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Miranda's District Cannabis Sour Diesel recap.

Last week we reviewed strains from District Cannabis and I chose Sour Diesel because of its newness to the Maryland market and my love for this particular strain for its helpful medical benefits for migraines and chronic pain.

It's no secret that my love for certain sativas has been a slow journey of discovery. But this Sour Diesel had the THC number in my sativa sweet spot at 21.65%, with 22.88% total cannabinoids. She wasn't super high in terpenes, 1.99%, but with District Cannabis, it's true that genetics are stronger than numbers. The four terpenes that were most prevalent were Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, and Humulene. She's definitely NOT going to give you the munchies. I was loose, happy, and it would have been crazy hard to put me in a bad mood; I was also quite chatty. For those not in the know, Our Lady is quite an introvert and I felt that part of me slide away. About halfway through my joint I put it out because I was starting to feel that uncomfortable, experiencing the hyper focus that I don't enjoy about sativas, and she wasn't even particularly high in THC (there are those genetics at work). That oppressive, heavy, hyper focus that I don't enjoy about sativas, especially those high in THC. That oppressive, heavy, hyper aware, anxiety that high THC sativas give me is no joke. Let's talk about the flower and nose for a minute. The bud structure is gorgeous, fluffy, and a lovely true green with beautiful orange hairs and a coating of sparkling trichomes. When you open the pack, that gassy, diesely aroma pops out of the bag and hits you right in that third eye region of your forehead. We talked in the last episode about how consistent District Cannabis is and what that consistency means in our market. It means, good numbers, high terpenes, and well cured flower that isn't crumbly dry. I only have one issue and, frankly, this is a pre-roll issue that I have across the board. Most pre-rolls, including District Cannabis pre-rolls, have that flavorless, odorless issue, for me. I had bought a pack of the Sour Diesel pre-rolls when I purchased my eighth, because I knew I was going to have to wait to review the flower. The pre-rolls were loosely packed and on the dry pull had no flavor to speak of. When I smoked them, they were lacking in flavor and effects. I didn't get any of the euphoria or amazing bump in energy from the pre-rolls. Over all, I would say, 10/10 on the flower and a 5/10 on pre-rolls.

Yours In Canna Bliss,


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