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Burmese MimOHsa: Final Thoughts

This week I reviewed Burmese Mimosa by Garcia Hand Picked Flower. And let me tell you what a true delight it was on all accounts!

Mimosa stands to be one of my favorite every day sativa strains. I find that the Mimosa strain in general is at a low enough test not to amp my anxiety and make me feel like I want to crawl out of my skin. Garcia's Burmese Mimosa did not disappoint in that way or any other. The bright orange citrus scent accompanied by the juicy grapefruit tartness was a pleasurable dry pull. It not only exceeded my expectations, but blew them out of the park once she was lit. Her gassiness showed up as did a rich, full burnt orange flavor. This batch was a low test coming in a 21.5% of THC with the three top terpenes being Myrcene at 1.26%, Alphapinene at 0.33%, and Betacaryophyllene at 0.25% which make her read less as a full-on sativa and more of a sativa hybrid.

With the weather bouncing from bone chilling winter to sunny spring days, that percentage of Myrcene is a welcome addition as was the Betacaryophyllene. The back and forth barometric pressure tends to make my body feel like it's in a vice, but this strain absolutely brought that inflammation down and made me feel uplifted and not couch locked. The Alphapinene certainly made me chatty and a little anxious to get up and move around. I would say this is definitely a very social strain and one that would be a pleasure to enjoy out in nature, at a festival, or just socializing with friends at a barbeque.

The buds were definitley colas and not small by any stretch with compact and frosty with trichomes and a nice bright green color with a touch of purple running through. Her genetics are somewhat of a wild ride and I don't know if I've seen such a long lineage on many other strains out on the Maryland market. Its parent strains, namely Rose Mimosa and Orange Burmese, each have storied lines of their own. The Rose Mimosa springs from Purple Punch crossed with Clementine and the Orange Burmese springs from Burmese Landrace and Agent Orange.

Is she going to give you that full on focused high sativa feel? Probably not. However, if you're looking for a full entourage with that full body and head high, she's here for you! As someone who can suffer from anxiety from a sativa, I feel like this was a safe one for me, with that Purple Punch truly coming to the rescue and giving me head strokes and easing me into a very fun and social high.

From a medical perspective, I felt instant relief in my body and my anxiety and mood were lifted. She's certainly going to pull you from a dark cave and into the light to dance.

This isn't my first Garcia strain, and it won't be my last. The buds are always beautiful, well cured, and never dry. I will say, though, that they're not always super terpy or high-testing like some of the other flower in Maryland, so when you buy, check the numbers and make sure they're where you want and need them to be. I feel like there's still a little wiggle room to perfecting that aspect of Garcia's flower.

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed the effects and medicated feel from this strain and the bright, orange dry pull was a crystal ball of the radiant and energetic effects to come. Keep an eye on the numbers as they do vary from batch to batch, and maybe give Burmese Mimosa a try. I certainly will again.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have thoughts or questions! I can always be reached at or found on Instagram under the same name.

Yours in all things love and beauty ,


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