sharks, because of global warming are moving into different areas and

Miranda 28:47

Oh, whatever if you don't hear them coming, that's not my problem.

Scott 28:50

I'm not going to call it a shark attack, it's just lunch for that dude.

Miranda 28:58

They don't have hands.

Scott 28:59

Or a dame.

Miranda 29:00

They're just trying to figure out what the fuck you are. They're like, what is this? Is it a seal? Is it No, no, doesn't have enough fat on it. They're just trying to figure it out.

Scott 29:10

Yeah, unfortunately. That process of investigation via shark gnawing can get real ugly real quick and I would rather not be on the receiving end of it.

Miranda 29:27

Of a nom nom?

Scott 29:31

I kind of want to go to a waterpark.

Miranda 29:34


Scott 29:35

This summer.

Miranda 29:35

No, no!

Scott 29:36

You don't have to go, I'm not inviting you.

Miranda 29:41

That's just, I've to, ugh.

Scott 29:43

Too icky for you?

Miranda 29:45

Just too full of peoplely stuff. Yeah, and accidents. People are gross. And then people poop in pools man.

Scott 29:59

Yeah, I mean, they put a lot of chlorine in that water.

Miranda 30:02

There is not enough chlorine in the world!

Scott 30:04

I mean, technically there is. That's the thing. That's why they're legally allowed to do these things. Because there is a certain amount of chlorine can add that can make it okay for a certain amount of poop to be in your pool.

Miranda 30:20

I love the limits that we both have sharks and poop.

Scott 30:23

Right, right, Miranda doesn't care about being eaten because the shark is just doing their investigative duty I don't mind being in a pool where people may have literally done their doodie.

Miranda 30:39


Scott 30:41

It's it's two ends of the spectrum, I guess. Yeah, I don't know. I grew up spending a lot of time in Texas and if you've ever watched any of those, the best amusement parks in the world that's like, parks in Texas. Well, the number one best waterpark specifically in the world forever, like literally has invented half of the rides, and other water parks is Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Yeah, sure Schlitterbahn. The German translation means something bahn. I don't know what schlitter means. It's probably like fucking Haagen Das it probably doesn't mean nothing. It's probably just a totally made up. Now my German friends. I don't know if my German friends listen to us. But if they do, somebody can write in and let me know. Schlitterbahn, but yeah, Schlitterbahn. So they literally invented the water roller coaster and like the ones where you get propelled up a hill by water jets. They invented that they're the ones that invented the continuous wave machines.

Miranda 31:54


Scott 31:55

Remember, we got that Wild World or whatever the fuck amusement park.

Miranda 32:00

I remember and then it ended up being Six Flags, or whatever it is now.

Scott 32:04

Yeah, so Schlitterbahn invented all that shit.

Miranda 32:07


Scott 32:07

Like, legitimately. This is not just like that pseudo Texan. And me that's like Texas is the best. Like Schlitterbahn literally invented all this stuff. Like at this point, I think it's actually like three different parks, all within like a mile of each other. So you have to like take a tram to get from one to the other.

Miranda 32:27


Scott 32:27

Yeah, it's got a lazy river that goes around the entire park. So literally, if you just get in the lazy river, it's probably like, an hour and a half or an hour and 40 minutes to float, float around the lazy river. And then you can hop out and get your soft serve ice cream or your nachos. Probably shitty nachos if we're going to be honest.

Miranda 32:48

If we're being honest, you might get a good churro there.

Scott 32:51

You probably would get a good you definitely will get good fucking tamales. You can get better Tamales in a stand in Texas than you can just about--

Miranda 33:01

Anywhere anywhere else except for Mexico.

Scott 33:06

But yeah, so I want to check out a waterpark. But I also love to kayak.

Miranda 33:13

Kayaking is fun.

Scott 33:14

maybe a canoe big fan of that.

Miranda 33:17

I don't like to be in the sun. So this person's nature presents a touch of a problem for me. So I don't need to be in the sun. So I have to always have a parasol hand available. But I do that's why I like parks so much because I could just sort of parasol and walk or hike. I can hike with a parasol.

Scott 33:38


Miranda 33:39

I've rocked climb for the Parasol before.

Scott 33:42

Why the hell not.

Miranda 33:43

So but yeah, I do like the water. I like to to go outside and take photography or like do photography like find interesting. I'm the worst person in the world to go on a hike with.

Scott 33:56

if you're in a hurry, yes, yeah.

Miranda 33:59

Because I will stop and look at things. I will. I will eat things I will smell.

Scott 34:07

Yeah, every five feet. I'm looking at a different color of moss.

Miranda 34:10

Pretty much.

Scott 34:11


Miranda 34:11

Yeah. And then I'm touching it and hoping to God that nature is not going to kill me today.

Scott 34:17

I just joined a foraging group on Facebook, and I'm anxious to get into foraging.

Miranda 34:26

Get your mycology on.

Scott 34:28

Yeah, I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of different types of real funky mushrooms. I'm a big fan in theory, more than practice. I think they're really cool to look at. I think they're awesome life forms. But I don't like chewing on a field of dirt. And that's what a lot of mushrooms taste like.

Miranda 34:57

Wow. Okay.

Scott 34:58

I mean, it's the set Like I don't like a lot of offul, right like I don't like like organ meat.

Miranda 35:03

I like organ meat.

Scott 35:04

Liver. And

Miranda 35:05

Here we are talking about food.

Scott 35:07

Yeah. It's the same kind of deal. Like mushrooms are too fucking umami for me. It's cool. Like, I appreciate them, I will pick them and bring them to other people. Or I will like, dry them and grind them up to like, make other things. But like straight on mushroom, mushroom, not so much. Can be a bit much for me.

Miranda 35:37

I appreciate that.

Scott 35:38

Yeah. A lot of the funky. You know.

Miranda 35:42

There's so much to eat in our like, ecosystem though. Especially locally.

Scott 35:48

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, really, any ecosystem. We just you just have to know what you're looking at exactly. Like I joined this group. And the pictures that people are putting up. I'm like, Hey, I've definitely seen that a bajillion times before. But then other things that I've also seen a bajillion times before that never like, you know, like wild garlic and things like like, I know about sure, like a bunch of different things.

Miranda 36:13

Like Paw Paw.

Scott 36:15

Yeah, now global warming is making Paw Pa's like a much less regional thing. For sure. I saw I joined a bunch of like, native plant groups in Ohio as well. Sure. Obviously, once I move out there, I'm gonna want to plant native Ohio plants rather than so it's cool to know about the Maryland stuff because I'm interested in it, but it's not going to be real relevant to me, come five, six months from now. But yeah, so people are talking about Paw Paw's out there. And I was like, wow, like that?

Miranda 36:44

I didn't know, well. Hmm.

Scott 36:48

It's not that far.

Miranda 36:49

No, it's not. No, it's not.

Scott 36:51

And it doesn't take a climate changing. You know, all that much for things to spread, whether it be animals or vegetation, things start creeping down, it's your window, and all of a sudden, you know, if 80 degrees is the window, and uh, places haven't had an average of 79 degrees.

Miranda 37:12

It's gonna happen.

Scott 37:13

There she goes, those are great though. I haven't had a Paw Paw in a long time.

Miranda 37:19

I had one up in Philly a few weeks ago.

Scott 37:21


Paw Paw ice cream right? That's the--

Miranda 37:25

Mmmm I've not had Paw Paw ice cream.

Scott 37:27

That's what a lot of people--

Miranda 37:28

I've just had it straight fruit.

Scott 37:31

People make jelly people make jam but Paw Paw ice cream I feel like is the the one that's like I know of families where that's like a family tradition.

Miranda 37:41

That's awesome.

Scott 37:42

You harvest Paw Paw's and make Paw Paw ice cream.

Miranda 37:44

That's, that's that's super cool. Speaking of making stuff. We're both a little artistic.

Scott 37:52

Getting crafty.

Miranda 37:54


Scott 37:54

Who doesn't love getting high and fucking around. With markers or crayons or--

Miranda 38:04

Just fucking around.

Scott 38:05

With colored pencils? Or, you know, scrapbooking.

Miranda 38:13

I like to sew a lot. Like I can sit here. I've been working on a quilt.

Scott 38:18


Miranda 38:18

And yeah, I can sit here for like eight hours and just cut, iron, and sew.

Scott 38:27

My girlfriend does cross stitch.

Miranda 38:29


Scott 38:29

And she's that way.

Miranda 38:32

It's very relaxing.

Scott 38:33

She'll text me at like 11:40 and be like, we didn't realize how late it is. Because she and her buddy have little Cross Stitch dates where they get high and cross stitch.

Miranda 38:47

That's fantastic.

Scott 38:48


Miranda 38:49

Yeah. Well, I mean, as someone who's done a bunch of burns too and like making art installations for burns, that's always been a sort of labor of labor of cannabis.

Scott 39:02

And I feel like we should explain, right? Because recently, I feel like the the woodburned stuff has gotten really Oh, or at least here in Baltimore. We've got this Burnmore, I believe is dude's name on Instagram, and he makes a bunch of really rad stuff.

Miranda 39:24

Oh, cool.

Scott 39:26

So now that's not what Miranda is talking about, though.

Miranda 39:28

No. I am talking about music festivals and or places where you go as a community to share like minded drugs and just in general have a great time.

Scott 39:44

Yeah, so, yo'veu as Burning Man, you're probably familiar at this point. By you know, with what Burning Man is. In addition to Burning Man, there are a bunch of other local burns. Yeah, as they're called. Beach burns, burns out in the woods, you know, all over the planet. Literally festival people have different little, whether they be music festivals, or sometimes they're hacker festivals have gotten super popular.

Miranda 40:15


Scott 40:16

Like my buddy Mike goes to a lot of those where it's all these. And it's not just like, I thought hacker festival camping like this doesn't make a lot of sense, right? But when they mean hack when they say hacking basically they just mean non traditional engineering.

Miranda 40:36

Oh, interesting. Things. Yeah, that makes sense.

Scott 40:40

Other things usually that weren't intended to make this new thing, or weren't intended to be used, you know, in this particular conflagration or, you know.

Miranda 40:52

I love I love seeing people get like, super creative and share that basic knowlege with a bunch of people.

Scott 40:59

Yeah, it sounds like they're probably filled with a lot of neuro divergent weirdos. You know, that are like super.

Miranda 41:08


Scott 41:09

As specialized in different aspects of their, you know, niche technology and felt like a lot of fun. Yeah, it sounds like cool stuff. But yeah, so I know, like, some of those have like burn elements to them too.

Miranda 41:27

For sure. Yeah.

Scott 41:28

So like the basic.

Miranda 41:30

It's really like just a community. Yeah, it's

just a conventional.

Scott 41:33

Yeah, Art Project slash experience.

Miranda 41:38


Scott 41:39

Yeah, that people, you know, build together and then burn.

Miranda 41:44

Pretty much. Yeah.

Scott 41:45

Because there's, you know--

Miranda 41:47

So there's always that sort of climactic end peice. Yeah.

Scott 41:54

We were here this happened. lives on in our memories--

Miranda 41:58

But let's burn it to the ground.

Scott 41:59


Miranda 42:04

That's the whole Burning Man.

Scott 42:05

Motto of the playa.

Miranda 42:07


Scott 42:07

And whatever. You know, now people just pay people to come behind them and make sure they leave no trace. But that's all different.

Miranda 42:14

Totally shaking my head right now.

Scott 42:16

Like, I feel like I missed my opportunity.

Miranda 42:19

I definitely missed my Burning Man window.

Scott 42:21

When it wasn't--

Miranda 42:22

Oh, yeah.

Scott 42:22

We knew some the same people. But yeah, had camps that we totally and I still know, I still know one camp for sure.

Miranda 42:34

Me too, Maybe two.

Scott 42:35

Maybe two people that go to other camps that I could probably go with. But ya know, right

Miranda 42:41

But right now, it just seems like a lot of work that I don't want to. It's especially in the desert.

Scott 42:46

It's just to me like, if everybody was doing the same work, different, but now you have all these, like corporate camps now, where people just literally pay a production company to like, come set up for them. And it's just weird. Plus, there's the whole there's been like a ton of like, sexual misconduct. And you know--

Miranda 43:09

That's everywhere.

Scott 43:10

Well, yeah.

Miranda 43:10

I mean, you're not wrong. I'm not trying to like, play it down. Or--

Scott 43:14

I know you're not. But that's yeah, that in general, that's part of why I don't like big festival atmospheres and events. No, because you're right. It is anywhere. Yeah.

Miranda 43:26

There's garbage human humans everywhere.

Scott 43:28

Tis true. Even in nature, yeah. Where are you might be hiking.

Miranda 43:33

Oh my god, people who just go out in nature and yell. I mean, not like, I've not had the inclination to be in the woods by myself and just scream at the top of my lungs. But people who are just yelling to their friends who they are walking with, please put a lid on it.

Scott 43:51

I lost a friend for not too long ago, because I made a post talking about the people with the the Bluetooth speakers have nature. And I'm sorry, folks. That's why God gave us earbuds. Right? If you want to listen to music while you're hiking while you're doing your activity. You know, it is just really disrespectful. And I like yeah, quiet serene. Like a wildlife refuge. Sure. Yeah. It's what like if you're riding your bike through the city, and you want to listen to music while you're riding. Cool, cool, whatever. But you know, lots of us have to travel to get to peaceful serene spaces. Those of us like true urbanites. Like in in the smack dab, you know, Miranda, where we're recording this right now. We are literally two blocks away from one of the busiest roads in Baltimore City. That same road I live A half a block off.

Miranda 45:01


Scott 45:02

15 minutes down the road Eastern Avenue. Yep. Yeah, like I have to travel to get to a quiet, peaceful serene space. I'm there to listen to frogs and birds and wind.

Miranda 45:17

And whatever that is not a screaming human or somebody's Bluetooth.

Scott 45:22

I mean, Walking, walking through having a conversation with your friend or having

Miranda 45:27

cCome on, don't have a business phone call while you're in the woods.

Scott 45:31

Those people always crack me up a lot of time when I go to Lake Roland. More of an affluent area, shall we say? So a lot of people on that running trail are literally, you know, trading stocks, making mergers and acquisitions while they're getting their 5k in or whatever. And I'm just like, bro, shut the fuck up. Well, we need to leverage that, you know?

Miranda 46:01

Shut up.

Scott 46:03

Yeah, just you know, I I'm not getting paid enough to deal with your fucking corporate stress.

Miranda 46:10

No, it's unpleasant.

Scott 46:13

Going to need to do arts and crafts to be, yeah.

Miranda 46:17

I like to Well, I mean, I've got a flower arrangement sitting in front of you.

Scott 46:20

You do, a very beautiful one.

Miranda 46:22

Thank you.

Scott 46:24

Now I don't do that. But I did. You know, go to art school for sculpture for a couple years. I do like to get my hands on some clay that will play doh thing. And I'll grab some self hardening clay or something that you could bake in the oven and make little gifts or doodads for friends or just to be weird and sit on the banister.

Miranda 46:49

Yeah, I mean, I also I mean, I do taxidermy. Speaking of let's, let's put a bunch of things together. So, um, when I work with taxidermy, um, I use everything that's left over from the animal, so I don't, I don't waste anything. And whatever I don't use gets put into a bucket, and then it gets chucked into the garden after it's rotted out. So there's some really good fertilizer sitting in my garden. You want to watch plants grow really, really tall. Miranda's special water blend. It works trust me. But anyway, I do taxidermy and there's it's something like I don't know very centering and very like almost, I don't want to say spiritual. Almost a reckoning with your own like conscious self. When you're sitting there really high dismembering an animal. I don't kill my own animals. I take I get everything. That is really, I know, people are gonna like she's gonna be eaten by sharks. She doesn't want to swim in poop. has got some really weird hang ups, but I work primarily in bone. So I don't know, sitting there and drilling those bones and realizing this came from an animal and that you too will be decomposing one day. Hopefully not in someone's garden. But yeah, I mean, it's just it's a it's a really wild like, piece of self reflection, I think. And I tend to get pretty self reflected when I'm high. So...

Scott 48:37

Makes sense?

Miranda 48:38


Scott 48:39

Yeah. Yeah. Those Quiet, quiet walks through the woods. Finding, connecting, thinking. Yeah, yeah, I think it all make sense. It's--

Miranda 48:52

I think so.

Scott 48:53

Now that universal aspect. I mean, we've talked about it before, we've been using this plant for 1000s of years.

Miranda 49:00

The universal and communal aspect of it as well, you know,

Scott 49:04

Cultures all over the world. Whether it be religious, whether it be medicinal, whether it be just because they liked getting high as a food source as an industrial component, you know, there is a very universal, unifying nature to this plant, and how we all use it and how it's been used and will continue to be used and, you know, as as more states and more countries do legalize and reclassify, hopefully. We're only going to learn more ways.

Miranda 49:53

I mean, it certainly connects people.

Scott 49:57

Indeed, Speaking of things that connect people, music the, you know, I mean, last summer, obviously, we gave you a little glimpse into the role that cannabis plays, or the role that music plays with cannabis for us or the association we make between cannabis and music when we each gave you a little, you know, glimpse of some songs.

Miranda 50:27

A little playlist.

Scott 50:28

Thought about or thought went well with or made us think, oh, yeah, you know, what have you? And certainly we don't think that this is any sort of unique experience to us.

Miranda 50:43


Scott 50:43

I mean, whether it's the jazz musicians and that link.

Miranda 50:52

You okay, there?

Scott 50:55

Between cannabis there that we talked about, when we talked about the Fab Five Freddy documentary. Shit, what was the name of that?

Miranda 51:09

Grass Is Greener?

Scott 51:10

That sounds? Sounds right.

Miranda 51:14

I want to say that's it.

Scott 51:15

Sounds right.

Miranda 51:17

That's what my brain is telling me.

Scott 51:18

Well, Fab Five Freddy, Google, cannabis and jazz. I'm sure it'll pop up. But yeah, I mean that jazz and cannabis literally hand in hand hand in hand. They were both seen as kind of a way to buck the system and go counterculture. And they were seen as being black parts of an emerging African American culture. And I will rightfully or wrongly, which we know who's really wrongly cannabis shouldn't be associated with any skin color in particular. But, you know, that's what it was associated with at the time. And the people that were listening to jazz were also smoking weed. And I still think that's the case.

Miranda 52:06

Jazz cigarettes.

Scott 52:07

Yeah, right.

Miranda 52:08

There's, there's definitely you know--

Scott 52:10

Jazz cabbage, lettuce.

Miranda 52:12

Yeah, it all came from somewhere. And it was jazz.

Scott 52:15

All that stuff.

Miranda 52:16

And jazz is super inspiring to I mean, I love to listen to jazz while I smoke.

Scott 52:22

Right, well the improvisational nature of a lot of jazz, I think--

Miranda 52:26

Especially like Sun Ra. Like that's, that's my jam right there. Like

Scott 52:31

Arkestra is coming through to celebrate somebody's birthday, I think next month.

Miranda 52:38

I think you're right. I think I did see that. Yeah.

Scott 52:41

Yeah. If you're if you're not into jazz, sorry, maybe check it out. It's not all Kenny G you know, smooth--

Miranda 52:49

Oh, sweetJesus. No, no, no, no, no. I like my jazz chaotic and improvisational.

Scott 52:56

See, I'm not, and it surprises people that I like way more kind of traditional bebop and swing and stuff like that, but I do like crazy freak out fusion art jazz, again, like mushrooms I can appreciate it. But it's not necessarily for me like I'm not good. I've gone to a lot of their shows man like Height Zero Fest style.

Miranda 53:26

Yeah. That stuff is super inspiring to me.

Scott 53:31

Stuff with prepared guitar where people are laying a guitar up on stage like dropping marbles on to it coins and shit. Playing it with a fucking dental drill and...

Miranda 53:45

I love it.

Scott 53:45

Look, it's artsy. Interesting. You're not going to convince me that most of it sounds good.

Miranda 53:53

Oh no, but I also love really heavy German industrial music so like I'm I'm here for when you're going to play like the shopping cart with like a chainsaw. Like give that to me, full blast.

Scott 54:09

I get it

Miranda 54:10

Yeah, so it's no it makes perfect sense that I love like super improvisational.

Scott 54:18

Yeah, me when I'm high, I'm looking for rhythm and melody. Lots of ska lots of reggae lots of raga, Rocksteady especially this time of year. Yeah, this time of year you know we didn't we didn't mention but it is like 80 some degrees here in Baltimore. Beautiful, beautiful blue sky. Nice little breeze blowing and like it's

Miranda 54:50

80 but it's not uncomfortable at all. It's gorgeous out.

Scott 54:53

Yeah, it is perfect. There's like next to no humidity.

Miranda 54:57

Don't need the air conditioning, a window fan is fine.

Scott 55:00

It's real nice.

Miranda 55:01

It's perfect.

Scott 55:02

It's real nice. So this time of year especially, I'm listening to a lot of Island Music and not just like Jamaican, but also like afro. Cabano Cuban, my Buena Vista Social Club and all the people from that. And that whole genre is is what I'm rocking. I want horns and hand percussion and upbeat and swing in and,

Miranda 55:36

And this is when I'm sliding back into like the 90s dance craze.

Scott 55:42

Well, there's a little bit for me too, because like jungle stuff goes with with all that as well. And that's what I was listening to spinning when I was going to go into the clubs. (mimics german techno music)

Miranda 55:57

Yup, all day long.

Scott 55:58

No, I was more I was more (mimics afro techno) crazy raga reggaeton ya know how to use an air horn and aren't afraid to do so. Regularly and loudly.

Miranda 56:36

Word and then we'll we're gonna go see Fishbone and a couple of weeks

Scott 56:41

Damn straight, day after Miranda's birthday. We're gonna get our Fishbone and Slackers on and in full disclosure I as much as I love Fishbone and going more to see the Slackers. Like if the slackers were playing a show at soundstage I would definitely be going if Fishbone was playing a show at soundstage. I would probably still be going but not 100% Slam Dunk.

Miranda 57:07

And I'm like who areThe Slackers?

Scott 57:11

Only one of the best, Ska, reggae Rocksteady that's in the last 30 years.

Miranda 57:15

Pretty much what I was told.

Scott 57:18

They've been doing it forever. They've been one of my favorite bands since like 1995 ish, something like that. I saw them a shit ton play.

Miranda 57:32

A whole bunch

Scott 57:33

They are there from right up there right there.

Miranda 57:34

Oh, really?

Scott 57:35

New York. Okay, they travel up and down the East Coast regularly. They're pseudo frontman. I mean, I guess you could argue that several of them are the frontman or front men. But Vic Ruggero plays with a lot of different projects on his own. Right, um, or a lot of different shows on his own to anyway, gotta be an awesome show. If you're in the Baltimore area and you hear this before the 21st--

Miranda 58:04

And they will.

Scott 58:07

Well shit if you hear it before 420 I will also be at Metro gallery for Onyx' back to fuck up anniversary.

Miranda 58:16

Excuse me.

Scott 58:17


Miranda 58:19

Yeah, excuse me.

Scott 58:21

So yeah, to two nights of awesome music here in Baltimore City. 420 Dude, the show at Metro Gallery is Onyx. Yes, that Onyx. The Onyx is here so back the fuck up, back the fuck up. So it's the I believe the 20th or 30th anniversary. So they're doing a tour and they're playing Metro gallery and it's gonna be awesome. And RA the Rugged Man is also playing that show. And I fucking love him too. And it's gonna be dope. So yeah, we come on out and support. Patrick Martin and the staff at Metro Gallery because they're awesome people are and then the next night you can come join both Miranda and I at Baltimore Soundstage and see some Slackers and some Fishbone. Yeah, and I know that there are tickets available still to both of those shows.

Miranda 59:16


Scott 59:16

So do that. Yeah, see, and live music obviously. Playing live music. Music and weed.

Miranda 59:25

It goes hand in hand. It's perfect.

Scott 59:29

Last but not least.

Miranda 59:31


Scott 59:32

Yeah, I think kind of a no brainer, right? We all have a good chill out. Yeah. And we've already talked about munchies and food. We've already talked about arts and crafts. We've already talked about music, which is in movies these days more than ever.

Miranda 59:50

For sure.

Scott 59:51

I guess not more than ever, because we used to have quote unquote silent movies that only had music so technically I don't think music could ever be--

Miranda 1:00:05

More than ever!

Scott 1:00:06

More than that. Look that White Guava Gelato was pretty good.

Miranda 1:00:12

And live music in movies too if you want to really like--

Scott 1:00:15

That's true. That's true.

Miranda 1:00:16

If you really want to blow your mind.

Scott 1:00:18

At the same time. Oh yeah, too many to name. The ones that come immediately to my mind are not the weed movies. Honestly.

Miranda 1:00:33

No, me either.

Scott 1:00:34

I can't think of a single, like, I would watch any Cheech and Chong movie when I'm high.

Miranda 1:00:39

Oh, yeah.

Scott 1:00:40

But I'm not necessarily reaching to put on any Cheech and Chong movie either. Right? You know, for me, honestly, it would be more and I know some of them are kind of douchey at this point, but for Monty Python, Mel Brooks for me, than. You know, like, fucking Half Baked or?

Miranda 1:01:00


Scott 1:01:01

I haven't really who are Super Troopers or--

Miranda 1:01:06

I did watch Harold and Kumar a few weeks ago. Bless you, Linus. Little dog sneeze. I did watch Harold and Kumar a few weeks ago, I think for the first time stoned.

Scott 1:01:17

and I watched it in the theater and then like right after it was on video. Yeah, I never watched it since. So it's been a long time because that was a long fucking time ago. I feel like

Miranda 1:01:27

I can't say that it holds up. But it's still funny. I mean, it's stupid stoner humor. It's I mean, it's delightful. Whether you're high or not. If you're probably more tolerable when you're high.

Scott 1:01:39

A lot of stoner humor is juvenile and by the nature of juvenile humor. A lot of juvenile humor doesn't hold up.

Miranda 1:01:46


Scott 1:01:47

Because that's right. It's at the expense of someone or it's based around whatever some ignorant stereotype or what have you, you know, so yeah, I feel like most of those movies Yeah, do and don't hold up like the joke is as funny as it ever was. But now with a little more reference the jokes just not as fun right now.

Miranda 1:02:12

Yeah, I, god, I love crazy nonlinear. Like, gonna make you really scratch your head movies, when am I high.

Scott 1:02:23

Like, M. Night Shyamalan stuff?

Miranda 1:02:25

No, moreso. Like David Lynch.

Scott 1:02:29

Okay. Yeah.

Miranda 1:02:29

Like Eraserhead is like probably one of my Pinnacle like still one of my Pinnacle stoner movies.

Scott 1:02:36

Oh my God, you should have come. I did not even think to tell you. I mean, I posted about it on Facebook, but I went and saw The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

Miranda 1:02:48

Oh, how was it?

Scott 1:02:50

As bizarre and fantabulous as--

Miranda 1:02:53

I love it.

Scott 1:02:54

Yeah, shout out to I don't know if any of you listen, but Jon and Lucia and and Connor. And the rest of the cast have that play that I didn't know. But yeah, Mercury Theatre here in Baltimore. For 10 bucks. It was an amazing three hours Conner adapted the Philip K Dick story into a play that was acted out by what was it? Maybe six people seven people total? Played like something like, I don't know, five or 16 different roles, ya know, kinda deal and Philip K Dick stories, even when you're reading them are hard enough to figure out what the hell he was trying to tell you. So to try to encapsulate that into even three hours, which is a long time. There was a 10 minute intermission. It was not overly long. It was just long enough. I feel like Right. But, yeah, it was tinfoil outfits and sock puppet creatures in space. And it was fantastic.

Miranda 1:04:09

Meet the Feebles is another one that I love. That might be just regular Stoner Llke fair, though. That's not like particularly odd. I mean, it's okay. It's odd.

Scott 1:04:20

To some of the things that you're thinking? Yes. Not particularly.

Miranda 1:04:32

I'm super looking forward to seeing Renfield this weekend, blazed. Yes, because that just looks like a good time.

Scott 1:04:39

I am excited. I'm hoping that Rochelle waits until I'm in Ohio, for me to see that with her. But if not, that's fine. I still need to see John Wick. The last in the John Wick trilogy that's speaking of three hours long, apparently that movie is like three hours as long and as much as I love the John Wick franchise, I don't know that I need to study hours of not in the theater. I would rather do it on my couch where I can smoke weed and eat snacks and--

Miranda 1:05:12

Pause when you need to pause.

Scott 1:05:15

Do some coloring or you know cook some food or have a crunchy vegetable hummus situation. Yeah.

Miranda 1:05:24

Yeah. Renfield only like 90 minutes.

Scott 1:05:26

Beautiful. Nick Cage gets it.

Miranda 1:05:28

He does.

Scott 1:05:29

I saw recently where somebody asked Nick Cage the hardest role that he ever played. And he said himself.

Miranda 1:05:36


Scott 1:05:37

In The Unbearable Weight of oh my god.

Miranda 1:05:40

Which is also a lot of fun.

Scott 1:05:42

He is a trip. Yeah, yeah. Any Nick Cage film. Just about Christopher Walken film I feel like just about a

Miranda 1:05:51

Samuel Jackson.

Scott 1:05:55

There's a lot of good movies. And the beauty of cannabis and movies is you know, my old roommate and I Christopher McGarvey used to intentionally put on a movie that we thought was going to be bad. And we would see how much weed it took to make it a bearable or enjoyable usually, you know, situation. And that's a fun game to play to.

Miranda 1:06:23

That's awesome.

Scott 1:06:25

Speaking of games to play we didn't mention video games.

Miranda 1:06:27

We didn't mention games. Oh my god. How--

Scott 1:06:29

Games, video games, card games.

Miranda 1:06:33

I'm a beast at a at spades, an absolute beast.

Scott 1:06:42

You heard it here first.

Miranda 1:06:45

Let's play some spades.

Scott 1:06:47

I haven't played any card games in a long time. People get heated man.

Miranda 1:06:53

Love it. It's so fun.

Scott 1:06:54

I used to play a lot of poker and I definitely enjoyed getting high before I would go.

Miranda 1:06:57

I remember you talking about playing poker.

Scott 1:06:59

I played a lot of cards for a while. Yeah, definitely an activity that I enjoyed high. So you know to make a long story short.

Miranda 1:07:10

Everything is better when you're high.

Scott 1:07:11

Basically,what we're telling you is if you enjoy it without cannabis, there's a good chance there are only a few things I can think of that I don't enjoy more high than I do. So I'm trying to think getting tattooed. I've never gotten tattooed personally find that I'm more sensitive. Like my body is literally more sensitive, right? So I do not getting enjoy getting tattooed. While high. People are always like, oh, man, did you get paid before you went? I'm like, No, I fucking didn't. I've never I was dumb enough to do that. Once. I was like, I'm gonna get so high. Oh, no. Oh my god, that tattoo hurt a ton. I don't even it might have been better. Remember? I've got a lot of tattoos at this point. I do not remember which one it was, but--

Miranda 1:08:02

I can't think of anything.

Scott 1:08:04

Your experience may vary. Alright, so Yeah. Happy 420, folks, we hope that you send us your things that you enjoy doing when you're using cannabis.

Miranda 1:08:19


Scott 1:08:20

And now what did we forget? What food do we forget? What arts and crafts? Do you like to do?

Miranda 1:08:27


Scott 1:08:28

What's the best fucking movie on weed that we were too stupid to mention. Let us know.

What's your favorite movie on weed, real quick?

Holy Grail maybe Monty Python's Holy Grail.

Miranda 1:08:39

Okay, cool.

Scott 1:08:40

I mean, almost every line is just phenomenal. But also like on mushrooms. Right? That's more Fantasia like dancing mushrooms and you know Sorcerer's Apprentice and shit. But yeah, so happy 420 have fun, planting your gardens and doing your spring spring cleaning and rolling out there for some hikes and--

Miranda 1:09:15

get out of your house and enjoy the weather. It's gorgeous outside

Scott 1:09:18

Playing sports games we totally free yeah, like I play bocce ball, Disc Golf. There's so much stuff you can do on weed. Why are you still listening to us?

Miranda 1:09:27

Go out and do something. What do you need are headphones if you're listening to us and not a fucking Bluetooth speaker? Okay, get out of here. Enjoy the day next month. It might be an interview. It might be a weed round up. We don't know. But we'll talk to you next month.

It will be something special.

Scott 1:09:45

Right? Until then take care of yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:09:48

And you'll find me at Our Lady of Marjane and Scott at Our Cannabis, Our Cannabis, Your Cannabis Coach, not Ours. Not Our Lady of Maryjane. Not Your Lady of Maryjane, Our Lady of Maryjane, Your Cannabis Coach. Mine is our and yours you're.

Scott 1:10:09

Right. Even though, right.

Miranda 1:10:13

Right anyway you get it.

Scott 1:10:15

You know how to find us like, subscribe, share all that good stuff we still really appreciate you and yeah, tell us what we should talk about or who we should talk to and maybe we'll do that.

Miranda 1:10:29

Talk to you soon get out of here you filthy animals.

[OUTRO MUSIC: Fishbone - "Question of Life"]

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