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Grow West : Pie Crust Final Thoughts

In the last episode I reviewed Pie Crust which is a sativa leaning hybrid from Grow West out in Western Maryland. Created by crossing Malibu Pie and Grapple Cookies this strain's nutty, cookie and slightly citrus sweet flavor and aroma did not disappoint.

The effects were very cerebral and stimulating, but not uncomfortably so (no anxiety for me). I found it to be a great balance of just enough of a body high to be pain free and feel like my joints were lubed up with oil but not at all couch locking or mind sedating. Infact, after smoking this I've cleaned my kitchen and bathroom before having a relaxing sit down with a book and a nice glass of iced tea.

The flower itself needed a pop of moisture to fluff it up. I unpacked it from the bag once I got it home and put it in a glass jar with a Boveda to fluff it up. After just an over night with the Boveda it was back to what I consider to be a perfect bud. Like all Grow West flower, this came untrimmed but I always save sugar leaves for cooking and they went into the kitchen stash for use at a later time.

Over all I recommend Grow West's flower. The price point can't be beat and even though the flower isn't super high testing, I can see how it would be effective for even the most seasoned smoker. The medical benefits are very clearly there. Grab some and give it a try. I hope you will be as happy with it as I was.

Yours in Beauty and Weed,.


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