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Episode 5 - African-American Herbsman

Cover of Bob Marley and the Wailer's album "African Herbsman"

This week Scott and Miranda take a trip around the Capital Beltway to experience the DC Medical Cannabis Program and visit one of the only Black-owned dispensaries in the DMV, Mary and Main. We also reviewed True Growf's fruit cones and products from other Black-owned businesses.

Business mentioned in the episode:


[MUSIC: "African Herbsman" by Bob Marley and the Wailers]

Miranda 0:10

Hello, and welcome to the heady conversations with Scott and Miranda, Happy Black History Month guys!

Scott 0:16

Yes, once again, Happy Black History Month. We are happy to be focusing all of our content basically this month around Black History other than, you know, a couple of the questions that we got for the question and answer episode but just about everything else that we talked about this month is going to be focused on exposing you to different aspects that you can look towards to support equity and good causes in the industry. But also, you know, products owned by black owned businesses or dispensaries and what have you. So we're excited to bring you all that information.

Miranda 1:00

Hell yeah. We did a little field trip this past week.

Scott 1:04

Yes. So this is the strain review episode. And we decided to go a little bit outside of our normal environs to bring you some strains from the areas black grower option.

Miranda 1:21

Absolutely. And those area now that area in general is DC.

Scott 1:26

Right, so if you don't know DC does have a medical marijuana program but DC doesn't have the most structured program in the world let's say.

Miranda 1:39


Scott 1:40

It's, it's a little bit of the Wild West is how a lot of us up here in Baltimore refer to it because yes, there are illegal DC dispensaries and medical dispensaries and grow operations but then there are also--

Miranda 1:55

There's the dude who will deliver to you.

Scott 1:56

Right and and not only deliver to you, but he's delivering like a bottle of juice that you paid $45 for that gets you a free bag of cannabis to go with.

Miranda 2:08


Scott 2:09

It's a very confusing and weird situation. But we did not go to one of these--

Miranda 2:17


Scott 2:17

Random cannabis Bodega, if you will. Since we are in the industry and registered patients, we wanted to go about it the correct way and go to one of these established and highly regarded dispensaries, in fact.

Miranda 2:34

Absolutely. And all of medical, all the medical cards in the 50 states. If you have one, you can go to a medical dispensary in DC and use it.

Scott 2:44

Right, which is very unique. If you're not aware. Yes, there are states where you can go and being a medical patient in your state might like get you a discount from their adult use program or things like that. But most states do not have reciprocity, when it comes to actually accepting cards to allow you to buy from their medical program. For instance, California or Colorado or Nevada, if you're out in Vegas, you can buy from their adult use side, but it's a separate thing to be able to buy the products that are over on their medical side. And--

Miranda 3:26

In Maryland, you can't buy at all if you're from another state even if you have a medical card.

Scott 3:31

Right. Absolutely. And most states are that way. If they only have a medical program, you are only allowed to buy cannabis in that state. If you are a member of that state's medical program. That is true for as far as I know, everywhere else except for DC, you see. Yeah. So maybe one of the benefits of them not being an actual state. Sorry, you see for your taxation without representation. But maybe in this case, it allows the country to be medicated when they come to visit you. So, that's not entirely bad. But yeah, so District Growers is the name of the company that we picked up the strains from. They have been in business since 2012. They are not only black owned, but in looking at their website, the entire upper management team, the--

Miranda 3:37


Scott 4:12

Of the head of the garden, the head of sales--

Miranda 4:33

operations manager operation--

Scott 4:35

CEO, everything is black!

Miranda 4:38

Yeah. Which is fantastic.

Scott 4:41

And and super rare, right? You see a lot of companies that have enough black or brown people to, you know, be considered a minority business, having a percentage of minority leadership, but then, you know, that's the extent of it. You know.

Miranda 4:58

It's just a face, unfortunately.

Scott 5:01

Unfortunately, right. So it's great to see a company that takes it, you know, really seriously. And, you know, I mean, in in a city like Baltimore or DC, speaking about minority representation in these businesses, it might sound weird to some of our white audience, I suppose. But if the city is 70%, black, I don't know what DC's percentage is. But I know that more, you know, Baltimore is still somewhere around that I think, like 65% - 70%, mark, as far as I know, you know, the people that you see in any workplace should be predominantly black.

Miranda 5:42


Scott 5:43

I think, right. It should be the people that live in these communities that are getting these jobs and making the money off the industry.

Miranda 5:49


Scott 5:49

Ideally, at least that's, you know, what I look for when I walk into a business.

Miranda 5:54

Me too. So what do you smoking, Scott?

Scott 5:57

So, this is yeah, this is going to be a little bit different in that Miranda and I are smoking different strains this time around, because, you know, we only get to go down there every so often. I suppose this was our first trip, but I don't think either--

Miranda 6:11

It's not going to be the last, that's for sure.

Scott 6:12

Yeah, so we're both, you'll hear more about that in a minute. But yeah, so I am smoking on some, Sugar in my Bowl.

Miranda 6:20

Nina Simone.

Scott 6:21

And this is yeah, really, really lovely strain. It's definitely so far I would say sativa leaning. I definitely feel energized, uplifted you know. The dry pull that I did before I lit up definitely had a little bit of that, like icing kind of sweetness that you would expect from like a cake or gelato or something like that. The genetics on this one, it's a cross between Walker Kush, which I've never heard of. And then another strain that was a cross between Grape Stomper which a lot of people here in Maryland will be familiar with from GTI and Rythm, and Tahoe OG which is just a classic strain. I feel like, yeah, I mean, great pain relief and relaxation and all that good stuff. So named after Nina Simone song, which kind of yeah, made it special to me. I'm a huge jazz head and you know, love Nina Simone. Nina Simone also has the famous Baltimore song, which which is a beautiful track if you've never listened to it. But yeah, so far, so good. taste great and definitely feeling great from it.

Miranda 7:45

Yeah, and I am sitting here smoking Mumbo Sauce which you if you are from the DC or the DMV area. You know what Mumbo Sauce is, if you are not? It is a spicy almost barbecue esque sauce, little tomato a little vinegary. Something you put on your chicken, your wings, your fries? Actually you put it on everything.

Scott 8:10

Yeah, I mean, Baltimore people are known for putting Old Bay on everything when you go down to DC. It's like that with Mumbo Sauce.

Miranda 8:19

For sure.

Scott 8:19

Think definitely like Creolel kind of you know, Cajun infulence, a little--

Miranda 8:24

Spicy, citrusy. Definitely acid and spice.

Scott 8:28

It's funky.

Miranda 8:28

It is. It's so good though.

Scott 8:30

I love it. I don't love it on everything like they do. But I'm that way with Old Bay too. I'm not.

Miranda 8:35

I'm not a big Old Bay-head, I, I love Old Bay.

Scott 8:38

On certain things I go crazy for Old Bay on other things. What are you doing? Yeah.

Miranda 8:43

Yeah, please get that out of my ice cream.

Scott 8:47

What's the percentage on the Mumbo Sauce?

Miranda 8:49

She's at 25%. And she is a, the genetics are Lemonade and Lemon #2 crossed, and she's definitely super citrusy. Yeah, I'm not mad about it. Definitely, like on the sativa end of things. I'm getting that like euphoric energy feel. Which for me is like the perfect sativa because it's not like, Arg anxiety all day.

Scott 9:15

Yeah. Well, I think that's kind of it. You said 25% and change, right? I mean, yeah, like that's kind of the perfect sativa level for me usually because you don't want it to be too much higher than that because regardless of the Terps it's still too high of a THC level. And it just can it can hit you harder. You know, I feel like--

Miranda 9:32

And then get paranoid.

Scott 9:33

Yeah, this the Sugar in My Bowl is down at 21.7%. So, not weak by any means, but definitely not what I would call super strong strain. We record you know, in the afternoons on Sundays, so this is definitely a good like early afternoon strain for sure. I feel like I'm not going to be you know, dragging it all should keep me bouncing.

Miranda 9:58

Yeah. And I was really impressed with the cure on these two, like, super spongy still not I don't spongy is not a good word, but it has that give of like a sponge was not like, dry and crumbly.

Scott 10:15

Right? So one of the criticisms that you hear about the Maryland market, if you're on these Facebook groups and whatnot, Reddit threads is that everything in Maryland is in dry, and my budtender in DC, that's, you know, when when I mentioned that I was industry, and we started talking about stuff. That was the first thing he said, you know, basically, he kind of tested me and asked me like, what do you think's good flower up there. And then when he kind of nodded in an agreement, when I mentioned a couple growers and a couple strains that I liked, that's when he said, Yeah, but everything's too dry. So comes to come to find out in in researching, after getting home from this trip, we have this Hydration Law in Maryland.

Miranda 11:02


Scott 11:03

Which is intended specifically to prevent the development and growth of mold in the flower, which requires our flower to be cured to a certain level.

Miranda 11:15

And usually longer.

Scott 11:17

And I would, I would assume that every state and this is, you know, we'll be doing more reading about this. As the days and weeks go on and give you more information as I get it. But

Miranda 11:27

Right, because I don't think either of us, even as industry professionals know, or knew about that law.

Scott 11:33

No. Because as we've stated, I think on every episode, so far, we're not growers, hope to be one day, maybe even one day soon. But yeah, as of right now, all of my growing experience was very, very amateur. You know, I think at one point, I had read The Closet Cultivators Guide, and that gave me some of a clue as far as like sexing plants, you know, identifying males and females and separating them out. And if you're unaware, I guess we should take some time and explain why I just said that.

Miranda 12:11


Scott 12:12

So yeah, the plants produce seeds. That is how they reproduce, right. And they do that when the male plant fertilizes the female plant, and that produces seeds in the flower of the female plant typically.

Miranda 12:29


Scott 12:30

Right. But in cannabis terms, we don't want seeds.

Miranda 12:34

Right, we want all of the ladies.

Scott 12:38

Because the ladies produce the big beautiful flowers.

Miranda 12:41


Scott 12:43

So, yeah, you want to identify your males and your females as quickly as you possibly can. So you can get the males away from the females, and just grow the plants that are going to produce good, pretty flowers for you, because that's the stuff that we smoke. But yeah, anyway, you know, you definitely, you definitely don't want seeds, you want to identify these things quickly. And if you don't know what you're doing identifying these things, you can get yourself into trouble.

Miranda 13:14

And I think as you know, as we are in Maryland, the whole seed issue that we've had for the past few months, has been a giant issue for a lot of growers.

Scott 13:24

Yeah, a couple different growers have definitely had that issue. Because plants can also if they get stressed out, if they're kept in that female state too long, either naturally or through too many cycles. They can go hermaphrodite, and actually, kind of spontaneously start creating seeds. But that's a whole nother thing. We'll do an episode on grows for you. But in the meantime, what we're saying is, this stuff is not cured to the level that Maryland flour is cured to. And it's nice because in theory that is preserving some essential oils, and other things from the plant besides just THC.

Miranda 14:06

Right, which is why I think most of the menu didn't really go above 28%.

Scott 14:12

I think you brought menu home.

Miranda 14:14

I do, I do still have a menu.

Scott 14:16

Yeah, so we're talking about our trip to Tacoma. Wellness is where we went and picked up this medicine. When we did a Google search on dispensaries in DC not only was Takoma Wellness, a. not all that far from us here in Baltimore. I think it was about a 45 minute drive. Minus the detour, yeah, check the settings on your GPS when you take a road trip folks. Anyway, Miranda is eternally patient with me and so patient--

Miranda 14:47

I'm just grateful that you'll drive.

Scott 14:48

And grateful that she is but anyway, so yeah, Tacoma Wellness is what we're talking about. Yeah, I would say most of the strains I saw were definitely in that like, low 20's to mid 20s range for sure.

Miranda 15:02

Yeah, especially in the sativas is the highest one we've got is 27%. In the indicas, we we've got a 30%.

Scott 15:09

But just one, right?

Miranda 15:12


Scott 15:13


Miranda 15:13

Yeah, two strains. And in the hybrids, I'm just going to scan this enormous list of flower. 33% looks like it's the highest. Yes. 33% is the highest in the hybrids.

Scott 15:29

Yeah, so it's cool. They, it was really a superior experience.

Miranda 15:36

It was flawless

Scott 15:37

To any dispensary experience I've had. And I've been to a fair amount of dispensaries in California, in Nevada, and in Colorado at this point, in my last trips to all three of those places. I've never been as impressed as I was with the experience at Tacoma. Wellness.

Miranda 15:58

Especially, during COVID.

Scott 16:01

Yes, absolutely.

Miranda 16:02

Because, as we all know, things have changed. Times have changed and precautions have changed. So when we rolled up, they had our check in at It was outside.

Scott 16:15

Right, so they had basically a little tent patio, kind of set up in front of the store. They had three different stations set up out there. First of all, there was a parking lot attendant, helping to guide people in and out of the parking lot and find spaces and get them safely back onto the road. There was additional security out front that was standing with the dispensary agents that were out there talking with the patients. So, they had you scan a little QR code on your phone, or you could fill out a paper form if you couldn't do the QR code. The questionnaire was more in depth without being intrusive.

Miranda 17:00


Scott 17:01

You know, just basic questions like, you know, what are you medicating for--

Miranda 17:07

Which I thought was a super helpful, like, just little detail that Maryland never has on a questionnaire. It's always the same stuff.

Scott 17:07

Yeah. And and, you know, as a budtender, I mean, I know that's one of the first things I'm going to ask you is not necessarily what are we medicating for?

Miranda 17:26

But how do you want to feel.

Scott 17:27

Until, yeah, right. Until I read the customer or the patient, I'm definitely not going to just jump in with you know, what's wrong with you?

Miranda 17:34

what's wrong with you? JINX!

Scott 17:35

Yeah, right. That's, that's not how you want to put yeah, so let's start out with how do you want to feel and that will generally get someone to say, well, I've got a bad back. So I'm looking for pain relief,

Miranda 17:52

Or even just in general, I'm in a lot of pain.

Scott 17:54

Right, and once you have some sort of baseline information to go off of, then you know how to steer your experience, right. But yeah, I mean, really the the gentlemen that I spoke with out front, and I'm just gonna note that I'm what, I don't know, five or six pulls into this Sugar in My Bowl, it's only 21.5%, and I'm setting her down because I feel great.

Miranda 18:19

Yeah, I've smoked about half of my Mumbo Sauce at this point. And it's a half grammer. Like, yeah, you know, cone. And I'm, I'm good.

Scott 18:27

Yeah, so definitely, definitely just following along with how we feel about District Growers. Great stuff.

Miranda 18:34

Two thumbs up.

Scott 18:34

But yeah, so the the gentlemen, you know, went out of his way to be accommodating. You know, you've been to a dispensary before this, that the other, you know, he went through how the allotment works down in DC. He went through. He asked me if I wanted to take a look at a menu or if I had placed an order in advance if I had any questions about anything that I had seen on the menu before we got there, or just generally about the products that were offered.

Miranda 19:07

I really, I noted when I was in I'm going to do this after the fact after I had come out that there is a pickup window as well. So you don't necessarily even have to go inside to pick up your already placed order.

Scott 19:18

He did ask when I walked up if we if I was already placed. And I totally forgot about that until you mentioned it. But yeah, that's a fantastic option to have as well. But yeah, super, super quick. You know, it was outside. It was actually a nice day that day.

Miranda 19:35

It was a beautiful day.

Scott 19:36

It wasn't it wasn't too cold, but I feel like even if it were cold, they moved us quickly enough that it wouldn't have been super uncomfortable. But they're definitely you know, limiting the amount of people that are inside and all of that. Masks are required and masks are being worn by everyone on staff inside as well. Which is great to see.

Miranda 19:57

There was also you know, a little barrier around where the budtenders were.

Scott 20:01

Absolutely, yeah.

Miranda 20:02

Which was really nice.

Scott 20:03

There were only three budtenders in that main sales floor. Yeah, um, I think and I feel like that was definitely a COVID thing because I feel like--

Miranda 20:13

There was room for 5 or 6.

Scott 20:15

That's I looking at it as a former manager. Looking at it to me, I saw like 5 or 6 workstations in that room, and it definitely seemed like maybe they dialed it back for COVID. So each budtender had plenty of I mean, 8-10 feet of space.

Miranda 20:33

We were also there during the week, too.

Scott 20:35


Miranda 20:35

So I don't know what their staffing is like on the weekend.

Scott 20:37

That's true.

Miranda 20:38

But it is owned by a doctor and his wife. Right. And the doctor is also a rabbi, right?

Scott 20:45

Yeah. I saw that Rabbi Jeff.

Miranda 20:47


Scott 20:48

It is a family owned business. They've won a ton of different awards. And we should just mention, this is not paid. We're just--

Miranda 20:57

Oh, no.

Scott 20:58


Miranda 20:59

We just wanted to see what was going on in DC from a medical dispensary standpoint. And we did.

Scott 21:05

Yeah, and we feel like this is an experience that a lot of people in not only the Maryland market, but other surrounding markets would probably appreciate having. So yeah, I mean, you know, I was given this pamphlet, it goes through a cannabis glossary. Yeah, it talks about the endocannabinoid system, the different cannabinoids that are in the plant.

Miranda 21:29

Broadleaf, and, and help me out here...

Scott 21:33

Breaks down sativa, indica, hybrids, I mean terpenes, methods of ingestion, and yeah, I mean, we should note that DC definitely has some products that are not available to us here for sure market yet. You know.

Miranda 21:50

They have suppositories...

Scott 21:51

Suppositories, which we've talked about before on the show as being a really good delivery method.

Miranda 21:58

They have lube.

Scott 22:00

They have had, yeah, so District Cannabis, not District Growers different company is active in both markets, right? So they have flower, and other product options down there. For instance, District Cannabis does not have any edibles in Maryland.

Miranda 22:20

But they do in DC.

Scott 22:21

Does have a whole edibles line that looked really great. I just didn't want to spend too much money down there.

Miranda 22:26

But there was a lot.

Scott 22:27

Yeah, we were there to support District Growers. This specific trip, Miranda branched out a little bit.

Miranda 22:32

I did!

Scott 22:32

A few other things.

Miranda 22:33

I got some pre rolls from Alternative Solutions.

Scott 22:36

Yeah, you were definitely happy with--

Miranda 22:38


Scott 22:38

The things you got. I feel, yeah.

Miranda 22:40

I feel like, I honestly feel like the flower hits so differently. Because of how it's cured.

Scott 22:48


Miranda 22:49

I'm not, I'm not able to finish a full join.t I find myself if I'm rolling Maryland weed. I'm smoking two or three joints sometimes.

Scott 23:00

Yeah. Looking for that that level of relief that you need. So yeah, I mean, it's it's interesting as well and I'm like I said I'm reading up more on the different laws of that that dictate how different states have to grow and prepare their product you know, up in Canada I think we've mentioned before you know, some of the labels tell you all this stuff tells you how long the growth cycle was. What kind of substrate it was grown in, for instance, the District Growers stuff is aeroponic.

Miranda 23:42


Scott 23:43

Which you know, I think I had heard of before for sure. Where that basically as I understand it, the nutrients are being--

Miranda 23:51


Scott 23:52

Yeah, misted. Right. So yeah, you're it's even more ecological than hydroponically because even if you're recycling the water, you're still using the water for the growing process. Whereas this mist is just like a super concentrated, concentrated and efficient way to deliver the nutrients directly. And it's wild. If you go to their website, you'll see a picture of the plants and the underneath of the you know what you would call the grow floor I guess is just a picture of all these--

Miranda 24:28

Naked roots.

Scott 24:29

Yeah, it almost looks like rice noodles or you know, vermicelli or something where--

Miranda 24:34

It's beautiful.

Scott 24:35

Yeah, it's it's really, really cool looking. So yeah, it's it's, it's interesting to note, because I found that, so, I picked up several strains from District Growers in addition to the Sugar in My Bowl. I also picked up their Lemon Skunk, which was like 28%, I want to say and The first time I tried that out, I felt good for a solid three hours, which is, you know, like you said, not necessarily my average Maryland experience. I also picked up some of their King Tut, which is another sativa that was just lovely. Had some real like earthy notes to it, a little bit of like herbaceousness, was really, really a nice sativa that I smoked the other night. I also picked up some Buffalo Soldier, today is Bob Marley's birthday. We're recording on Bob's birthday wanted to mention that because Bob Marley you know, when you talk about cannabis culture--

Miranda 25:41

You got to you got to talk about Bob a little.

Scott 25:43

Bob and reggae music and you know, Bob was so instrumental in bringing that reggae music to the world and that message of you know, unity and togetherness that that he was always so quick to promo should

Miranda 25:56

Buffalo Soldier I'm sorry.

Scott 25:58

I have not tried it. I have not tried saving it. I'm going to the show at The Otto Bar tonight with with Jah Works and Culture. And I'm gonna Yeah, hang out with the Buffalo Soldier before I go check that out. And then I also picked up their Night Terror, which is their indica as well. So they've got a ton of stuff highly recommend you go check out the website. Both of these strains are really excellent. You know, again, our friends at Takoma Wellness or any of the other DC dispensaries would be happy to get you any of this great bud. That Takoma way of showing you the flower was so unique too you know, those--

Miranda 26:38

Little, little jars with all the buds in them.

Scott 26:41

And and the microlens on it, you know, so basically they put the flower in these little jars, I guess PVC? Yeah, I don't know.

Miranda 26:51

And they have a light.

Scott 26:52

Yeah, they're, they're lit and they also have the little magnifying glass on them. So you can see all your trichomes and stuff and inside the good stuff. It

Miranda 27:02

It was really nice. Yeah, it was a good experience.

Scott 27:05

Short of being able to smell the flower--

Miranda 27:06


Scott 27:07

I think that's you know, and obviously they're putting the prettiest buds in those jars, but still, you can you know, another cool thing that they did there that I wish some Baltimore and Maryland dispensary and maybe there are some that do if there are you know, feel free to let us know. But on the way out, you know, they give you two copies of the receipt you give your receipt to someone, they take it and go get the order and then bring it back to you to show you your order. Yeah, make sure that everything you're walking out with for those of you not in the industry. Once you walk outside the door of a dispensary you cannot return a flower.

Miranda 27:45


Scott 27:45

Yeah. So something like a cartridge if you get to your car and you put it on your battery, and it doesn't work absolutely go back to the dispensary. Let them know what's going on. And more than likely they're going to give you a replacement product or if there's not a problem with that cartridge, they can help you identify a problem you might be having with your battery or you know, it might just be something silly like your battery's dead and you didn't notice whatever you can troubleshoot that stuff, right.

Miranda 28:17

Flower is yours once you leave.

Scott 28:19

Yes flower is a different story. So you know we're in the COVID times still you probably can't touch the product. You shouldn't be putting your grubby hands on anything inside a store unless you plan to purchase it and take it with you. But you can definitely ask your budtender to let you see it if it's in a package that you can see inside of it's almost like a 50/50 at this point the industry. I feel like and I didn't realize that that's another you know speaking of laws that we don't know about with that that Plant Hydration Law that's the thing that I didn't know it has to be inside a container that you can't see through before you leave the dispensary.

Miranda 29:02

Oh you didn't know that?

Scott 29:03

So, well, not when I first got into the industry for a few months now, but you know I did not realize why some companies--

Miranda 29:13

It's like an open container situation, basically.

Scott 29:15

Yes. So you know so and and the more national a brand is, it seems to me the more likely they are to just go ahead and put it in a you know, opaque container or container you can't see through across the board just so they can be compliant in all markets because I don't think it's necessarily every state has that law. But yeah, if it's in a bag that you can see through if then has to go inside of a shopping bag or inside the patient's pocket at the very least--

Miranda 29:27

At the very least.

Scott 29:52

Before they walk outside of the dispensary. So interesting, weird stuff. But...

Miranda 29:57

Yeah, when I was up in Massachusetts, this is really kind of off the cuff but it actually had to be in the trunk of your car before you could leave the dispensary, a dispensary agent walked you out to your car, put your cannabis in the trunk of your car, and then you could leave.

Scott 30:15

That is interesting.

Miranda 30:16


Scott 30:17

I have never heard of a state doing that.

Miranda 30:19


Scott 30:20

And you Wow. That's wild!

Miranda 30:23

Because it's an open container situation.

Scott 30:26

Okay. Yeah.

Miranda 30:28

Which Yeah, but also, just because it's sitting on the seat next to me, doesn't mean I'm going to be blazing one up.

Scott 30:35

Right, yeah, that one's weird to me. That one's weird to me. You trust me to use this medicine but you don't trust me to?

Miranda 30:45

Put it in my car and take it home?

Scott 30:47

Hey, man, I'm sure the people of Massachusetts would rather have that silly part of the law and not have legal access to flower. So rock on Massachusetts. Does your state have any weird cannabis laws like that? You know, we've mentioned the law in Ohio right where they're not supposed to--

Miranda 31:08

They can't combust flower but they can vape it.

Scott 31:10

Yeah, they're not supposed to like roll up a joint or pack a bowl and they have to like sign an affidavit that says that they will not roll up joints or pack bowls that they will only vaporize their flower. Or I guess you know make edibles from it, or what have you.

Miranda 31:27

It's crazy.

Scott 31:28

It's it's just so bizarre. I just don't, I don't understand.

Miranda 31:32

Because then you have to buy a whole new contraption to also vaporize your flower.

Scott 31:36


Miranda 31:38

Or you're just going to be stuck stuck with carts or concentrates.

Scott 31:40

Yeah, you know what, I guess I should look more into that law. For more specifics.

Miranda 31:46

Yeah, I mean, I had friends asked me about vaporizers.

Scott 31:48

Because that's pretty classist, right?. Yes. If you're if you're requiring folks to go out and spend because even a cheap like--

Miranda 31:58

It's gonna run you at least maybe 60 to 100 bucks.

Scott 32:01

Yeah, I would say even those like little like vape flower pens that supposedly vape flower. Yeah, do your research on those folks. Yeah, maybe that's something we'll have to try to review for you. I don't know if I want to buy a bunch of those things.

Miranda 32:18

I have I have a One vaporizer that I love. And that will I will recommend until the day I die because it works perfectly and it was under 100 bucks.

Scott 32:25

We'll talk about vapor vaporizers more for you in the future. If somebody wants us to try out theirs give us a ring.

Miranda 32:33

Send one over!

Scott 32:34

We'll give you a shipping address. But yeah, so that's that's our trip.

Miranda 32:40

I was super impressed. We'll, definitely 10 out of 10 go back.

Scott 32:45

Absolutely. And it makes me want to check out some other DC dispensaries too to see what they're going to be like if that level of service is standard across the DC industry or if it's Takoma Wellness. It's really just, you know, one of the best in DC as the the city Washington City Paper has named since 2018. They've won the DC City Paper. RIP Baltimore City Paper, man, our city paper was so great. If any of my city paper friends are listening, we miss you Baynard.

Scott 32:45

Good times. We also picked up some of these fancy cones this week from a company in Virginia called True Growf.

Scott 33:33

Yes, so shout out to the folks that True Growf. We heard about this product through a budtender friend of ours who I think saw an ad on Instagram, which I eventually started seeing too, creepy, Zuc. We see you bro. But yeah, thank you Manya for bringing these to our attention. We wanted to feature them because they are a black, female, owned business. They're also somewhat local. We wish they were a little more local, we totally would have made the trip.

Miranda 34:06


Scott 34:07

Because they also have a juice bar that they just opened up.

Miranda 34:11

And tea!

Scott 34:12

A tea line. It's a really cool company folks, if you look up True Growf and of course we'll be featuring, you know we'll be linking and cross posting and all that good stuff. And you may have seen on both of our stories throughout the past week. We mentioned a few different times when we got the package in the mail and when it was sent out how excited we were. And we've now both tried--

Miranda 34:38


Scott 34:38

A couple of products and are excited to try more. We got a sampler pack of the cones that are made with different fruits and vegetables--

Miranda 34:49

And vegetables. Yeah, I've got a there's a Corn Bae, Eat Your Greenz, I believe...

Scott 34:58

OG Papa...

Miranda 34:59

24 Carrot.

Scott 35:01

Let that Mango, yeah, Jalapeno Bizness.

Miranda 35:09

The Last Straw - berry.

Scott 35:11

Right guys. So you can see they're just as punny. As they are unique. They're made with whole fruits and vegetables. Think fruit roll up.

Miranda 35:24

Yeah, that's what it looks like.

Scott 35:25

If that's where your mind went. That's exactly what you're picturing here. And she does Limited Edition stuff. I know the pre order that they were doing for Valentine's Day was Ghost Strawberry was one that looked really cool because it looked like it was going to have kind of a translucent effect to it.

Miranda 35:45

Yeah, it looked. It looked interesting. But you could definitely see the seeds and all of the the different parts of the fruit. And these guys, they're beautiful. And they taste delicious. Yeah, so actually tastes what you're smoking.

Scott 36:00

Yeah, so I mentioned before the Lemon Skunk that I got from District Growers, so I smoked that out of the Let That Mango, and it was fantastic. It really burns smoothly. I'll put up a couple of pictures that I took because I was frankly, impressed by how smoothly it was burning. I was worried that it would either burn too fast or too slow. I didn't really know what to expect. But I mean, that's just a fear you have with any new wrap or paper right? Like the first thing you wanted to do is-

Miranda 36:29

Please don't boat.

Scott 36:30

Right. You wanted to burn nice and even. And I will say so I picked up some of the herbal smokes that they have as well. We got the variety pack of the cones and then I also got the variety pack of all the different herbal smokes. The first one of those that I smoke did burn a little wild on me. But it was like a great flavor. I don't remember which one that was but it had rose in it.

Miranda 36:58

That was like a it was a relaxing blend. Because you--

Scott 37:02


Miranda 37:03

You smoked in here.

Scott 37:04

That's right, I sure did.

Miranda 37:05

And there's some Damiana I believe in it.

Scott 37:09

Yep! You were more familiar with the things that were in it, no surprise with your, you know, herbalist and and aromatherapy background for sure. But yeah, I smoked another one of those that was like, Great, Great Night or Big Night or something like that, that I think was intended as a sleep aid at the end of the night a few nights ago. And that was great, too. And those are in those fruit rolls, as well. So it's a cool way to kind of get, I guess the best of both of their worlds. You know, the wraps and what's inside of them. But yeah, they've got a bunch of different cool products. They're also doing a ton of cool events.

Miranda 37:50

They do.

Scott 37:51

If you follow their their Insta. They're promoting like open mics--

Miranda 37:56

Open mics, spades tournaments. Yeah, I think it's really cool.

Scott 38:00

Yeah, they were having a spades tournament. I mean, what is more community growing than sitting down at a table and playing cards? Well, I saw their space, too. They've got like the Giant Jenga thing.

Miranda 38:13

Right! Right, right!

Scott 38:14

Coffee tables, you know, which is always fun for people to play around with the other I think they had, I think it might have been their first comedy show. Or they've got their first show coming up. But they're really doing lots of cool stuff, you know, all of the different products they offer. They're doing like different, like Valentine's packages, right? You know, they're just really, really interesting people. And I look forward to, you know, not only trying more of the cones that we got, but also just, you know, keeping in touch with them maybe going down to.

Miranda 38:19

I would love to visit.

Scott 38:48

Yeah, they're in Suffolk, Virginia. So about about four hours, three plus hours from us in Baltimore. But if you're down in that Virginia market, you know, definitely go check them out. And sure, it sounds like the juices and everything. They're just really trying to put together some community building and kind of whole wellness aspects. Yeah, around to the cannabis thing, which I think is a really positive thing for sure. And yeah, I mean, like I said, could not have been more accommodating. We just kind of got a wild hair that we wanted to mention their products on the show. And you know, I messaged her and said, Could you by any chance ship them out to them? And she's no problem. You know, give me your order tonight and tell me where it's shipping and we'll get it out for you tomorrow. So we got it a few days later and thank you so much we really appreciate it and yeah, we look forward to checking you out you know in person sometime in the not too distant future.

Miranda 39:52

And throwing some more money your way!

Scott 39:53

Right! But yeah, you can you can find them at True Growf. G-R-O-W-F on Instagram, and I'm sure--

Miranda 40:05

I think it's just too.

Scott 40:08

That sounds correct. So yeah, they'll ship them direct to your door, they come in these cool little tubes all labeled for you. So you know what you're trying out and you can, you know mix and match like I use the OG Papa, I figured would probably be a more flavorful one. So I used that with a strain that I knew wasn't particularly flavorful on its own here is a little more fun, I would definitely say, pack the cones well, because they're, you know, it--

Miranda 40:41

They have a lot of give to them.

Scott 40:42

Right? It's got some elasticity. Because it's made from natural fibers. Mine created a little bit of a pocket down at the bottom. So definitely, you know, make sure you pack them good and tight if you're going to pick them up. But they do sell the regular papers as well. I was just being lazy and wanted to save us some time and make it easy for us by getting the, uh...

Miranda 41:10

And they also come in different sizes.

Scott 41:12

Yes, yes.

Miranda 41:13

Both the papers and the cones.

Scott 41:14

Yes, the papers and the cones right. I got the standard size for us. They do offer the kingsize as well. If you get the regular papers, they come with some tips or filters, however you call them I call them tips because I learned about filters when I was in there.

Miranda 41:30

They really don't filter anything.

Scott 41:32

Yeah. Yeah.

Miranda 41:34

Just to give you some structure.

Scott 41:35

It depends on how much you accordion...

Miranda 41:39

I guess so...

Scott 41:42

Well. Filter. actual plant material. Yes.

Miranda 41:46

They're not going to filter the smoke.

Scott 41:48

No. As far as taking tar or nicotine out of your smoke. Like a cigarette filter is designed to do right it's not but you can buy those too.

Scott 41:49

Yeah,I have a couple of them.

Scott 42:00

Top sells those. I don't. Yeah, as bad as inhaling the smoke is I figure there's other stuff that's going well and I figure there's other stuff in the plant besides just the THC, you know, I mean, you're gonna filter other things out right, with a filter, and for me, I want a full plant experience, right? I mean, that's why I don't particularly use cartridges or concentrates all that much personally because I feel like my body my endocannabinoid system needs full spectrum. You know, which is just the plant.

Scott 42:16

Right? And I agree with that, too. I mean, I'm, I don't think either of us are big vapers.

Scott 42:44


Miranda 42:44

But I mean, we'll smoke flower all day long.

Scott 42:49

Have and will Yes. Yes, absolutely. So yeah, again, True Growf. Check them out. Support black female owned businesses.

Miranda 43:01


Scott 43:02

Yeah, what else we took a little trip around the DC beltway and went and visited Mary and Main.

Miranda 43:08

Which is a black owned dispensary.

Scott 43:10

The first black owned dispensary in Maryland as far as I'm aware--

Miranda 43:15

And one of what we think is three well or at least two...

Scott 43:20

We'll be talking more about the the black owned dispensaries for you next episode. But yeah, since we were kind of in the area anyway, we decided to start off Black History Month by throwing some money to a black owned business.

Miranda 43:36


Scott 43:37

And had a great experience over there.

Miranda 43:39

Yeah, Lindsay was fantastic. She was our budtender.

Scott 43:42

Yeah, I don't remember the name of the lady that checked us in--

Miranda 43:46

I don't either.

Scott 43:46

Out in the lobby.

Miranda 43:47

But she was so nice.

Scott 43:48

She was super friendly too, even the other patients that were waiting in the lobby.

Miranda 43:53

Were very, very chatty.

Scott 43:56

Yeah, heard us talking about a strain heard us mentioned that we were industry and just jumped right in the conversation. So, clean, spacious. Again, everyone was masked-

Miranda 44:09

Super knowledgeable.

Scott 44:11

Yeah, defintely knew about the product had a good selection-

Miranda 44:14

Rattled off the terps. Yeah.

Scott 44:16

Yeah, so Anyway, just wanted to mention that we stopped in over there. That was DC.

Miranda 44:26

Yeah. Part one!

Scott 44:27

Part one, to be continued. Not like the next episode, but definitely more experiences down in DC for Scott and Miranda.

Miranda 44:38

Yeah, adventures, ahoy.

Scott 44:39

So yeah, if you have a medical card from whatever state you're in, whether it's driving distance or you're coming to DC to see some monuments and some artwork at the Smithsonian--

Miranda 44:50

Or even go to the cannabis festival--

Scott 44:53

Yeah, April is yeah, that 4/20 is yep,

Miranda 44:57

I believe it is actually or 4/23 It's one of those.

Scott 45:00

it's right around there. Yeah, 4/20 is also Miranda's birthday. So, yeah, we'll have a lot to celebrate. When April rolls around.

Miranda 45:12

My birthstone is a nug that's all I'm saying.

Scott 45:17

There you go. So yeah, if you're ever wondering what Miranda's favorite flower is, what her birthstone is, any of the answers to any of those questions? Green, favorite color? Probably--

Miranda 45:30

No, no.

Scott 45:31


Miranda 45:31

Red is my favorite color.

Scott 45:33

Oh, wow. Okay.

Miranda 45:33


Scott 45:35

Either red to light the fire. I don't know. It still makes sense in some way, shape, or form, I'm sure. Thanks again, friends, as usual for tuning in for liking for following for--

Miranda 45:49


Scott 45:50

Subscribing. Don't forget to do that.

Miranda 45:52

And feedback. Of course.

Scott 45:55

Yeah, questions. Keep them coming. That'll be the next episode for you the q&a. We got some more great questions coming at you this time. And that's thanks to you. So yeah, keep it up. And I am Your Cannabis Coach. You can find the transcript at You can find the podcast on all major outlets.

Miranda 46:24

And I am Our Lady of Maryjane. And yeah, we'll see you next week.

Scott 46:30

Be well!

[MUSIC: "African Herbsman" by Bob Marley and the Wailers]

Miranda 46:43

Don't you start that shit. Thank you.

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