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Episode 8 - Be Baked

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

This week, Scott and Miranda talk shop with Brittney from B. Baked Las Vegas Edibles. The trio discuss edibles, social equity, and cottage industries.


[MUSIC: "Sugar in My Bowl" by Nina Simone] 0:00

Miranda 0:37

Hello, and welcome to this special edition of The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda.

Scott 0:43

Welcome back, friends this week is our second interview episode. And I am very thrilled to have our friend Brittany. And this time when I say friend, I do mean it. Brittany and I have known each other for I think almost almost a decade now something like that used to work together in the food and beverage industry. And now she is out in Vegas, still doing food and beverage. But with a definite different spin word, dance, she runs B Baked Las Vegas, which is a treats company making delicious edibles. She has a wide variety of products. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter both. And of course, we'll be linking to all that information. But in the meantime, here is Brittany to tell us about what she does

Miranda 1:42

Enjoy! So why don't you just start by telling us a little bit about how you got started and how this became like I don't know if I want to call it a passion project. But maybe it is to you. Just tell us about yourself.

Brittany 1:55

I actually started making edibles a while ago. But I was just doing it in the house just because it was seen. I already cooked. And so it seemed like a fun thing to do to just have cannabis oil sitting around the house. You know what I mean? Like ever, like drizzle it on my eggs at home.

Miranda 2:11

Right on!

Brittany 2:12

Or just you know what I mean? Make cookies for myself when my friends came over. And that was six or seven years ago at this point, probably. And then one day, I didn't have a job. You know, I mean life, a lot of people so just kind of I was in the house, I had more time. And I started doing more research into it. And just kind of playing around. Like I said, we all had all the time in the world two years ago, right. And so yeah, it was just kind of, I started doing that and it started getting bigger like I was making just stuff nobody else was thinking of. Like I had a friend who she just the other day, she hit me up like what happened to those marshmallows. Last year during the winter, I did like hot cocoa kits. And so I had like marshmallows, infused marshmallows. And they were the shape of a star. I mean, not a star a snowflake.

Miranda 3:16

That's adorable.

Brittany 3:17

I had like snowflakes and snowmen. And yeah, i did like hot cocoa kits. And that was just kind of like you know, wanting to take it to something that nobody else was really doing.

Scott 3:30

Yeah, just looking at the pictures that you put up this is not you know the the magic brownie that we're all familiar with from like, "my first edible" or just basic chocolate chip cookies like you make some gourmet looking, you know, and I'm sure tasting a treats. Yeah, like you said.

Miranda 3:50

Everything was beautiful that I looked at this morning.

Brittany 3:52

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Scott 3:55

Very unique, you know, flavor combinations and just products that yeah, you were definitely the first person I saw that did any sort of like hot cocoa.

Brittany 4:04

That was I was thinking about bringing it back and doing some type of smores situation for the summer.

Miranda 4:09

Right on. We do that I mean, I want to say that we do that here but like we have chocolate edibles then I've used to make s'mores and it's been a really lovely experience.

Scott 4:22

We have a ton of different chocolate edibles now. Yeah. We've got the Old Bay Discos and the white chocolate raspberry. I mean they're they're starting to go wild

Miranda 4:31

crazy. So do you normally buy flower and infuse oil?

Brittany 4:36

Yes, I buy flower I still go through the dispensaries just because I like to keep some consistency. So I use dispensary grade flower, and I use coconut oil.

Miranda 4:50

Right on.

Brittany 4:51

It. If there's something specific I want to do like I might do butter but coconut oil can just take a higher heat and it has Because butter has other things in it besides the fat, coconut oil, just tends to infuse better to me.

Scott 5:07

Plus, you know, the whole vegan aspect too, right? Or people think you can--

Brittany 5:13


Scott 5:13

Their dietary restrictions--

Miranda 5:15

Keeps longer.

Scott 5:16

Yeah, absolutely.

Brittany 5:18


Scott 5:18

Keeps longer too, has a little bit more neutral of a flavor. There's lots of good reasons for coconut oil. I feel like yeah, as well as THC, I think tends to bind to it a little bit better than butter anyway, from what I understand.

Brittany 5:36

Yeah, because butter has other solids in it. You know what I mean? Like the it's is not going to be 100% fat. And if you eliminate the fat in butter, you can't use it the same in baking.

Scott 5:47


Miranda 5:48

So do you ever use concentrates? Or, do you just stick with flower?

Brittany 5:52

Um, I played around with it before. And I had an unfortunate incident and it terrified me that you know, anything crazy, but you know, those days where you're just too stuck? I must have got the math wrong with the calculations or something. Because...

Scott 6:13

Okay, that's what I was gonna ask.

Miranda 6:14

Yeah, that was gonna be my question.

Scott 6:16

Was it the flavor the potancy, that was the problem?

Brittany 6:21

I didn't get the math, right.

Scott 6:25

And that's important, right. And we've talked about that. And, you know, that's one of the reasons I think both of us do like concentrates for making edibles is because for me, it's a little bit easier to figure out the math on those. Right? If it's one gram of RSO. And it's 80% to me, then 800 milligrams, right. So if I make, you know, 100 treats, they're each going to be eight milligram treats in theory. You know, in a perfect world, all ingredients being equally distributed. You know, which, I'm not a baker, I let folks like y'all do this for me.

Miranda 7:04

I'm not good at it.

Scott 7:05

I'll roll my own joints, pack my cones and making my own edibles is more of a like, craft project for me than it is like a reliable way for me to create my own medicine at this point. I need to step my game up. But at this point, that's where it is. For me I would much rather ya know. Allow someone like you to create these delicious things or go to the dispensary and get some pre made stuff. Because that's our option, obviously here is medical patients in Maryland. But yeah.

Miranda 7:39

Which even now we still haven't been able to come up with a stable cookie, apparently.

Scott 7:44

Oh, is that that's the issue?

Miranda 7:45

That's the issue.

Scott 7:46

Oh. DC has cookies, why can't we figure out cookies? I don't understand. So we we recently went down to DC for the first time and had like a really great experience at this dispensary down there. And they have a bunch of different edibles from a company that we have access to here in Maryland. Right but I guess they just have you know different laws and situations regarding the types of products they can make.

Brittany 8:16


Miranda 8:17

Yeah, like cookie cookie in a jar. I was like, what?

Scott 8:22

They had cookie jar, big like crispy treats right?

Miranda 8:27

Which here we have chocolates or gummies.

Scott 8:30


Miranda 8:31

That's it.

Brittany 8:32

That's interesting.

Scott 8:33

And then And then obviously just like straight concentrates like RSO capsules or straight RSO. But yeah, otherwise for us. Those are our two options here in Maryland. Like we really and we just got chocolate.

Miranda 8:46

And drinks. We do have drinks. Yes, that's I always forget about those when I'm talking about edibles. We only have the Dixie.

Scott 8:52


Miranda 8:52


Brittany 8:54

So Wow. Yeah, I was gonna say, um, another thing, I think I just kind of like touching the plant. And my process is like a ritualistic thing to me. Um, and I actually had like a girl one day, who she liked deals like in the spiritual realm, and like, does like readings and things like that. So she got some cookies and things from me. She was basically telling me she was like, I don't want to scare you or anything, like, or just basically four out of the blue. But she's like, I can tell that you have a bloodline in herbalism and so I don't remember the whole like emails, so she sent me like a whole email of stuff. And, you know, it was just one of the things that was crazy to me, like, It's doing the journey, so I think that's another piece too. I think I like actually touching the plant.

Miranda 9:49

I love that.

Scott 9:49

Yeah, I appreciate that very much.

Miranda 9:51

I defintely can.

Scott 9:52

Yeah, I mean--

Miranda 9:53

As I've referred to myself on the podcast as a generational herbalists. I don't have any schooling but plants called to me.

Brittany 10:00


Miranda 10:01

I mean, the garden is diverse, and full of really magical and healing herbs.

Brittany 10:08

Mm hmm.

Miranda 10:10

So I, when you said that, it speaks to me.

Scott 10:13

And and for me just, even as a cannabis user, I prefer flower to concentrates, period. Well, I understand that. If I'm dealing with heavy sleep issues or heavy paint issues, I could take a 50 milligram RSO capsule and knock myself the F out. But for me, that's not the same as packing a bowl or rolling up a spliff and smoking and letting it hit my brain first and then kind of seep down through my body. And it's yeah, it's just a different experience. And it's, there's there's a lot that's lost in heating up a torch or, you know, just getting my medicine out of a syringe ya know. It's--

Brittany 11:03


Scott 11:04

Yes, it's not the same as opening up a bag and putting it in the grinder and, you know, smelling that burst of terpenes when you open that lid up and yeah, so I can I can appreciate it from that aspect as well. Not just the you know, the the holistic medicine side of it, but just you know, the experience as well.

Miranda 11:26

Definitely. So clearly you work with a lot of flower, do you ever use CBD?

Brittany 11:31

CBD out here seems to be expensive, like, it's, it's just as expensive. As you know, anything else I get? A lot of times like sourcing is in the dispensary. Like from the dispensaries, it tends to be pretty expensive. And I feel like I'm taking why the people that get from me on a journey with me like I'm elevating it as I go so i feel like, alright, this year, I'm getting a little more adventurous as to what's going on the menu what I'm doing. I just did my first wedding cake. That was fun.

Scott 12:10

I saw the picture. That was gorgeous cake.

Brittany 12:14

So yeah. And just as I learn more, and as I experiment more, I'm adding a little bit more to the foundation.

Scott 12:26

Like, I know, you and I talked, I feel like a couple months ago, we talked about terpenes. And how some edibles add in terpenes to supposedly right, because we don't actually have the research yet to know whether those terpenes even survive the digestive system. Well, right. I mean, even in some of the reading I've seen suggests that the terpenes might be lost in the cooking process as well.

Miranda 12:53

Oh, interesting.

Scott 12:54

You know, so that's where to me using things like terps sap is an interesting option, because it's already activated, right? At least here in Maryland, there's a law that all terps sap has to be has to come activated, right? So you can squeeze it right into your mouth, you can just squeeze it onto a strawberry or you know, whatever you do whatever you want with it. But you know, because it's already activated, you could mix it in with something like gummies and not heat it to a point where you're dealing. Or Yeah, right. I don't know, to me, that's where the terp thing is interesting. But then there's just food grade terps, right, like, like, are in a vape cartridge that you can use just control like flavor profile, and things like that as well. And they are technically like naturally occurring. You know, terpenes but I don't know, have you gotten into playing around at all with that, or?

Brittany 13:53

No, I haven't gotten there quite yet. I have like watched a couple shows. You don't I mean, and watched how they've used especially cooking shows and stuff, and watched how they've used it, but I haven't gotten there quite yet.

Miranda 14:10

Do you have a favorite cooking show?

Brittany 14:12

Not really. Cuz I just kind of I usually get distracted. And I'll watch like a couple of episodes of one and then forget about that. And then be like, Oh, what's this? So it was one though, where it was like a competition. And they just had like a whole closet full of like different like terpenes and different strains and honeys, they just had like access to so much different stuff. But I don't remember I think it was on Netflix.

Scott 14:43

I haven't seen that one yet. I've seen a couple of those competition shows but typically, they're giving them like one strain to use. And then it's up to the chef to turn it into different you know, whether it's honey or whether it's olive oil or whatever. Yeah, there Pretty cool, you know, I feel like due to the nature of those shows they're forced to overdose the judges almost.

Miranda 15:09

I feel that way too.

Scott 15:11

You know what I'm saying?

Miranda 15:12

Like it's just like you could only have like a little tiny bite of each thing.

Scott 15:17

These people are housing these plates like say they're good trust me they're, they're licking the spoon and shit But what I'm saying is like it's basically like a popularity contest, right? Yeah, obviously they're judging, but they're highest shit so all of the food tastes delicious. My god, is that a potato with butter? And the butters got weed. Literally, I've I've seen I don't know, like three or four of these shows at this point. And I feel like at least 80% of the people on these shows are doing that

Miranda 15:50

You've just described me every night at dinner carrots carrots with olive oil and salt and pepper. Holy shit.

Scott 16:02

But no. So damn it Brit think of the name of this show so you can tell me. Because I wanna see where they get to play with terpenes and stuff, right? Because I've looked into some of it just for my because I don't like just Well, I'm a liar. I like general edibles. I like an edible that just generally makes me feel medicated. But I you know, I prefer to buy something that's even if it's just placebo effect, right? Something that tells me that it's either made with indica flower or made with sativa flower, or that they're adding terpenes like carophellyne and myrcene to get indica effects and limonene and terpinolene to get more sativa effects. You know, I tend to gravitate towards those products in the market personally, because that's the way I use my cannabis flower as well.

Miranda 16:54


Scott 16:54

You know, I use my sativa 's and my sativa leaning hybrids in the morning and then so...

Miranda 16:59

Yeah, I think I saw on your Instagram that you have you had sativa cookies at one point?

Brittany 17:05

Yes, I did at one point. I went back to work. So I ended up having this shrink my menu back down. But I'm definitely going to come back with it because it was a popular. I did cookies. And then I had Cheeze Itz on there, in sativa. So yeah, I'm definitely going to be expanding and doing more. Because right now typically, it's I use hybrids, indica dominant hybrids, right now. But the sativa is one are coming back.

Miranda 17:40

And did you feel like they had like the sativa effect, because we there's a whole bunch of different science out there that says, once it hits your digestive system, it doesn't matter if it's an indica or sativa.

Brittany 17:51

I feel like it's one of those things where it depends, like if I'm doing something and I mean, I'm if I'm actively doing something, and I know that I typically take sativas while I'm doing something like I can stay focused and do that thing. Is it 100% That I use a different strain like I'm not sure but it works for me.

Miranda 18:15


Brittany 18:16

So even if it's just in my head, you know what I mean? Like I feel like it works.

Scott 18:19

And I feel the same way that I keep buying my sativa I just tried the--

Miranda 18:25

The Dixie the new ones.

Scott 18:26

Yeah, I got and I got the sativa and indica because I like both.

Miranda 18:32

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea if and the indica chocolate that I eat at night does anything.

Scott 18:38

I mean, it's even if that's all it does. Right. Right. And that's the whole CBN argument. To me, too. I don't know how much you've read up on CBN are aware of CBN Brit?

Brittany 18:49


Scott 18:50

So basically, they say that over time as cannabis oxidizes it, THC converts over to CBN. And CBN is something that you'll see marketed as a like sleep aid. Yeah. Right. So if you see like tablets that say their sleep tablets, generally it'll say like five milligrams CBN or 20 milligrams, CBN whatever.

Brittany 19:15

So yeah, I knew that I didn't know what it was called CBN.

Scott 19:19

So they say that you can create CBN by over decarbing flower.

Brittany 19:26


Scott 19:26

So if you intentionally want to create a product that is more sedative, or specifically to help sleep, supposedly here now because obviously all of this is kind of hands research at this point still, right. But for me, I have taken a number of CBN additive products now. And I feel like they work, you know, whether again, whether that's placebo or you know, because some of the studies that they have done indicates that maybe CBN is is more of just relaxing in general not specifically sleep, but it's just chilling you the fuck out so that you're more likely to fall asleep because you're chilled out, right? So yeah, I don't know. It's just it's, it's interesting and you know, I personally am very much looking forward to more of this science because there's no point in us over decarbing our weed to try to get to sleep we need to know these things.

Brittany 20:30

I actually I do additives in my joint sometimes so like my like, nighttime joint is typically lavender mixed in with some indica.

Miranda 20:41

I have to send you home with some lavender today.

Scott 20:43

Oh, yeah?

Miranda 20:44


Scott 20:44

Okay. Yeah, so we have talked about smoking herbs on the show before and we actually bought some products. So there's a black woman owned business called Growf down in Suffolk, Virginia.

Brittany 21:00

That's what I'm smoking right now her pineapple. Her pineapple.

Scott 21:04

Shut up. So I'm smoking a carrot paper right now. I don't know. This little nub. So how did you find out about her?

Brittany 21:13


Scott 21:14


Brittany 21:15

Yeah, like literally, I just saw her on Twitter. And I ordered a couple of things off her site.

Scott 21:22

Yeah, so we got the we got the like, the fruit sampler, fruit and veggie sampler pack. And then we also got, did you get any of her herbal smokes too?

Brittany 21:31

No, I haven't gotten those. But I'm it's almost time for me to do another order.

Scott 21:35

Nice. We'll check them out. So I will say that some burn better than others. That's what I'll say. I think that maybe the stuff could be ground up a little bit better in some of those herbal smokes. But they're delicious. And they're super cool. We need to take a road trip is almost four hours for us. But we're going to take we reviewed her products on Episode Six?

Miranda 22:01


Scott 22:02

Yeah. And they gave us some real good social media love and we've tried to return the favor and yeah, I don't know if you've seen she has like comedy shows down there. And they just just yesterday they had all day long. They had all black businesses doing--

Miranda 22:19

Yes. I was like damn!

Scott 22:20

Pop up bizarre. Yeah, she had like, five different businesses from like, 11am till four. And then they closed for a couple hours. And she had like six or seven different businesses from like, 7pm til close. Yeah. So we're very much looking forward to going down there and checking out her stuff. I just had my pineapple paper the other day with some some Gelato Cake in at night is so good. Yeah, that's dope. That's dope. So I'm, I'm happy to hear that. Because, you know, sometimes I talk about the herbs in weed thing, and people look at me like I'm totally batshit crazy. So either Brittany is also crazy, or I'm not as crazy folks. And other people smoke herbs too.

Brittany 23:05

I think we should get it going.

Scott 23:07

Hey, it all makes sense, right? It just, you know, these terps are in everything these you know, I mean, who knows, we might end up finding out that some of these other plants have different cannabinoids that haven't been identified yet.

Miranda 23:21

Every living thing does, right. Every living thing has a cannabinoid system.

Brittany 23:29

I mean, no. So literally, I was looking at what I was smoking. And so like linalool isn't a terp that I wasn't really familiar with. So when I looked it up, that's found and extracted from lavender.

Scott 23:44

Yeah, so so linalool is one of my favorites. And it is very rarely the main terp. Like oh, like I sure I am out of linalool is like...

Miranda 23:54


Scott 23:55

Yeah, point, 0.4% is like, I get giddy if I see 0.4% in something. Do you have terp info in Vegas when you buy your flower? Mm hmm. I felt like

Brittany 24:07

Mm hmm. So this was like this was from a pre roll. Last night. I don't know if you can kind of see so it breaks everything.

Scott 24:16

All right. Yeah, so that looks very similar to our labels here Maryland. The ones that I really like if you ever I don't know if you follow any like Canadian Insta accounts or Twitter accounts, but the Canadian info also gives you like, what it was grown in, whether it's hydro, whether it's aero, whether it was coconut husk, it tells you how long it was grown, how long it was flowered how long it was cured, like wow, yeah at labels like give you everything.

Miranda 24:45

They have it nailed.

Scott 24:48

Whether they used any pesticides or whether you know, like every bit of info on those labels. So hopefully one day but someone right So Miranda and I keep talking about different, like road trips that we can take, you know, that we can justify as part of doing this show. And yeah, I mean, to me, any market that has adult use is a fair conversation.

Miranda 25:14


Scott 25:14

You know, as long as I can buy smoke there. Talk to me about who your average client is. We were just, we were just talking in Episode Seven about how you know, weed is this universal thing, cannabis is this universal thing. Do you find that in the people that you deal with? Do you find that it's all races, genders? You know, ages?

Brittany 25:42

Absolutely, like, the age range has been like crazy to me. And then, I mean, I kind of learned a long time ago. That is so many more people than you expect that are doing it. You know what I mean? And it's just more fun, because people are more free to open about talking about it. So yeah, age range is like all over the place. Because of like, who I follow on Twitter, and like, kind of like the circle that I'm in there. Black women are my primary or my top customer. But, you know, I'm expanding reach. And everybody every day is like, Oh, wait, you're all the way here? Are you want me to come here to do this? And I got like events coming up this summer. So...

Scott 26:32

in Vegas, or else?

Unknown Speaker 26:34

Yes. In Vegas, they just kind of have like these pop up events. You know, you can kind of like, look around in Vegas, and like find, like different little spots to go to.

Scott 26:46

That's cool. So this is just like event companies renting out of space and

Brittany 26:50

Yeah and just have like over marketplace or like sometimes like festivals that have like little corner of vendors and stuff like that. So just one lounge out here.

Scott 27:02


Brittany 27:04


Miranda 27:05

Just one?

Brittany 27:07

That's the only one I know of.

Miranda 27:08

oh, wow. I expected there to be more in Vegas for some reason.

Brittany 27:13

I think it's something to do with the licensing and how they're like structuring it. And honestly, I don't know how that one ended up there. I don't know what happened there, how that one got there. But there's been like a lot of hold up about how it's going to be done. So, we're just waiting to see.

Scott 27:34

I mean, it makes sense. Even places like Canada and California that have been legal to some degree or another for long periods of time. Yeah, have very few. DC does have a lot of different pop ups that go on, like I said, the the folks at Growf, are doing these open mics, and, you know, music nights and comedy club nights, and yeah, lots of different events now. So I think it's, you know, I think, I think High Times did an article the other day that was like, Is 2022 going to be the year of lounges.

Miranda 28:12

I hope so.

Scott 28:13

And people are crossed, thinking that, you know, because Mississippi was just the 32nd state now. I mean, you're talking about it's not just 26 it's not a little majority in our a little bit more than half, you know, now most of the states to some degree or another, whether it's just medical, or whether it's adult use have some sort of cannabis programs, you know,

Miranda 28:37

Yeah, for sure. I just think I mean, Maryland just needs to get out of its way.

Scott 28:42

They all need to get out of the way.

Miranda 28:45

The federal government needs to get out of its way.

Scott 28:49

I'm all for it. So you talked about events. I know you also do like catering right? And special orders as well. People can order off menu items, or...

Brittany 29:00

Yes, you know, if you can imagine it as long as it's within my wheelhouse. I'll give it a go. You know, I've done special like, you know, coloring or if you see something on my page that I've already done, it's it's so it's so much you can do that. I got so many products and stuff that I've been thinking about. My next project is sprinkles. I want to do like edible sprinkles. Okay, yeah. So I'm trying to figure out how to get like shapes but yeah, custom orders. Absolutely. Because that's when I get to really have fun.

Miranda 29:36

For sure. So, is there like a dosage that you generally work with?

Brittany 29:41

If it's like a special order? I'll kind of say like, I'll kind of try to figure out is this a, hey, just this one night me and my friends just want a piece of a cookie or you know me something like that. Or, like I said, I just did a wedding so it was like their wedding cake. So obviously I'm going to go a lot lower the dosage or something like that, so that you can like enjoy an actual slice of cake. A lot of times like I'll add something small, like, here's a couple extra cookies if you want to up your dose from there, so you're not eating like six slices of cake.

Scott 30:17

Give a cookie to each veteran in the crowd. Yeah, I've so I've been listening to this Canadian podcast. And one of the things that he's been talking about is the trend up there for weddings to no longer be open bar. But to have a cannabis bar, where there's like a selection of not only edibles, but also just like, little mini, like 0.3% or 0.5% pre rolls laying there.

Miranda 30:46

I'm totally into that.

Scott 30:47

I mean, not only am I totally into that, but I'm totally into the idea of investigating that as a business. Yeah, I mean, there's, you know, they've made it so ridiculous to actually get growers licenses and dispensary licenses and things like that. But right, this is the stuff we can do. Right? They these are cottage industries that we can create, and you know, get creative. And--

Miranda 31:16

I mean, even even getting like a lounge going here is like fucking kind of ridiculous. I mean,

Scott 31:25

It's not legal in Maryland right now, as far as I know the in the only way that you could do it in Maryland, as the laws exist. Now, as far as I know--

Miranda 31:33

It's like a VFW.

Scott 31:34

You Yeah, you have to you would have to buy a building and create a private club, and then be, you could say, Yeah, well, it's I, I just don't care if these people have medical cards and bring their own medicine, right. I don't care if they can brand cannabis on my premises. And if it's a private club, you could, in theory, get around any sort of legality involving where cannabis can and can't be consumed. Right. But you could not go to...

Miranda 32:05

But an, but intoxication law would still hold you liable. I read that the other day.

Scott 32:10

Sure. As people leave your establishment you mean well, sure. Yeah. I mean, that but that's true within the bar. Yeah. You know, anyway, you know, hopefully,

Brittany 32:20

So that's for long. So that's the that's where I'm headed. Who I want a bud and breakfast. And so that kind of falls into it. I say umbrella.

Scott 32:31

Yeah. You and I have talked about things like this. I feel like a long time. Yeah, cannabis and hospitality just kind of natural given our backgrounds in food and beverage. And, and the problem is

Brittany 32:42

And, and the problem is when most people go to a legal state, the law is you can only consume in a private on a private residence or a private property. And so your hotel, if you're staying at The Hilton, you know what I mean? You can't smoke your joint that you got that you came here to get. And so you know, like you say, let me just allow on this property. But you catered to that.

Scott 33:09

I think I think I may have smoked a joint or two on the streets of Las Vegas because of laws like that. Maybe involving some people that are on this phone call right now...

Brittany 33:22

Maybe, maybe not.

Scott 33:24

Vague recollections and things like that, but yeah, no, Airbnb up in Canada. That's actually like a search category. You can you can actually search for Airbnb's that are cannabis friendly. And recently, I was looking at an Airbnb for a stay down in DC that I've got coming up. And I saw one of the listings had a picture of the, like entertainment center with a bowl and papers and filters.

Miranda 33:56

Very nice.

Scott 33:58

And it said, you know, like we are cannabis friendly, like you can smoke in the room downstairs. So that's cool, because you know, DC is obviously got like the National Cannabis Festival coming up. Yeah. It's good to see that people are starting to recognize and cater to that market because that is a concern, right? You don't want to spend all this money and you're enjoying your dope vacation somewhere and get your chill on. Gotta be all sketchy. Like you're 17 at your mom's house like...

Miranda 34:28

with some dryer sheets and toilet paper roll.

Scott 34:31

Yeah. We're all too old for that shit. I mean, God bless the vape cartridges right? Because that is where they come in handy and the edibles you know, businesses like yours that are giving us the option to medicate and enjoy ourselves in different ways.

Brittany 34:48

I want everyone in the cannabis industry, everybody just if we build a community we can get the quicker we can get legal everywhere. And I encourage everybody I meet to get into it.

Miranda 35:03

I love that.

Scott 35:05

Yeah, we talked about a little bit of that on the last episode where, you know, to me, even if a law doesn't go far enough, even if a law doesn't have the social equity that I'd like to see, or the inclusion that I would like to see, every little bit means that less people are getting locked up means that less people are, you know, medicating with booze and pills and other things. So yeah, even even not in a perfect world, I still say yes to advancing cannabis legislation. And like you said, people getting involved in the business, and you know, working it in you their health regimen, their diets, their, yeah, their...

Miranda 35:49

Their fun times.

Scott 35:50

Yeah. There's nothing wrong with I mean, I've got some friends that are very adamant that they don't want to get a medical card, because they don't feel like it's medicine for them. They feel like it's just recreational for them. And, you know, that's how they view it. And that's how they, you know,

Miranda 36:11

I respect that, whatever.

Scott 36:12

I want to get some good weed. So, my card.

Miranda 36:15

You know, I've got some aches and pains, and I want to have a good time. So let's do it up.

Scott 36:23

Would you? Would you ever consider coming back to Maryland to be in the industry here? Are you firmly planted in the Vegas scene at this point?

Brittany 36:33

So I'm actually looking at New Jersey?

Scott 36:35

Oh, yeah. Right on.

Brittany 36:37

So I want to be back towards the east coast. And I feel like, especially when it comes to like doing different things. I feel like you know, we've been doing it longer over here. So bring some new stuff to the East Coast. That is not oversaturated here, but it's just like, you know, you can find it a lot easier. And I feel like right in like South Jersey, right by Philly. New York is still only an hour and some change away. So that's what I just realized.

Scott 37:11

That's what I tell people all the time about the Mid Atlantic, you know, say whatever you want about Philly or Baltimore, DC individually, but when you live here, you can be anywhere real quick, like I can be up in New York in three hours. Yeah. If you know, if you don't hit traffic up in Philly in an hour and a half anywhere I want to be I can be. Yeah. So yeah, no, it totally makes sense. It gives you a lot of flexibility to do events up and down the coast. And, you know, I mean, hopefully we see an end to federal prohibition soon. And then we don't have to worry about, you know, reading a whole new book of laws for every state that we want to. Because right now, right, I got involved in the cannabis industry very much with the idea of taking my skills somewhere else at a certain point. But yeah, I mean, part of it is like, you can't just go to another market that has medical necessarily or another market that has you have to learn, you know, there's so many weird little things intricacies about the laws in different states at this point.

Miranda 38:27

And just like picky little things, too. Yeah.

Scott 38:29

Overly overly complicated. But yeah, I think places like Vegas in places like Colorado and California, where it's now been adult use for a while, have definitely kind of smoothed out some of those processes. And you see, you know, a greater abundance of products that are available and dosages and the Maryland market is super restrictive. There's only two companies in Maryland that can make edibles stronger than 10 milligrams per piece. Yep. Well, if you've got any sort of, you know, significant pain issues or right, even just have been a cannabis user for a long time--

Miranda 39:14

Or you're a cancer patient?

Scott 39:16

Yeah, absolutely.

Miranda 39:17


Scott 39:18

You know, any of those different reasons. Yeah, yeah. I mean, you're then looking at eating 2, 3, 4, 5 pieces of whatever, because the higher dose RSO's aren't always available at dispensaries.

Miranda 39:32

RSO. Sometimes this isn't available.

Scott 39:34


Brittany 39:35


Miranda 39:36

Yeah. It's, it's a bizarre and Well, the problem is, is there's only 11 growers in the state. Yeah, it's a it's a very, it's a very highly saturated state. I feel like.

Scott 39:49

Yeah, and as we've been discovering and discussing over the past two months of doing the show, 60% of the Maryland industry is now owned and managed by MSOs, multi state operators.

Miranda 40:02


Scott 40:03

So you've probably heard of brands like Verano and Cresco and Vireo . Yeah, they at this point now own 60% of the Maryland grows. So we had to go to DC to buy weed from a black grow. There are no black grows in Maryland.

Brittany 40:20


Scott 40:22

We there's only two dispensaries in Maryland that we know are black owned. And they're both down on the other side of the DC belt, right? Like there are no black owned dispensaries in Baltimore.

Brittany 40:33

Well, I can say there's many out here. I think I know about three.

Scott 40:39

Hey, that's three more than we've got for..

Miranda 40:41


Scott 40:42

I mean, you know, here in Baltimore, at least, you know, it's [unintelligable]. And we did, we went to one of them and had a pleasant experience. But I mean, you know, Baltimore is a black city, like it's kind of crazy, that not a single license went to a black owner here in Baltimore City.

Miranda 40:58


Scott 40:59

Now hopefully, there's some new legislation that was just introduced. And when that goes through new licenses will be awarded. Hopefully, you know, there's some sort of...

Miranda 41:10


Scott 41:11

You know, minority but it's interesting that you mentioned New Jersey, I read an article like two weeks ago where that Senator stepped up and called out the Jersey licensing system, because licenses had been awarded to black owned companies. And now they're trying to demand that 50% percent--

Miranda 41:30


Scott 41:31

Should go to--

Miranda 41:32


Scott 41:32

Yeah, well, I seriously doubt they'll end up with 50% I wish them all the best. But, you know, any percent is better than zero.

Brittany 41:41

Because that's where it ends up being.

Scott 41:43

Right? Yeah, it's, it's totally ridiculous. So talk to us about how they find you.

Brittany 41:51

So I am on Twitter and Instagram at B_BakedLV, B underscore B.A.K.E.D.L.V on Twitter and Instagram.

Miranda 42:06

Love it.

Scott 42:06

Well, that sounds great. I look forward to the next time I'm out there. I would love to try some of these tasty products that I see.

Brittany 42:14

We'll do a picnic! Me and my friend we do like we do picnics.

Miranda 42:18


Brittany 42:20

Yes, she has like the whole picnic setup. And I make some like wine infused edible jams and stuff like that.

Miranda 42:28

Oh, wow. That sounds sick!

Scott 42:31

That sounds wild!

Brittany 42:34

Come when the weather's good.

Scott 42:35

Well, I know I don't know. I know. I'm gonna be out in LA in October for a wedding. I don't know when the next time I'm going to be in Vegas will be but next time you come back home, reach out. And we can kick it and see what's going on.

Miranda 42:50

Maybe I can meet you out in Vegas after that wedding.

Scott 42:52

Hey...Sounds good to me. I've never had a bad time in Vegas.

Miranda 42:58


Scott 42:59

Well, thank you so much for joining us, Brit, we appreciate you.

Brittany 43:02

Nice meeting you.

Scott 43:03

All right, we'll talk to you soon.

Miranda 43:05

Take care.

Brittany 43:06

Have a good one!

Miranda 43:07

Thank you so much, Brittany, for your time and patience with us.

Scott 43:13

And you can find Brittany and get in contact with her through her social media accounts. B_BakedLV. And that's on Instagram and Twitter. Of course, we'll be linking to Brittany and throwing up some pictures of her delicious goods. Yeah, if you're in Vegas, definitely, or not reach out to Brittany. And yeah, buy yourself some delicious treats. support a female black owned business.

Miranda 43:48

See you next time where we'll be talking about a new strain, some products, some just general smoking devices that I've picked up over the past month or so that I haven't quite gotten to review.

Scott 44:03

We kind of shift gears from Black History Month to Women's History and specific issues regarding women. Women involved in this business. Because yeah, obviously when we talk about minority representation, we don't just mean people of color. You know, it's important that cannabis not become a boys club. For sure. Like so many.

Miranda 44:30

So many other industries.

Scott 44:33

Don't want to say all but...

Miranda 44:35

Yeah, many others.

Scott 44:36

Way too many. That's for sure. So, yeah, join us next time for episode nine. We'll be revealing some flower and getting into all that good stuff. Again, thank you so much for all the support all the feedback, keep the questions coming, please you know like, share...

Miranda 45:00


Scott 45:01

Yeah subscribe, review, reviews are a big thing. So yeah if you like the show like take a second and just leave a little message saying what you like about the show because that might help other people actually find the show.

Miranda 45:16

Word. As always, I am Our Lady of Maryjane.

Scott 45:20

And I am Your Cannabis Coach until next time be well to yourselves and each other.

Miranda 45:27

Treat yourself.

Scott 45:28


[MUSIC: "Sugar in My Bowl" by Nina Simone] 45:29

Miranda 46:00

I was... [laughter]

Scott 46:00


Miranda 46:03


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