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Episode 9 - Noodle Dancin'

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

On this episode, Scott and Miranda review a selection from the Garcia Hand Picked collection, gush over limonene, and discuss Elevate Jane, a California based woman- and minority-owned smoke shop.



Miranda 0:12

Hello, and welcome to The Heady Conversations with Scott and Miranda. It is Women's History Month!

Scott 0:18

Huzzah! Shout out to all the ladies single or otherwise, you got to quote the Queen every now and then.

Miranda 0:29


Scott 0:29

A little Beyonce for the people. In addition to Women's History Month, it is also warming up out there. You know, spring is almost sprung. And now you can hear the birds and the sun's out a little bit more every day.

Miranda 0:46

It's a balmy 70 degrees here in Baltimore today.

Scott 0:49

I think, like, 73, or 74, or something like that.

Miranda 0:52

Projected high of 77.

Scott 0:54


Miranda 0:54

So let's see.

Scott 0:55

So hopefully, wherever you are, it's starting to warm up. And you're starting to come out of your hibernation a little bit. Hopefully winter was restorative and relaxing for you. And yeah, you're starting to feel more creative and getting some--

Miranda 1:11

Getting outside--

Scott 1:12

Kinetic energy in your bones. Yeah, I know. You did some yard work yesterday. Yeah. And I'm starting to do the same. Looking at the seeds that I want to get started this year and all that good stuff.

Miranda 1:23

What's your planting?

Scott 1:24

Lots of veggies. I don't know exactly what yet. I need to check with mom because I always plant her a Mother's Day garden every year.

Miranda 1:32

So nice.

Scott 1:33

And last year, I feel like I picked a few things that she you know, didn't hate.

Miranda 1:39

But didn't use a lot.

Scott 1:40

Yeah. Like mini eggplant, I didn't even know there was such a thing as mini eggplant. I didn't read that label very well. But yeah, if you want to grow some eggplants that are like the size of a pear, such a thing exists. And you can get that plant. But yeah, my mother would prefer a larger version. But anyway, we are here with you on the first episode of the month. And that means...

Miranda 2:06

Da Tada! Strain review!

Scott 2:08

Yas! So this month, we are going back to talking about local flower from here in Maryland, you do not have to travel for this. Although they are in a few different states. So maybe not just Maryland.

Miranda 2:25

Different strains, though. Different states.

Scott 2:27

Yes. Which makes sense, right? I mean, we've talked about the genetics before a little bit when we talked with Jen from Sunny C's and where she got her stuff from. So there's different ways that different cannabis companies get their strains. But yeah, it tends to vary from state to state, you're not going to see the exact same strain, similar genetics...

Miranda 2:49

For sure.

Scott 2:50

But not the same exact strain, right in a lot of cases. But yeah, so we're going to be talking about the Garcia handpicked flower. Miranda is...

Miranda 3:02

I'm smoking the Burmese Mimosa today. Which is a super uplifting sativa um, let's see, I haven't taken a dry pull of her yet. Mmmmmm.

Scott 3:15

And while you do that, I will let the people know that I will be smoking the Cherry Limeade today, which is one of their hybrids, but definitely I would say a sativa leaning hybrid for sure.

Miranda 3:27

Looking at those terps, that definitely makes me think so.

Scott 3:30

Yeah, and the dry pull on this one. It gives exactly what the name suggests. It is very very citrusy. It has a little bit of that like cherry fruit sour underneath of them. Yeah, so it's real bright almost a little gassy. With that, that citrus, you know? Yeah, to me. I feel like there's two different kinds of gassiness there's like that super piney like, Petro like yeah, gassy gas gassiness and then there's also like a, like floral citrusy like bright, lemony floral gassiness. And this is definitely more of that one. What do you what do you get?

Miranda 4:15

Yeah, she's super fruity. And with the genetics, I would 100 agree with the fact. I mean, she's taste like fresh cut mimosa. I mean, it's just beautiful. It's orangey it's a little grapefruity in the dry pull, and definitely more orangey once she's burning. But she smells great. She tastes great. She's testing a little lower with around 23.

Scott 4:43

Well, that's Yeah.

Miranda 4:44

Which is great for me.

Scott 4:46

Absolutely. I know you've been commenting a lot about the super high test lately. This Cherry Limeade is a little bit higher at 26.91 the terps on this one, as you mentioned, very terpy 3.42% total terps on on the Cherry Limeade, alpha pinene at 1.28%.

Miranda 5:12


Scott 5:12

Which I absolutely love. We've mentioned that on the show here before, that I struggle to find those high pinene strains. And when I find them, I, you know, I stick to them, I you know, there are so few in the state that I really really do enjoy the ones that I can find. Additionally, the next highest terps on this one, we've got 0.6%, 0.5% on limonene. And 0.56% on beta myrcene, beta pinene, at 0.24%, and then beta caryophyllene, at 0.18%, so a little bit of everything, but a lot of pinene. And then decent amounts of both limonene and beta myrcene as well.

Miranda 6:01

Yeah, I'm actually I was wrong, she's testing at 21%, 21 and a half.

Scott 6:07

You know, that's totally fine for me for a sativa.

Miranda 6:09

Me too!

Scott 6:10

You know, and and that's even this is Cherry Limeade at 26%. Because it's more of an uplifting strain, even though it's a little bit higher than I would normally do for like a morning wake and bake or even like an early part of the afternoon. Because these terps are so uplifting and forward leaning. And, you know, pinene is most associated, I think with memory boost and focus. You know, some people do report anxiety issues, that's always something to be aware of, or if you know that pinene effects you in that way, definitely not the strain for you.

Miranda 6:51

For sure.

Scott 6:52

But if you're going to be talking to your friend about cannabis for a few hours, and recording it for people, I would say, you know, this thing has had me you know, doing research and you know, feeling creative and digging in and going down different paths all morning. So I love it, I definitely feel like it's a good one for creativity. And you know, if you've got a task at hand that you're trying to focus on.

Miranda 7:17

Yeah, and Burmese Mimosa is sitting at 2.3% terps with the main terp actually being beta myrcene at 1.26%, which is fairly high for a sativa. But again, I I mean, as someone and I was just discussing this with Scott earlier who is a spoony, and if you don't know what that means, someone who suffers with chronic illness, and really just has a hard time getting shit done because of their chronic illness. This is great because it takes my pain away. it uplifts me, it makes me feel like I can get things done. I'm sure the difference between when Scott walked in today and what he's seeing right now is like completely different. But alpha pinene at 0.33%, beta caryophyllene at 0.25%, beta pinene at 0.13%, CBG is at 0.17%, CBGa is at 0.38%, humulene 0.08%. Not a lot of limonene at this but it's still super uplifting at 0.13%. And surprisingly a little bit a linalool tapping on our at the end at 0.06

Scott 8:40

A little dab will do you with little I guess you don't often see Lynn a little above point three or 4% Unfortunately, because it's a Terp I really love I've always been a huge lavender fan. I used to have a giant lavender bush at an old house of mine. I've always found it, you know, just extremely, relaxing, calming. So yeah, I always get excited when I see those strains that have a higher linalool. But you know, even having a little bit in there, I feel like kind of just smooths out the high.

Miranda 9:16


Scott 9:17

But But yeah, so Garcia brand is one of the labels under the Holistic Industries family of companies. You might also be familiar with Liberty and Strain are some of their other imprints they operate in Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri and California. But the Garcia brand is only available in California, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Miranda 9:48

Right on.

Scott 9:49

Massachusetts has roughly the same amount of strains that we do, I think five or six something like that. California has a ton of strains.

Miranda 9:58

They do.

Scott 9:58

I was noticing when I was on the website.

Miranda 10:00

So, last night I was on the website and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find Burmese Mimosa but I was looking under California I'm like wait I've never seen any of these strains before and getting mad at myself.

Scott 10:11

Right, yeah. So if you go to the screen section of the website it will ask you to navigate to your state and then tell you what's available there. So I would assume that Michigan and Pennsylvania and Missouri will probably be seeing Garcia hand picked flower in the near future but yeah, so I'm smoking out of King Palm mini as I am I oft to do one of my favorite delivery methods and yeah, the the flavor of this when it's lit is pretty similar to the dry pull as well you know, I'm still getting that kind of citrus sour. A little bit of kind of like earthy funkiness, skunkiness underneath but for the most part, it's still even burning still has that bright limey with again, a little bit of that like cherry tartness or sourness underneath.

Miranda 11:06

Cool, yeah. And I'm getting I'm getting a lot of orange with a hint of manure. As I mean, as we are familiar a little bit

Scott 11:19

Right [coughing] now I'm, I'm, I'm choking. [coughing alot] But yeah, hint of manure. Manure, cat piss. These are flavors and smells--

Miranda 11:35

Yes they are.

Scott 11:36

That as cannabis users we become familiar with. You know, the same way you hear wine drinkers talk about lead pencil and fresh tennis balls, you know, they're just, there are certain smells, and flavors that it doesn't matter how fancy you want to try to be in your description. It's easier to just tell people exactly what you think it smells like and yeah, most people will understand that, you know, obviously it doesn't taste like shit. Literally. It's just got that really deep musky, musty, you know...

Miranda 12:14

Muddy almost.

Scott 12:15

Right? Yeah.

Miranda 12:16


Scott 12:17

Right, because there's a difference between the smell of dry earth and the smell of wet earth there.

Miranda 12:22

Yeah. Absolutely.

Scott 12:25

You know, both Miranda and I have taken Interpener classes with the Trichome Institute. So if we sometimes get a little, you know...

Miranda 12:35

whimsical with our desciptions...

Scott 12:38

To say floral or decorative with our language in regards to cannabis, we're just practicing okay. We're looking forward to the days when we can do some pairings for people and maybe judge some cannabis competitions and all that good stuff. But But yeah, the the Garcia brand is involved or the Garcia family I guess I should say is involved with the brand.

Miranda 13:00


Scott 13:01

Trixie especially is the the kind of mouthpiece and face of the brand in a lot of ways. I've seen a lot of interviews and talks with her. They are I think they're actually out of Colorado even though I don't believe they're operating in Colorado yet.

Miranda 13:20

I have not been able to find that information. Yeah, I thought they would be operating out of California, but it doesn't seem that way.

Scott 13:28

Yeah, well, regardless, the websites super cool. They've got playlists that you can listen to, they are so their packaging if you've ever seen it is not small in any way, but they do try to make a small footprint. The I've also got a pack of the pre rolls here of the Cherry Limeade as well. It's all recyclable compostable materials. If you've never seen the packaging, it comes with a little so that one of their logos is like a little guitar pick, right and that's if you buy the edibles which again are all natural. The edibles are in the shape of little guitar picks three different like berry flavors. Yeah, strawberry, grape. Yeah, though they're fantastic. I don't buy them because they taste so good. I would eat that whole damn jar and just be 100 milligrams deep in THC, and not able to accomplish anything else. But the pre rolls come with a little glass filter. The packaging on the eighth's themselves is in a little again you know recyclable cardboard box to keep the light out. But then the flower itself is in these beautiful glass jars with these kind of like, marbled 70s.

Miranda 14:45

Almost like an oil lamp.

Scott 14:49

See, I was gonna say I guess it's the Baltimore in me but I was gonna say a duck pin bowling ball.

Miranda 14:54

That too.

That's it. Yeah, it's that the marbled you know Like, the indicas like purple and blue, you know different shades of blue. And then the sativa is like orange and red and then the the hybrid which this Cherry Limeade is, is this different shades of green and like teal. But yeah, they're all real, you know, just creative and interesting to look at. They've got poster artwork up on the website, they've got, of course, different merchandise available. If you're I'm not a big Deadhead, personally.

Me neither.

Scott 15:30

You know, there I have a couple of songs that have like, some sentimental value to me. Because somebody put them on a mixtape once upon a time or, you know, whatever. They were on a soundtrack that I really liked or something but I'm not I never followed The Dead when they were around. I'm not, but I do love the flower.

Miranda 15:49

It's good. It's great stuff. Yeah, I mean, I don't think I've I've smoked quite a few of them and I don't think I've been disappointed.

Scott 15:57

No, you know, I keep an eye on the terps I still have not tried the Burmese Mimosa that you're smoking because I haven't found it yet with low enough myrcene for me to consider a sativa but so far I've had the Florida Kush I've had the Caps Frozen Lemons. I've had the Hi Fi the Chem Chills. And now I've had the Cherry Limeade and yeah, like you said they've all been fantastic.

Miranda 16:22

Home runs!

Scott 16:22

No complaints.

Miranda 16:23

Yeah, none at all.

Scott 16:24

Always cured really well. always beautiful nugs. I should mention, you know, they go out of their way to point out that their pre rolls are made with whole flower. Yes. Not trim shake. And whenever I think they probably send that stuff away to be turned into concentrates--

Miranda 16:40

Or their edibles.

Scott 16:41

Or whatever or the edibles. Yeah, yeah. I wasn't even thinking about that. Actually, that makes sense.

Miranda 16:45

Because they're all all of their edibles are hybrids.

Scott 16:47

That's true. Yeah, they do not distinguish and they do not like do any additive terps or anything, right? Yeah, it's just a generalized five milligrams per piece on edibles. And then yeah, you get 20 in the package. So if you do like a little bit of a lower dose edible...

Miranda 17:06

It's a nice it's a nice day time, like taking a hike edible. But that's again, we'll talk about we'll talk about doses dosages at another time.

Scott 17:16

Right. So you mentioned genetics. Yeah, the genetics on this Cherry Limeade. It is a direct cross between Cherry Pie and Black Lime.

Miranda 17:28


I've had Cherry Pie before.

I've never even never heard of Black Lime.

Scott 17:31

I've never even heard of Black Lime. But as soon as I did, I decided I need to have some Black Lime at some point in the near future. So I'm gonna be on the lookout. But yeah, so obviously the name on this one. Pretty straightforward, right? You've Yeah, Cherry Pie. You've got your Black Lime. So they call it Cherry Limeade.

Miranda 17:55

Which I think is a great name for it. The Burmese Mimosa, however...

Scott 17:59

A little more complicated. Her family tree.

Miranda 18:03

Family Tree is got some lineage in it.

Scott 18:05

Yeah, take some turns. There's a couple trunks maybe. Tell us a branch genetics.

Miranda 18:12

So Burmese Mimosa is a cross between Rose Mimosa and Orange Burmese. Rose Mimosa is a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine. And Orange Burmese is a cross between Burmese Landrace, Agent Orange and Malawi.

Scott 18:30

Yeah, Agent Orange is one of my favorites of all time. I don't know that anybody who grows it here, Maryland.

Miranda 18:40

I haven't seen it in a long time.

Scott 18:42

Yeah, I like there's other cross. I feel like L'Orange might have Agent Orange in that as well. And I know you said there's some similarities between them.

Miranda 18:51

There was a lot of similarities in the nose especially.

Scott 18:54

Right on.

Miranda 18:55


Scott 18:56

Which L"Orange always has an absolutely gorgeous nose on. Just huge burst of like candied orange and Yeah, real like savory orange smells, if that makes sense. Yeah, just like super bright and super citrusy. I feel like there's more layers to it,

Miranda 19:16

For sure. But I thought that was a really interesting and long lineage. I don't think I've seen a lineage like that. And I'm really in a hot minute. Because I generally tend to like geek out on that.

Scott 19:29

It's fun stuff to geek out on. I'm you know, I definitely feel like we should have an episode at some point where we talk about the Landrace stuff more.

Miranda 19:40

Oh, I would love that.

Scott 19:41

Yeah, just some of the kind of classic strains and what they've led to now years later, blah, blah, blah are where they came from.

Miranda 19:51


Scott 19:53


Miranda 19:53

Let's do it. But yeah, that was a definitely interesting little tidbit that I want to share. It's a lot, but she tastes great. She smokes great, I feel great. I'm smoking her out of an Element and a little, I love a glass tip. I'm not I'm not going to shame myself for that. I'm a little bougie when I smoke.

Scott 20:20

I you know, I mean, it's not just bougie it's functional too.

Miranda 20:24

It is.

Scott 20:25

I you know, even even that little, I typically do not use glass tips as fancy and elongated as yours. I typically using the free one that comes with, you know, the Kaviars or these Garcia pre rolls or whatever. But yeah, it's it helps cool the smoke. It gives a little bit more surface area for some of that tar to come off.

Miranda 20:57


Scott 20:58

I mean, you can look at the filter after using it just a few times. And see I call them filters. There's nothing actually being filtered. That's just yeah, the nomenclature I'm used to. But yeah, glass tip, glass holder. If you're unclear what we're talking about, we'll put up a picture.

Miranda 21:17


Scott 21:18

Because we'll be talking about some of the glass tips that you have. I'm trying people try. In just a few minutes. Yeah, on this show.

Miranda 21:33

But yeah, I really, I really enjoyed this as a sativa. As I always say, I smoke more of a hybrid, indica leaning hybrid. But once I find a sativa I really love. I'm gonna buy it. And this was delicious and delivered.

Scott 21:50

Well, with all that myrcene I mean, you could kind of say that it's probably an indica leaning sativa.

Miranda 21:59

The look on my face at that moment.

Scott 22:00

Yeah, I mean, so folks, we've talked about this before, right, that the terms indica and sativa don't mean nearly as much as the marketers in the cannabis industry would like you to believe.

Miranda 22:15

Straight facts.

Scott 22:16

Right. So you know, they just want to be able to slap quick, easy labels on things that can help you as a consumer, direct your dollars. And there's obviously something to be said, you know, your there needs to be something to indicate to you, if we think something's going to be more sedative and relaxing and you know, help you get to sleep versus something that's going to stimulate your mind and maybe even your body a little bit too, and make you feel like getting up and going or, you know, at least have your brain you know...

Miranda 22:56

Your brain moving.

Scott 22:57

Yeah, yeah. But at the same time, right, we've talked about most things are hybrids at this point. But even the ones that aren't hybrids, the phenotypes can be different.

Miranda 23:11

They're very different.

Scott 23:12

You know, from state to state, from batch to batch, you know,

Miranda 23:16

Absolutely amazing to me that if you go on vacation, and you are in a state where it's adult use, etc, you can go and find an exact same strain grown by a different grower, but completely different.

Scott 23:31

Right? Which is why you need to pay attention to...

Miranda 23:35


Scott 23:36


Miranda 23:37

Or terpenes.

Scott 23:38

Yes. If we're being scientific, terpenes are the aromatic oils that are secreted from the cannabis plant?

Yeah, and are secreted by any plant.

Well, yeah.

Miranda 23:58


Scott 23:58

Yes. Right. We've talked before about the fact that there are terps and everything, right. So we continue to receive lots of feedback and questions, asking about specific terps and their effects and just what exactly we mean, when we're talking about, you know, the entourage effect and how all these things interact with each other and, and contribute the, to the type of experience you have. So we're going to start breaking down these individual terpenes for you, and what our experience indicates they're gonna tend to do and what general consensus, you know, right? It's not just us at this point, it's Weedmaps. It's Leafly.

Miranda 24:44


Scott 24:45

It's Dutchie. It's, you know, all these different books out there. Even though we don't have a ton of like hard scientific, medical, like peer reviewed research on this stuff. We do have a lot of anecdotal--

Miranda 24:58


Scott 25:00

Evidence and experiential evidence at this point, not only with how these terpenes interact in regards to cannabis, but, you know, every bit of reading I do, when it comes to terpenes the word aromatherapy comes up within the first few paragraphs.

Miranda 25:17


Scott 25:19

Because, you know, people are using these things in candles and lotions and, you know, to or just--

Miranda 25:27


Scott 25:28

The oils themselves.

Miranda 25:28


Scott 25:29

Yeah. to elicit, you know, emotion and feeling and states of well being.

Miranda 25:35


Scott 25:37

You know, obviously, again, we have to say...

Miranda 25:40

We are not doctors.

Scott 25:41

We are not doctors. We know what we know because we've spent time and energy, researching, reading and experiencing these things for ourselves and how they work for us and how other people say they work for them, but, you know, your mileage may vary.

Miranda 26:01

Absolutely. And I mean, I can also say that I am a certified aromatherapist. I've done my classwork. I've done my my studies, I've done my peer reviews, um, there is no certification for aromatherapy. But if there was to be one, certainly I could slap that on after my name. So um, yeah, if you have any questions about terps, I'm more than happy to take a really close look at whatever the one that you're looking at so I can get you better information.

Scott 26:38

Yeah, maybe we'll put up some polls to--

Miranda 26:41


Scott 26:41

To determine which terp we're going to talk about next for you but this episode we are going to talk to you about Lady Limonene.

Miranda 26:50

Yes, the ever present limonene.

Scott 26:52

The ever present? Yeah...

Miranda 26:54

So you're gonna find her and everything.

Scott 26:55

Second most common commonly found terpene in nature behind Miss myrcene.

Miranda 26:56


Scott 26:56

And then the third most common terpene found in cannabis. [unintelligable] behind myrcene and I believe carophyllene.

Miranda 27:10

I believe so.

Scott 27:12

Is gonna be number two. But yeah, so regardless of whether it's a sativa, hybrid or an indica you are likely to find a good amount if you're lucky.

Miranda 27:24

Yeah, right.

Scott 27:25

If it's good medicine, if it's good cannabis, you are likely to find a good amount of limonene in whatever you're smoking. word.

Miranda 27:34

Yeah, she's everywhere. And she's one of my favorite terps, even above myrcene because myrcene can give me a headache if I smoke too much of it. But I mean, limonene tastes delicious. She's got that like fruity. citrusy. Bright. What else?

Scott 27:57

Just citrusy bright, fresh.

Miranda 28:00

Yeah. Sharp.

Scott 28:00

I read as well.

Miranda 28:02

Yeah. Sharp is a good one.

Scott 28:03

You know, like we talked about with the Cherry Limeade. Right. There's a couple different types of gassy in cannabis. And I feel like right sometimes a lot of limonene if it's 1.4%, 1.6% limonene that can have that, like...

Miranda 28:18

Ooh, Sour Diesel.

Scott 28:19

Right. Yeah.

Miranda 28:20

Is one of those.

Scott 28:21

I think you talk about like the tickle in the back of your throat. Yeah. And I definitely feel like some of these like super citrus strains where there's a ton of lemon Tenon, Lima anit and I went down south there for a second. Sorry. Oh, I'm back. Yeah, I feel like some of them can can get a little sharp. Not in a bad way. Just you know, if you're talking like, I don't know, like Hollyweed like a 32% or with like, 1.4% limonene. That's, that's what I'm thinking of when I say sharp.

Miranda 28:54

But yeah, it's Birthday Cake, but I don't think Birthday Cake is that sharp. But the Hollyweed I can definitely see.

Scott 28:58

It depends I feel like it can be, you know, Verano has the here in Maryland. The Gas Powered Cake.

Miranda 29:04


Scott 29:05

And that's so much diesel sharpness.

Miranda 29:07


Scott 29:09

But yeah, so you're talking about? Yeah, smelling just like she sounds right. lemony. Sometimes a little floral. I feel like.

Miranda 29:18

Yeah, absolutely. Sometimes a little floral sometimes. A little bit more of that like bitter, citrus scent or or taste.

Scott 29:29

Sure, like the burnt orange maybe, you know, in cocktailing sometimes you take a flame and you squeeze the oil out of the orange and let it pass through that flame on the way to the glass.

Miranda 29:40

Yeah, definitely.

Scott 29:42

You know, kind of like a deeper warmer yeah version of that like...

Miranda 29:47

A more round less sharp, right.

Scott 29:51

But yeah, so we talked about second most common terp in nature. So you will also find limonene in citrus rinds like we said, but also in mint, rosemary, fennel.

Miranda 30:05


Scott 30:06

And juniper.

Miranda 30:07


Scott 30:07

So fennel, you've got that like licorice.

Miranda 30:10


Scott 30:10

And I definitely think people would describe that as sharp at time. So again, you know, a little bit of that just like bright. You know, open up your sinuses a bit late, it's gonna linger on your tongue maybe a little bit.

Miranda 30:27

I always think of it. When I open a really high limonene strain. I sit there and I like savor it. Like there are other ones I savor too. But if it's got a high limonene percentage, I really sit there and do like several inhales.

Scott 30:45

I mean that that makes sense when I think about the things that the strains that are going to contain a lot of limonene so we already talked about cake strains, like Ice Cream Cake, Birthday Cake, Gelato, Gelato Cake here in Maryland, pretty consistently between 0.8% And like, 1.6%. I've seen it as high as I think, yeah. And yeah, I could stick my nose in that jar.

Miranda 31:11

And it hits you right between the eyes.

Scott 31:14

Sunset Sherbert is another strain here in Maryland from Grassroots that has a lot of limonene in it always smells great. Like you said the diesels.

Miranda 31:24

Lots of limonene.

Scott 31:26

Do-si-dos which I don't really mess with Do-si-dos very often I just haven't found I know there's a couple different phynos--

Miranda 31:35

That's a Girl Scout Cookie, Gelato cross, right?

Scott 31:37

I believe that is the case. Okay. But yeah, the Haze's like Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, which I'm a big fan of Haze's again, tend to have a really nice nose on them. Yeah, definitely makes sense.

Miranda 31:58

Yeah. And it's super uplifting. It's like, Alright, go with me on a journey. It's like, the old sanitary napkin commercial. Where there's a woman in a white dress in a field. And there's like a nice breeze blowing and the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. Yeah.

Scott 32:22

I do like a strain with the lots of limonene before I go hiking, for sure. And that's, you know, like we said, you can you can find limonene in sativa is in hybrids and in indicas, and I think she does different things in all of those.

Miranda 32:37

Yeah, I actually really love an indica with lots of limonene in it.

Scott 32:40

And that's, you know, that's not for everybody, right? Because, you know, she can, you know, in a sativa I feel like she's gonna give you kind of that energizing creativity, right? She's gonna put your mind off in space, and you're gonna bounce around. So if you've got a lot of stuff on your mind already, and you're trying to relax and get to sleep. Like I said Hollyweed before, like, I would not smoke Hollyweed after like 8pm Probably, because my mind's gonna be going yeah, now, but I understand why you say that because in an indica, lots of limonene is absolutely going to give you that counterbalance too.

Miranda 33:19

It's the euphoric feeling.

Scott 33:21


Miranda 33:22


Scott 33:22

Which is going to keep the sedation and the relaxation from being too like I'm on the couch.

Miranda 33:29

It's less like lazy couch lock and more like I have sunk into this delicious marshmallow of a bed and I'm ready to sleep.

Scott 33:39

Right more of a blanket around you then then an anchor on you.

Miranda 33:43


Scott 33:46

And then in a hybrid I feel like she's just going to give you that like good time mood boost.

Miranda 33:51

Oh, yeah.

Scott 33:51

Without necessarily giving you the like, hyper focus that say a pinene does. Yeah, so she's, she's a versatile.

Miranda 34:04

Very. I love her.

Scott 34:06

Yeah. I think if you are a fan of just feeling high.

Miranda 34:13


Scott 34:14


Miranda 34:14

That nice stony feeling.

Scott 34:17

See i I wouldn't even say stony personally, I like to me it's it's high...

Miranda 34:22

Just elevated, lifted.

Scott 34:23

Right. Yeah. You know, like we used to say, you want to get lifted. And I feel like that yeah, like it's that to me. But I understand what you mean stony because it is more cerebral to me than it is body.

Miranda 34:40


Scott 34:41

So yeah, you know, you're gonna find limonene in all your types of cannabis. But those are the things that she's gonna do. She's gonna give you big taste. She's gonna give you a big smell. And she's gonna give you mood boost, creativity. As far as things that people do talk about medically, with limonene. Antioxidant, muscle relax and antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial.

Miranda 35:16


Scott 35:17

Anti tumor, it came up several times.

Miranda 35:20

For sure. So, in my aromatherapy studies, there is a lot being done with limonene, or lemon oil in particular, in regards to gall stones.

Scott 35:33

I saw gall stones.

Miranda 35:34

And shrinking tumors where they will actually inject limonene or lemon oil into those things, and they will shrink them.

Scott 35:41

Right, because apparently, it stores in fatty tissue. And fatty tissue tends to accumulate or maybe tumors tend to accumulate. And, yeah, not the other way around. I'm not not a doctor. I don't even play one on the internet. But yeah, it came up often in talking about now, that doesn't mean go out and smoke weed with lots of limonene if you've got cancer, these studies are dealing with the amounts of limonene way beyond what you would get from cannabis

Miranda 36:16

100%. And I as an aromatherapist, highly recommend that you do not ingest any--

Scott 36:22


Miranda 36:23

Essential Oil because it's, it's too much for your body to handle and for your digestive system to handle.

Scott 36:30

I also saw something about limonene topically, a lot of people are allergic to it on the skin. It can be a skin irritant.

Miranda 36:38

It's also photoreactive. So if you put lemon oil on your skin, you're going to get a sunburn.

Scott 36:45


Miranda 36:45


Scott 36:46

Oh, yeah. I guess I've heard right. Yeah, I knew that because spray people put lemon juice in their hair, their hair and light is to get there. I don't know that might just be a white people thing. Put people put the lemon juice in their hair to like attract the sun and get it to, to yellow up or to blonde up.

Miranda 37:07


Scott 37:08

Yeah, but you can you can find limonene and lots of other industrial applications as well. You know, obviously, that citrus cleaner on your shelf, your house or underneath your sink in your house probably has limonene in it. Because it's used in soaps, cleaners. It's used in a lot of natural herbicides. solvents, and paint stripper.

Miranda 37:34


Scott 37:35

Right. Because it's it's acid.

Miranda 37:36


Scott 37:37

I mean, it totally makes sense. If you have it in concentrated enough forms.

Miranda 37:41

One single drop of lemon oil contains about 10 full lemons worth of oil.

Scott 37:49

Wow. That's a lot.

Miranda 37:51

So yeah, that's why a. you don't ingest it and b. if you want to, if you want to use it, you can use it sparingly.

Scott 38:00

But yeah, that's, that's limonene I think basically, yeah, nutshell.

Miranda 38:05

She's wonderful.

Scott 38:06

She absolutely is one of my favorites. For sure. When I am looking for something that's going to give me a fully medicated experience, I'm looking for something that's got decent amounts of and when I say decent amounts of I mean, like, 0.6% or higher, yes, amounts of limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene.

Miranda 38:30


Scott 38:31

And that's going to give you you know, pain relief, relaxation, anti anxiety, mood boost. It's going to give you kind of a balanced flavor. It's going to give you a balanced effect.

Miranda 38:47

Mm hmm.

Scott 38:49

Yeah, I feel like most of your, your heavy hitters in the hybrid realm are going to have and we said those are the top three terps found in cannabis. Now whether that's the the horse following the cart, or, you know, I don't know if we've bred our cannabis to have those things, because those are the things that feel the best when combined. For us.

Miranda 39:10

It's possible or if that's just a good question.

Scott 39:13

Or if that's really what was occurring. You know, who knows, maybe at one point indicas were all myrcene and caryophyllene and linalool and the sativa is we're all pinene and limonene and terpinolene. Well, terpinolene I feel I can go either way, honestly.

Miranda 39:31

Oh, it's great for sleep.

Scott 39:33

Yeah, well, yeah. But anyway, who knows at this point, we've got hybrids and hybrids are great. And they've got lots of everything. But if they've got those three things for you, they're going to give you that full body feel. Yeah, body and mind, I should say.

Miranda 39:54

What else so it's, um, it's national, national, women's month,might as well--

Scott 40:02


Miranda 40:04


Scott 40:04

I guess

Miranda 40:05

Interrational. Wow. Okay. This has gone straight to my head today. So she's fun. Little Burmese Mimosa there. So women in cannabis. There's there's some talk about that there.

Scott 40:26

There should be more talk about that.

Miranda 40:28


Scott 40:29

You know, when we talk about equity when we talk about social justice, you know, obviously, we're talking about all groups that have been discriminated against or excluded.

Miranda 40:40

And that includes women.

Scott 40:41

Yeah, it sure does. It includes everything that's not straight white men, for the most part.

Miranda 40:48

Pretty much. Yeah.

Scott 40:49

So. But yeah, we've got a Women's History Month. So we're talking about women in cannabis, woman owned companies and brands and women that have made a name for themselves or made an impact in cannabis. And unfortunately, COVID and the last few years, have not been any kinder to women in cannabis than they have been to women in most industries.

Miranda 41:19


Scott 41:19

You know, if you read the studies, I think, the people who were generally, and this is not us reinforcing these stereotypes, but just fact. You know, when the kids couldn't go to school, it was typically the woman--

Miranda 41:33

That stayed home.

Scott 41:33

That stayed home, or, you know, took a lesser role in or what have you. And yeah, as I said, the same has been true in cannabis in 2019. We had a whopping 36.8%. So that's pretty respectable. I mean, more than a third.

Miranda 41:55

Yeah but.

Scott 41:57

So you know, way higher than in most industries, I would say. But yeah, now we're down to in 2021, 22% of executives in cannabis or women.

Miranda 42:08

So we've done a big backslide.

Scott 42:10

Yeah. And if that's happening in the executive roles, you can believe it's probably trickling down all throughout cannabis. One would think absolutely, I don't have those those numbers generally on. I mean, I know the cannabis employment numbers have steadily increased right. Throughout the start of the pandemic, as corporate cannabis continues to make money hand over fist.

Miranda 42:37

Hand over fist.

Scott 42:39

But yeah, unfortunately, that has mainly been again, you know, white men or white people or, Yeah, anyway. So, there, there are a few women of note in cannabis for sure. The only one of the top 10, multi state operators that has a female CEO is True Leaf.

Miranda 43:03


Scott 43:05

Kim Rivers is still the CEO at True Leaf. But again, the only one of the top 10 Yeah, and I've been, you know, like I said, I've been listening to a lot of Canadian cannabis podcast, and it's, it's the same up there. There are. And I feel like the same is true here in the States. There are a lot of women getting involved in like the cottage industry.

Miranda 43:30


Scott 43:31

So if you if you Google women in cannabis, there's no shortage of female owned companies. But they are like grassroots, no pun intended.

Miranda 43:46

But you know, they are the smaller businesses.

Scott 43:47

Smaller businesses which is, you know, hey phenomenal, right, I would love to see more smaller local, sustainable businesses in cannabis top to bottom for sure. As opposed to MSO's and national brands and international brands, as this thing just continues to get bigger and bigger. But it would also be nice. If we were seeing more female representation.

Miranda 44:15

Absolutely, in like the top ends of things like CEOs, CFOs whatever.

Scott 44:21

Yeah, I believe the head grower for Verano is a woman.

Miranda 44:25

I believe so.

Scott 44:25

Nationally here in the States. So yeah, I mean, it's it's obviously not, you know, non existant.

Miranda 44:25

Right, it's not a void, but it's just it's not enough. There needs to be at least a 50/50 split on that one.

Scott 44:39

And, and, you know, I think just as time goes on, so Gen Z women.

Miranda 44:46


Scott 44:46

I'm not even sure I know specifically who Gen Z is Miranda, can you help me here?

Miranda 44:52

A lot younger than we are. So, Gen Z, I believe is I think that they're in high school now.

Scott 44:59

Well, it's gotta be...

Miranda 45:00

And early 20's.

Scott 45:01

Okay, that mean that would make the most Yeah. So they are the fastest growing consumer group in the cannabis market? Is these young women or people who identify as women? Yeah. So you know, you would think if nothing else, the dollars would so tell you start to generate here now. It works the same way, right? I mean, just just like we talked about black owned businesses, and well, most of most of the businesses we've talked about being owned locally, have been female owned anyway, whether they were black owned or not. Whether it's you know, Jen and Hummingbird, or, you know, the folks down at Growf and Suffolk or--

Miranda 45:46

Mary and Main.

Scott 45:46

Mary and Main. They do--

Miranda 46:16

They bought grassroots fundraising, lots of like community outreach, which I think is super important.

Scott 46:25

They do educational stuff, too. I believe they are they have regular educational nights. Yeah, all all important stuff. So yeah, I mean, you know, support, support cannabis businesses. There's plenty of cannabis personalities out there.

Miranda 46:42

If you go on Instagram. I feel like a majority of the people that I follow on Instagram are women, cannabis users, especially in that specific realm of it of Instagram. I believe there are men that I follow. Sure, but I feel like the majority of them are women.

Scott 47:04

Yeah, I'm just trying to think of the people that I follow. I would say mine's probably half and half. I get frankly, I get a little creeped out by some of the women in cannabis who hyper sexualize the cannabis thing.

Miranda 47:20

Oh, yeah.

Scott 47:20

And I'm not here to Hey, sister, do your thing. Get yours. However, Yeah, yours. I'm not here to judge anyone. I'm just personally more interested in education and advocacy, and equity--

Miranda 47:39

and all that good stuff.

Scott 47:42

Yeah. So if your big thing is taking pictures in as little as possible blowing clouds, like that's cool rock, and tons of people out there that want to see it, and I've got no problem with it. That's just not what I'm in the market for. And I'm not suggesting that you follow a bunch of those accounts. I just some--

Miranda 48:05

unfollow them. DON'T unfollow them, right.

Scott 48:07

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I just meant personally, I wasn't suggesting that you follow a bunch of those accounts. No, we don't care who you follow the friends you can follow whatever you like. Thank you again for following us and being a part of our show. But now I'm not here to judge anybody for how they enjoy their cannabis. How they are part of the cannabis community, or feel that connection to other cannabis users. Like that's not that's not what I'm here for.

Miranda 48:38

I am 100% appreciative of women who do do their thing, dial doll themselves up and get on the internet. Because you know what? My lazy ass is sitting here with my hair thrown up in a Clippy with my glasses on.

Scott 48:52


Miranda 48:52

No makeup, you know, and that's just what you're gonna get most. Unless I happen to be leaving the house.

Scott 48:58

Not to not to blow smoke up your arse, as our English friends would say. But I think that's probably what a lot of your followers enjoy about your page is that it is just a real look at you and your life using cannabis and whatever that means. Yeah, that means you post about the music that you're listening to, then that's what you do. You know, and those are the female accounts that I follow. Right? I know the female accounts that talk about cannabis in terms of their cycle or cannabis in terms of their parenting or cannabis in terms of whatever it is for them. You know, those are the females in cannabis that I enjoy listening to because those are the males in cannabis that I enjoy listening to, that are talking about a holistic approach and a holistic view of cannabis and what it does for them and how their life is you know better by this plant that we all Use for whatever reason we use it for Yeah, whether that's medically or just to chill and relax or, or what have you.

Miranda 50:08

For sure.

Scott 50:09

So yeah, you know, throughout Women's History Month, we will continue to talk about different brands as we are exposed to them or get things from them or whatever. You know, we always encourage feedback, if you are--

Miranda 50:26

If you are a woman on business, and want us to talk about it, or have something really cool that you want to share with us, by all means, please reach out Instagram, email.

Scott 50:38

Yeah, if you want to be the next Jen or Brittany and come talk to us about your version of Hummingbird Botanicals, or B Baked Las Vegas or Growf or you know, anything, whatever it is, you know, we're here to talk to like minded cannabis educators and cannabis professionals that, you know, want to share their story. And, you know, especially if you're a part of one of these groups, where it's harder, you know, for your voice to be heard, or for your story to get out there. We're happy to help in, you know, whatever way we can, you know, spread the word about your brand, and whatever good work you're doing.

Miranda 51:20

Yeah, cuz that's, I mean, that's one of the parts that we play as podcasters is just, you know, giving y'all a shout out for doing the good work.

Scott 51:29

I'll just as members of the cannabis community, yeah, right. I mean, I think there's a certain amount of we talk about ending the stigma, we talk about education in our and that doesn't just mean people that are bored and bold enough to start a podcast show. And just start, you know, jumping up on their soapbox every week and talking to the world about how we feel about cannabis. But it's also just letting the people in your life know, like, No, I'm not going to have a drink because you know, I ate an edible and I'm super chill right now. And you know, that's where that's where I want to be. But yeah, again, however cannabis works for you and you enjoy it. That's great. We're here for it to share with you and yeah, to hear your story as well and share our stories and tell you how it works for us. And all that good stuff. Speaking of your glass tips...

Miranda 52:29

Yeah, my glass. So I found this delightful company on Instagram a few months ago called Elevate Jane. And they do well they're essentially just a smoke shop. And they do functional art pieces. Their bongs are beautiful but they do have glass holders, which again, big glass holder fan. And they're unique as well. I mean, I would say that this little periwinkle guy's pretty unique looking.

Scott 53:06

I've never seen one like it is very it's got like a I don't know Art Deco kind of like simplicity to it but elegance and--

Miranda 53:15

And really nice. Like a nice feel in the hand it not super heavy. Like just nice and light. love their pieces that everything is made in the United States. And I know that they did for Valentine's Day and for a few projects after pair with a female glassblower from LA who has made some really gorgeous pieces of which I also have in front of me and I will photograph these for the website. But this is a little devil lady.

Scott 53:47

I saw her when you got her yeah.

Miranda 53:49

She's super sexy.

Scott 53:51

Yeah, do I believe that right as our as our Latino friends or Latinx friends would say definitely la diablita vibes.

Miranda 54:02

Yes, she's very sexy.

Scott 54:04

Yeah, the devil woman very shapely. Yeah, we say in all areas.

Miranda 54:12

And again really comfortable to just pop in your hand and smoke fits right in your fingertips and like--

Scott 54:18

It's super cool.

Miranda 54:19

Yeah, it's super just lovely.

Scott 54:21

Yeah, when I went on the the Elevate Jane site to look at what they do all the stuffs super cool it like you said--

Miranda 54:32

And funky looking.

Scott 54:33

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, lots of just like bold solid colors and just like different shaped stuff. I felt like.

Miranda 54:41

They do a lot of work in ceramic as well.

Scott 54:43

Right. Which is interesting to me. I mean, I guess ceramic definitely cleans up just as well as glass does.

Miranda 54:52

I've got a few ceramic bowls upstairs that I've never used because I'm afraid right to like not be able to clean them.

Scott 54:58

It should in theory clean Just the way glass does I don't know somebody is going to write to us now and be like, What are you talking about now?

Miranda 55:05

Maybe we'll just have to smoke out of them one week

Scott 55:08

Separately. Obviously

Miranda 55:09

I have two, you can have your own.

Scott 55:11

Right. As MMCC regulation states, we do not share medicine. That's why we reviewed two different strains for you. Speaking of their strains...

Miranda 55:21

Yeah. Yeah. One more thing about Elevate Jane. Before we go and pop off.

Scott 55:26


Miranda 55:28

The owner and founder is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants.

Scott 55:33


Miranda 55:33

So minority owned.

Scott 55:35


Miranda 55:36

Woman owned. And she's, I mean, she just makes she's got a beautiful shop. So go and look, by all means her pieces are affordable.

Scott 55:45

And like you said, features work from some female producers as well.

Miranda 55:49

Absolutely. So yeah, just go and take a peek. Again, not endorsed or paid by these guys.

Scott 55:56

We are not paid by anyone. We are just bringing you our personal opinions that we like, or think or fun or funky, or yeah, like we said thing, you know, voices that we feel should be amplified. And, you know, products that should be shared with people who like good quaility product.

Miranda 56:19

Absolutely. And I love these guys.

Scott 56:21

It's really as simple as that. We have no, no motivation other than sharing information and education with you our listeners. Yeah, Cherry Limeade has me feeling fine. Yeah, I love it. Taste tastes great. Feels great.

Miranda 56:44

What are the effects that you're feeling?

Scott 56:47

Yeah, I mean, I've been focused this whole time. I've been uplifted and motivated. And yeah, it just tastes great. It feels great. It's just a good daytime strain. When you've got something to get done. Now, I definitely would not recommend, you know, I could go for a hike right now. I could go play some tennis right now. I could I could definitely play some video games right now. Or like a board game or some card games or something. It's not super chill. It's like I don't you know, I don't feel spastic at all right? But I definitely it's talking is good. Doing stuff would be good.

Miranda 57:38

Yeah, and I'm, uh, I'm feeling really chill. Which is funny, because you have the hybrid and I have I have the sativa so I'm feeling really chill.

Scott 57:48

Terpenes folks, make sure terpenes if you're not lucky enough to live in a state yet, where you have terpene information.

Miranda 57:58

Do some research.

Scott 57:59

Do some research on your strains that'll give you some general ideas of what you can find where, listen to shows like ours and like, cannabis 101 podcast and yeah, you know, Maryland Matters. And, you know, there's tons of different podcasts, I guarantee you, whatever state you're in, there's probably somebody locally talking about cannabis for you.

Miranda 58:24


Scott 58:24

If you're here in Maryland, we're happy to be some of the voices that do that for you. But we're certainly not the only ones you know, get out there and and consume cannabis information. And that will make you--

Miranda 58:37

A better consumer.

Scott 58:38

A better cannabis consumer. It'll give you better conversations with your budtenders. It'll save you money. And it'll hopefully avoid uncomfortable highs and uncomfortable feelings for you.

Miranda 58:51

Most definitely.

Scott 58:51

Now because nobody's nobody wants to be too high. Nobody wants to be awkwardly or anxiously high. You know, that's at least I can't think of anybody. Why I've known some super awkward people at my day. And I don't think any of them were intentionally awkward. But yeah, if you have suggestions for strains or companies that you would like to see us review in the future, reach out to us about that.

Miranda 58:51


Scott 59:02

Even if you work for those companies, we don't care. That's cool. You can be like, Hey, I work for so and so here in Maryland, and we would love for you to feature us. We'd love to come take a tour if you want us to.

Miranda 59:33


Scott 59:35

But we'll still feature you even if you don't. If you have suggestions for the next terp that we should talk about it I don't know about that. And we'll definitely put up some maybe we can do like a March Madness is coming up random. Maybe you can get a terpene March madness and let y'all battle it out. For which terp we talk about next on the show. But yeah, we We had fun telling you about limonene. And if you have any further questions about limonene, feel free to feel feel free to reach out to us about that as well. Yeah, like follow, friend, share, subscribe, review, double thumbs up for the reviews, we have the love those. Because yeah, the algorithms love those and it helps other people find us. And we really appreciate that. You can find transcripts and more information at...

Miranda 1:00:37

Scott 1:00:38

Miranda 1:00:41

And you can find me at Our Lady of Maryjane on Instagram.

Scott 1:00:45

and me at Your Cannabis Coach on Instagram and us at The Heady Conversations on Instagram.

Miranda 1:00:52

We're also on Twitter.

Scott 1:00:54

Twitter as well. Yeah.

Miranda 1:00:56

And, and the Facebook

Scott 1:00:58

And the book of faces. As a group and the page, neither of which is easy to use anymore. And neither of which is easy to get likes or clicks, kind of naturally anymore, they really want you to pay for advertisement. So again, liking, sharing, reviewing super important, thank you so much. We do still have the fundraiser going for Last Prisoner Project.

Miranda 1:01:25

On Instagram.

Scott 1:01:25

And that'll still be going on for a while. So if you think that no one should be in prison for using cannabis, then donate to an organization that does really, really good work. We may made a donation as a show and Yeah, a couple donations out there. Every little bit helps, we would appreciate if they would appreciate anything you can give. They don't just help get people out of prison. They help support people once they're out of prison. So--

Miranda 1:01:56

And that's huge reentry is I would say 100% of what we should be focusing on. Once we're getting people out of prison for weed.

Scott 1:02:07

If you don't know the term recidivism, it's not easy to say and it's not easy to deal with. But people that have been in jail for long periods of time are more likely to go back in jail, because they're generally not provided with the resources to help. You know, reintroduce them to society or re employ them.

Miranda 1:02:28

Get them housing, yeah.

Scott 1:02:29

Help help them get their record clear in order to make it easier for them to get employed and housed and all that good stuff. Right. So yeah, when we talk about ending the stigma, it's not just ending the stigma of you know, you smoking a joint on your front porch. It's ending a stigma of people that have been imprisoned for things that they never should have been imprisoned for.

Miranda 1:02:29


Scott 1:02:55

Yeah. So you can donate to that on the Instagram page. We will be continuously reposting that link until it is done and we've still got a couple of weeks to go on it so please if you can five bucks 10 bucks whatever it is.

Miranda 1:03:13

A dollar.

Scott 1:03:14

Yeah, honestly. Every little bit every little bit helps and just you know shows that we're all in this together and that we support the people that have been victims of, Hi, Did you listen to episode seven the racist war on drugs?

Miranda 1:03:29


Scott 1:03:29

Yeah. So thank you again folks. We will talk to you next week with questions and answers. If you have additional questions and answers about anything we already told you how to send them to us be well to yourselves and each other.

Miranda 1:03:45

Yeah, this makes me want to go and noodle dance.

Scott 1:03:50

Noodle dance video coming soon I promise.

Miranda 1:03:54


[MUSIC: "Brown Eyed Woman (live)" by Brown Eyed Woman]

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