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Summer Time Cookies

A pile of scattered Cookies branded eighths.

I love the laziness of summer. It has never not felt like I should be in the woods, barefoot, in a long gauzy dress smoking a big ol' joint. In January of 2020, Cookies by Berner came onto the Maryland scene and was put on a high shelf with an absurd price tag and dispensary workers couldn't even use their discount to purchase the flower, so I didn't. However, I did try my first Cookies strain last summer. It was a pre-roll of Blanco which was an indica leaning hybrid. It was lovely and had a great taste, smooth smoke with amazing effects. I wasn't hooked on my twenty-dollar pre-roll simply because of the price point. No weed is good enough to pay retail.

I didn't chase any strains until probably last winter. I found Pink Runtz at an absurd discount, probably because the THC was so low (12%) and ended up buying a quarter because I loved the relaxed body, euphoric head feel with a good dose of the giggles. It was a great chill and smile strain. No regrets.

That brings us to current Cookies offerings. Now that the grow license has been transferred and the price has come down significantly (and you CAN use points and discount), it seems to be a more sustainable market for them, not that the previous higher price tag was keeping anyone from purchasing. But as Maryland is a medical state no one should be paying those kind of prices for their meds, real talk.

My most recent acquisitions were White Runtz, Blood Moon, and Berniehana Butter. I paid less than $40 an eighth for each of these. The White Runtz was spectacular, sweet, earthy, and a little gassy. The biggest surprise to me with this strain was the over 0.50% of linalool that was sitting pretty. She's the kind of flower with a decent amount of caryophyllene and limonene that rocked my socks with a healthy dose of THC. I was happy, oh so relaxed, and pain free.

Blood Moon was not a winner for me, so much so that I don't even have a package to reference the numbers. I literally bought it for the name and wanted something special for that particular full moon. It was like smoking potpourri (and not in the good way) with a flush of dried oranges and fruitiness. This was all cinnamon stick, and while I enjoy a clove cigarette, this was not as pleasant as said clove cigarette. I see that the reviews are generally good on this one, but it went on the Do Not Buy Again list for me.

Last but not least was yesterday's purchase of BernieHana Butter. Again, this was for the...are you ready... 0.60% of linalool! The limonene slid in at a close second at 0.48%. It's creamy, floral, doughy, and gassy. I've been enjoying this before bed or late in the evening. My patience for a poor night's sleep lately is nil. I want it, I want it now, and I want it to last all night. That has been my full experience with this strain.

All in all, I feel like the brand is hit or miss and definitely not worth the $60-65 price tag for an eighth. But in the midrange, certainly a few strains to look out for. What are some of your favorites? Did you love Blood Moon? Why? What makes you buy the Cookies brand? I am always curious about your experiences as well as my own.

Enjoy your summer babes!



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